Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

This weekend I did a lot of the things I said I was going to do. There was a lot left undone as my bladder was hurting for some unknown reason. Bills were paid early and some in the nick of time. A mother's day dress was purchased for a really good price. Pictures of roses were taken at differing times and during the rain. I talked with my mom, other relatives, acqaintances and art friends. I couldn't get Picasa to work last night thus no pictures

This morn R had terrible growing pains in his foot. He was crying his little heart out. I couldn't take him to school in that state so we waited until the pain subsided. It was meant to be that we were at home today at that time. I remember my growing pains as a child well. I cried with mine many a time, asking my mom to rub my legs as if that would make it stop. A mother's touch is supposed to work miracles, right? I could relate to R and was very sympathetic towards him. Others might not have related or been as sympathetic. They might have made him go on to school at that moment with big tears rolling down his cheeks. Others might say there was nothing wrong with him, but a mother knows her child. I certainly know mine very well. I do not regret this decision I made this morning. Many times a mother has to do what she feels right for her child and not worry what others may think.

Sometimes acquaintances just blow me away with their sudden actions that would certainly not be my actions, but what can I say? I should not be surprised anymore. It is their life not mine. I know I shouldn't let such stuff get to me but it makes me wonder about folks. I should not be shocked by anything else in life, but I always am. Usually by something coming out of left field. Who am I not to wish someone happiness if I cannot believe their actions? But I just cannot bring myself to wish them happiness. Is that so wrong of me? If it is wrong, then I am sorry. Am I the only sane one these days? Sometimes I even doubt my own sanity, but not yesterday or today. Today I was in a good mood & could make jokes about past ridiculous situations at work, remembering my own past actions when pushed to a point. It is funny now. It wasn't at the time. I had a good chuckle at the memory. Today I could laugh at funny emails I received which helped start my morning off on a cheery note. Would that they all be like that. I am thankful for my mood and the laughs.

Then you on the way to work you set your mouth on a certain thing to eat for lunch totally denying anything else. No Mickey D's for me. You pick up your order you can almost taste. You get back to work, take one look at the chili which looks too dark brown. There is no ketchup on it so you pour more on it esp after you taste it. Even the bread tastes old. Was today's blue plate special leftover from last week or the week before? Will I die of food poisoning now? Pray I hope not! Who would have ever thought you could have a bad chili dog? Well, you can 'cause I just did! Yet I will not call the place to complain and sound like all the other complainers at work. I tried to mask the after taste with Frito-Lay's praline pecans which was $2 for a 2 oz bag. A dollar an ounce. This isn't perfume people! It certainly wasn't the pralines I have eaten and ordered for friends in Savannah, Ga. Man, I can just taste the real thing now... Best not to go there or else I will want them even more.

I finished The Same Sweet Girls. I am reading another vampire book again. This one is entitled I'm the Vampire, That's Why" Michele Bardsley. I am on the 3rd chapter and finding it funny but why do they always have use such language and use the F word?

So I guess today wasn't my day for fine cuisine, but it has been good thus far and I am thankful. I know I don't live in Paris nor am I a gourmet chef but I do know what is good and what is not. Today was a not. How has your Monday been?


Paulie said...

So far my Monday is good because I finally got on the internet with my new computer! (I have only had it 4 months and hadn't been able to sign on but got a friend to help today and am on. . . hurrah!)

May the rest of your week be great!

becky aka theRAV said...

Good for you, Paulie! Amen to the last part!