Friday, March 26, 2010

The Art Meeting

had a good Bible class Wed nite. We did something I had been wanting to do for some time. I quickly drew a coat beforehand which represented Joseph's coat of many colors. I let them decorate it the way they wanted to with some of my scrap pieces I cut out of catalogs & magazines. They really seemed to enjoy this. I didn't start working on mine until last nite.

I went to the Columbus art guild meeting & am so glad I went. A lot of us ladies arrived early. It was held at the Bullard/Sampson house. I took a pic of the outside. It was a bit forbodding with it gray paint and immediately brought "Psycho" to my mind. LOL It was very dark upon entry. I loved it, but I wouldn't want to live there. Too cold and dark for my tastes. I took a good bit of pics, hoping to capture a ghost, but only got the real moving kind which I deleted. Met some artists and talked with other members. The 1st room to the left was one I could stay in. It was done in pink walls, cream trim, a floral couch, etc. Very Victorian. Lots of light in this room but, I'd have to put in a floor lamp like I have beside me on our couch! LOL The punch was really good. Had 3 small cups. No, it wasn't spiked!

There are 3 floors to the house. All the stairs are very dark. I did not like the the little twist & turn in them as I am afraid of heights. I was holding on for dear life! LOL Rhett wouldn't have gone up them. Some went up to the 3rd floor, but it was empty.

The artist's studio was on the 2nd floor. I am sure she picked it because of the windows and the north light. Still I would have preferred better electric lighting, but that's just me. It is not the studio I want, but it did have a LOT of room & storage.

In a large room behind it, was the computer set up. This used to be an apartment with a trap door. Soldiers used to stay here. FDR, Patton and others have visited the home.

The artwork in the bedrooms upstairs were her's and other artists. There was a sink in the corner of one bedroom. Not sure if it worked. There were Old bathrooms with the old tubs and newer sinks. A huge closet in one with the lavortory in one room, the old tub in another and the john in a 3rd room. This was in their downstairs so it was the master bedroom suite. There was a newer bathroom with a shower that looked as if it was a closet made into a modern bathroom. All in all three bedrooms. Two upstairs, one down. Two bathrooms upstairs.

Didn't like the kitchen at all even though it had modern appliances. Preferred the kitchen at Eric Maddox's house where the Christmas party was held.

They have a bricked in garden out back and a dance studio where they danced 3 dances for us. Her artwork surrounds the walls in the studio. There was one piece I really liked and was able to photograph.

We were informed there will be a paint-out at Lakebottom tomorrow 3/27 all day weather permitting. Time is flexible so it is all day. I talked with several artists as I am not set up for this as they are. Two of them were very helpful. So I got excited even though I have no easel or watercolor paints. Only acrylics so I will cart all my bottles & water! LOL Wonder if Don could make me an easel really fast? I could envision myself doing this...

When I got home I worked on my own Joseph's coat excited about the paint-out then reality hit today when I opened an email I had not answered about Rhett attending a birthday party where he can ride on a small plane for 15 mins. Of course maybe the birthday party is a sign that I don't need to be out in the pollen. So my paint-out will have to wait til later in the afternoon. But there are more scheduled. Another at Flat Rock Park & downtown. I would be better prepared for the last two. just too many things to do.

I realized I am a modern day 20th century kind of girl. I like my electricity that provides me light. LOL


Paulie said...

I like visiting older houses like tht-- we have a few here. Have fun if you decide to join the other artists for painting/ An easel should not be that hard to make or buy.

becky aka theRAV said...

Well, it is cold & dreary here. Getting ready for the birthday party but will swing by with my supplies. I have a photo idea I want to try. Thanks for stopping by. I just realized I rhyme! LOL