Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Happy Moments

This week I had a few happy moments like on Monday when I went to Walmart to print some of my pics from the art guild meeting which was held at the victoria Bullard-Sampson House, owned by the president of the guild and her husband. It was a real treat. I got neat pics of course. The eerie house reminded me of the Addams family from the front & friends have agreed upon seeing the photo I took. I kept expecting to see a ghost and hoped to capture one in my pics, but alas it was just a real person walking by really fast causing a blur. I did snap the owner near a window. I cropped the other person out. Gloria was wearing a filmy dress so she appears very ghostlike to me. My friend Anne called it "frozen in time" which would be a good title. I realized I don't like antiques and dark houses. I like lots of light coming in. I like my electricity and it made me thankful for it. I am a 21st century kind of girl.

When I printed my pics I giggled with glee at my shots. My photography trully makes me happy and I am so thankful for it. I didn't care that the lady next to me thought I was bonkers.

I couldn't upload pics til Monday nite as Rhett had an extra credit poster due. He had a really neat idea. I helped him draw a flag on a flagpole. He put the title inside the flag. Don even helped by finding words about freedom in his "American Legion" and hunting magazines. Rhett placed the words randomly and got good praises from his teacher for thinking so artistically.

Mon nite I uploaded but Picasa wouldn't let me send emails. I only sent a few thru AOL which is why there are none here on my blog. Sorry.

Yesterday I was in a retirement meeting where one of the nicest men you will ever meet retired. I will miss Pete. One of the officers in main control told me mom called & wanted me to call her. Rhett was congested again so I thought it might be about him. Daddy got dizzy at work and fell again! He broke his glasses, but thankfully nothing else. They brought him home in his car. I had to get Rhett after school. Then later take Daddy to get his glasses fixed. If I had called Don, he could have gotten Rhett since he wasn't working but I didn't know that. Lesson learned: always communicate.

I had another family delima when I returned to work concerning my aunt's estate!

We got Daddy's glasses fixed but it took what seemed like years when it was only a matter of hours. The lady was very patient with us especially since Daddy left his hearing aid at home. I got him home at almost 7:30. Rhett & I were late for church but better late than not at all. It was singing nite and I was uplifted. We had a good sermon as well. To be thankful for Christ dying so that we might live and believe in Him. To be thankful for one of the worst days in history.

I work with an officer I went to school with, Jeff L. He came up to the office today & I asked him if he was going to our reunion on the weekend of the 16th. He said he thought he'd be in the hospital which threw me. He pulled out papers to confirm this. I asked him if he was ok & he said he wasn't. I also asked if he minded me asking what was wrong because I didn't want to pry. He said he may have cancer and if he does, he may not be back. This really, really bothered me. His best friend and I email each other photos we have taken as we are avid photographers. Darryl had prostrate cancer himself a few years ago. I know I was sticking my nose in where it did not belong, but I called Darryl to tell him because I felt like Jeff was going to need his friend. If Jeff gets mad at me, then so be it. Darryl was planning on coming down here today anyway, but this cinched it. Please keep my friend Jeff in your prayers. I pray that it is not cancer. That he is just thinking the worst right now. I saw another classmate who was going to pray for him immediately.

I know this will be a very busy weekend for us all especially all the moms trying to make it another perfect Easter for our kids. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter remembering the real reason is not new clothes. But do have fun coloring those eggs!

I am thankful for the few happy moments I had this week along with the challenging moments. What were you thankful for? If you would like to share, please go to the following.... at Lynn's place...


Denise said...

Have a beautifully blessed Easter, love you.

Paulie said...

It's April Fools Day first. . . so hope no one makes a fool out of you today! I was baptized on this day so it is special for me that way.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration.

I was hoping to see some photos.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you Denise. Same to you.

becky aka theRAV said...

April Fool's on the pics Paulie! LOL It is a friend's anniversary and they are still married. LOL Hope you have a wonderful Easter too.

More Than Conquerors said...

Thanks for sharing your happy moments with us, Becky. Glad you enjoy photography. It is something very fulfilling and I love it too. Sorry to hear about your dad. Thank God for protecting him. I am so thankful too for Christ dying so that we might live and believe in Him. Thanks for your visit. Take care and have a very blessed weekend and Lord's day.

Warm regards,

becky aka theRAV said...

thanks Nancie for stopping by with your sweet comments. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Ladynred said...

What a blessed day! Happy Easter..

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks Ladynred!Hope you had a Happy Easter too.