Monday, June 30, 2008

Who Left the Cheese?


As you know, Rhett and I went to 6 Flags on Friday with our church group. Thanks for your prayers for our safe journey by the way. They were much appreciated. While Rhett was riding the bumper cars for the 1st time by himself with his friend Alex in another car, I stood on the sidelines to watch and take photos. While standing there, I noticed this cup of cheese all by it's lonesome and immediately thought of this title "Who Left the Cheese?" so I knew it would be my Odd Shot for this week.

There was also a "gum tree" I should have snapped, but the line was moving too fast. There was a piece of burlap on a tree where everybody and their brother decided to stick their multi-colored pieces of gum along with a nickel stuck to one piece. No one bothered to take that nickel! Too funny.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Night Sky Watch

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I wanted to try something a bit different this time... I took this night shot of this Catholic church downtown on the way home one night a few weeks ago. I loved the darkness of the night sky and the color of the church walls against it. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Rhett and I will be travelling to 6 Flags Over Georgia tomorrow with our church family. Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies to and fro. Thanks. Maybe next week I will have some Atlanta sky photos for you to see...! Although I am apprehensive about taking the digital camera. Don't want to part with it since it has become like another hand. Hope you have a great weekend.

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"The Eyes Have It", Thankful Thursday 6/26/08




Well, I have certainly been creative this week as you probably have noticed by now and I am thankful for that.

Rhett and I went to the library. I could not get on a computer so I checked out the art books hoping to find inspiration. Like I needed it. I checked out a book entitled Collage Creations by Kim Ballore, Barbara Matthiessen and Tracia Williams. Right. Like I needed to know hoew to collage, right? DUH. Well, the book did lead me to an idea... of using an off brand of Glad wrap then reaching for my handy dandy black micro pore ink pad and becoming a stampin' fool. I tested it out on an envelope first which really had a better design. Then I got a clean white sheet of cardstock. The 1st two are the results. I kept seeing eyes in it so I knew I was going to call it "The Eyes Have It". I went back with a drawing pen and emphasized the eyes. The 1st photo is without a flash so it gave it that sepia look I seem to be into lately. I was afraid to use a flash for fear of washing it out which I think it did in the 2nd shot. It may be a bit blurry also because the digital doesn't always like to focus on these multi-designs I create. But you get the idea.

I was so excited when I did this, I wanted to call everyone, tell them to get their Glad wrap out and get happy! LOL But I refrained. I sent an email out the next morning instead. Wednesday night I showed it to Tiffany at church. Our preacher's granddaughter, Kylie was visiting and heard me talking about it. She just chimed right in. She loved it and was looking for stuff in it much like my sisters-in-law in Indiana did. She saw things I did not see. Kylie even suggested coloring the eyes red since I was planning on using it as a Halloween page. Too bad Kylie doesn't live closer, we could have so much fun crafting. I gave both of them a copy of it, told them to go home and have fun. So I was thankful for my new idea, my new creation and Kylie's suggestions.

I had found some Main Street Wall Creations stickers at the dollar store. Today I made the above retirement card for our maintance man who is retiring tomorrow. He loves to fish so I knew this would be THE perfect card for him. Illy Nilly was off so I had to call her at home to see if she bought him a card which she had not. Mrs. Perfect who had to go to Hobby Lobby to buy the paper plates and napkins for the retirement party couldn't buy the man a good-bye card. Now I am glad I made it for him. I was rather proud of it even if i am tooting my own horn. Yes, I amazed myself yet again.

Today is my parent's 55th wedding anniversary so I am thankful for them. I begged a favor of my mom... Tonight is an artist guild meeting and I really wanted to attend since I missed two previous ones. I asked her if we could take them out to eat on Saturday instead since Rhett and I are going to 6 Flags Over Georgia tomorrow with the church. (Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies to and fro. Thanks.) Of course she said it was fine. I love my mom!

The artist guild meeting is supposed to have an artist sculpting something which should be interesting even if that is not my forte. I am just hoping to meet some helpful fellow artists tonight.

Today I am thankful for my friend Anne, my dream decipherer. Thanks again, Anne. She had told me twice this week I have nothting to feel bad about.

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Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat



I took these photos on Sunday afternoon as I sat in the reclinger not reclining but staring at this vision. That is my son Rhett's cowboy hat we bought him to wear to his Uncle Alan's wedding where we all dressing in cowboy attire complete with real guns in holster for the men. Rhett's was a toy of course.

I took several shots. Too many because I couldn't decide on which on I liked better so I polled my pals in an email. Not many had the same answer. My friend Cheryl, the art critic gave me an in depth description so I told her she needed to do this as a career. LOL The only sort of negative comment I received was from my high school classmate, Darryl, an avid photographer himself. He did not like the gun case in the shot because it changed the tone. I did not get mad but thought his house was not the one broken into either so I guess the gun case gave me a sense of security since this happened to us. Now I am polling you, my fellow bloggers... which one do you like better?

I am pretty proud of these. I would proudly hang them in our home. It would go well with the Wanted picture I have of Don. LOL

All work is copyrighted.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

W is for...


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Well, well, welcome to my world. What's up?

On Sunday I began worrying and wondering what was going to be my W word for this ABC Wednesday...? What to do? What to do? As I was deciding on what to wear to work on Monday, the word "words" walloped me upside the mind because words are so very important especially to a wanna be writer like me. Right now the words in the book I am reading Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward are very important me. They call out to me, "Read me. Read me." What would we do without words? I don't want to find out!

I thought of photographing words from a page in a book but which one? It would have to be very meaningful for me. Perhaps a page from my journal.

Then on the way to work, I serendepitiously came across a W word in the form of a vantiy tag that said, "B Word". Now how cool was that? It was kind of freaking weird. "Twilight Zone" theme playing now...

Well, of course I took photographs over the weekend. One of them I was entitling "Home is Where You Hang Your Hat". The title has a W word in it so it would fit right in here, but I will save that for another post unto itself.

I thought of water... How it is a necessity and not be wasted. Nothing should be wasted. I'd taken a photo of the rain twice since getting my digital camera. One was really good, but it looks more like an Odd Shot so I saved it for later... Rain is a form of water after all. Have I made you thirsty now?

If I had a watercolor painting I'd done, I would have shown you that here, but alas that is not my forte. I am more of an colored pencils and acrylic artist.

Then I thought about photographing water chestnuts in the can which I love to eat, but I have not been cooking a lot lately due to the hot weather. Watermelons sure sound good too on this humid day, but I had a chicken wrap for lunch the day I began writing these words to this post. The wrap was't anything to write home about. LOL It had too much ranch on it. Next time I'll get honey mustard instead.

I remembered I have some water mark stamps and ink which I haven't used in a long while. I need to find those and create something... since I didn't really create anyting this past weekend.

After work, Rhett and I went to the library. While we were there, he got to play bowling on a Wii game! When we left, there were water sprinklers sprinkling on the grass of a newly erected CVS. Naturally I grabbed my camera from my purse in the back floorboard and took a few shots of the water's spray, but I only posted what I thought was the best one of them. The sun caused a neat effect or maybe I need to clean my windshield again. LOL So here I was... back to the word water again. Sort of a semi circle rather than a full circle. More like my day arced unto itself. Water back to water. Hmm... could be a repeating pattern for another card. I tried something with the computer but it didn't work.

Today I was behind a mini van which had a sticker that said, "I walked the walk..." to somewhere I never heard of muchless could pronounce. Well, I guess that is about it. Word. Word to your mother. Ok I'll stop now.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Time to Heal Sympathy Card


Yesterday I worked on my W words for ABC Wednesday so I have an exciting post about those for tomorrow.... I guess I felt bad because I did not create any art over the weekend. I cut out a few pieces, got 3 tile samples with leaves on them, but they did not work out. They were not cuttable. I thought maybe I could cut the name brand off of them, but they were sturdier than they looked. It would take a jig saw to cut through them. I even inked the backside for a pattern, but it was not to my liking. Just thought I'd save you some time on this new dumb idea of mine so don't try it at home. LOL But never stop looking for stuff.

Last night I began working on the Time to Heal sympathy card above for the Durfy's who lost their sister-in-law. I don't know what it is with these brownish, sepia toned, antique looking cards that I create now, but I feel I have found another niche for myself. I don't know where this inspiration comes from, but I am not knocking it and I am so very thankful for it especially when it comes in the form of something like this card. It took me maybe about 45 minutes give or take to make it while watching "Nashville Star". I especially like the little red hearts on it. So I amazed myself once again. Yes, I am tooting my own horn about it today! I am really proud of it.

Of course Don didn't get the quote on it which said, "A mother holds her children's hands for just a little while but their hearts forever." I am not sure who said the quote and the type is too tiny to decipher. I explained that the sister-in-law was a mother after all. DUH! I thought if I gave the card to the Durfy's, they would pass it on to her husband and daughters for them to read and give them some comfort too. He never gets my way of thinking. I have told him countless time I do everything for a reason.

The inside of the card reads:

"with deepest sympathy (a fancy stamp)

in the loss of your loved one...
wishing you...
Faith to spare
Time to heal
Time to love
those who care.
Time to grieve
No matter how long it takes."

It is my sincere hope that if any of you out there in blogland who has lost a loved one might find comfort in this post of mine. Think of it as the sympathy card being sent to you today of you can come back to visit it anytime you wish.

Speaking of quotes, I have my good friend "Dr. Bob" to thank for the following one...

"You need to be aware of the heebie-jeebies because if left untreated, they can develop into conniptions!"

I love this post even if I say so myself. It is just too good and upbeat to mar with anything negative today. Not that I had anything negative to happen. I looked at it from the library and the card really showed up well, better than when I viewed it at work.

Speaking of upbeat..., check out McCabe's blog at http://dancing
for art inspiration. It must have worked for me after reading it yesterday!

My 3 things today would be:

* In case you haven't noticed I am totally stoked about my newest card. Being creative makes me feel so good, alive; feel better about myself, makes me feel worthwhile, and smile etc.

* Working on blog projects like Odd Shots , ABC Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and Sky Watch Friday are exciting and gives me a another purpose in my life.

* Being inspired by others. I hope I am an inspiration for someone.

Did you create something to be proud of today? If not, what stopped you?

All work is copyrighted.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Do You Know the Muffler Man?


While we were in Salem, Indiana, we came across this dinosaur looking thing. I was taking this photo of it not knowing what it really was. I thought it was a sculpture of sorts in downtown Salem. Don wanted me to take it from another angle because he thought it made it look more like a dinaosaur, but it actually did not. There were cars coming and our van drove on so this was the best shot I could take of this Odd Shot. It wasn't until my step-son Jason said something about a "muffler" that I realize what it was actually. I thought it was neat in an odd way. Quite unique and colorful deeming it picture-worthy of me and perfect for Odd Shots.

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Copyrighted by ~theRAV~

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Heart Cloud


I took this one a while back now. It looks almost like a heart shape within the cloud, don't you think?

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 Things

Well, I am having a pretty good hair day today and I am thankful for that. LOL I figured my curls would have fallen flat in this hot, humid Georgia heat, but they are still in a long curl.

I am thankful for our VBS this week and it looks like a lot of family will be there tonight for Rhett's skit. I have to stop at the store to pick up another pack of buns and weenies now.

I am currently working on a doodling on a 3x5 card, but since it is not finished, I am not posting the photo here yet. Plus I have to have room on the digital camera to video Rhett tonight. It is sort of weird about this doodling though.... We painted thin wooden houses the night before last in the VBS class I was assisting with until I had to do it all myself last night. I drew my outline with a black marker 1st as the kids had already started painting their's with vibrant primary colors. Mine was a light blue house with white shutters, red curtains and yellow in the windows with green shrubs at the bottom of it. The kids all said, "Why didn't you make mine?" I told them they needed to make their own houses their way. A shrink would probably have a field day with my color choices. LOL One boy's house looks like it is covered in snow to me which was neat. My friend Cheryl gave me an neat explaination to give the kids about the positiveness of the yellow in the windows which I will do tonight. My doodling had houses with red chimneys in it too!

Last night I had to portray the woman at the well in our class. I should have asked Illy Nilly to do it since it used to be her sign on because she had been married so many times when she (believe it or not) hosted a bible study back when I first began working with her! It gave the other ladies a good laugh yesterday. I borrowed a PINK sheet from mom to wrap myself up in. I actually asked for help three times yesterday evening. I called our preacher's wife to ask if she had an empty milk jug I could borrow. She said she had a pitcher she thought might work. So I was thankful for Katherine. Because there was a two party conversation we'd been doing in class, I felt like I needed another voice to help me with that rather than changing my voice. I asked my friend Nancy to help me with that. So I was thankful to Nancy. I asked Donna to help me wrap myself up in the sheet and she did. Her daughter Savannah asked me why I was doing that. I told her I was the woman at the well and they used to dress in robes similar to this sheet. So I was thankful for Donna. I was proud of myself for asking for help for once rather than trying to do everything myself.

Today has been another good day for me as I hope it has been for you. Leah at her blog Creative Everyday, led me to other links particularly a neat blog where the blog owner posts 3 things that give her pleasure each day. So I thought about that.... It only took me a second to make a list of them and realilzed this is something I should and would like to do on a daily basis. Here are my 3 things that gave me pleasure today and probably will be repeated again and again and again...

* Reading a good vampire book, the 3rd in the J. R. Ward series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood entitled Lover Revealed.

* Creating some art even if is a doodling.

* Reading emails from friends.

What were the 3 things that gave you pleasure today?

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Yes, I feel worthy of this activity today.

Voyles' tombstones



I'll try this again... here are two of the Voyles' tombstones for V is for... ABC Wednesday.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

V is for... Voyles

I very much wanted to use these two photos for V is for... for this ABC Wednesday. These are our ancestors, who we came from. The second Voyles is Don's grandfather whom he never knew. It was Don's idea to take the pictures while we were in Indiana. This way I did not have to go search for V words and I bet none of you have this one! LOL It is still funny to me that families spell their names differently. We had heard of Voiles before. They changed their spelling because they had some sort of falling out. Then the census takers spelled names as they thought they sounded without asking the correct spelling. Back then no one wanted to offend anyone's lack of education. Thank goodness we do not have that problem of asking folks questions now! Of course I could have shown you photos of almost the whole Voyles' clan, but the ones I took were a bit on the dark side this last trip. I should have used a flash. Hindsight now. Can't wait to see your V words...

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Ok the photos did not work so I redid them and they are ahead of this post.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Terrific Tuesday - Another Toe in the Water

Well, I don't really have any artsty stuff to toot my own horn about today unless you consdider my previous post "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil". I haven't really created anything lately. Although my best friend Penny emailed me yesterday and told me how much she LOVED my Indiana Sunset. She thinks it is my best yet and wants a copy of it. Now I know what to get her for her birthday in August, but I will give it to her when they are here in July to save postage.

Today is a terrific Tuesday for me. I worked 9-2. Had a good lunch from Mikey D's. I got a grilled ranch wrap but they had honey mustard on it. For once I did not complain about it and get a free meal. I had a dental cleaning which is NOT my fave thing to do. I'd rather be creating. Its kinda weird because a high school classmate is my hygenist. Not even my best friends ever got that close to me muchless inside my mouth! LOL I would much rather have chatted with her than had my teeth cleaned. I said "no" to the flouride treatment this time. Maybe I am just getting old or becoming my father who has a very weak stomach. Just the brushing she did had me shivering like a child does when they taste bad medicine. Last visit I burped the flouride for hours and hours and hours afterwards. YUK! Just the thought of makes me do that shivery thing again.

I tried to return the Nintendo DS I bought for Rhett's birthday because we thought the robbers stole his. Because he'd opened it, used it, put his info on it, they wouldn't take it back. If I traded it, I could only get $60 store credit when the dang thing cost $129.99! The guy told me I could sell it on ebay. I am going to try to sell it on the bulletin board at work. Wish me luck.

I stopped by my friend Bob's house, but he wasn't home. I will email him tomorrow that I stopped by. On the way to mom's I stopped at an art gallery in the Lakebottom area where I grew up. I'd been meaning to stop here for some time. It is owned by Gloria Mani. She is a a very colorful oil painter of landscapes and portraits. Her colors seemed to glow and pop with light. One I really admired was $7,000.00 framed! She had a really neat one of a black lady in a sepia oil tone with a red frame. She used some sort of technique to make it look like it had veins all over it. I asked her a lot of questions and she offered me some advice and some new avenues for me to try. She has a website if you would like to view her artwork. Go to Now on her business card that is all in capital letters. So if the link doesn't work the 1st time, try it with all caps.

So I guess I dipped my other big toe into the water so to speak which is ironic because Josie of
had a similar post mentioning putting your foot in the water. Great minds thinking alike. Just more serendipity as Leah of would say.

There is one place Gloria told me I might could try that would be free. Of course the owner of the shop has to like my work. She told me a little bit more about the Joseph House which my friend Mike keeps telling me to try. You have to rent a wall and volunteer to work in the house for 4 hours or you could pay someone to work for you. I'd volunteer on the weekend.

Hopefully the Artist Guild will meet next Thursday and I hope to attend that meeting.

I called my Aunt Pearl to invite her to our VBS Thursday nite since Rhett will be in a skit. He has 3 lines. She started crying on me. She says she doesn't think she could be in a crowd. She had gotten flustered this week with phone calls with the insurance company about Uncle Bert's death.

Then I called Uncle Frank to see how he was faring. He goes for his 1st chemo treatment tomorrow. He said he will try to come to see Rhett if the chemo doesn't mess with him too badly. I told him if he couldn't come, I would understand. I also told him I planned to video Rhett on the digital camera which will be a first for me.
Wish me luck with that too.

Yesterday I was thankful I did not let Illy Nilly get to me. She claims to have German Sheppard ears but she misheard something I said. I said I was calling a man named Parrish. She thought I was calling Paris! I simply said, "Yeah, I am calling Paris Hilton to come have lunch with me." Yeah, right.

Last night I was so thankfulf for VBS. Our teenagers had me laughing so hard I was crying. We do this song, "Good ole Noah built an ark like I told him to... and on that ark he had some..." the kids get to pick the animal they want to be and they are so cute doing it, especially the little ones. Ben, a teen, was one of the puppets. He chose to be a parrot. Everytime the song leader said something, instead of saying what a normal animal like a cow would say, a "MOO!", he parroted what Darren just said. Too funny. Guess you had to be there to understand.

Today I am thankful for all the comments I had on my blog for yesterday's post. I am thankful for this great Terrrific Tuesday I am having. I am thankful to able to talk with my relatives. What were you thankful for today? Did you put your toe in the water or the ocean about something you have been longing to do? Baby steps. "One day at a time" as my friend Genie says.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil


I took this Odd Shot when we went to the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, GA the 1st weekend in May, 2008. I stood back a bit from it because some vendors might not like me photographing their stuff. I did not want to be told I couldn't take the photo. Not that I was going to try to reproduce sculptures. That is not my thing. Later I cropped the photo on Picassa and this is the result... I really like it, don't you? I love finding these oddities. Guess I am just an Odd ball. LOL I am very thankful to Katney for doing this activity.

Hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend. If you would like to participate in Odd Shots Monday, please go to the following...

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunday Church Chores

Rhett & I went to church to help with VBS today. We cut grass, put up fences and Rhett used a hot glue gun for the 1st time in his 10 years. Well, we didn't actually cut grass in the manner you are thinking of. We cut grass out of green paper to hang through the brown cardboard fence we'd cut out and glued to the bottoms of the walls in the hallway. It was fun, but my butt got tired of sitting on the cement floor. I got my fluffiest pillow off of our pew and scooted along the fence row as we put it up. LOL I tlooks really neat and we want to keep this border up maybe until the fall.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alan's Road Map


This was my 1st attempt at "Alan's Road Map". It got really good to me and I got rather carried away with it. I thought I this might be my best piece of work yet until...


Rhett started this one, but I finished it and added the "Voyles' Rd" to it. Then I decided less really is more and liked this one best of all. This will be Alan's Christmas gift from us ... if I can wait til then. It photocopied well at Walmart.


A close up of "Voyles' Rd".

I'll tell you about something that doesn't work... I had to pick up a prescription at the local neighborhood family owned pharmacy yesterday. The owner's wife does floral arrangements. She was cutting the green styrofoam into squares to fit. She had some small pieces left over to the side. I hated to see it all go to waste. I asked for one of the pieces. I tried it with a micropore pad. It made a neat design of dots, but it left residue in the pad which I did not like. So don't try this at home. LOL My friend Claudia, the Stampin' Up lady thought it was funny too.

Please remember that all of my work is copyrighted. Thanks.

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Indiana Sunset


I was saving the best for last. It always seems when we go to our oldest son Jason's house in Canton, Indiana, I get THE BEST sunsets and I certainly did this trip. I kept taking it every few minutes until I got this color. I was so excited about it. I took the camera over to where he and Don were talking outside by his car, I showed it to them and told Jason I got the best sunsets here. He laughed about a bent tree in it, but I didn't care. I loved it the moment I saw it on my camera. My new baby and I am one proud mamma. LOL

Hope you all have a Happy Father's Day weekend.

If you would like to participate in Sky Watch Friday, please go to the following link...

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching up from our Trip... Quotes & Thankful Thursday

6/9/08 1st day back. I knew... I'd have a run-in with Illy Nilly BWS when I got back & did. When I saw my desk, I was so mad because it looked like it had been rifled though and ransacked. All the papers in my double tiered plastic file holders were helter-skelter and askew. Just like in The Three Bears I aked, "Who has been at my desk?" I showed it to one lady, thinking Illy might have been the culprit. I knew she heard me saying what kind of mess it was in because she made a snide comment that it is always messy which I ignored.

Now she wanted me to look up someone's time on the system. She said there was no rush. I did not hop when she said jump so she got her attitude with me. I told her I'd look when I went into the system to put the over time in it. She reminded me that the warden took priority when she was saying she took it. In my mass of papers, I lost this small sheet she had laid on top of everything which made her madder. She got uglier saying, "I don't know how you find anything in that mess anyway" stressing the word mess. The mess was not mine. I told her I have a method to my madness. I wasn't letting her have the last word on that one.

I finally found out who the culprit was... the warden! I was told he was looking for an invoice. This made me mad. I don't pilfer through other people's stuff and leave it looking like a whirlwind hit it. I am more respectful of other's property, desks, etc. It always seems like if it is not Illy Nilly, it's him.

Then she handed me my check stubb and said, "Maybe you won't loose this."

I had to ask her 3 times what one of the officer's names was that she was inquiring about. She finally told me. I said, "Thank you!" rather curtly and she said "Your welcome!" just as curtly. She said some other things too. The other ladies were really quiet. The warden even went by as she was talking about my messy desk. He just cleared his throat and walked out the door coward that he is, knowing he'd been the one to leave it in that state.

So I guess I let her get to me. I was mad. I steamed and I stewed because a person should not have to put up with this behavior coming back from a good vacation. Then it hit me... she'd had an anniversary and wanted to go somewhere, but her old foggey husband probably did not want to go. So she was making my life miserable for me because I had a good vacation with my husband and son. I also heard she was up to her old tricks. An officer found her asleep in her office. She is back on whatever medication she takes.

When I told Don about it, he laughed as he always does,telling me I should have told her this or I should have told her that. Hindsight.

I had several bills to pay after work. I made color copies of the piece of art I am about to sell. It turned out well. I made an 8x10 of "Alan's Road Map", found a matching matt for it, but could not find The perfect frame. Because I'd handwritten my copyright on the piece of art my friend Cheryl is wanting to purchase, the guy behind the counter thought it was done by a professional. It made me mad because I thought he wasn't going to let me have it and it was MY art. Yet I guess I am a professional now that I am going to be a paid artist.

I got Rhett & I baked potatoes from Jason' Deli that were oh so good. Don had leftovers from Uncle Frank's birthday since he did not want to eat what we wanted. Man was I tired.

A co-worker told me I did really good yesterday handling Illy Nilly. I was also told she talked about me the whole time I was gone as I knew she would. At least someone else got to rest.

Today I realized I do not need to go to another site to get verification about myself. I can toot my own horn any day of the week and not just on a Tuesday. Maybe because my blog is more about my latest artistic creations rather than being a mommy.
Now don't get me wrong. I love being a mom and I love my son more than anything. He provides us with so much laughter, brightening our lives. It would be dull without him.

I am so thankful for our vacation that was actually a real vacation this time because we went somewhere where we actually bought postcards and a magnet. LOL

I am thankful for my brother-in-law, Alan who challenged me and inspired me to create some new art while in Indiana. It may be my best yet. I am very proud of my artwork in case you cannot tell. If I don't toot my own horn, who will?

Today I came across several good quotes. I journaled this 1st one that crossed my path in my journal...

The more you praise and celebrate life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever. -Anon.-

Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.
-Bertrand Russell-

With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing.
~Catherine de Hueck~

My friend is one... who takes me for what I am.
-Henry David Thoreau-

To do anything truly worth doing, I must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in with gusto and scramble through as well as I can.
-Og Mandino-

Life's truest happiness is found in friendships we make along the way.

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis.
~Margaret Bonnano

Dreams are wishes your heart makes.
-American proverb-

6/11/08 Rhett and I went to church early to help with VBS. We cut out card board picket fences. He is supposed to participate in the skits we have before it begins each evening. I have invited Momma & Daddy. I told them I'll drive them and bring them back home for it.

I was pretty tired tonight considering Rhett spilled a drink on the middle of his bed the night before because he refused to leave the plastic lid on the cup from the Speakeasy Pub. I was changing sheets after midnight. I was not a happy momma. So it all caught up with me. I fell asleep on the couch and they kept waking me up! So I was ill.

Today I put on make up because my friend Cheryl was bringing us lunch from the Yogurt Shoppe and she was going to buy my art! So now I am a paid artist. I quickly demonstrated some of my techniques as we ate. It was such an enjoyable lunch as I don't get many visitors at the prison. That statment made me sound like an inmate! LOL So today I am so thankful I sold some art. I am thankful for my friend Cheryl too. She gets my art. In fact, I think she would fill her whole house with it!

I am also thankful I am caught up on my blog. At least I think I am caught up now.

I had to pick up a prescrption at the local family pharmacy after work. Lo and behold, there sat Bonnie. I should have recognized her brother sitting out in the car, but I didn't put it together. I shared with her my good news about my sold art. As I was about to leave she wanted to know if she could call me. I told her she could, but we were going to be busy beginning this weekend into the next with VBS plus it is Father's Day weekend. Will she really call? Do I really want her to? Do I want to go through those games of cat and mouse with her calling only when it is convenient for her then her getting mad at me if we are walking out the door. Or if I am cooking supper for my family while trying to talk to her, then her complaining that I am not caring about her and of her needs. Unmarried people do not understand family lives. Her life certainly make me more thankful for mine. Maybe I needed that reminder. I will try to be her friend again as I did today. Maybe it's me being ever drawn back into the same patterns and webs. Do I attract spiders? LOL

Oh, and Josie, my friend Cheryl said this stateme I am sure you can appreciate... "Too bad there is not another spider there to bite the BWS!"

I know I am being awful today. Too awful to participate in Thankful Thursday where the good Christian women do not complain as I have done, but are more thankful for the blessings in their lives. Not that I am not deserving of being thankful and my blessings. Just too catty. Sorry. Just being myself. Just being me. Just being Becky - not theRAV.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Since I did not participate in the T is for... ABC Wednesday last week, this word came to me on the way home from Indiana and I knew it was the one u word I really wanted to use here. Unique. It is what I strive to be as a person and in my art. I stress to my son to be himself not a clone of someone else. Be different. Step to the beat of different drummer. Be Unique.

Coincidentally I found this rubber stamp at A. C. Moore this week and knew I had to have it since this was my U word. How cool is that?

How were you unique this week?

If you would like to participate in U is for... ABC Wednesday, please go to the following...
She chose Unpacked today. I still haven't unpacked completely. LOL Suitcases yet to be store away.

The day before yesterday I was a Professional
as in photographer.
Today I am The Artist.
Who knows what I will be on the morrow?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Indy Trip, Alan's Road Map, Dreams & Nightmares

We made it up to Indiana safe and sound. I did not begin journaling until the 3rd . Rhett woke up around 6:30 am. He got too hot because no one else got sick from his momma's cooking. LOL Or he probably got too excited from playing Guitar Hero with his step-nephew Austin. He said he had a lot of gas. Don had cut the big fan off early in the morning. I did not know it was set by a timer. Rhett woke me up to cut the ceiling fan on over his bed. He felt really hot then. Later he threw up again on the stairs. Poor baby.

We went to Bass Pro after I paid one of my Sears' bill with my my temporary checks. Luckily they accepted it. Then Don went to Harbor Freight while Rhett & I went to Hobby Lobby where I got a key stamp on sale for $1.99, 3 small sponge daubers, another distress ink pad, but this time in antique linen and a Heidi Swapp edge distresser for 99 cents. I think I wasted my money on the last item. I tried it out in the truck, but I prefer tearing paper then distressing it with an ink pad. Maybe I wasn't doing it correctly. I can always use the shape of it as a Pac Man template. LOL I had not worked on any art work or cards since my brother-in-law Alan's idea on Sunday where he suggested crumpling paper, using the distress ink which I did as well as a dark brown marker. He said it reminded him of a road map. I told him I would call it "Alan's Road Map". So now my artwork has become a family affair. My two sisters-in-law, Kim and Peggy were having a field day Sunday afternoon finding all sorts of objects in my art; even some I had not seen. Alan picked at me a lot about it.

Today we went to the lumber plant where our neice Yvonne works. Next to it is the Forest Discovery Center in Starlight, Indiana. I forgot the name of the web site for it. Sorry. We took a tour of it for free thanks to Yvonne. Must remember to send her a thank you note. It was very interesting. We learned how Louisville slugger bats, pencils and paper were made via mini films. We played some computer games with very hard questions. I had to ask my father-in-law, Everett for help. I scored a 9 which made me a tree. Rhett got an 8. He was a sapling. We went inside the factory itself on a 30 foot high cat walk that was wide enough for a wheel chair they provided for Grandma.

I talked with a lady who does wood working artistry there. She told me she had no degree for it. She just lucked up on the job. I told her how we may move up there some day and this time around I would like to do something in the artistic field. She asked what kind of art I did and I told her. She seemed really interested. Maybe I could get a job there. LOL

In the wood gift shop, I found a magnet of the place, two pencils shaped shaped like a tree with the bark still on them. One is for Steph if Elisa didn't already buy her one when they took the tour last month. Mine is a bit bent giving it character. I also got two large colored pencils also shaped like trees complete with bark. One is a smokey blue color which I did not have in my collection and light pea green color with more yellow in it than the pea green one I have already. I got plenty of postcards so this made it feel like a real vacation to me. Who knew we would have an actual vacation in Indiana? LOL

I traced some leaf patterns there which ws really fun for me. They all knew it was something I would want to do. They know me too well. Now I cannot find the papers where I traced them. I had overlapped two similar leaves. I'll have to write Yvonne to ask her if she could trace them for me. I must remember to tell her to put the red cedar next to the other leaf similar to it. I remember handing the papers to Rhett. Surely I did not leave them lying in the gift shop

From there we went to Joe Huber's restaurant. Rhett and I both got chicken and dumplings, but they were not that great. I can make better dumplings than those! I ordered fried green tomatoes also, but they were breaded with spicey seasonings and served with horseradish. It was expensive too. Needless to say I was running to the bathroom before we left. I bought more souvenirs at their gift shop. I got a silver stretchey bracelet with a neat design, a pink elastic bracelet that says "Rebecca" because they didn't have one with Becky on it. It has lots of inspiring words on it like the word "dream", etc.

I took photos inside the Joe Huber gift shop as well as outside where there was a BIG rooster. We stopped at a post office in Pekin so I could purchase postcard stamps for my postcards. Then we stopped at few places back in town in Salem like Rite Aid for Grandma's medicine and a tractor place for Grandpa only they didn't have his part in yet.

Once home I began writing my postcards. This is what I do. I put a papaya stamp on my friend Genie's postcard because she loved that fruit when they were stationed in Hawaii and I stayed with her for 12 days while Patrick was in Korea for a month. I like to match things up with what people like. That's just the way I am.

Whenever I called mom to check on Uncle Frank's progress, I would have to stand out in the yard, almost to the field to get reception. I even called my friend Cheryl to get her address so I could send her a post card so I spoiled the surprise for her.

We went to church Wed nite. The lady that taught Rhett had to come tell me what a joy he was to have in class. She said he was such a delight. It brought tears to my eyes. She said he contributed in class. I told her I thought he might be shy, but obviously he was not! It made me feel good.

Alan, Kim & Dominique came by. We were having leftovers. I took pics of Rhett & Dom. I showed Alan the 1st "road map" I attempted, but was not really happy with it. Kim
thinks it looks like a tree with moss. I turned it and did see a tree trunk. Need to take a photo of it as is for "Alan's Road Map" before I work on it any more.

Rhett and I slept on the couch in order to be under the air conditioner. When Everett got up around 7:30 Thursday morning, turned the tv on in the kitchen so we went upstairs and tried to sleep some more. It was hard returning to slumberland with the early morning sunlight flooding through the bottom of the the open windows. As well as due to the cacophony of barnyard sounds forming their own symphony. A rooster crowing to my left, the other neighbor's geese squaking across the street to my right ear, a moo here, sheep, billy goats and rams ba-a-ing there and the rooster crowing again, but we slept until I had to go to the bathroom.

I woke up burping bad eggs and had eaten none! My tummy was upset. I slept a long while on the couch. We ate a late lunch. I had mac n cheese and a few of the strawberries I had bought at Joe Huber's. We were going to a new family restaurant in Salem tonight. I was hoping I would feel ike going and did. Rhett and I split a hamburger steak.

We forgot to mail my postcards in the daily mail, but Don said we could mail them in town. The bad thing is they will be postmarked Louisville, KY rather than Salem, IN which I did not like.

When we returned from the restaurant, there was nothing on tv since they don't get cable. I went into the kitchen, wadded up a piece of beige paper and proceeded to make another "road map" only it was not really that. It was more like a stone wall of rocks with lots of designs. Of course it has "things" in it as does all my artwork. There is a a lion's face, lots of eyes, a few hearts, etc. It did have a lovely woman's face with a rather long neck, but I just couldn't leave it alone. I just had to keep adding more and more distress to it. I don't know when to stop and leave well enough alone. Haven't I learned by now that less is more? I could not find her at 3:30 am as I wrote those words in my journal.

I'd woken up remembering that Don said I needed to charge the battery for my camera because we were going to cemetaries which I quickly agreed to real fast. Too bad it wasn't raining so I might could get that foggy effect as I once did with my Minolta years ago.

Rhett had to make his own attempt at a "road map" before bed. I crumpled it up for him, showed him how to use the new antique linen stamp pad on the rumpled edges. There were so many of them, he soon tired of it. He really wanted to use the brown marker. He did the most prominent lines and quit. I realized his looked more like a "road map" than mine did. Bugger!

Now I had really, really, really loved mine to begin with, thinking it was one of my best pieces of work. That is until I saw Rhett's. Don asked what it was. Rhett said it was "just another abstract", but it is not. It is another piece of me, cracks and all. I think we should call mine "Stonewall" perhaps because of my stubborness. LOL It reminds me of the stone walkway and the buildings at Lake Houston's. I think we should call Rhett's "Uncle Alan's Road Map". Then I decided to neatly write "Voyles' Rd" on his. It would make a great gift to Alan from Rhett and I. I was able to go to sleep after that. Rhett was sleeping so soundly on the couch while I was a restless spirit who will feel like a zombie in the morning.

We went to graveyard and I took pics of Voyle's tombstones. I got a little sun on my arms, a lot of tangles in my hair from the 4-wheeler trek to the nearby cemetary around the corner from the house and the gusty winds. Took photos of the current restoration of Beck's Mill. Should have gotten a close up of the sign but did not. Oh, well, next time....

We went to Jason's house in Canton. Kristina was getting ready for a craft fair in Campbellsburg tomorrow. She had lots of neat stuff. The name of her company is "Chubbie Cheeks". Jason actualy came up with the name of it. A lady on line designed her price tags. She could have used Kim's granddaughter Kaylee as the model for the chubby cheeks. We viewed the photos I'd taken on Jason' computer. One of them was another beautiful sunset taken from Jason's front yard again. Got home at midnight.

I dreamed for the 1st time in a long time. Maybe because we'd seen baby Dharma Jean's grave yesterday. It must have had an impact on me or triggered hidden memories. I dreamed I received a bill for the baby I miscarried. When I say someone "lost their baby", Rhett takes it literally and doesn't understand. I couldn't decifer this bill. Some of it was in Spanish so I had to call an 800 number. A Spanish person answered. I was able to translate some Spanish words in my dream. She told me I did not owe anything.

The "You do not owe anything" was such a relief to me. It was like the voice of God. As if He were saying, "You do not owe anything because I paid the price for your sins." It was kinda awesome. I had another dream, but I cannot remember it as I do this one.

Nightmare # _________

We arrived back home safely, but late as usual for us. I had a nightmare for the 1st time in a long time which isn't surprising with all that has transpired in our lives lately. I dreamed someone stole Rhett! I woke up screaming but my scream did not wake Don nor Rhett. I turned on the lights, went to check on Rhett only to find him sleeping. Then I went back to bed with a racing heart and actually went back to sleep. I woke up feeling as tired as I was when I went to bed. It wasn't until later that night as I was emailing my closest friends about this nightmare, I realized I am currently reading a book about a baby stolen from a hospital. AND we constantly talked about our recent robbery while in Indy.

We went to see Uncle Frank after evening services at church because I had a strong need for a nap after lunch at church. He answered the door! He was walking and talking like normal. It is hard to believe he had brain surgery less than a week ago. Tomorrow is his 74th birthday. We are so very thankful to be celebrating it with him but I will have to go back to work. Two of Uncle Waldo's step-children, Willie and Merrilee will be coming to see him. I haven't seen Merrilee since 1974! Don said I think more of them than I do my own blood cousins. That did not make me feel bad at all.

Bills to pay tomorrow after work. My checks did not arrive. I will post photos later...

What Are the Odds?

Today another one of my favorite uncles has a tumor in his brain
This morning while trimming my bangs,
They were cutting into his brain,
While I was cutting my pills in half,
They were slicing into his skull.
While I plucked my eyebrows,
They were pulling out pieces of him.
Perhaps a memory
of a memorable or funny family event
One I can recall
whereas he may not.
I went about innate tasks
Asking God
"Please don't let him die!"
like a repetitive chant.
Maybe it is selfish on my part
wanting him amongst us for awhile longer.

Yet what are the odds?
Of having two favorite uncles to have cancer of the brain?
It is really strange.

What were the odds?
That I had a cousin who got hit by a drunk driver
and survive?
Then years later be struck by another one again
Only he did not live through that fated New Year's.
I was pregnant with my baby at that time.
Oh, how I cried
remembering our times.
I fell into my Aunt Bea's arms
I was told I had to get hold of myself for my baby's sake.
I recovered for a moment
Until I saw my friend David
Then I lost it again.

It is just so hard right now
As our hearts have not healed
We are still reeling
from Uncle Bert's unexpected death.
We are not ready to go through this again so soon,
But we don't have a choice, do we?
All we can do is pray
for the best outcome.
Then enjoy the remainder of his life.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~

What would you do if you only had one year to live?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Odd Shot Monday 6/9/08


We're back home safe and sound from Indy. Thankfully we were not anywhere near the flooding. My Uncle Frank is also at his home now. We went to see him last night and he answered the door. You couldn't tell he'd had brain surgery less than a week ago! Today is his 74th birthday and we are so thankful to be celebrating it with him.

I took this odd shot awhile back. I figure you will never be able to guess what it is so I will tell you... It may have been taken on an April day. I was cold at work so I fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate. Once I drank it, there was still a lot of chocolate residue in the bottom of my mug. I used a drop or two of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid and it made this pattern so you know I had to take a picture of it of course! Now is it that what you thought it was?

It's great to be back home again. I have missed all of your blogs and will try to play catch up and comment soon... I went through withdrawls while away.

If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following....

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great News!

Great news! Uncle Frank is awake, alert, knows everyone and has no speech problems whatsoever! I called my mom from out in the field because we couldn't get cell phone service inside on the farm. He was moved to a room today! It was such a relief to me being so far away. This has been an answered prayer. I thank you all for your prayers.

We have been having fun in Indiana as always. Today I took another beautiful sunset which I will post for Sky Watch Friday. I also took some more trees. I have been thinking of my friend Cheryl wishing she could be here to see all the things I have been seeing. I even tried a piece of rhubarb pie so I felt like one of the Walton's. LOL My brother-in-law, Alan gave me a new neat artistic idea today so I have been working on that. I told him, "You know I will work on this the rest of the night." I may go blind doing it too. I told him I'd name it after him. It will be called "Alan's Road Map". We were making my art a family affair today. My two sisters-in-laws were really getting into all the images they could find in my tape art. It was fun.