Friday, March 5, 2010

What's Happening

Sorry I have not been on here in awhile. Rhett was sick and his doctors wouldn’t call him in cough syrups or anything else after I was calling every 3 days to say he wasn’t better. I had to take him to an acute care place where they did a chest x-ray. He almost had pneumonia! I did not call his doctors up and cuss them out even though I had every right to do so. He finally got better. Then this week he ate 3 bowls of Don’s deer chili and got sick in a different way! Poor baby. We are thankful he is better.

My aunt’s estate was FINALLY probated last week. Her son finally got called back to a job. There was a memorial service for my aunt at work which I took my Daddy. He got a plaque for her years of service.

We took my Aunt Betty to a pancake jamboree last Saturday. She looked good and is
getting around better than my Daddy who fell again today! It just thrilled Aunt Betty that we thought of her to take her to it. It was good to see her again.

Another reason I haven’t been on here is because I have been on Facebook. I have an
upcoming reunion and have been reconnecting with old friends as well as adding some of
my blog friends. This past weekend I felt like I was doing the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.... I went to one classmates FB which led to another which led to another which led to one guy’s who had a sister who was older than us who married the quarterback. She had Bobbie Eakes on her FB. Bobbie used to be on the “Young and the Restless”, but is now on “All My children”. She is from Warner Robbins, GA. She has over 4,000 friends on her FB page. I have reconnected with old church friends. It’s been fun.

I have a lot of art projects coming up.... I am working on several pieces that will be displayed at a Christian café! YEAH! I will display my art at the art center in the town where we live so I have to get busy, busy, busy! Upcoming art shows. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that my art will sell.

I did a good thing this week .... My friend Cheryl finally got to see the framed art she inspired. It brought tears to her eyes when she saw it. I don’t think my artwork has ever made anyone cry before. LOL I realized I need to do more art that is of a religious nature and I will.

This week I reworked a piece that didn’t work over a year ago. I did it after talking to the artist at the café. I guess I was a bit frustrated as she wanted to give me titles for my work. They are my babies and I will name them. I know she was only trying to help. I was nervous and couldn’t remember some titles. The piece I reworked is called “Frustrations” as I was feeling just that at that particular moment. It has pink eyes in it so it will probably be “Pink Eye Frustrations”. LOL

I learned a lot from the last demo at the Artist Guild. I think I can do watercolors now. Just haven’t had time to try. Hope to do it this weekend. Just wanted you to know I am still alive and creating. So many ideas so little time.

PS Maybe I should say what is NOT happening! LOL 3/12/10


artilue said...

I love working with watercolors! =)
I might be able to afford to join one of the art guilds this month. But I am not 100% sure yet! I really need to get out there more. I hope you share pictures of what you are working on for the cafe and show.
Also- I moved my blog!!!
It is now at
So please update the link on you blog, =). Thanks!

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Becky,

I have missed you. Glad that you posted. Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you and family. Sorry to hear that Rhett has been sick. Thank God for preserving him. May God continue to strengthen him. Please take care and have a very blessed week!

With love in Christ and prayers,

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Elin! That would be great if you could. I'll respond on your new blog as soon as I get a chance. I will start sharing more pics I promise.

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Nancie! I have missed you too. I couldn't get into Mr. Linky so no one replied to my previous post. Insert sad smiley face here. LOL Thank you so much for missing me, thinking of me and my family. He is better now but I think his resistance is lowered. I will update everyone soon.