Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunday Church Chores

Rhett & I went to church to help with VBS today. We cut grass, put up fences and Rhett used a hot glue gun for the 1st time in his 10 years. Well, we didn't actually cut grass in the manner you are thinking of. We cut grass out of green paper to hang through the brown cardboard fence we'd cut out and glued to the bottoms of the walls in the hallway. It was fun, but my butt got tired of sitting on the cement floor. I got my fluffiest pillow off of our pew and scooted along the fence row as we put it up. LOL I tlooks really neat and we want to keep this border up maybe until the fall.


Sandpiper said...

That sounds like a fun morning (except for the tired butt.) LOL

Paulie said...

What? No photo? Maybe later huh?

becky voyles said...

Funny Sandpiper! Yes, Paulie, I plan to post a photo later. How did you know? LOL