Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat



I took these photos on Sunday afternoon as I sat in the reclinger not reclining but staring at this vision. That is my son Rhett's cowboy hat we bought him to wear to his Uncle Alan's wedding where we all dressing in cowboy attire complete with real guns in holster for the men. Rhett's was a toy of course.

I took several shots. Too many because I couldn't decide on which on I liked better so I polled my pals in an email. Not many had the same answer. My friend Cheryl, the art critic gave me an in depth description so I told her she needed to do this as a career. LOL The only sort of negative comment I received was from my high school classmate, Darryl, an avid photographer himself. He did not like the gun case in the shot because it changed the tone. I did not get mad but thought his house was not the one broken into either so I guess the gun case gave me a sense of security since this happened to us. Now I am polling you, my fellow bloggers... which one do you like better?

I am pretty proud of these. I would proudly hang them in our home. It would go well with the Wanted picture I have of Don. LOL

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