Thursday, June 30, 2011

57th Anniversary

Sorry I have not been on here posting but reality happened. Rhett & I were lucky enough to take our annual trip to 6 Flags with our church and return safely. I prayed for rain so we could leave early. LOL Shame on my I know. Be careful what you pray for... It stormed. Thunder & lightening. My BFF Nancy did not go this year. I am always thankful to be back home safe and sound. I felt my age going up the hills. I decided to sleep in rather than do Market Days even though I needed the money. It was a good thing because I was walking like Tim Conway as the old man on "The Carol Burnett Show" much like my Daddy walks now. I slept late.

Saturday Daddy's feet & legs were swollen but he didn't want to go to the ER. He wanted me to make him an appointment with his heart dr on Monday which I knew he wouldn't be able to see her.

Sunday was my parents' 57th anniversary! We got ribs from Applebees again like I got for Father's Day. This year was different as we have to help Daddy up from his chair to get to the table and then help him out of the dining room chair. He went to sleep. Mom opened their present at the kitchen table. She cried when she read our cards. I took separate pictures of them. Her opening the gifts and Daddy asleep in his chair. Funny how life changes. But we are thankful we had him for another anniversary.

I was able to go to the art center where we were working on mini art. I had one already made and framed. I painted 6 mini canvases! The most I have ever painted in one setting. Proud of myself.

After church last Sunday night, I thought I'd lost my house keys. I am always losing something. I called mom to see if I left them there. Daddy had something else for to tell his heart dr besides his legs aching and keeping him awake all night. He said he thought he was worse. I asked if wanted to go to the ER. This time he did.

Mom wanted to go to another hospital instead of the one we went to last time because we did not like the ER dr there. He wanted to put Daddy in a nursing home. He insuated that we had not been feeding him & he was malnurished! We just cannot get him to eat. He now weighs 113 lbs and looks like one of those starving people you see in commericials. Just makes me want to cry.

The ER people kept asking if he had congestive heart failure which he did not. So this was new and scarey. One dr made me mad & defensive when he asked when was the last time I saw Daddy's feet. I knew they were bad but he was going to a foot dr who never said anything about the swelling or offered to give him something for it. He was admitted to the ER, given lassix & potassium as his was low. He had some fluid in one lung. We got to a room about midnight.

By Monday, the lassix got all of the swelling & fluid out of his legs. He had his chicken legs once again! LOL They said they would remove fluid from the one lung on Tuesday morning. I arrived before 6 a.m. only to wait until 11 before he went down for the procedure. They kept trying to give him meds and breakfast prior to the procedure.

We were told since mom was staying with him, they would not put anyone in the room with us yet while he was gone, they put a man in the room. We did not know what he was in for but Daddy doesn't need to be around anyone who is sick. This man, Mr. Spears was taking a strong antibiotic for something. He had lots of talkative family which doesn't go well with someone who has just had a procedure.

When I told our nurse Marian, what the night nurse from Sunday night had said about not putting someone in the room with us, she asked who said that. Of course I couldn't remember names. I did good to remember my own. So she said she'd put us in another room which was to be a private room. They made my poor ole Daddy get up soon after the procedure, get in a wheelchair to be put in another room.

Later a tech would come looking to do Mr. Spears' vitals and give him meds. So it seemed we had Mr. Spears' room who had come into our's and he now had our room! It just did not make any sense at all to me.

Daddy's preacher came and was upset with me that I had not called him about the procedure. I am only one person. I cannot remember everything. He tried to pacify me by saying this did not happen. But I am not stupid. Especially when another tech came in asking if Daddy was Mr. Spears!

We had forgotten Daddy's clothes and shoes in the other room. At 1st I couldn't find them. Mr. Spears had moved again. Another man was in Daddy's old bed. I wondered where Mr. Spears went.

The same dr that was at the other hospital was Daddy's dr at this hospital! As if all this wasn't enough, this dr said because they had not gotten the result back from the fluid in Daddy's lungs, that they were going to treat him as if he had TB! They ordered a contraption to be installed in the window to take the air in the room outside thru a filter vent! It made the room cold and would make noise like air conditioners in the old motels we stayed in when I was young! Mom wasn't going to get any sleep either. We were so mad. I could have skinned a cat. All this was for naught as his lungs were clear. It was all so unnecessary. It scared my son to death. He didn't want to come back the next day. When Daddy leaves, I am going to talk to the administrator.

Hopefully he may get to come home tomorrow.

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