Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayer Requests

As we were about to sit down to Easter dinner at Elisa's, Don's cell phone rang. It was his brother Alan calling to tell him their mom is in the hospital with either bronchitis or pneumonia. This is getting to be a yearly thing with her. Alan's wife Kim is in another hospital in another city in Indiana which makes it harder on Alan. They are running tests on Kim, but they are thinking it may be her gall bladder since she has a lot of indigestion problems. Been there. Done that. She was having problems before then had a wreck in her suv. She was very badly bruised.

Our son-in-law lifted both of them up in a beautiful prayer that brought tears to my eyes.

After I got home yesterday, my mom called. I thought we'd left something of Rhett's at her house, but it was much worse... my Uncle Bert is back in the hospital yet again. He either had another stroke or the brain tumor has paralyzed his right side. When he leaves the hospital, he will have to go to a nursing home. The doctors say he will never come home again. It is just a matter of time.

A former JCPenney retired co-worker, Judy O. also has brain cancer. Hospice has been called in 24-7 for her.

Please add these people to your prayer list. Thank you very much.

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