Thursday, May 17, 2007

Word for the Day "Vacation"

Today I was asked, "What is the word for the day?" I had to think about it for a minute... then I thought we are leaving for Indiana at midnight tonight so it would be "Vacation." I am not happy about leaving at that hour. I told Don as soon as it came out of his mouth that he could go by himself. Fine. It reminded me of "Moonlighting" with Cybill Sheppard & Bruce Willis. It was one of my favorite shows back then. Ah, memories.

Then a few days later he had the nerve to say we were taking a bucket with us because he wasn't stopping. And me with bladder problems. He thought that was really funny. I did not find it amusing. I guess I take him way too seriously. It is a miracle that my glasses didn't shatter with the look I gave him. I told him he'd be wearing that bucket. Just didn't say if it would be empty or not!

Today is Helen, my mother-in-law's birthday. Tomorrow is Don's & Saturday's is Rhett's 9th birthday. We will be celebrating them all at once on Saturday. Hope it turns out ok. Hope Rhett will be happy.

Got a lot of stuff done. Still have more to do... pack when we get home while Don sleeps. Thinking of turning the power off so the alarm won't go off but he'll probably get up @ 11 just as I will be ready to hit the bed. Just once I wish he'd say, "Honey, let's leave at 4 am so you can get some rest." Yeah, right. In my dreams. I am going to start taking the day before we leave off from now on...

Quotes of the day:

Thought this one was appropiate for today... It came from my friend Anne.

No one ever died wishing they'd spent more time at the office. -Unknown-

Be careful of the choices you make, they're your's forever. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

... figure out what you hope for... don't admire it from a distance, but live right in it, and under its roof.
~Barbara Kinsolver~

Once you've promised to do something, never complain about the difficulty in doing it.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

The Best Mother's Day Present Ever

Can't believe I haven't been on here is this long... Had a great Mother's Day. I kept hearing Don & Rhett talking & whispering in the dining room as I was getting ready. Rhett said he needed my keys to go get something he made for me, but left in my car so I gave him my keys. "By myself?" he asked. I was putting on my face in the bathroom when he told me, "Happy Mother's Day" and handed me the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. It was a cd case with his picture taken at school and the background cut out. He did the background on blue construction paper sort of like a scrapbook page. He added two orange flowers. There was a string of tacky orange beads like I had as a child hot glued to the to top to form a string so you could hang it. Of course the blue and orange worked. I almost cried when I saw it. I said, "Oh that is so pretty and hugged him. Later I hugged him again and told him it was The Best Mother's Day Gift I've ever received. Of course mom wanted one too when she saw it.

I picked to go to Logan's for lunch. It wasn't as good as the last time Don & I had a date there. They gave mom hot buffalo fingers instead of chicken strips. So she wasn't real happy with her meal but didn't send it back.

I took Rhett's gift back to church so everyone could see it. All the ladies oohed & awed over it. Most of them teach classes so I am sure it gave them an idea...

Quotes of the day:

Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to our own.
-Robert Heinlein, science fiction writer

Remember, nothing important is easy. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Michael, One Word

The only thing worthwhile I was going to say the other day was:
"Its a Michael Bolton kind of day." ~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Today I came across something by accident or you might could say accidentally on purpose... I typed in Michael Buble and got his web site which is:
You can just leave it on there and it plays a few verses of his songs over and over and over and over until you get tired of it- that is of course if you like his music like I do. I saved it to my favorites. The best part is ITS FREE! It sure beats the heck out of Rush Limbaugh blaring out of another office or black gospel screaming at me like the other day!

One Word...

The point is to answer these with just one word.

1. Yourself? Creative
2. Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Neither
3. Your hair? Frosted
4. Your mother? Momma
5. Your father? Daddy
6. Your favorite thing? Depends...
7. Your dream last night? Unremembered
8. Your favorite drink? Pepsi
9. Your dream car? Mercedes
10. The room you are in right now? Office
11. Your fear? Dying
12. What you want to be in 10 years? Content
13. Muffins? Blueberry
14. who you hung out with last night? Family
15. What you are not? Rich
16. Time? 2 pm.
17. What are you wearing? Red
18. Your favorite weather? Cool
19. Your favorite book? Vampire
20. Last thing you ate? McDonald's
21. Your worst vice? Lateness
22. Your best friend? Genie
23. What are you thinking about right now? This
24. Your car? Thunderbird
25. Your life? Hectic

I had two responses but they used more than one word.

Last night I finished the 2nd book to the Vampire Chronicles by Raven Hart. It was The Vampire's Secret. She has no photo in the back of her books. What's up with that? Reckon she is a vampire herself? LOL I have not gone to net to see what she looks like yet. Did you notice the rhyme? I haven't lost my touch. These books are based in Savannah and I really like them.

In the book, there is a fledgling vamp name Werm. Yes, you read it right. He wanted to be a vampire so badly they finally let him have his wish. But be careful what you wish for.... He thought he'd have all this power and be a bigger man/vampire, be wealthy, etc. He tried to get some girls from his school but somehow managed to get still get beat up by the football team! So this other character, Jack, gave him permission to take blood from humans and told him, "Be a vampire!" Guess you'd have to read it in context. Well, I thought it was funny that one vamp is telling another to be a vampire.

Quotes of the Day:

Argue for your limitations and sure enough --- they are your's! -Robert Bach-

I will love the light, for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness, for it shows me the stars.
-Og Mandino-

Got lots of running around to do after work... Two bills to pay. Get a color copy made, get another smaller poster for Rhett's project on Illinois. Finish the poster tonight. Tomorrow he has an awards program for making the honor roll all year. I am oh so very proud of him. I bought him 2 shirts & 2 pairs of sweat pants for $1.97 each at Old Navy! I also got him 2 pairs of socks for 99 cents. I was so excited about my bargains. Must remember to tell Abby... Then days later, I had to buy another phone car charger for my cell phone. It was $32! If I'd taken it back when it 1st wouldn't stay plugged into my phone, I could have gotten another one for free! Just made me sick to save so much then spend so much.

Monday, May 7, 2007

One Xtreme to the other

I am so very thankful this has been another good Monday. Its about the 4th one in a row.

Today I have been a good little girl... we received a free movie pass for Employee Appreciation week. The warden handed it to us. Then the dep. warden came to give us another one an hour later. I told him the warden had already given us one so he took it back. The lady that calls herself a preacher was shushing me because she wanted to get another free one. I would have felt bad it some of the other officers had not received one of them and told her so.

No drama going on today - thank goodness. BUT I have Rush Limbaugh blarring out of one office and black gospel dispelled in the open area across from my desk. I am out in the open so there is no escaping it. Its times like this, I wish I had my own office so I could close the door, but alas I have no doors. I am an open book so to speak. In the past, I tried the ear plugs they use for the firing range, but they don't work. They are a big, bulky pain in the ear!! I will be batty by the end of the day! A part of me wants to pull out my Rolling Stones cd and play "Sympathy for the Devil". I keep hoping against hope that the radio will suddenly go on the fritz and the cd will just stop playing. If it did, I'd think I was in the "Twillight Zone" or just became "Carrie"! It could be worse... but I certainly hope not. At least I still have my sense of humor.

All is quiet now on the working front. So...

Quote of the day:

Today I am thankful for peace and quiet.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Friday, May 4, 2007


Finally caught up with myself again! I got my days mixed up. I thought I'd lost a day. Then looking back thru my gratitude journal, I had no entries because nothing was happening worth writing about. So I thought I'd lost my mind but I recovered it.

Saw a vanity tag that said:


It would be nice if everyone could say that.

Also passed the "ANOIT"ed one again this morning. Took a picture of greenery I'd noticed before a week ago or more. I took a picture with the new camera I bought at CVS last week. We'll see how it turns out...

Quote of the day:

Opportunities of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.

"Supervisor" was observed sleeping again. Just didn't feel like doing anything about it today. They won'd do a thing about the situation anyway. The only camera I had was the one mentioned above and it only works with the flash turned on. She claims to have ceased the seizure meds and said that is what caused her problems BUT she was falling asleep before she began seizure meds. Now she claims one of her many doctors said he thinks she had a nervous breakdown. I am not dr nor do I claim to be one on tv but I don't think so. I have been around two people in my life who have had nervous breakdowns. They were in a catatonic state that made you feel uncomfortable. You didn't know what to say to them.

Today I had to ask her again if I could use her computer because mine doesn't have a certain program. I realized how fakey she sounds now. I cannot stomach fakey people. I hope I have never sounded fakey to anyone especially my friends.

I was craving orange juice this morning so I stopped to get some Sunny Delight. At lunch time I thought I wanted fajitas again from the same place, but it was not as good as it was last week. I think the acid in the Sunny D put way too much acid in my stomach. I had a bad case of indigestion so I had to buy some Pepcid after work which seemed to do the trick - thank goodness.

Quote of the Day:

Which stronger? My urge to grow or my resistance to change? -Peter R. Stone-

Not a lot happening, another sinus headache


Not a lot has been happening especially anything exciting. Tonight I got a sinus headache. I finally took something for it when we got home from church. I laid down to watch "American Idol". I fell asleep on "Lost" so now I am lost again. Don came into the bedroom to ask, "Did you see that?" I said I did but he could tell I was still half asleep. I hated that I missed that.

Quote of the Day:

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. ~Karen kaiser Clark, keynote speaker, educator and author.

The Highlight of My Day, Goals for Today


My friend Patti called me today. It was the highlight of my day.

Goals for today:
Rearrance a room
Organize a closet
Throw out accumulated junk

An Ordinary Mundane Monday


An ordinary mundane Monday. Nothing extraordinary special about it whatsoever except it was a good day at work for which I am grateful. My friend Bob made my day and made me feel good because he said I brighten his day with my emails. Thanks, Bob. Glad I could do that for you.

I cooked speghetti for supper. I had a bad allergy sneezing, watery eye spell just before going to bed. I had to take something & go on to bed. Slept like a baby.

Quotes of the Day:

Give your pet an interesting name. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

(I did. I named my part springer spaniel/part poodle "Spoodle".)

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other hlps you make a life.
~Sandra Carey~

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Don't Let Me Pick Where We EAT!


After church we went to Mi Casa at my suggestion. Don't let me pick where we eat anymore! Don didn't want the buffet when he could get something cheaper off the menu. So we both ordered burritos. Rhett had a taco and gobbled it. The food was not good to me. The sauce was too hot for me to eat. We will not be going back there again even if we have a card to get 15% off! Should have learned my lesson on Friday. The next time we go a Mexican restaurant, I am getting fajitas from now on...! At least it didn't make me sick or feel yucky.

I caught up on emails as is my Sunday ritual. After evening services, I did more emails. Then we ate junk foods of Graham crackers, strawberry marshmellows, potato sticks, mint chocolate chip ice cream. Weren't we little piggies? Watched "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers and Sisters." Just another exciting Sunday for us.

Coloring for the Lord


Work day at church. Outside for Don & the other men while the ladies, tweens, teenagers and young adults worked on VBS stuff. We used the letters I'd bought for Rhett's last poster that were too big for his project. The store was closing so I could not return them. At least they were not a total loss of my money. Then I colored with markers. Colored for the Lord. I really enjoyed being artistic. Darren and I were told we were perfectionists because we would keep stepping back to study our work. Mrs. Katherine said, "Imagine that!"

By the time we got home, a headache began but I took some Alleveb because I hd to pay 2 bills. Don got a haircut. Rhett went to mom's. I got new oufits! One blouse will be my Mother's Day present from my guys. That way I get something I want. Everything I bought was black and white except for a navy blue and white floral sleeveless pants set I'd been eyeing for months. ALL ON SALE! I went with the intention of buying yellow bubbly top that requires on ironing but it didn't do anything for me once I tried it on. Don couldn't believe my Mother's Day blouse will be black and white. No pink. Weird. The world as I know it may be coming to an end.

Quote of the Day:

What measure do you use for being happy? -Peter R. Stone-

Lesson Learned Today


Lesson Learned Today: Just because you have a coupon that will expire soon, does not mean you need to use it, buy the food advertised on the said coupon especially after recently being sick!

Quotes of the Day (The 1st one is dedicated to my friend Anne):

Life appears to me to be too short to be spend nursing animosity or registering wrong.
~Charlotte Bronte~

Today is... a chocolate frosty from Wendy's kind of day.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

One Ray of Hope


This morning I saw one sunbeam shining through the clouds like a spotlight beaming down. One ray of hope on an over cast day. That is what we all need to be... One ray of hope to help light someone's way.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

I must be better because I was craving chicken fajitas for lunch. I went to a nearby Mexican place that I had not been to in a long while; maybe well over a year or two. I went there knowing they would not be as good as mine but still had to have them. I ate two. The onions and green peppers were oh so good. My body must have needed the veggies. I had some left over. Don doesn't really like them as much as I do but he does love Mexican food. He a burrito man. I figure Rhett will eat it although he is certainly no Mikey.

Another good day at work for which I am still very, very grateful. Although I feel as if I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sort of holding my breath.

Quote of the Day:

When you have a dream you've got to grab it and never let it go. ~Carole Burnett~

A Good Day


It was a good day at work today for which I am extremely grateful.

Administrative Day. We received chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A with orange juice which I was scared to eat after last week. We laughed and joked around like in the good old days before all that has happened since February. We got off work early. I sent a package back. I saw Margo W @ the Post Office. She'd recently been in a wreck that damaged her knee. She was right in my face talking to me; in my inner space which I cannot stand. I'd move away from her yet she'd get right back in my face again. I never have liked that unless I want you to be there in my face. Then I picked up Don's new work boots that had been stretched for him. After that I went to mom's to rest and read some of my book before going to church. I did eat some of her corn bread before we left. It was good. It was singing night at church. I haven't played Bookworm. I should be going thru withdrawals! I started reading again while I was sick.

Quote of the Day:

It isn't where you come from; it's where you're going that counts. ~Ella Fitzgerald~