Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Week's art


"Somebody's Watching Me"


You wanted art. You got it! The 1st one was made with a tiny square of an art gum eraser I found when searching for black and white crayons in my son's box. I noticed there was a line design on the side of the eraser. These make great stamps if you didn't know that already. I just went with it. The I saw the face. I was listening to "Medium" last Friday night while stamping this. I played up the oval shapes.

The 2nd piece was done earlier in the week. It was actually an experient I tried on the way home from Indiana over a year ago. I left my journal open & would let different colored markers hit the page with each bump in the road. I didn't like it. It did nothing for me. I was feeling a bit frustrated after taking my work to a cafe. I was offered some good advice. I was so nervous I couldn't think of the names of titles on some of my work. I didn't like the fact that I was told, "Why don't you call it this....?" These are my babies and I will name them. As I got my frustrations out on the page, it began to work and flow. My markers look almost like watercolors in some areas. Not sure why all the pink eyes but I am not complaining. Another artist really liked it today. When an artist goes, "Woo!", you know you did something right.

Today I hung two pieces of art at the Phenix City Art Center. They did not question my work nor judge it. Simply hung it up for me and placed my business card in the card holder out front.

I have a lot of art show ahead of me so wish me luck.
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Paulie said...

While it is good to name your own artistic endeavors, it is also good to listen to others and consider. If I were you, I would tell the "namer" (is that a word?) that you will take it into consideration but you had already chosen something else.

Although this kind of art isn't my cup of tea, I kinda like some things in that last one. . .

becky aka theRAV said...

Good advice Paulie. I think I will be honest w/ her about being nervous. I will use my own titles. Glad you found some things you liked in the last one.