Wednesday, June 18, 2008

V is for... Voyles

I very much wanted to use these two photos for V is for... for this ABC Wednesday. These are our ancestors, who we came from. The second Voyles is Don's grandfather whom he never knew. It was Don's idea to take the pictures while we were in Indiana. This way I did not have to go search for V words and I bet none of you have this one! LOL It is still funny to me that families spell their names differently. We had heard of Voiles before. They changed their spelling because they had some sort of falling out. Then the census takers spelled names as they thought they sounded without asking the correct spelling. Back then no one wanted to offend anyone's lack of education. Thank goodness we do not have that problem of asking folks questions now! Of course I could have shown you photos of almost the whole Voyles' clan, but the ones I took were a bit on the dark side this last trip. I should have used a flash. Hindsight now. Can't wait to see your V words...

If you would like to participate in V is for... ABC Wednesday, please go to the following....

Ok the photos did not work so I redid them and they are ahead of this post.


mrsnesbitt said...

Yes please, would love to see the Nesbitt Cola Signs.


Powell River Books said...

Family is so important. My married name is spelled the same as in the old country, but we pronounce it differently. I chose V is for vegetables from my floating garden. I invite you to come see. -- Margy

Petunia said...

I' m sorry but i can not see the two photos. I only see two X.
Please let me know when the pictures is back and I will return:)

Petnia's ABC

becky voyles said...

I'll email you with the sign soon, Mrs. Nesbitt.

Hi Margy! I had a bit of trouble trying to comment back on your blog but I made it threw the 3rd time so it must be the charm.

Petunia, have you tried clicking on the x? Sometimes that works for me. If not, I don't know what else to do except try to resubmit the photos again. I tried them today with the x and they wouldn't come up for me either. Sorry.