Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Terrific Tuesday - Another Toe in the Water

Well, I don't really have any artsty stuff to toot my own horn about today unless you consdider my previous post "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil". I haven't really created anything lately. Although my best friend Penny emailed me yesterday and told me how much she LOVED my Indiana Sunset. She thinks it is my best yet and wants a copy of it. Now I know what to get her for her birthday in August, but I will give it to her when they are here in July to save postage.

Today is a terrific Tuesday for me. I worked 9-2. Had a good lunch from Mikey D's. I got a grilled ranch wrap but they had honey mustard on it. For once I did not complain about it and get a free meal. I had a dental cleaning which is NOT my fave thing to do. I'd rather be creating. Its kinda weird because a high school classmate is my hygenist. Not even my best friends ever got that close to me muchless inside my mouth! LOL I would much rather have chatted with her than had my teeth cleaned. I said "no" to the flouride treatment this time. Maybe I am just getting old or becoming my father who has a very weak stomach. Just the brushing she did had me shivering like a child does when they taste bad medicine. Last visit I burped the flouride for hours and hours and hours afterwards. YUK! Just the thought of makes me do that shivery thing again.

I tried to return the Nintendo DS I bought for Rhett's birthday because we thought the robbers stole his. Because he'd opened it, used it, put his info on it, they wouldn't take it back. If I traded it, I could only get $60 store credit when the dang thing cost $129.99! The guy told me I could sell it on ebay. I am going to try to sell it on the bulletin board at work. Wish me luck.

I stopped by my friend Bob's house, but he wasn't home. I will email him tomorrow that I stopped by. On the way to mom's I stopped at an art gallery in the Lakebottom area where I grew up. I'd been meaning to stop here for some time. It is owned by Gloria Mani. She is a a very colorful oil painter of landscapes and portraits. Her colors seemed to glow and pop with light. One I really admired was $7,000.00 framed! She had a really neat one of a black lady in a sepia oil tone with a red frame. She used some sort of technique to make it look like it had veins all over it. I asked her a lot of questions and she offered me some advice and some new avenues for me to try. She has a website if you would like to view her artwork. Go to www.gloriamani.com. Now on her business card that is all in capital letters. So if the link doesn't work the 1st time, try it with all caps.

So I guess I dipped my other big toe into the water so to speak which is ironic because Josie of http://passingtime-josie.blogspot.com/
had a similar post mentioning putting your foot in the water. Great minds thinking alike. Just more serendipity as Leah of http://www.creativeeveryday.com/creativeeveryday/ would say.

There is one place Gloria told me I might could try that would be free. Of course the owner of the shop has to like my work. She told me a little bit more about the Joseph House which my friend Mike keeps telling me to try. You have to rent a wall and volunteer to work in the house for 4 hours or you could pay someone to work for you. I'd volunteer on the weekend.

Hopefully the Artist Guild will meet next Thursday and I hope to attend that meeting.

I called my Aunt Pearl to invite her to our VBS Thursday nite since Rhett will be in a skit. He has 3 lines. She started crying on me. She says she doesn't think she could be in a crowd. She had gotten flustered this week with phone calls with the insurance company about Uncle Bert's death.

Then I called Uncle Frank to see how he was faring. He goes for his 1st chemo treatment tomorrow. He said he will try to come to see Rhett if the chemo doesn't mess with him too badly. I told him if he couldn't come, I would understand. I also told him I planned to video Rhett on the digital camera which will be a first for me.
Wish me luck with that too.

Yesterday I was thankful I did not let Illy Nilly get to me. She claims to have German Sheppard ears but she misheard something I said. I said I was calling a man named Parrish. She thought I was calling Paris! I simply said, "Yeah, I am calling Paris Hilton to come have lunch with me." Yeah, right.

Last night I was so thankfulf for VBS. Our teenagers had me laughing so hard I was crying. We do this song, "Good ole Noah built an ark like I told him to... and on that ark he had some..." the kids get to pick the animal they want to be and they are so cute doing it, especially the little ones. Ben, a teen, was one of the puppets. He chose to be a parrot. Everytime the song leader said something, instead of saying what a normal animal like a cow would say, a "MOO!", he parroted what Darren just said. Too funny. Guess you had to be there to understand.

Today I am thankful for all the comments I had on my blog for yesterday's post. I am thankful for this great Terrrific Tuesday I am having. I am thankful to able to talk with my relatives. What were you thankful for today? Did you put your toe in the water or the ocean about something you have been longing to do? Baby steps. "One day at a time" as my friend Genie says.

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