Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Since I did not participate in the T is for... ABC Wednesday last week, this word came to me on the way home from Indiana and I knew it was the one u word I really wanted to use here. Unique. It is what I strive to be as a person and in my art. I stress to my son to be himself not a clone of someone else. Be different. Step to the beat of different drummer. Be Unique.

Coincidentally I found this rubber stamp at A. C. Moore this week and knew I had to have it since this was my U word. How cool is that?

How were you unique this week?

If you would like to participate in U is for... ABC Wednesday, please go to the following...
She chose Unpacked today. I still haven't unpacked completely. LOL Suitcases yet to be store away.

The day before yesterday I was a Professional
as in photographer.
Today I am The Artist.
Who knows what I will be on the morrow?

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Powell River Books said...

Unique is a great choice for U. Let's see. How was I unique this week? The one thing that comes to mind is that I saw a solar halo while sun bathing on my cabin deck. Solar halos are created by the sun's rays reflecting through ice crystals high in the atmosphere. I invite you to come see my U is for Use and Re-Use. -- Margy

mrsnesbitt said...

A great choice and your words made me think about waht role I am playing today....think it is a housekeeper! Despite being away for a week the house still needs a good tidy up and we have only been back a few days....time to pack again soon however! LOL!

becky voyles said...

Thanks for your comments, Powell River Brooks & Mrs. Nesbitt. Powell that really was UNIQUE!