Thursday, June 30, 2011

57th Anniversary

Sorry I have not been on here posting but reality happened. Rhett & I were lucky enough to take our annual trip to 6 Flags with our church and return safely. I prayed for rain so we could leave early. LOL Shame on my I know. Be careful what you pray for... It stormed. Thunder & lightening. My BFF Nancy did not go this year. I am always thankful to be back home safe and sound. I felt my age going up the hills. I decided to sleep in rather than do Market Days even though I needed the money. It was a good thing because I was walking like Tim Conway as the old man on "The Carol Burnett Show" much like my Daddy walks now. I slept late.

Saturday Daddy's feet & legs were swollen but he didn't want to go to the ER. He wanted me to make him an appointment with his heart dr on Monday which I knew he wouldn't be able to see her.

Sunday was my parents' 57th anniversary! We got ribs from Applebees again like I got for Father's Day. This year was different as we have to help Daddy up from his chair to get to the table and then help him out of the dining room chair. He went to sleep. Mom opened their present at the kitchen table. She cried when she read our cards. I took separate pictures of them. Her opening the gifts and Daddy asleep in his chair. Funny how life changes. But we are thankful we had him for another anniversary.

I was able to go to the art center where we were working on mini art. I had one already made and framed. I painted 6 mini canvases! The most I have ever painted in one setting. Proud of myself.

After church last Sunday night, I thought I'd lost my house keys. I am always losing something. I called mom to see if I left them there. Daddy had something else for to tell his heart dr besides his legs aching and keeping him awake all night. He said he thought he was worse. I asked if wanted to go to the ER. This time he did.

Mom wanted to go to another hospital instead of the one we went to last time because we did not like the ER dr there. He wanted to put Daddy in a nursing home. He insuated that we had not been feeding him & he was malnurished! We just cannot get him to eat. He now weighs 113 lbs and looks like one of those starving people you see in commericials. Just makes me want to cry.

The ER people kept asking if he had congestive heart failure which he did not. So this was new and scarey. One dr made me mad & defensive when he asked when was the last time I saw Daddy's feet. I knew they were bad but he was going to a foot dr who never said anything about the swelling or offered to give him something for it. He was admitted to the ER, given lassix & potassium as his was low. He had some fluid in one lung. We got to a room about midnight.

By Monday, the lassix got all of the swelling & fluid out of his legs. He had his chicken legs once again! LOL They said they would remove fluid from the one lung on Tuesday morning. I arrived before 6 a.m. only to wait until 11 before he went down for the procedure. They kept trying to give him meds and breakfast prior to the procedure.

We were told since mom was staying with him, they would not put anyone in the room with us yet while he was gone, they put a man in the room. We did not know what he was in for but Daddy doesn't need to be around anyone who is sick. This man, Mr. Spears was taking a strong antibiotic for something. He had lots of talkative family which doesn't go well with someone who has just had a procedure.

When I told our nurse Marian, what the night nurse from Sunday night had said about not putting someone in the room with us, she asked who said that. Of course I couldn't remember names. I did good to remember my own. So she said she'd put us in another room which was to be a private room. They made my poor ole Daddy get up soon after the procedure, get in a wheelchair to be put in another room.

Later a tech would come looking to do Mr. Spears' vitals and give him meds. So it seemed we had Mr. Spears' room who had come into our's and he now had our room! It just did not make any sense at all to me.

Daddy's preacher came and was upset with me that I had not called him about the procedure. I am only one person. I cannot remember everything. He tried to pacify me by saying this did not happen. But I am not stupid. Especially when another tech came in asking if Daddy was Mr. Spears!

We had forgotten Daddy's clothes and shoes in the other room. At 1st I couldn't find them. Mr. Spears had moved again. Another man was in Daddy's old bed. I wondered where Mr. Spears went.

The same dr that was at the other hospital was Daddy's dr at this hospital! As if all this wasn't enough, this dr said because they had not gotten the result back from the fluid in Daddy's lungs, that they were going to treat him as if he had TB! They ordered a contraption to be installed in the window to take the air in the room outside thru a filter vent! It made the room cold and would make noise like air conditioners in the old motels we stayed in when I was young! Mom wasn't going to get any sleep either. We were so mad. I could have skinned a cat. All this was for naught as his lungs were clear. It was all so unnecessary. It scared my son to death. He didn't want to come back the next day. When Daddy leaves, I am going to talk to the administrator.

Hopefully he may get to come home tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Ducks in a row
compared to my disorganized life.
Later a geese crossing sign
by going the way my husband advised
I hate it when he is right!
This morning I saw a deer standing on railroad tracks!
How cool was that?
Creating new art
Rediscovering old photographs
Seeing what I saw then
Knowing what I know now.

Over Due

There is a post I had been meaning to write for some time now. Then thought better of it. Today I decided to write it when I went to a blog I once worshipped like a false god. I probably didn't write that post at the time, thinking the person or persons would know who I was writing about. Not that I really care now. Although I don't think they visit my blog even half as much as I once visited their's. They probably found mine boring and uninteresting whereas I once thought their's was the coolest thing since ice. This probably is not the way I would have written it then when I was emotionally raw with hurt which is probably a good thing. Never write angry. Or if you do, tear it up.

Life is funny sometimes. You find what you think you need to find some days. Other days you keep searching and searching and searching for even a small happiness. One day you find a blog you love because of it's writing style and follow it for a long time. Or you find one that inspires you to see life totally different both of which happened to me when I first began blogging. Sometimes you feel you have found a friend in that person due to a commonality & perhaps you have. For a time. Or all of a sudden a person changes so drastically, making your realize you never really knew that person. People are fickle yet I always remain the same. Ever true to myself and others. Ever faithful to my friends and family. Always doing what I feel is right. Not just for myself but others.

One day you realize you have stopped going to that person's blog a lot less. They are no longer your first blog stop. You are not that dependent on them any more or their every word. It is not that you don't need them any more. You probably never really did need them. You have your own interests, desires, passions and life happening. Some days you are too busy to visit them. But you don't feel as bad about it these days as if you really missed something because what is happening in your own life is far, far more important. You know you can always catch up if you so desire only the desire is no longer as strong as it once was. You got busy. They got busy. Life happened. While others changed blogs like underwear, so much so that you couldn't keep up or find them so you moved on. Thinking "Oh, well...". Some people are only meant to be in our lives for a time.

Perhaps you were silly and naïve to think they were really your friends. For you know who your real friends are. They are the ones that have stuck by you forever and day. The ones you have know since kindergarten or for 30 years or more. The ones who will always be there for you. The ones you can always count on. The ones how help you out when needed. They are real. They are here. Not out in blogland. They don't hurt your feelings via emails telling you they are far too busy for you and do not have time for your emails. This has happened to me several times. I think I really have a problem with someone telling me they longer have time for me. It hurts me far worse for a reason. A past hurt I will never ever get over. Even as I write this, it brings back that painful memory and tears to my eyes. My true friends would never do that to me. They know my history. Even I would never say a lot of things others have said in life, on a blog or in an email that would hurt someone's feelings. I think before I speak or write. It is called tact. I tend to not respond rather than say the wrong thing.

At that time when I was hurt, I vowed I would never bother those persons with an email EVER again. Ever. I have kept my word. Nor would I comment on his or her blog. Funny now their interests are not as interesting to me as they once were. I know I didn't always agree with the person or persons. I am not one to argue. Still this is another life lesson for me. It made me appreciate my life far more. It made me proud that I worship God and know who He is as my savior not some so called goddess. I love my crazy, never a dull moment, sometimes stressful artistic life.

Don't get me wrong, I have made some wonderful friends since I began blogging and I am so thankful for all of them. If I had not started reading blogs, I probably would not be on this artistic journey I am on now. I wouldn't have found my niche or my passion for art which keeps me sane now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wake Up Call

A friend's father died last week. I emailed all our mutual buds; co-workers we used to work with about the memorial service held last Thursday evening. Only Rhett, Bob O., Jimmy & I showed up from that group. Jimmy and I are faithful friends to the end. I am thankful I got to see old friends I had not seen in years as well as my cousin Reba who caught me up on Daddy's side of the family. Ila Bristow passed away a few weeks ago which was sad to hear. No one called Daddy, but they probably figured he wasn't able to attend the funeral anyway. I always enjoy talking to Reba. Seeing her reminded me I still have not gotten her the photos from the Bristow Barbecue a few years ago which made me feel bad, but she said she had forgotten all about it. It was so good to see David, Kelly & Teresa again, but not under these circumstances. I am always thankful to see old friends.

After the memorial, I still had to go to the store for my folks. I don't know if it was all the excitement of seeing everyone or what, but I had a bad hot flash at mom's. She told me to stick my head in the freezer! LOL Then I felt really just plain weird. I was thankful we arrived home safely. When we got home, I was still hot flashing, so I was disrobing, changing clothes and getting ready for bed. Lately I'd noticed my feet were swelling. I blamed it on the hot weather. The next morning, I got my blood pressure checked at work and it was up. The bottom # was 100. I am thankful we have such sweet nurses at work. I admit I was concerned about myself. Others were as well and were praying for me. We ate at mom's Friday night, but I was exhausted afterwards and still not feeling up to par. I decided against doing Market Days. Instead I stayed home and slept late. I figured I needed the rest.

Rhett & I had an art class on Saturday. We ran late, but had not missed anything. I felt drained of energy. Ms June told me to have some of her fruit at the pot luck; that it would lower my bp. I'd taken some of my photos to give to Cindy & Ms June. Instead of doing what Cindy wanted to do, I cut my photo images out making collages & taking pics of them. Cindy played with paints while Ms June made mini art for our upcoming mini art show, taking pics as she went. I think Ms June had more fun than we did! LOL My camera battery died. We found where the oil painters had thrown away some of their oils on scrap paper. We took pics of their thrown away scraps. There was still some wet oil underneath so we played with that. I wanted to finger paint whereas Ms June wanted to run sharp objects through it. We had fun. Then it rained so hard we couldn't leave.

Sunday was the beginning of our Vacation Bible School. I spent the entire day at the church not leaving until after 9 pm. Thank goodness we had dinner at church that day. VBS went well. We had 9 kids in our class. One little boy kept saying he wasn't coming back! He was a bugger but my BFF church friend Nancy can handle him. She doesn't play around. I was so tired that night when I laid down, I just moaned.

My bp was better on Monday, but it was slightly elevated on Tuesday. The nurse said it was ok, but I felt I should go to the dr. I saw Kelly again who told me David had a bout with kidney stones. Probably due to the stress of his dad's death. I saw the PA who told me there could be a number of factors for my elevated bp. Stress, the heat, water retention, stress, etc. Did I mention stress? She did not have a problem upping my dosage which is what I figured she would do. Now I have to take my bp twice daily. She gave me some guidelines to go by. If I am near those numbers, I don't have to take the 2nd dose that night so it won't get too low. I did not have to take it last night.

I realized this is a wake up call for me. Everyone is telling me that I need to take care of myself. I know I have to do this especially since I have so many people depending on me. I felt I did just that this weekend and by going to bed earlier. Life should slow down some after VBS, but something else will probably come up. I am still up in the air if I will do Market Days this Saturday.

We are going to a special retirement party Saturday for my friend Mike. Rhett gets to go to this one and he is so excited. He will get to do flight simulations and a mission. Hopefully I will get to see my friend Anne.

VBS has gone well all week and we are thankful. Jonathan, the little bugger who said he wouldn't be back has been there every night. We have had so much fun, but we usually do. We leave after 9 each night and I go to bed. Tonight is the last night. We will have hot dogs and ice cream. Looking forward to the weekend.

Our plans in life keep changing, but we keep on trucking along life's highway coping with whatever life throws at us. These change of plans work out far better for me. What am I thankful for this week? My health I have probably taken for granted. I am thankful I am feeling better. What are you thankful for? Care to share with us at Thankful Thursday? Then please join us at the following....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Colorful Life of Mine

We had another very busy weekend which started last Thursday with a very upbeat, productive art meeting. I did something I have never done before... I painted a colorful background on canvas using the left over paint technique Cindy taught me. It was done in yellow, oranges & reds. It was to represent fire. So I called it "Fire & Brimstone". I never really got a good pic of it, but I simply laid it on the table for Bobby, the other abstract artist to hopefully paint one of his abstract roosters on it. I could see one in cool blue tones... I just handed over my art! That is trust. That is unselfishness. Often I find it hard to give up my art. After all, I gave birth to it so it is my baby. For the old patterns I gave Bobby, he traded me some colorful buttons. He asked me what I wanted him to do with it. I told him to do whatever he wants to do with it. Really into collaborative art.

Our meeting was about a special meeting on the 26th to create mini art. I was one step ahead of everyone as I pulled my V canvas out of my multicolored bag Ms Lisa made me out of plastic bags. Everyone loved it and thought it would sell well. I went home that night and made another piece of art to fit a 2x3 frame! So LauraLeah inspired me which made her smile. I have since sketched 8 initials on varying sized canvases crying out to be painted.

Friday night was my BFF church friend Nancy's daughter's Tiffany's graduation party. Got that? I had so much fun getting gifts for her. I wanted to get her a special ring, but couldn't find what I was looking for especially for the price of my budget. Instead I found a beautiful multicolored glass heart pendant on sale. When I bought it, I didn't know it was THE most beautiful blue on the background. I knew I had to go back to get me one like it. When I did go back to Hobby Lobby, it was marked down even more so I bought the rest to give as gifts. I bought some black ribbon by the yard to use to as the necklace part. I figured it could be tied around the neck. This was also cheaper than buying a roll of ribbon. I got a special heart shaped chipboard box that had raised areas of design on it. I knew I could go over the raised areas with a stamp pad and did. This had a special note that said, "This is a dream box to place your dreams inside in hopes they will come true." It held the multicolored glass heart pendant as well as a very inexpensive fad ring. I had a cute rubber elephant stamp for her and a frame for everyone to sign at the party. I lost the rooster stencil which I knew I could give her later. They raise chickens and roosters. I thought she could stencil it on a t-shirt.

Nancy's sister Sue is crazy. Towards the end of the party, when we were taking group pictures, she had me posing this way and that, turning my head this way then another. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Don & I have not laughed that hard in a long time. It is good to laugh like that. Can't wait to see those pics!

Tiffany graduation was the next morning. Tiff has been home schooled her whole life. I have never been to a home school graduation before, but it was one of THE best graduations I have ever attended. Probably because it was Bible based. The parents go up on stage with their child. A description is told about the graduate, their interests, etc. Most want to continue to serve the Lord in some way. They each had their favorite Bible verse. I admit I was teary eyed as I snapped pictures. It was as if my daughter was graduating. Little did I know there were tissues underneath the seats. I wish all graduations could be like this one. So proud of our Tiffany.

Afterwards Nancy & Tiffany left with Sue's family for Florida. We went to pay bills, grabbed a tiny bite of shared mini burgers at Steak & Shake as we had a mixed bridal shower to attend later. We didn't want to have a heavy lunch, but did want a shake. So good.

I'd bought a beautiful card for Leah & Andrew. It was mostly cream colored. It showed a couple from the back. The gown was gorgeous. The bride & groom's hair was not colored in. I couldn't stand it. I had to paint it! I painted his dark brown and mixed colors to match Leah's red hair. Sometimes an artist must do what an artist feels need to be done or painted! LOL I gave them an 8x10 photo of some of my artwork that I changed the colors in Microsoft. It changed blues to greens. Leah said their house was mostly green which is her favorite color. Don got him some screwdrivers. She loved my gift. Later I asked Don how much he spent on the screwdrivers. When he told me, I said mine was cheaper than your's. He told me I was always cheap! LOL

Mom gave me the silent treatment when I went to my parents after the shower. I guess she was mad because we had all these events to go to and felt I was neglecting them. I just cannot please everyone although I try. I cannot worry if someone is mad at me because I did not do something for them they think I should have. I am only one person even though I know I am their world as they are now shut-ins.

Sunday night we worked some more on VBS. I admit I get mad. I bring in an SUV load of my supplies, but people just go in my bags and take whatever maker or bottle of paint they want to use without asking. Some paints I had not even opened. I know I shouldn't take it all in so I am partly to blame. So I bite my tongue. That night I got home early for me. I'd really missed my BFF Nancy so I had to call her. I told her I'd never take her for granted again. We talked for about 30 minutes well spent.

We only have one more thing to paint for VBS before this Sunday night which is when it begins. Unlike everyone else, Nancy & I have all of our stuff done. I don't think the art work is going to be as much as it normally is for VBS. What if there are only two things up front in the auditorium and that is the only artwork? It is something I did and no one else. I cannot work this Saturday to help as I plan to do market days & take an art class. It would be late evening when I am through. I just cannot worry about everyone else.

This week I discovered you CAN use a black super Sharpie to make zebra stripes on red fingernail polish! LOL I also discovered a new home cooking place to eat but it is expensive so I cannot eat there every day. My friend David's dad passed away. I will be lucky enough to see David this evening at the memorial.

I re-worked a heart piece of artwork and I like it much better. Sometimes it is better to let art sit then come back to it with a fresh eye. I gave our preacher more pictures of some of my colorful artwork as well as the clouds he pointed out to me on last Sunday evening. I know this adds color to his life and he loves color as much as I do.

Last night in Rhett's Bible class, I stressed for the kids to not change; to remain as they are now. To not become like the Lindsay Lohan's of the world.

I am thankful for our busy life. I am thankful for all the colors and art in my life in case you cannot tell. LOL I am thankful for the colors I can add to other's. I am thankful for friends and family. I am thankful for the small blessings like finding Rhett a new pair of swim trunks when I least expected it at a very reasonable price. What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday? Care to share? Then join us at the following...

as my good friend Darryl so aptly wrote this week...
"Continuing to do God's work which has its own rewards",

P. S. I have added some new blogs to my blog list.