Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rhett's 1st Plane Ride

Rhett got to take his 1st plane ride last Saturday at a classmate's birthday party at the local airport. We arrived early enough to find it. I'd specifically asked the mother where the exact location was. Is it inside the airport? She said yes. I should have been even more specific byt asking "inside the airport terminal itself?" We go inside the terminal after parking. I am wondering if we'll be reimbursed for the parking fee. Upon entering, I realize how simple it would be to attack here as there were no security wandering about but it is a small airport. Then I spot the bar "Propellers". No kids about not that I expected them to be inside a bar/grill. I made Rhett wait outside of the bar while I went in to ask about a birthday party. The lady behind the counter looks at me like I just landed from another planet. She told me to go across the hall to security. As I am exiting the way I entered, she tells me it is "over there..." and points across the hall. I tell her I have to get my son.

The man in the office is very friendly and helpful. He even showed me on the tv monitors where we were supposed to be. It seems we passed "Skyline" where you learn to fly on the road in to the airport. I was mad at that point because I had to pay for the parking fee. Oh, well... my $1 contribution to the local airport won't break me.

I really wasn't sure if Rhett would go up in the plan since he has a fear of heights which he gets from his momma. Nor was I going to push him as I did not want him to have a fear of flying. To my surprise, he want to go up. I felt good about this even prior to Saturday. No premonitions of a crash. None reported on tv lately as was the case with my 1st flight. "Lost" doesn't count here! LOL

Rhett was to go up the 2nd time around. The propellers didn't want to work the 1st of take off. I had a slight concern but showing no fear. After all I have to be a strong mom. For him.

He was all gun-ho and eager to enter the samll plane. I was told I could go up with him if I wanted so I went with my trusty camera. I sat up next to the really young looking pilot. I started to ask his age. My door did not want to stay shut! I was nervous. It had been 15 years since I last flew. I couldn't fasten my seat belt! Once we took off, I am gripping my seat with my right hand since I am afraid to hold onto the door now and I had a death grip on the back of the pilot's seat! Let's just say I had my eyes closed once we were above ground. I would manage to peak out of one eye to see the faraway landscape below and quickly close it! I opened the other eye, my left, to look at Rhett. He gave me two thumbs up with a smile underneath headphones. I handed him my camera to take pics since I couldn't! He couldn't because he won't look outside his window. He's watching from the front of the plane. Rhett hands my camera to the birthday boy who took several shots. Only one was really good even if it has part of the wing in the shot. Now I am praying really hard, chanting, "Please let us land safely" while screaming "I want to get down NOW!" inside my head.Thankfully we land safely. I sort of crawled out of the plan because I didn't have my land legs back yet.

Rhett got the chance to go up a 2nd time without me but that was ok. This flight was longer as it was the last one and they flew further. This time I am praying for the safe return of my child which I get and I am thankful. Once we got back inside, Rhett complained of a headache, not feeling well and wanting to lay down. The couch there was occupied but there was another one out front so I take him there. The mother and grandmother are cleaning up. I let Rhett rest for a few minutes then made him get up to tell them thank you. We went to mom's as it was the closest and he laid down.

After his 2nd flight, I am not so sure he will want to fly again nor be a pilot now. He says he prefers flying on a video game!

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