Wednesday, June 25, 2008

W is for...


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Well, well, welcome to my world. What's up?

On Sunday I began worrying and wondering what was going to be my W word for this ABC Wednesday...? What to do? What to do? As I was deciding on what to wear to work on Monday, the word "words" walloped me upside the mind because words are so very important especially to a wanna be writer like me. Right now the words in the book I am reading Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward are very important me. They call out to me, "Read me. Read me." What would we do without words? I don't want to find out!

I thought of photographing words from a page in a book but which one? It would have to be very meaningful for me. Perhaps a page from my journal.

Then on the way to work, I serendepitiously came across a W word in the form of a vantiy tag that said, "B Word". Now how cool was that? It was kind of freaking weird. "Twilight Zone" theme playing now...

Well, of course I took photographs over the weekend. One of them I was entitling "Home is Where You Hang Your Hat". The title has a W word in it so it would fit right in here, but I will save that for another post unto itself.

I thought of water... How it is a necessity and not be wasted. Nothing should be wasted. I'd taken a photo of the rain twice since getting my digital camera. One was really good, but it looks more like an Odd Shot so I saved it for later... Rain is a form of water after all. Have I made you thirsty now?

If I had a watercolor painting I'd done, I would have shown you that here, but alas that is not my forte. I am more of an colored pencils and acrylic artist.

Then I thought about photographing water chestnuts in the can which I love to eat, but I have not been cooking a lot lately due to the hot weather. Watermelons sure sound good too on this humid day, but I had a chicken wrap for lunch the day I began writing these words to this post. The wrap was't anything to write home about. LOL It had too much ranch on it. Next time I'll get honey mustard instead.

I remembered I have some water mark stamps and ink which I haven't used in a long while. I need to find those and create something... since I didn't really create anyting this past weekend.

After work, Rhett and I went to the library. While we were there, he got to play bowling on a Wii game! When we left, there were water sprinklers sprinkling on the grass of a newly erected CVS. Naturally I grabbed my camera from my purse in the back floorboard and took a few shots of the water's spray, but I only posted what I thought was the best one of them. The sun caused a neat effect or maybe I need to clean my windshield again. LOL So here I was... back to the word water again. Sort of a semi circle rather than a full circle. More like my day arced unto itself. Water back to water. Hmm... could be a repeating pattern for another card. I tried something with the computer but it didn't work.

Today I was behind a mini van which had a sticker that said, "I walked the walk..." to somewhere I never heard of muchless could pronounce. Well, I guess that is about it. Word. Word to your mother. Ok I'll stop now.

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Bear Naked said...

So many W's.
Which one to choose.
This was a very clever post for ABC Wednesday--W.
Thank you.

Tash said...

I start thinking about the abc post on Sundays too, but I come up with maybe 3-4 options. Very creative post!

RuneE said...

Many good W Words here (especially the Water Words!), but I still wonder what the B Word would be...

becky voyles said...

Thanks Bear Naked, Tash and Runee for your comments. I wonder about that B Word myself. LOL