Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Authentic You, Trees

Life's most beautiful and fulfilling moments are the most sincere and authentic ones. When you are being yourself, that is when you are at your best. Why do you so quickly latch on to someone else's ideas of success, while at the same time ignoring your own authentic dream? Why do you so easily dismiss your own instincts and intuitions? Others may claim to be experts in this field or that. Remember, though, that you are the expert when it comes to your own life. Listen to the longings of your heart. Pay attention to that little voice inside of you. For that voice knows you well. It knows what you can accomplish, what brings you joy, and what things you most highly value. When something feels right, That's a reliable sign that it is. Choose to live each moment as the authentic person that you are, and from those moments you will create much real and lasting richness.
-Ralph Marston-

I thought that would be a good way to begin today's blog entry. How were you The Authentic You today? Maybe its a new hairstyle that works for you as mine has been doing lately, maybe its just wearing your signature color or creating your own style of being patriotic by wearing red, white and blue as I did. Maybe its being comfortable with yourself. Maybe its pouring your heart out on a page or creating something. Maybe its sending friends funny emails that make them laugh and brighten their day when most needed.

Yesterday I took black and white pictures of the pecan tree beside my parent's house. I have this idea... of how trees look like arms or hands reaching out to you. I have always been into weird looking trees. I have taken many pictures, but I have yet to find just the right one I have in my mind... This pecan tree of our's used to be beautiful when I was a child and yielded many pecans for us. Enough for many pecan pies my aunt baked. It has been trimmed back by the city for being too close to the power line. The last time it was attacked was the day my mom was having her 2nd eye surgery. They carelessly cut away limbs full of green pecans that fell everywhere in the yard and in the street. My mom was ready cry; to explode while I remained the calm one. I picked all the ones they cut down or caused to fall off too early. I took them out of their green shells so they could dry out and hoped they would still be edible. I called the city to complain for my mom so she wouldn't be so upset. Every time the city called back, my deaf-as-a-doornell father would tell them there was nothing wrong. Now the tree looks so pathetic, leaning towards the house. Because it was injured in this last cutting, it now yields fewer pecans. So so Sad. I may do a before and after in the scrapbook about the tree.

Trees can be very important in our lives. Perhaps you always took a family picture in front of a certain tree in your yard as we did. What if that tree had not been there? What if that tree was missing now? How would feel? What if it had been abused like our's?

This morning I burned my thumb on my new curling iron that got twisted the other morning. One more strike and I am trashing it! But at least my hair turned out good. Not too curly. Not too straight. Just right. Still being Goldilocks. A happy medium.

Today I was Authentic. I was being me as always. I saw something no one else saw... Luckily I had my black and white camera in my purse at work. When I squirted sour cream on my baked potato, it looked almost like a heart that wasn't completly closed at the bottom. An open heart. Like me. My supervisor laughed at me for taking a picture of a baked potato. I told her when I sell it to Hallmark and they put in a card, she can tell everybody she knows the person who took the photograph which would be me. She told me she won't be buying that card. Her loss. That's ok. I won't be buying her Avon either! But I didn't let her get to me or bring me down with her comment. For that fact I am grateful and proud of myself.

A bit of good news... we are going up to Pine Mountain Saturday to pick up a free dishwasher! My prayers have been answered providing it is in good condition and works. If not, we will be taking a little trip together. Priceless.

Quotes of the day:

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -George B. Shaw-

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. -Tolstoy-

Don't forget that contentment is the greatest wealth. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Then today I am very wealthy! ~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Too many Christians are no longer fishers of men but keepers of the aquarium. -unknown-

Developing eternal optimism is one of the greatest joys to experience for yourself and all those around you. Discover this - it is within you!
~Karen Ramsey~

Fame is vapor. Riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character. -Horace Greley-

You are building character. You are doing it. You are living your dreams. Don't give up.
~Rhonna Farrere~

If you give your life as a wholehearted response to love, then love will wholeheartedly respond to you. ~Marianne Williamson~

Life is a myriad of closed doors to which only you hold the key. -Darling Jimenez- this technicolored temple of ME... ~Susannah of

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Catching up on quotes....

This morning I handed Rhett my black Reeboks instead of his! He thought that was really funny. Bugger! I wore a different pair of boots today, but brought my Reeboks just in case and my big old 35 mm Minolta camera. The clouds don't look as promising as yesterday. Not everyday is a cloudy day. Not every day is a Kodak moment. At least I am prepared. Two cameras and no pictures to take.

Joke of the day:
I was at the mall eating at the food court. I noticed an old man watching a teenager sitting next to him. The teen had spiked hair in all different colors of green, red, orange and blue. The old man kept staring at him. The teen would look and find him staring every time. When the teen had enough, he sarcastically asked, "What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?"

The old man did not bat an eye in his response, "Got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son."

Quotes of the day:
Right now nothing is more expensive than regret. -Van Halen-

Never resist an generous impulse. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Most beds sleep up to 6 cats. 10 cats without the owner. -Stephen Baker-

When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness.
~Nicole Kidman~

Remember, the direction of your life is more important than its speed. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher. ~Oprah~

In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us. ~Virginia Woolf~

Put "eat chocolate" at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done. -unknown-

A bouquet wouldn't be a terrible thing to see on a dun and dreer evening like this. Oh, yeah, its finally winter, in all its joyous vivid grey and black.
~Colleen Clandry~

If you can save $ even on a limited income, your success is almost assured. -H. Jackson....

If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through. -Chinese proverb-

Finishing up the Weekend

D & R gave me a belated birthday present on Sunday. It was Taylor Hick's cd from winning "American Idol". We listened to it twice in the big monster truck. I plan to take it to work.

Everything was a re-run on the tube Sun. nite. I came across "RoadHouse 2" after it had already started. The 2nd version is never as good as the 1st in my book. I told D this one actor reminded me of Gary Busey. As I was watching the credits role, I saw that the actor's last name was Busey. Wonder if it was his brother or his son?

1/29/07 Today was one of THE coldest its been this winter in the south. It was 21 degrees. Brrr! I was warm enough in my black velvet jacket & cordoroy pants. I had a really good laugh from an email to start my day off right. For that I am grateful.

I am NOT grateful for the fact that I amost pulled part of my hair out with a new electric curling iron I purchased for $4! I unplugged it and had it hanging until I could FINALLY get it untwisted. Just knew I was going to wear it to work! A handful of hair came out as I was fluffing it! I think I will stick with hot rollers. At least I did not have to cut it. What we women go thru to be beautiful...

Today I was dressed in black and white and comfortable with myself. My hair has been behaving since I got it cut. I am wearing it straighter and I like it. Today I am so grateful... that I like myself and my hair.

Its a bit ironic that today Susannah of Ink on My Fingers posted a picture of clouds reflected in the sky and in the water. When I left work, the clouds here were awesome. They reminded me of how the seashore looks when the tide is out. I snapped several black and white shots. There was even a cloud that looked like a feather floating in mid air. To my dismay the flash kept going off so I may not get the same effect as I saw with my own two eyes. It may be overexposed since the sun was behind the clouds. Or I could get a really neat effect due to the overexposure as in the my past photo history.

Went to pay 3 bills at the mall. I had on the wrong pair of boots for shopping. Those boots were not made for walking! I had to buy a pair of house shoes. When I asked for "house shoes", the sales ladies looked at me funny so I corrected it to "slippers". Were they not from the South? I was like Goldilocks in The Three Bears, one pair was too small, one pair was too big, one just didn't feel like they were made correctly. I ended up buying another white pair of slip-ons that had "Georgia" on them! I wouldn't dare buy the Auburn ones! My poor feet hurt so bad I wore them home and dared the fashion police to cite me for it!

Once home, told Don my funny email only he didn't laugh as hard as I did. Tonight I was grateful... we all ate soup for supper. My feet were extremely grateful too! Of course Rhett had to wear my new house shoes. Later he was dancing across the living room, generally being himself, laughing at his own antics to the point of annoyance. Don looked at me and asked, "Are you sure he is mine?" I told him, "At times like this, I don't think he's mine either!"

Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend thoughts...

1/26/07 Today I am grateful... for my warm home and clothes on this cold 31 degree day. I am grateful... my car is running fairly well because I saw someone broken down on the way to work this morning. I was grateful... it wasn't me stranded there in the cold.

I need one of those sticky pads you attach to your dashboard so I can jot things down as I see them while driving. I am grateful... my memory is working and I can remember what I have seen lately. Like the big purple car that has 2 balls in some sort of stretchy material hanging down from the bagck of their tag. It looks like purple testicles! Then one of the coolest cars I have seen is a Cool Whip car. It is the blue color on a tub of cool whip; has the logo on the side of it, & an actual cool whip tub hanging from it's back tag. What will they think of next?

Today was Have Fun at Work Day. How did you have fun at work?

Today I am baby blue. I am most grateful for Susannah of Ink on My Fingers and her blog. Her lastest entry "Echoes from the Past" inspired me beyond even my belief. First, I commented back on her blog how I saw the "Tilly" character she created from old photographs she discovered. Then I felt the need to add more than my 2 cents worth about how important it is to scrapbook and journal, "To tell your own tale of your life." Then I posted a 3rd & a 4th comment! By then I began my own story entitled "Tilly's Tale" the words just came pouring forth out of nowhere so strong, so intense, so much like yesterday when I was writing most of the time every day that I couldn't stop until I had to stop. Now I worry if my muse will return with the same intensity. Now I feel as if I really know Tilly. Is she me?

1/27/07 My story caused me to have a bad dream. I dreamt Don's ex-wife was back and wanted him back! Before I could fight for him in my dream, I woke myself up asking, "What am I going to do?" "Where am I going to go?" and in tears.

After that dream, I needed a huge hug. I needed comfort. I needed his reassurances, but he was in the woods hunting for the last time of this season. It made me think maybe I shouldn't finish the story if its going to have this effect on me... So I decide Rhett & I would take in a funny movie. We have been to the movies for the past 2 Saturdays. We are making it a tradition of Backyard Burgers and movies on Saturday afternoons to compensate for his father's hunting.

At Backyard Burgers, I got a kid's chicken basket instead of a burger. Sometimes you shouldn't try change. I should have stuck with a burger. When we got to the theatre, "Open Season" wasn't playing so we saw "Deck the Halls" with Danny Devito. It had its funny moments. Not THE best movie I've ever seen but ok.

Came home to wash dishes. The dishwasher is broken. It may cost more to repair it than to buy another one. May have to buy another one when we get out taxes back. Did I mention that I hate to wash dishes? While I was on my 2nd sinkful of dishes, Don called to say he would be home @ 8:45, "What's for supper?" "Leftover popcorn!" I did fix him soup and a grilled cheese.

1/28/07 Today was a really good day. We laughed a lot as a family. I didn't get mad or yell which was a record for me. I am grateful... for this one perfect Sunday. After a good lunch we went to my Aunt Pearl's & Uncle Bert's. Don is supposed to put them up a rail like he put up for my mom' back porch steps. We visited with them for awhile. Uncle Bert doesn't look so good to me. His eyes were all swollen. You can tell he has really gone downhill. He probably will have knee replacement surgery soon. We went thru old pictures. There was a really cute one of Rhett from my folk's 50th anniversary where he was giggling with his 2nd cousin Kirby, who is Aunt Pearl's granddaughter. There was an Olan Mills photo of Don & I from 1997 that I 'd forgotten about the pose. Don had hardly any gray hair. I had BIG hair. I completely forgot and left 2 different copies of pictures from the time Uncle R. F. was in town & my mom's family went to Ezell's Seafood.

It is sad when you turn into your 80's and you talk bout dying, what you want to be buried in and that people will visit you at the cemetary. But I didn't let their comments bring me down because I still have a husband who wants me, that still grabs me, still smooches with me in the kitchen. For that I am extremely grateful.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tilly's Tale

First you must go to to see the pictures Susannah posted on her blog. They kept inspiring me so til I came up with my own story... I wound up using the same name Susannah used I guess because she made her so real. I tried Dottie because she reminded of an old neighbor named Dot but went back to Tilly.

Tilly's Tale

Her name is Dorothea "Tilly" Tillinghurst. She is the long lost cousin of my mother's neighbor Dorothy Jean Taylor Kelly and Dot's namesake. Tilly detests the name Dorothea with a purple passion and would legally change her it if she could, but such things were not done in her era. The only time a woman changed her name was her last name when she married. That was not in the picture at the moment. She prefers to be called Tilly by her friends.

Tilly loves dogs and has three of them. One is named Dorothy after Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz". The other two dogs are Dudley and Toto too. Tilly would be quite content just to live out the remainder of her days with her these three faithful companions. She is very comfortable in her own skin and knows her self intimately.

She can also be the life of the party. Always smiling and always charming. Her best friend is Esmerelda or Esme, who is quite the opposite of Tilly. Esmie is rather somber. Tilly is always trying to fix Esme up with some of her male friends, which she seems to have an abundant supply on hand. Most of the time Esme doesn't like the men Tilly sets her up with, but she keeps trying, hoping one day they will find the right man for both of them. They are not the least bit worried about being old maids yet because they feel as if they have their whole lives ahead of them.

They go out on the town with the likes of Jerry Lee Conway and Albert "Bertie" Bankstone. Jerry Lee dreams of being a singer someday only he cannot sing a note but they love him anyway. Bertie is not sure who he wants to be when he grows up. The four of them usually have a great time together at the club laughing and dancing. But they are all just friends. They would never dream of ruining their bond.

Esme can be moody sometimes, but Tilly never never lets that spoil her evenings. She is used to Esme's moods because she has known her since childhood. They come as a package deal. If you want to take Tilly out, you have to find a date or Esme or Tilly will not go. She is a true blue and faithful friend.

Tilly's first love had been Aldolfo who was an exchange student who came to her high school in the tenth grade. He was absolutely gorgeous. He also had an attractive girlfriend named Rebecca. She seemed much more mature in body build than the other girls at their school. Aldolfo always paid special attention to Tilly and made her feel special. Once he even asked her geometry if she woudl have an affair with him on a day when she was sick, thrown up that morning and just felt awful. Then he asked, "Well?" She told him emphatically "YES!" in a tone that she'd never heard from herself before. It even surprised her. She began to feel better immediately.

On that fateful day she never would have dreamed they would end up working part time in a department store chain and begin dating. It felt like a dream. Tilly just couldn't believe her luck when she was with him. If Esme had been there, she would have turned to her to aske her, "Are you believing this?" It was not like Tilly had low self esteem. Hardly.

Tilly and her family took Aldolfo with them on a convention in New Orleans a year after high school. It was one of the best times of her life. At first she could not eat around him but before the trip was over, she was able to eat. Her family loved Aldolfo as much as she did. That fall Aldolfo went off to college at the Universtity of Georgia. Tilly wrote him poetry every day. Some he just didn't know about. One she wished she had never sent to him. It was after that Aldolfo came to visit and ended their relationship because he did not feel the same way about her. It was one of the worst days of her life.

She was in shock after Aldolfo left early that afternoon. Her Aunt Voncil was visiting her mother that day. Even she could tell there was something not quite right with Tilly. So Tilly held it all in for a long time until she finally broke down one day out of the blue while listening to a song on the radio. He mother tried to comfort her. She told her to phone Aldolfo to see if they could have lunch. They did have lunch but it just wasn't the same. It was sad.

Much later Aldolfo would see her all dressed up for going out on a night on the town. Little did he know it ws to see a singer in a band whom she and Esme had huge crushes on. It was almost like an addition for them. Aldolfo began to look at them as they'd grown horns or turned in to lesbians. They were afraid they would miss something so they went to the nightclub every night to see the show in hopes Ralph, the lead singer would sing to them as he often did. Sometimes they all would go out for breakfast after the show with the rest of the band, staying up late talking, laughing and having the best time of their lives. Nothing else mattered. Not even Aldolfo now.

Even when Ralph chose Esme over her one night, it did not come between their friendship. They had vowed long ago that no man ever would come between them. They all remained friends for years after the band split up. The Christmas cards eventually stopped coming from Ralph.

Much later Tilly ws invited by yet another old beau name Roman to Italy to visit his family in Tuscany. Esme went with her hoping she might find the man of her dreams there, but her dreams were dashed when she got seasick from the voyage over and never got her land legs. So Esme had to remain in the hotel while Tilly went sight-seeing with Roman's family. Although Roman was one of THE most handsomest men they'd ever laid eyes on, he had several things against him in Tilly book of prerequisites in a husband. First, he was a momma's boy and that would never work. Second, she did not want to move to Tuscany even if she loved the beautiful countryside. All she had ever known was home and she was content there with her life. She would be too homesick here. Deep down she knew Roman was not the one for her. He would not want to live in the states any more than she wanted to live in Italy. He had a family vineyard to run but she learned later on that he became a priest. Did she drive him to that profession she often wondered? No, she also heard he married a local beauty queen. Not that she couldn't have entered a pageant or two herself. She was just not beauty pageant inclined.

Chapter 2

Tilly had a friend name Drew who was an excellent artist. He had a way with color. He attempted to paint a portrait of her early in his career, but Tilly felt like he never captured the "real" her. Esmie was always at the sitting sessions and Tilly thought Drew was sweet on Esme. In fact, she thought he captured Esme's serious nature on canvas in her image instead. Of course she would never say anything to hurt either of her friends' feelings. So she kept her thoughts to herself.

Drew did enter the portrait in a local artist contest and won fourth place for it. He won a hundred dollars also. At this contest an unknown man offered to buy the portrait for fifty dollars. Drew didn't like the idea at first because he hated to part with his art. He knew he'd always be able to see it at Tilly's home whenever he visited there which was frequently. Tilly encouraged Drew to take the stranger up on his offer. She told him he could always paint another one of her later. He was a starving artist after all and needed the money. That day seemed to be his lucky day. He might not get a chance like that again. So Drew took the man's money but did not seem thrilled about it.

Her curiosty got the better of Tilly. After their transaction was final and Drew had his money in hand, the man was walking away with her portrait wrapped in brown paper. She approached the man, lightly put her delicate hand upon his arm, "Excuse me," she said shyly even for her as he turned to her. "Why did you buy that painting out of all the ones shown today?"

He smiled a wicked smile and said, "I know a good thing when I see it." When he saw the look on her face, he laughed as he continued, "There was just something about it; There was something about the eyes... a sort of longing no one else sees. It made me just want to reach up and brush her cheek to reassure her that everything will be fine now. Sort of like this..." and he touched her own cheek the way she envisioned him touching her cheek in the portrait. Only this was better. Without even realizing it, Tilly leaned into his hand, closed her eyes, sighed and when she opened her them to look into his gorgeous green eyes, tears were forming in her's. She was not the sort to cry especially in front of a rank stranger. Yet he did not feel like a stranger. Already he'd brought out more emotions from her than anyone ever had before.

She knew in a instant at that exact moment that he was the man of her dreams with just a few words and a simple touch. He was the man she would love the rest of her days and beyond.

"Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?" He asked.

To herself she thought, I could drink coffee with you for the rest of my life. "Only if my friends may come along too." She said to him.

There is more to come... please excuse the typos as I was typing fast.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Member of our Household, Pecan Andrew

And here I was thinking I had nothing profound to say today...

We have a new member of our household. His name is Pecan Andrew Voyles. He is a pecan colored Ty beanie bear that was given to Rhett at his gifted program on Monday. Rhett had to create a name for him. When he told me Pecan's full name, I told Rhett that I was surprised he didn't call him Pecan Charlie after his imaginary friend Charlie. He informed me that Pecan Andrew sounded better than Pecan Charlie. He did have a point there. He gets that from me says his prideful mom!

Monday night Pecan Andrew slept in Rhett's bookbag. Last evening, he left him at his grandma's and Pecan's great-grandfather Frank had to bring him home. On the way to church, Rhett reminded me that I am Pecan Andrew's grandmother. Thanks. Pecan Andrew stayed with me in church while Rhett went to his class. I knew if I didn't keep up with Pecan Andrew myself, we'd be making a trip back to church at bedtime! Then he rode home in my purse. I was the one who put him to bed in the book bag again last night.

Today I am grateful... that the sun was shinning. Its the 1st sunny day we've had in awhile. I wore hot pink & black today. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just comfortable in myself.

I am grateful... for the good lunch I had from the Royal Cafe and the food nazis didn't give us a hard time today. I could have eaten double portions of just the mashed potatoes and squash. I even had some other stuff left over. Too bad I have not lost any weight from my weird appetite since being sick last month.

My friend Sabrina posted an article under the devotional section of the bulletin board at work today. It was of a religious nature. I found nothing offensive about it whatsoever, but she got blasted by someone & it rattled her. I'd sent her good feeback earlier in the week about one she'd sent to me that I'd passed on. I told her not to let it get her down. I am one to talk with what happened to me yesterday. I reminded her that she was doing something good and not to let one person spoil it for her. I reminded her how her words reached out to friend of mine. There is always that one someone who spoils things for us, isn't there? Why is that? Why do we let them get under our skin? I think they are not happy and just want to make others miserable if we let them.

Susannah of Ink on my fingers had a neat post today about an old photo album she discoverd at a flea market. I replied back to her under two different names. Its not that I am two different people and Sybil. Blogger just wouldn't accept one sign on so I tried another. Wonder if she will know I am one in the same? There can be only one Becky, quoth the rav.

Quotes of the day:

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.
-Josh Billings, writer

Stay away from people who belittle your dreams. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Its so easy to get wrapped up in our worlds and problems that we truly block out what's going on with others. We say "get well soon" but we don't really stop to consider the pain they are enduring, whether physical or emotional. I'm certainly not pointing fingers at anyone but myself because I am so guilty of it. But I want to be different. I want to feel for others the same way I feel for myself.
~Lisa Spivey~

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What I am NOT grateful for...

Today I am NOT grateful... that my right shoulder is bothering me again! I have not done anything to make it hurt. Its like a dull throb - just enought to be annoying. Don't want to take any Alleve until after I eat lunch. I really did not want to start the day out complaining either especially when I have had several good laughs of the day. One really good belly laugh. (see below...)

I passed the prison dr in the hall. He asked how my shoulder was doing. Funny he should ask today... He asked me if noticed if my shoulder hurt when it was cold or rainy. Hasn't crossed my mind in the least. I certainly haven't paid any attention to such details. He told me to start keeping a log or diary of it. He doesn't know who he is talking to, does he?

So today my shoulder hurts. It is a cold, dreary day. I am wearing different shades of brown today. I am multi-tonal blah but don't really feel blah.

What color are you feeling?

Today I am grateful... I received an email from my friend Jimmy yesterday telling me about his new house. I am grateful... he and i have not lost our sense of humor. I am grateful for... friends who make me laugh.

I learned a new term today... "Boodie Do"... Its when your tummy sticks out further than your boodie do! That was my belly laugh of the day. Get it?

I'm a keeper according to my friends Sabrina, Kim and Mike E (so far so good). You're a keeper. All my real friends are keepers. We are all kept.

Quotes of the day:

(This might be THE perfect Valentine quote.)
Once in a awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

This one is dedicated to my friend, Diane in Kansas:
Sharing meals with friends and family is one of life's premier pleasures - especially if you're a Red Hatter.
~Sue Ellen Cooper, the Exalted Queen Mother of the Red Hats Society

Later in the afternoon my supervisor told one of the new officers that I was 50 now. He just whispered, "Not to worry - I am 56." I was NOT grateful at all for the telling of my age! I told her rather loudly that she did not have to tell it. It really made me mad. I was mad as a Hatter without a red hat! I am not ready to be this old. I do not need someone reminding me of my age, muchless telling others how old I am! She just laughed her way back into her office like she had really done something well. Is there no end to this woman? If I wrote a book about her, it would be entitled Janet's Antics. It wouldn't be pretty. I keep hearing my mother's voice asking me, "Why do you let this woman get to you?" I just do. Yes, Abby, this replays over and over for me too.

As long as you're going to think anyway, think BIG. -Donald Trump-
"and comb your hair funny... " as my friend Mike E said!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am grateful for...

Yesterday I was grateful for... having a working hubby to come home to. His cheeks were red as if sunburned from all the welding he did making cotton gins like he used to do. He must feel as if his life has come another full circle.

Also I am grateful... I saw Mrs. Tripplett yesterday.

Today I am grateful... I found my missing new 2007 motivational calendar! I will be quoting quotes from it later... So I really didn't start my new year until today.

I am grateful... that the Ralph Marston motivations I forward are helping mine and Jimmy's friend Bob. A guy named Chris in IT at work puts them on the bulletin board daily. My friend Sabrina forwards them to me in an email form so I can pass them on to all my email buddies and friends. (I have learned that not all email buddies are your real friends and some of them are like your best friends.) I let both Chris and Sabrina know how their actions have touched someone else who needed the words. Sabrina emailed me back that it made her feel good to lift someone up. Isn't that what life is all about... lifting each other up?

Genie sent me a really good email today too. So I am grateful... for her everyday. I am grateful... for email. It is awesome and I am addicted to it as well as blogging.

Tonight I have PTA. It is usually a total waste of Bare Minerals make-up, but I have some on today. I have on pink and gray eyeshadow to match my outfit. I am wearing old gray pants similar to stirrup pants without the stirrups! They have lines made into the material going down like stripes. My soft, pale pink oversized cowl neck (which I love!) has stripes made into the cowl, the end of the sleeves and the bottom of it that almost match the pants. I added a thin, gray long sweater that also has striped lines going down its length as well. So I feel pretty good about myself today and what I am wearing. It is rewarding when you can mix match different articles of clothing to make a whole new outfit. Priceless. I am very, very grateful for... all my clothes. I have so many of them. They are taking over my house!

Quotes of the day:

No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.... -unknown-
(Thanks, Genie!)

Don't regret any $ spent on fresh flowers or books. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Nothing lasts forever - not even your troubles. -Arnold Glasow-

You are the child
who danced in the sunshine,
the young person
who dreamed of changing the world,
the admirer
of all the beauty around you,
a spirit who cannot be tied down.
-Ralph Marston, Author of "The Daily Motivator Website"

Remember, it's by your example that you most influence other. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few we feel like doing today.
~Mignon McLaughlin~

When you feel in need of a compliment, give one to someone else. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

You have control over 3 things -
What you think,
what you say and
how you act.
~Sonya Friedman~

Never feel guilty about getting out of a bad situation. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

I smile at obsticles. -Tiger Woods-

Remember that everyone you meet is looking for affirmation, direction, and hope.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. ~Dodie Smith~

To wait for someone else, or expect someone else to make my life richer, or fuller, or more satisfying, puts me in a constant state of suspension.
~Kathleen Tierney Andrus~

Don't work for someone you wouldn't be proud to introduce to your mother.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(HA! HA!)

Monday, January 22, 2007

My Gratitude Journal

Jan. 21, 2007
I re-found a wire bound Gratitude journal today that came from Madge, my mom's ex neighbor who left behind so much stuff when she moved to San Luis Obispo, CA. I decided to use it to write down what I am thankful for each day. So here is another journal on another blog to keep up with. I began it this weekend...

I am grateful for... the free movie tickets my mom gave Rhett & myself. We went to see "Happy Feet" yesterday, Sat. 1/20/07. When we walked in the lobby of Hollywood Connection where the theatre is located, I saw our old neighbor Pat White Carter Leamon. I'd seen her at Subway just recently. She took one look at Rhett and said he looked just like me. I get that alot.

I suddenly became self conscious of my appearance in her presence because she always looks so good and was dressed better than me. I was dressed down in a flannel shirt and worn out jeans too shabby to wear to work. Was I worn out? Was I being "shabby shiek"? No, I just wanted to be comfortable and if butter got on my jeans then so what? No biggie.

Pat's youngest daughter Chaundi was there with her two daughters, Skylar (8) and Bobbie Jean. Skylar is Rhett's age, but a whole head taller than him. It was Bobbie Jean who was asking what his name was. Pat couldn't say it correctly. Little girls taking an interest in my son... hmmm. I'm sort of getting used to it after Penny's girls were here and her Grace had a crush on Rhett after just a few hours. Chaundi got Rhett's name right because she told Pat "like Rhett Butler" which is usually my line.

Chaundi told Rhett she went to the same elementary school he goes to now. She loved Ridgecrest and told him about her kindergarten teacher. She remembered her smelling so good. Funny the things we recall when we were younger... Rhett knew which teacher she was referring. She also said her mom fixed her hair like Princess Leia's in "Star Wars" and all the kids made fun of her. I reminded Chaundi that Pat used to have an "I dream of Jeanie" wig which she remembered her mom wearing.

Chaundi only remembered me from working at the front desk at Gayfer's Hair Salon not from when she was a little girl, wanting to come home with my mom and cried because she couldn't. It was so good to see them. I am grateful for... seeing old friends.

Today at Capt D's, we saw my cousin Ben and his son Matt. There was another boy with them that had reddish hair and sideburns so I thought it was Ben's oldest son Zach. I was about to hug him when he turned and I realized it was NOT Zach! I am grateful for... seeing my family when I am lucky enough to see them like to day.

We went to a housewarming party for a friend and fellow church member, Angie. Last night I put magnets on the back of two sayings I'd laminated awhile ago that said:
"May your house be too small for all your friends." The other said: "God bless our house." I did not wrap them. Just handed them to her. I could tell she liked them immediately and went to put them on the fridge. Mine were perhaps the smallest gift she received today, but size doesn't matter. It did not make me feel bad or inferior. It sort of reminded me of "The Little Drummer Boy" song for some reason. You are singing the song now, aren't you?

Today I am grateful for... my church family. I am so glad we were there today for Angie.

Because of all the things that are going on in other people's lives, like divorces and sudden remarriages, I am grateful for... my marriage. I know the Vaughans are grateful for their's too because they were celebrating their 41st anniversary today! Happy Anniversary!

I am grateful our friends in Oklahoma who are okay since they have endured bad winter weather recently. I'm also grateful for our friends in Kansas are fine despite inches of snow.

Jan. 22, 2007
Today I let death pile up... so to speak. I write a "happenings" column for the entire government center's newspaper. I had 4 or 5 deaths pile up on my desk & I thought I'd lost one so I knew it was time to get them organized to enter them for the "Grapevine Tidbits". I am known as the "Grapevine Lady."

I thought I'd lost my Word Perfect and panicked. I actually asked for help today. Shock - I know. I asked one lady, but my supervisor stuck her nose in to fix it. I probably could have figured it out - eventually. Let's just say I have Word Perfect back now and leave it at that. After all it is MY business if I have what I need daily saved on my desktop and not in another part of the computer that I would have to constantly search for it. So today I am grateful... that have Word Perfect back again, for my computer at work and at home, and what little knowledge I have about computers.

Today I am grateful for... friends who help me when I need help.

I am bound and determined to be grateful and stop complaining about everything so much no matter what comes my way. I am determined to be grateful even when I am roiling from my "help".

What are you grateful for today?

My quote of the day came from my friend Abby's blog:

Beauty has nothing to do with possession.
If possession and beauty must go together,
then we are lost souls.
A beautiful flower is not to be possessed,
it's there to be beheld...
It's there for your pleasure.
~Diana Vreelan~

Oh, my gosh! Susannah of Ink on My fingers responded to my blog again! My day has been made! I can't wait to tell my husband about it! It doesn't take much for me. Today I am grateful... for my blogging friends.

Friday, January 19, 2007

G. R. I. T. S.

I have been praying to my Muse a lot lately since reading Ink on my Fingers blog, but today I found my inspiration on my way to work... I was behind a car that I'd seen before because it has a vanity tag with "ANOINT" on it. Then I saw on the back windshield of another car these words in big, white letters:

G. R. I. T. S.
(Girls Raised in the South)

I love it! Its one of my favorites. I have a tan colored baseball cap with that saying on it. When Rhett was a baby I found him a bib in Warms Springs, Ga that said: "Son of a G. R. I. T" on it which he wore on Sundays. Wish I had a bumper sticker like it. The last bumper sticker I had was back in 1986. It said: "You couldn't afford me!" I even had an older couple in a Merceds stop beside me to, roll down the passenger window so the wife could tell me they liked it. Ah, Memories...

Then I thought of combining the two I saw which would make it "Annointed with Grits". Well, I found it amusing....

What is your favorite saying or bumper sticker?

Yesterday Don took Rhett to the dr, but my folks had to pick him up because Don had an job interview. Rhett either has some sort of viral infection or it is his allergies. The dr was more concerned over his fever blisters. They gave him zyrtec this time as well as some cream for the fever blisters. I still have to suppliment with Dimetapp. He got too hot in the night and had a coughing spell so I was up at 1:30 giving him another dose of Dimetapp. His lip looked really bad this morning, like it had bled and dried on his lip. I'd finally convinced him to let me use Blistex on it before he went to the dr. I used some of that this morning before he left for school.

The good news is Don FINALLY got a job! He will be working at Cherokee Fabrications on the way to Opelika. He will have longer hours so that will be an adjustment for a man of his own hunting leisures.

I got a card from my friend Bonnie yesterday. Maybe we should begin a writing relationship...

My supervisor fell at work today as she was bad mouthing the counselors entering the lobby. It was caught on video, but you can't actually see all of the fall. The Deputy Warden played it back for us. You know that she is falling int the bottom of the frame and her umbrella goes sliding across the floor. We all burst out laughing. The Dep. Warden kept telling us how bad we were when he was laughing the loudest. I say we turn it in to "America's Funniest Videos", split the $10,000 winnings (if we win) with her and let the prison get the rest. It was by far the best laugh we've had in awhile.

Quotes of the day:
Write a personal note and the date in every book you give. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. ~Helen Keller~

That vastness is not empty, it is a presence. -Kent Nerburn-

a bit late but... New Year's Resolution:
"Do not repeat the mistakes of the past... make new ones. ~Diane Gallo~

Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it. -John Goethe-

Ask friends who they'd choose to play them if a movie were made of their life. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(I'd like to play Sally Field's life. My friend Penny thinks I look like her.)

As the tree is in the seed, so is Paradise within. ~Diane Gallo~

Start a collection of something a bit weird. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(I collect rubber stamps, skeleton keys, scrapbooking supplies. Rhett wanted to start a straw collection which is different. What do you collect?

Happiness is in short supply. Give some away anytime, anywhere you can. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

Print your favorite quotation on the back of your business cards. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(Do ya think he has one of his own quotes on the back of his business card?)

I hope I am remembered for my sense of humor. ~Becky Bristow Voyles~

Okay I have FINALLY caught up with last year's quotes from my motivational calendars. I can now advance into the new year...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

4 Good Deeds for the Day

Today I did 4 good deeds for the day. I made xerox copies of the black & white pictures of I took of Penny & family while here for her father's funeral and sent them to her cousin and my friend Genie, to Genie's father which is Penny's uncle and to Penny's mom Margie in Savannah, GA. There is one of the whole group in my living room I woudn't trade for anything. Then I sent my friend Patti a thinking of you card I made.

Rhett has been really congested the past 2 nights. Had his dad take him to the dr only he had a job interview so my folks had to meet them at the dr's office. Rhett's counselor at school called which almost gave me a heart attack! He expressed his concerns to her that he doesn't fit in at the gifted program he attends once a week. It broke my heart that he didn't confide in me. He also said he misses his dad when he's hunting. I will have a heart to heart with him when I pick him up then we will discuss it as a family. They are going to give him 2 more weeks to see how he does. It will not hurt or effect him if he or we decide that he drops out of the program. He can always pick it up again later when he is more mature and may need it.

I got into it with my supervisor today about whether a guy I went thru elementary, jr high and high school with was in her jr high classes when she is 3 years older than us & I KNOW he went there when I did because I was there. It was my life. She said she is going to bring her annual in tomorrow. I called my mom to see if mine were still at her house. I knew I had my high school ones at home. My mom asked me why do I let her get to me like that. This time I knew I was right and she was not. It was the principle of the thing.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On Being 50

I could be here all year posting now that I have gotten back into vault where my word treasures are stored and locked away.... I am the keeper of the keys again.

Yesterday was a good day for me. I received some free cards from Guidepost in the mail. I like getting them. They have little stories to tell on the back. The top card was cute birthday wish with puppies in a basket. When I read the 1st line on the back, I screamed, "I don't believe this...!" to my husband and son. "Just because I turn 50, there it is in black and white everywhere I look...!" This is what the card said:

Well, this is it - the year I turn fifty. I'm not sure I'm ready to be fifty.

I was ready to turn forty. At forty, you're just hitting your stride, poised at the demographic meridian of life and finally ready to put all your learning years to good use. At thirty, I was simply relieved to have survived my twenties. At twenty... well, at twenty I didn't even think about birthday milestones (Except maybe turning twenty-one). Yet here I am on the precipice of fifty, and for the first time in my life I find myself troubled by a birthday. Am I one of those foolish middle-aged men trying to hang onto youth?

Here are three things I'm trying to keep in mind as I approach fifty: First, we don't live forever. Second, life is a gift, and it should only grow more valueable as we grow older. And, third, the only truly important thing in life is love.

Without love we die, at least on the inside. Nothing makes us feel better than love. When love is called for, nothing will substitute, and when we try to substitute something for love, it always ends up badly. Without love, we cannot know each other and we cannot know God.

In fifty years, I've received an incredible amount of love, a staggering half century of it, and I've tried to give love as best as I can, often clumsily and fitfully, even foolishly, to other humans, to animals, to ideas and beliefs, to my work, my country and to God. Love moves like the speed of light; it never ages, even when we do. So, I tell myself, if you want to hold on to your youth, hold on to love. Even as I near fifty, my learning years are not entirely over.
-Edward Ginnan-

Another quote of the day:
There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you. ~Carol Mattau~


Okay. I am cooking with grease today! I FINALLY got back into this blog today. YEAH! I got into the right one where I was posting my infrequent poems. I have clearly marked my passwords this time so I can get back in again.

Yesterday I was able to comment on Ink on My Fingers blog about colors. She wore a yellow rain coat on a gray, rainy day and wrote about being a ray of sunshine to others. I asked her if my pink umbrella with the duck head with a pink beak counted because I'd used it that same day? It also made me realize how important color is in my life. How I have added it to my life as well as adding it others lives. I won't bore you with each time, each color and each tiny detail. But my friends know when their day has been brightened by me with perhaps the perfect card for the moment.

Maybe its the artist in me that I see things in certain colors and shades. Every color is a choice. Where would we be without color? Colorless, boring, shades of gray with no depth to us. Not thanks. Black is fine on some occasions but I need my pink!

And my colors have to match. That is one of my pet peeves, mismatched clothing! No checks with stripes together please! Although I do like patchwork but that is entirely different. I am no fashion police by any means. I still wear white and sandals after September. Shocking, I know but true.

I wear colors to fit my mood. Sometimes that mood needs a bit brightening, but not today -thank goodness. Upon pondering all this , I guess I am rather color conservative unless I am wearing fuschia and want to be seen. I have this one Liz Claiborne jacket that is THE brightest shade of fuschia you will ever see. It was rather expensive but worth it much like myself. I get more than my money's worth out of my clothes. Some of my clothes are older than my son!

Yesterday I was purple like an eggplant with matching socks! I'd gone to the dr to give blood samples. It turned colder than I'd dressed for so I stopped at Target to get something warmer to wear. Not just any color would do. I finally settled on the purple and was rather pleased with my inexpensive purchase of $7.77. Maybe I should have played the lottery...

Today I am beige, black, tan and gold floral. Tomorrow who knows...? Maybe I'll wear the fushia.

What color are you today? Did your color choice brighten someone's day? Were you a ray of sunshine for someone?

Quotes of the day:
The gift we bring is happiness. -Peter R. Stone-

The way in which a gift is given is worth more than the gift itself. -French proverb-

You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
-John Wooden-

You were not created to blend in, you were created to stand out. ~Alissa~

Time Fell For Me Today

Today time fell for me.
It was hanging up on the mauve colored wall that partially surrounds me.
I heard a thump.
I turned to look.
It stood heads up,
Propped up against a stack of papers.
Held by a wire like a belt
so it cannot get away.
Time fell for me.
Does it mean I am dead?
Did time actually stop.
I doubt it.
Time stops for no one.
But today time fell for me.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

In case you were wondering... one of my calendars fell today. =)