Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have You Seen Me?


This was what I began at my mom's Tuesday afternoon. I knew I wanted to use this title smack dab in the middle of it. I actually didn't start really working on it and adhering it until the next morning which is surprising since I am not a morning person. I really like it. Now I was not feeling the least bit invisible when I was creating it. Afterwards I just thought that maybe a lot of women could relate to it at times. My husband even said he liked it. He only asked what was I going to use it for. Use it for? Do we really use art for anything but our own pleasure? Our pleasure of viewing or evoking an emotions. Of uplifting us.

I can see it framed and hopefully it will be sold and hang in some woman's home... It might serve as a reminder of when she felt invisible in her life knowing that she isn't invisible any more but a colorful soul. I liked the fact that the differing pieces blended so well. That's why it pays to save your scraps. This is the 2nd time a brown piece has worked for me. The first being a brown collage I did for my first postcard swap. Bbrown is not my favorite color so I guess I went outside my comfort zone again. It worked in this case. It was another simple and easy piece. I am proud of myself for figuring out this was the best photo of all I took and refixing my post so this one would be displayed. It sort of reminds me a bit of Janet's ladies on her blog They too are sometimes faceless.

I am not participating in Thankful Thursday this week because of the things I was NOT so thankful for like deleting my memory card for the camera and misplacing MY JOURNAL who knows where! It had some of my art in it too. Don doesn't know where it is either. He asked, "Oh, you mean the one I had published...?" Yeah, right. Funny husband.

I did try to do some ink blots like Leah did and suggested on her blog
but mine did not turn out very well or as good as her's. All the blots are more individual pieces rather than forming a whole picture. It is still a work in progress. I added other markers to the black and green ink, but I would have to photograph each piece individually. I did find a cute little birdie in it. Just not sure if I will post the whole thing since I don't really care for it. The birdie, yes.

I guess I let Easter sneak up on me. I was a bit overwhelmed last night when I found out my step son and his family will be here Friday and I'd already made plans for Friday night with my best friend Genie for dinner with her two kids. The only thing I can do is invite everyone to wherever we decide on dinning. We will be the herd looking like the Osmond clan wherever we go compared to Genie's three! She calls them a troup, but we will be a herd taking up half a wall. I may feel like this photo at that point.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for... a husband that partially paved my parent's driveway. A brilliant son who made all A's again. All that I accomplished this week. All the ideas that have been forthcoming. And this piece of art I did.

I have a friend name Claudia who sells Stampin' Up stamps. She has her own blog now with lots of neat ideas for card making using stamps. Please go to the following for inspiration:

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Janet said...

I love this piece!! And there are many times, especially since I'm older, when I do feel invisible. Great job!!

Leah said...

totally love the collage!

and the inkblots came out great too! i like the little owl. looks like he's in the forest.

becky voyles said...

Thanks Janet & Leah. Glad you liked the collage and the ink blots. I had not thought of him as being an owl or in the forest which is ironic since I dreamed i was in a forest last night! This is why I love getting other's perspectives on my work. It helps me a lot. Thanks.

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