Friday, April 30, 2010

All My Blessings

All of my blessings arrived in the late afternoon which is the reason why this post is so late. Oh, I had a few blessings in the morning with funny emails from friends to start my day off right. I sold something else on so yeah me! I FINALLY remembered my password to get into the site and was able to add new stuff. I found an old friend on Facebook I connected with. It was so good to hear from him but found out he's had cancer and it has returned. My sweet friend Patti's father passed away.

Sometimes I wish I were like Samantha on "Bewitched" so I could be 3 different places at one time. The Cotton Pickin' fair, the birthday party and Patti's father's funeral but I am only one person. To quote my favorite quote..., I may be only person but I may be the world to one person.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

This weekend I did a lot of the things I said I was going to do. There was a lot left undone as my bladder was hurting for some unknown reason. Bills were paid early and some in the nick of time. A mother's day dress was purchased for a really good price. Pictures of roses were taken at differing times and during the rain. I talked with my mom, other relatives, acqaintances and art friends. I couldn't get Picasa to work last night thus no pictures

This morn R had terrible growing pains in his foot. He was crying his little heart out. I couldn't take him to school in that state so we waited until the pain subsided. It was meant to be that we were at home today at that time. I remember my growing pains as a child well. I cried with mine many a time, asking my mom to rub my legs as if that would make it stop. A mother's touch is supposed to work miracles, right? I could relate to R and was very sympathetic towards him. Others might not have related or been as sympathetic. They might have made him go on to school at that moment with big tears rolling down his cheeks. Others might say there was nothing wrong with him, but a mother knows her child. I certainly know mine very well. I do not regret this decision I made this morning. Many times a mother has to do what she feels right for her child and not worry what others may think.

Sometimes acquaintances just blow me away with their sudden actions that would certainly not be my actions, but what can I say? I should not be surprised anymore. It is their life not mine. I know I shouldn't let such stuff get to me but it makes me wonder about folks. I should not be shocked by anything else in life, but I always am. Usually by something coming out of left field. Who am I not to wish someone happiness if I cannot believe their actions? But I just cannot bring myself to wish them happiness. Is that so wrong of me? If it is wrong, then I am sorry. Am I the only sane one these days? Sometimes I even doubt my own sanity, but not yesterday or today. Today I was in a good mood & could make jokes about past ridiculous situations at work, remembering my own past actions when pushed to a point. It is funny now. It wasn't at the time. I had a good chuckle at the memory. Today I could laugh at funny emails I received which helped start my morning off on a cheery note. Would that they all be like that. I am thankful for my mood and the laughs.

Then you on the way to work you set your mouth on a certain thing to eat for lunch totally denying anything else. No Mickey D's for me. You pick up your order you can almost taste. You get back to work, take one look at the chili which looks too dark brown. There is no ketchup on it so you pour more on it esp after you taste it. Even the bread tastes old. Was today's blue plate special leftover from last week or the week before? Will I die of food poisoning now? Pray I hope not! Who would have ever thought you could have a bad chili dog? Well, you can 'cause I just did! Yet I will not call the place to complain and sound like all the other complainers at work. I tried to mask the after taste with Frito-Lay's praline pecans which was $2 for a 2 oz bag. A dollar an ounce. This isn't perfume people! It certainly wasn't the pralines I have eaten and ordered for friends in Savannah, Ga. Man, I can just taste the real thing now... Best not to go there or else I will want them even more.

I finished The Same Sweet Girls. I am reading another vampire book again. This one is entitled I'm the Vampire, That's Why" Michele Bardsley. I am on the 3rd chapter and finding it funny but why do they always have use such language and use the F word?

So I guess today wasn't my day for fine cuisine, but it has been good thus far and I am thankful. I know I don't live in Paris nor am I a gourmet chef but I do know what is good and what is not. Today was a not. How has your Monday been?

Friday, April 23, 2010


I guess I am still coming down from the high of last weekend's reunion, seeing all the pics from it on Facebook this week. I have been up and down, up and down mood wise, but ok I guess. Nothing really bad happened and I am thankful; nothing I can't deal with although the least little thing could possibly set off my tears. Yet I did not cry when I read "The Same Sweet Girls" sad ending which made me wonder what was wrong with me. Had I lost my feelings? No, I just didn't want to cry at work. Had I read the ending elsewhere, I might have cried more. It might have been cathartic. This book really touched me as there was a gourd artist in it who joked about being out of her gourd. LOL It is similar to the "Ya-Ya Sisters". I highly recommend it. There were several things in the book that came up in my reality thus making me feel like my life was initating art once again. It was kind of weird. But I was thankful for reading this book.

This week I got really upset over a non-caring person's attitude and unprofessionalism and it wasn't Illy this time! LOL. How can teachers not care about their students? I try not to think of how uncaring this world has become. You see it everyday in traffic when someone cuts in front of you which really gets my goat. Sometimes I feel like I need these words written on my car, "Can you see me?"

So this week I thought a lot about tags. I keep seeing Georgia tags that begin with the letters to the word ART which makes me want one! LOL Then I saw a lot of BKY which makes me think of my name. The other day I saw one that said, "2BRNOT" which I found funny. I needed that laugh. Still one of my all time faves was "Wick-ed" like the actor Pauly Shore used to say in his movies. Thinking of tags made me realize how tagged we are. We have our tags on our blogs as well as Facebook.

I also kept seeing HBR on tags which made me think of Hebrews. Of course the tags had numbers following. Once I got to work on Wednesday, I went to Hebrews 3 and read the entire chapter. It did not reveal anything earth shattering or mind blowing to me. It wasn't like "Wow! This really applies to me right now" as some of the TT followers write about. I did use it as my lesson Wednesday night. I try to teach the kids to be aware of everything around them; to notice things especially the unusual such as car tags and to stop and smell the roses.

If you could put anything on your car tag, what would it say? If I could fit the word "Creative", I'd probably use that or have that word painted on my car in fancy letters. Then I wondered if anyone would put the letters "GOD" on a tag? Not that I or that person would be thinking of themselves as God, but wouldn't it make you think of Him? Maybe see His name for the 1st time. Or make you remember to say a prayer.

We are all tagged as something. Me, I am a daughter, an only child, a wife, a mother, Rhett's mom, Frank's daughter, Lois' daughter, Don's wife, Genie's friend, Penny's friend, Cheryl's friend, Anne's friend, Nancy's friend, Nancie's friend, Paulie's friend, sweet Denise's friend, and too many others to name here,etc. I could go on and on. I am thankful to be all these things and more.

I am thankful for the Keep the Faith cards I made & sent out this week. I am thankful for the cute angel stamp I got, used, made some cards with and colored as well as the clouds I drew below the angels, above and between them. I couldn't stop looking at them.

I am thankful I am the only abstract artist in the CAG and proud of it. I am thankful I took Rhett to the meeting last night. He learned a new drawing technique using graphite. Making a light out of darkness. Good concept. One we should all use in our daily lives. It is just not an artistic technique I want to attempt.

Ok. Tag. You're It. What would your tag be?

Sorry this is a day late and a $ short of TT, but if you would still like to participate, please go to the following...
(computer wouldn't let me leave a message on Lynn's post!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Reunion

I had an down then up Friday. Got some bad news but I am dealing with it with the help of my friends, family, prayer warriors and the Lord. I am not going to post about it until I find out more which hopefully will be soon.... maybe this week; maybe tomorrow.

I'd been looking forward to my high school reunion. Of course I let doubts & fears get to me. I'd changed my mind a million times about what to wear. I'd gotten my hair cut days prior instead of two weeks so it could have calmed down. To scrunch or not scrunch. To curl and look like I always do or not. I figured all the girls would be wearing long dresses that are in style again. Even told Don they probably be wearing them whereas I was not. So glad I did not go out & buy one now.

I do what I normally do when I can't decide. I wear pink, my signature color. I wore the blouse I'd bought and wore for Easter with some skinny pants & comfy clogs. Because my hairstylist scrunched my hair and swept it to the right side, my bangs thought they were supposed to do that again. So I had to comb it all over to the side. I wasn't real happy but it turned out pretty good in pictures. Everyone told me how good it looked.

I saw people I had not seen in years. It really made me feel good about myself. By not baking myself in the sun, I don't have as many wrinkles. Nor do I have bags under my eyes even though I couldn't seem to go to sleep the night before.

Some people I had no classes with were very friendly as if we'd always been friends. Then some I have known since elementary school still do not acknowledge me. I often wonder what it would have been like to have been the really popular girl. But I did't let that stop me from being a social butterfly. I had a little much needed wine and had a really good time. For a little while I was able to almost forget about my reality.

We had too rare steaks which I hardly ate because I was too busy talking or getting interrupted while eating to speak to someone else. I had no time for the Blue Devil cake but Don had my piece.

I was lucky enough to talk to my classmate Becky who I just learned is an artist also. She has her own gallery! Lucky her. This is her website....
which will be added to my blog list after posting this. I really enjoyed talking to her about art. She gave me one of her business cards and a postcard which has one of her abstracts on it. She is now one of my Facebook friends too as well as some others I had not seen in ages.

At 1st Don wouldn't get up and dance with me to "Brick House" but told me I could get up there along with the encouragement of my other friends so I did. Now they have blackmail pictures. LOL Not that I really care. I had fun and that was the main thing.

The event were rather expensive. I definetly did not get my $25 worth Friday nite! But I enjoyed the company. The girls we sat with were some of the smartest in our class. Too bad some of their smarts didn't rub off on me. People would come up to them and they wouldn't remember them. Earlier they were miffed at me because I wasn't standing next to them to tell them who everyone was. I finally told them they spent too much time in their books! LOL

Saturday was lunch at the school. I could take Rhett to this so he could tour my old school. It was burned in the 80's & rebuilt. Don & I had toured it at the 20th reunion. It was still much the same as it was only no hardwood floors and it had carpet. This tour, it was a totally different school! It is no longer our school. It is a much more modern, college prep school now. Rhett loved it and wants to go there now. I can't blame him because I'd certainly want to go for the art department. I was the only one in our group who walked around looking at the artwork the students were working on. It made me want to be a teacher here.

I swear I do not remember ever going to the library which really makes me think I must be getting Alzheimer's for sure now. This new library had the coziest looking couch that made you just want to grab a book and curl up. There were masks displayed from the art department. One was made out of shells!

Lunch was not that great. I've had better. I don't mean to complain about everything but when you pay $14 a plate, you expect it to taste good. The alumni association consisting of much older people were there. One man gave a long, long speech. I was sqirming like an elementary school kid. My friend's daughter was telling her mom things that made them laugh so I knew they were talking about his long-windedness. Rhett was cracking funny ones with me like "Does he have an off button?" which made me choke on my sweet tea! My hygentist who was staring into her empty plate, showing no emotion said, "My God" under her breath. I had to laugh.

I did get to see a fellow classmate who is a very talented cartoon artist. He was asked by another classmate to draw something for the reunion. He drew a man and lady Blue Devil that is just too cute. It was blown up and put on a board and taken to each event. We all took pics of it. I introduced Rhett to him.

I was disappointed there were not a lot of people at this event as there were at the 20th reunion.

Later we were to meet with some of my smart friends at Deorio's where I have not been in years. We got 7" pizzas, but I could have ordered a 2nd one! We talked for a long time outside as the place was small and it was starting to get busy. We were not going to the $70 per person event at the Country Club.

It was a great reunion. It was great to see everyone again. Priceless. Would I do it again? Yes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not From a Military Background

I do not come from a military background, but I am thankful we lived in one place all my life until I married. I am thankful we did not move around from place to place. I like living in one place. I am a homebody like my mom. Moving was a big adjustment for me being an only child, but I have survived it across the river for 16 years although I still consider myself from Georgia. Our anniversary is tomorrow.

As I said, I did not come from a military background, but lived in a military town next to Ft. Benning, Ga. I dated a few soldiers stationed here, but knew they were not the one for me. I would never get serious as I did not want to move away except one man, one time but that is another story that happened a lifetime ago. I live in the real world now.

Titles and ranks have never been important to me. It is important to people I work with especially if I get them wrong as it is hard to keep up with their changing ranks. I consider myself an above average person although I am extraordinarily me. I have been called a "civilian" by co-workers that have a military background almost like it is a bad thing, but it doesn't bother me. I am proud to be who I am where I am. I know I am where I am meant to be at this moment in my life.

I work with a majority of men having served in the military. I am thankful for their service, but today I was reminded once again of the differences between males and females. I have to order supplies such as clothing, uniforms, office supplies, guns and ammo, etc. I was having to pull a lot of documents dealing with weapons and ammo. I had to pull the ammo document. I made the mistake of asking, "You mean bullets?". I was then told I obviously did not play army as a kid. Well, I did play army with my cousin Ben, but he attacked and killed all my men before I knew what happened. I did not like to play army with him. Maybe I don't play well with others. Growing up, I did play cowboys & Indians and Roy Rogers with my neighbor Steve. I had two imaginary horses, a palamino and a white horse named Sugar. I had two imaginary friends, but that is another story that shrinks would have a field day over. So I regressed to my childhood today back to a simpler time where you only worried about what you were going to play that day. Nothing like the real world of dealing with estates, crazy relatives, everyday life, bills, wondering what to fix for supper and such.

Lately I feel like I have become a more hardened, bossier type of person having to be more aggressive as an excutor. I am not going to let anyone take advantanage of me or run over me. Lately I have become a different kind of person than is normal for me. I cussed more last Friday than I have in a long time. I guess I am more on the defensive. I finally became more agressive saying, "I want this done this week!" My friends say I have every right. They say I have put up with more crap than they could have withstood. Also they say they probably would have gone insane by now. I am made of stronger stuff and proud of it. I give credit to my mom, the strongest lady I know. I am thankfulf or the example she set. I love the fact that Rhett thinks I am a strong momma when I am a real weenie on the inside sometimes. I have been called a Steel Magnolia by my friend Bob. I really like that term. I wish Don could make me some steel magnolias because of this, but I don't really need them to serve as a reminder of my strength I know I possess.

But being a Christian, don't you hate it when you catch someone in a lie? Do you call them on it?

As my friend Genie says, "This too shall pass." I just hope it passes soon...!!

I am thankful for the good Easter weekend we had. I did not take as many pictures as I normally do. I am thankful for all the ideas I have had this week. I am thankful for all the small inexpensive finds I found this week. I got a ring for $1 at Jo-ann's that made me extremely happy. It is really strange that something so inexpensive could make me that happy.

I am thankful for the anniversary card that always arrives early from our friend Helen who has remembered EVERY anniversary. We are thankful for Helen and all our friends. Today I am thankful for my husband who has been supportive in this legal journey I have been on. Hopefully I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel....

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to Lynn's at the following and read her great TT post today... I have been missing Serendipity Park.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a Southern Thing

Hi ya'll! How ya'll been doin'? How's ya momma? Come on in an sit a spell... Would you care for a cold glass of really sweet iced tea? We got some leftover cold chicken in the ice box if you'd like. How 'bout a piece of pie?

Last nite I just finished reading this book... The Summer of My Southern Discomfort
which I got at the $ store. It was about a Yankee who moved south. There at the $ store I also found ... The Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King. It's about Southern girls going to college in Alabama. I am really liking it so far so good having only read 10 pages. A long way from my vampire books, but I love the south & Southern Lit! I am proud to be southern. Maybe I'll even write my own southern novel... Someday. My friend Anne thinks I shorely could. My friend Bob thinks I am a Steel Magnolia, but that titles already been used. Wish Don could make me some steel magnolias! Wouldn't that be cool? Maybe I should just try to draw them as steel and not cream colored.

Well, it's been a real pleasure visitin' with ya'll. Always good to see ya and hear from ya. Ya'll come back ya here when you can stay longer. I'll give you a match so you can stay longer next time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Happy Moments

This week I had a few happy moments like on Monday when I went to Walmart to print some of my pics from the art guild meeting which was held at the victoria Bullard-Sampson House, owned by the president of the guild and her husband. It was a real treat. I got neat pics of course. The eerie house reminded me of the Addams family from the front & friends have agreed upon seeing the photo I took. I kept expecting to see a ghost and hoped to capture one in my pics, but alas it was just a real person walking by really fast causing a blur. I did snap the owner near a window. I cropped the other person out. Gloria was wearing a filmy dress so she appears very ghostlike to me. My friend Anne called it "frozen in time" which would be a good title. I realized I don't like antiques and dark houses. I like lots of light coming in. I like my electricity and it made me thankful for it. I am a 21st century kind of girl.

When I printed my pics I giggled with glee at my shots. My photography trully makes me happy and I am so thankful for it. I didn't care that the lady next to me thought I was bonkers.

I couldn't upload pics til Monday nite as Rhett had an extra credit poster due. He had a really neat idea. I helped him draw a flag on a flagpole. He put the title inside the flag. Don even helped by finding words about freedom in his "American Legion" and hunting magazines. Rhett placed the words randomly and got good praises from his teacher for thinking so artistically.

Mon nite I uploaded but Picasa wouldn't let me send emails. I only sent a few thru AOL which is why there are none here on my blog. Sorry.

Yesterday I was in a retirement meeting where one of the nicest men you will ever meet retired. I will miss Pete. One of the officers in main control told me mom called & wanted me to call her. Rhett was congested again so I thought it might be about him. Daddy got dizzy at work and fell again! He broke his glasses, but thankfully nothing else. They brought him home in his car. I had to get Rhett after school. Then later take Daddy to get his glasses fixed. If I had called Don, he could have gotten Rhett since he wasn't working but I didn't know that. Lesson learned: always communicate.

I had another family delima when I returned to work concerning my aunt's estate!

We got Daddy's glasses fixed but it took what seemed like years when it was only a matter of hours. The lady was very patient with us especially since Daddy left his hearing aid at home. I got him home at almost 7:30. Rhett & I were late for church but better late than not at all. It was singing nite and I was uplifted. We had a good sermon as well. To be thankful for Christ dying so that we might live and believe in Him. To be thankful for one of the worst days in history.

I work with an officer I went to school with, Jeff L. He came up to the office today & I asked him if he was going to our reunion on the weekend of the 16th. He said he thought he'd be in the hospital which threw me. He pulled out papers to confirm this. I asked him if he was ok & he said he wasn't. I also asked if he minded me asking what was wrong because I didn't want to pry. He said he may have cancer and if he does, he may not be back. This really, really bothered me. His best friend and I email each other photos we have taken as we are avid photographers. Darryl had prostrate cancer himself a few years ago. I know I was sticking my nose in where it did not belong, but I called Darryl to tell him because I felt like Jeff was going to need his friend. If Jeff gets mad at me, then so be it. Darryl was planning on coming down here today anyway, but this cinched it. Please keep my friend Jeff in your prayers. I pray that it is not cancer. That he is just thinking the worst right now. I saw another classmate who was going to pray for him immediately.

I know this will be a very busy weekend for us all especially all the moms trying to make it another perfect Easter for our kids. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter remembering the real reason is not new clothes. But do have fun coloring those eggs!

I am thankful for the few happy moments I had this week along with the challenging moments. What were you thankful for? If you would like to share, please go to the following.... at Lynn's place...

Rhett's 1st Plane Ride

Rhett got to take his 1st plane ride last Saturday at a classmate's birthday party at the local airport. We arrived early enough to find it. I'd specifically asked the mother where the exact location was. Is it inside the airport? She said yes. I should have been even more specific byt asking "inside the airport terminal itself?" We go inside the terminal after parking. I am wondering if we'll be reimbursed for the parking fee. Upon entering, I realize how simple it would be to attack here as there were no security wandering about but it is a small airport. Then I spot the bar "Propellers". No kids about not that I expected them to be inside a bar/grill. I made Rhett wait outside of the bar while I went in to ask about a birthday party. The lady behind the counter looks at me like I just landed from another planet. She told me to go across the hall to security. As I am exiting the way I entered, she tells me it is "over there..." and points across the hall. I tell her I have to get my son.

The man in the office is very friendly and helpful. He even showed me on the tv monitors where we were supposed to be. It seems we passed "Skyline" where you learn to fly on the road in to the airport. I was mad at that point because I had to pay for the parking fee. Oh, well... my $1 contribution to the local airport won't break me.

I really wasn't sure if Rhett would go up in the plan since he has a fear of heights which he gets from his momma. Nor was I going to push him as I did not want him to have a fear of flying. To my surprise, he want to go up. I felt good about this even prior to Saturday. No premonitions of a crash. None reported on tv lately as was the case with my 1st flight. "Lost" doesn't count here! LOL

Rhett was to go up the 2nd time around. The propellers didn't want to work the 1st of take off. I had a slight concern but showing no fear. After all I have to be a strong mom. For him.

He was all gun-ho and eager to enter the samll plane. I was told I could go up with him if I wanted so I went with my trusty camera. I sat up next to the really young looking pilot. I started to ask his age. My door did not want to stay shut! I was nervous. It had been 15 years since I last flew. I couldn't fasten my seat belt! Once we took off, I am gripping my seat with my right hand since I am afraid to hold onto the door now and I had a death grip on the back of the pilot's seat! Let's just say I had my eyes closed once we were above ground. I would manage to peak out of one eye to see the faraway landscape below and quickly close it! I opened the other eye, my left, to look at Rhett. He gave me two thumbs up with a smile underneath headphones. I handed him my camera to take pics since I couldn't! He couldn't because he won't look outside his window. He's watching from the front of the plane. Rhett hands my camera to the birthday boy who took several shots. Only one was really good even if it has part of the wing in the shot. Now I am praying really hard, chanting, "Please let us land safely" while screaming "I want to get down NOW!" inside my head.Thankfully we land safely. I sort of crawled out of the plan because I didn't have my land legs back yet.

Rhett got the chance to go up a 2nd time without me but that was ok. This flight was longer as it was the last one and they flew further. This time I am praying for the safe return of my child which I get and I am thankful. Once we got back inside, Rhett complained of a headache, not feeling well and wanting to lay down. The couch there was occupied but there was another one out front so I take him there. The mother and grandmother are cleaning up. I let Rhett rest for a few minutes then made him get up to tell them thank you. We went to mom's as it was the closest and he laid down.

After his 2nd flight, I am not so sure he will want to fly again nor be a pilot now. He says he prefers flying on a video game!