Saturday, October 31, 2009




This is the mask I drew with colored pencils I wrote about in a previous post. That is me modeling it in the bathtroom mirror. I did not even try to make a foam one like it to wear for this Halloween as I went as a hatless "WICKED" witch of the south. I'll upload those pics tomorrow and this will make sense once you see the pic of me. I also FINALLY got a picture of a raven! Not the best but it will do for now.

Photo taken by Rhettman. Happy Halloween!
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Beware! Scarey Halloween Pictures!





These are for the not so strong hearted! LOL Sorry Paulie!
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Halloween Witches




I decided to put all my witches in order... tee hee!
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Happy Fall, Ya'll!


This is the pumpkin I 1st created at work for an inter-office envelope. It got good to me and I had to perfect it; make it my own. Notice the vampire teeth and the two tiny drops of blood? LOL This came from my journal. I have since then photo copied it at Walmart, framed it in one of those tiny plastic see-thru frames and taken it to work to adorn my desk. One co-worker asked me "Who did it?" I got defensive and said "I did! Who else?" Why would I buy someone else's artwork when I can do it myself?

As I was finally uploading pics today, even Don asked me that same question. I wasn't as defensive about it so maybe my new HRT pills are working! LOL NOT!!!

I like this one. I think it is cute. Not too scarey.

Today I FINALLY emailed all my Halloween pics I have taken the past few weeks from places I have been all over town. I will add a few here also as Halloween is not over yet.

I agreed to participate in an art exchange. This is a first for me although I have participated in a postcard swap before. Yesterday I went through some photos I had with me and thought I'd picked out a good one or two or three. I asked my friend Janet of the Lavendar Loft if she knew the person I am supposed to send my art to in this exchange. Luckily she sent me a link to the person's blog so I could check the person out. Her blog was indeed a blessing to me today. Katelen is an artist/poet like me. Her words spoke to me. In fact, they sounded very much like my voice. She lives in Alabama too so she is practically a neighbor! I had my friends go to her blog as I read all the through it. So if you would like to check out a blog that spoke to me today, please go to the following...

I hope it speaks to you as well.

I saw my aunt's lawyer yesterday and got really, really depressed afterwards. My aunt only left her two oldest children $1 each in her will. It hurt my feelings so I know it must have hurt them although my oldest cuz says it doesn't bother him. It bothers me along with other things, but I have to stop worrying about all the things I have no control over. My mom was mad at me because I couldn't do something about it, but I cannot do anything to change my aunt's will. The only thing I can do is proceed to have the lawyer write the girl who wrote herself out checks and signed my aunt's name that she must return that money or else.

Today I was just thankful I got to upload pics, email some of them, then do our annual Halloween thing with our granddaughters. We couldn't afford to go the American Legion as we have the past couple of years. I will tell more about Halloween when I upload those pics...

Happy Fall, Ya'll!
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Art Has Time For Me

This week I had a friend ask me "How do you have time for art?" I pondered this for a day or so and emailed her various ways I create art. First of all, I keep a journal with me at all times. It is filled with some of my best small pieces. I doodle at my desk daily. I throw nothing away unless I really don't like it. I never know if some of that may be used in another piece of art months later. For instance, I stamped with saran wrap and blue ink almost a full page on my doodle pad. I didn't use it until I was making fish for VBS. That one piece made several fish. Some of my prettiest fish which was placed on a photo of Elisa's pool. So cool.

Yesterday I had a left over piece of seran wrap from lunch. I have 3 micropore ink pads in blue, red & black. I folded a piece of paper like a card. I used the blue ink 1st. When I overlapped the stamping of the saran wrap, it formed a pattern. I saw sunshine rays so I used a pretty yellow highlighter than looks like a goldenrod color. I colored almost all of the center of the sun itself, but left the bottom part white to represent the white hot heat or the blinding brilliance. I filled in the parts that looked like rays flowing outward. Of course going over the blue ink turned it green, but that was ok too. It was just an experiment anyway. I got the red pad out and put one single strand to represent the red intense hottness of the sun. It made it pop. So now I have 4 primary colors - blue, yellow, green and red plus the white in the background. No one else may see it as the sun, but that is how I see it. The eyes of the beholder. It is very abstract which is just fine with me. It only took a matter of minutes as a lot of my art does. It may not be a Picasso, and no one may buy it, but it is still creating art. That is how I have time for it. It calls to me and it must be done. Just looking at it makes me feel good. I love the colors. I love that I created a piece of art yesterday.

I guess I never think about making time for art because art just seems to make time for me. You may quote me on that!LOL

I did not take a picture of this yet.I forgot to take it to Walmart to make a print of it also. Sorry for no pics again. One of these days...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Lot to Be Thankful for....

Last Saturday night, Rhett and I had the best laugh. We were playing a game at mom's after I'd cooked tacos per mom's request. Rhett was trying to tell me what the subject was by playing charades. I wasn't getting it. He'd peel something I thought was a banana. He'd keep singing "Happy Birthday" then do something to let me know that was a cup. Cake - cup. I'd keep saying cup of cake. Still not getting it & getting irritated. He finally told me it was cupcake and I'd kept saying "cup of cake". We laughed so hard till we were crying. I will never be able to look at a cupcake the same again without thinking of this and smiling. We still keep saying, "cup of cake" and busting out laughing. I know I will be thankful for this memory for many years to come...

This week I am so thankful my aunt's visitation and funeral went as well as it did. There was no fussin' and fightin'. My Daddy did good, but then he knew what shape she was in and she is better off now. I did good until some church friends came walking in. Just knowing they came for me made me lose it for a moment. There were some funny moments as well. Until my friend Nancy from church walked in with her teenage daughter Tiffany, there was no one Rhett's age so he was bored. Nancy asked him about this and he said, "There was no one there but a bunch of ole geezers!" which cracked us up. The Deputy sheriff's were standing guard on either side of my aunt's casket paying honor and tribute to her which was really touching. One of them overheard my son and tried not to laugh unsuccessfully. I told him if he was one of the palace guards in England, he would lose his job! He shook his head yes. We were thankful for that much needed laugh.

I am thankful for all the old friends and family we got to see and talk to. I am so thankful for my friends who are always there for me. In a time like this, you find out who your true friends are. One even drove all the way from Carrollton, GA! Thank you so much, Anne.

I am thankful to Janet who furnished out meal after the funeral. The buttermilk pie was heavenly and far better than mine. Makes me want a piece of it right now.

I am thankful Don has a temporary job with his friend Michael. It may only last a week or so, but it is better than nothing.

I am thankful for art that is my outlet. Rhett had a poster due today. I am thankful for his ideas and creativity. Wonder where he gets it from? Lesson learned: Don't buy blue posters ever again! My acrylic paints didn't cover it well. Some turned out a totally different color! A Cape Cod blue was brown! We ran out of red paint. Almost everything that could go wrong almost did. Rhett made a mess by spilling the dirty water on the carpet and this really upset him. He hid behind the couch crying. The carpet is old and stained anyway. What is one more stain? He said he felt like he messed everything up. I told him he didn't. Accidents happen. We will get new carpet eventually. I know he was tired and it was an "I feel sorry for myself " thing to say. But thankfully the poster is done. Hopefully he will get a good grade even if his perception was wrong in one section, but it was his poster not mine. I am learning to let go and let him do things his way not mine. Sort of like His way not mine.

I had my annual ob/gyn appointment. I am going to try HRT so maybe I won't be so dang grouchy all the time! I am going to take the generic ones as they are far more cheaper. I will have to have a colonoscopy now. It kills me that my husband was right about this! The good news is my dr will see my mom now. He gets patients every week from her old doctor. I felt relieved my doc would see her.

My Daddy fell out of bed the day after his sister's funeral. It was a blessing my cousin was there to help him up as mom was not supposed to strain after her colonoscopy. Daddy is okay just sore. Lance brought in some of the bathroom equipment my aunt had to go around the toilet and a chair for the tub. We are thankful for him and those items. Rob is keeping his mom's wheelchair should we need it later. I hope that day doesn't come.

I have gotten good feedback from my art on the web (Please see previous post). I doodled a funky roster yesterday. A friend asked me how I have time for art. I just do. I save every doodling for it may eventually end up in another piece of my art.

What are you thankful for on this Thankful Thursday?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rav Art on a website

Well, I needed an uplift after my aunt's funeral today and I found it... and I am So excited! At the last Artist Guild meeting, a page was passed around that had the page # our artwork from the recent show which was to be on the Artist Guild's website. We were given business cards we could write this info on, but so far I have only passed out one card to my good friend Jimmy. I just went there to the site and saw MY arwork displayed!!! I guess # 7 is my lucky number! It looked far better than any photo I took of it. If you would like to check it out, please go to this link below....

a very excited Becky aka theRAV

P. S. My artwork is entitled "The Intersection" and is the abstract located in the center.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Entitled to a Pity Party

I have a lot to catch up on... The good Lord answered my prayers and did not let my aunt die on her son's birthday last Friday and I am so thankful. We took him to Logan's to eat and had an enjoyable time, stayed at my folk's to watch "Ghost Whisper" and "Medium". The next morning, I had to meet folks at Lowe's got get stuff to fix my aunt's roof. Then my friend Cheryl had a yard sale which Rhett & I went to check out in the cold, cold morning air. I should have worn a big jacket instead of a thin sweater. I got some little things and Cheryl gave me a discount! LOL I got my mother-n-law's Christmas present. I visited a bit with my friend. I'd turned down the wrong road which was very serendipituous because it was the street where I first lived as a baby. I got to show it Rhett. The house is painted a mustard yellow color on the outside. Yuck! Lance used to live next door. He too has been by there.

Saturday I didn't accomplish much. Didn't upload pictures like I had planned. My mom was preparing for her colonoscopy on Monday. Lance was a big help to her and I was thankful for him. I checked in on her Sunday. I laid on her bed with her and we talked until time for church.

We went to Walmart after church, but we forgot Rhett's big coat at mom's so I had to go back over there after Don put fluids in my dry car.

On Monday morning, I went back there with mom as she was getting ready for the procedure. She started crying on me. I was holding her hand like she used to hold mine as a child when I was sick and had to go to the doctor. I really do feel like I am the parent now and my parents are my children. She did really well; better than Don did with his and I am thankful. They found one tiny polyp, but when they sucked it out, it couldn't be saved for testing. Lance bought us all lunch which was good. I took leftovers to Aunt Pearl's. She is starting to give her possessions away now. She gave me some of her jewelry. Then I came back to check on mom before I went to the store to get stuff to make beef stew.

Mom wanted to help and so did Lance. I am like my mother in the sense that I want to do it without help. Lance's help was to add salsa to my stew! No way! I told him to get out of the kitchen! He laughed. I enjoyed "General Hospital" and "Opra" which was really funny whiled I prepared the meal. I did get tired and had to ask Lance's help getting my silicone muffin pan in the oven. He used strong tin foil and it worked! So I was thankful for that small blessing. The carrots were not completely done & the frozen pie wasn't like my pumpkin pies, but it was good.

The doctors told us it was just a matter of time with my aunt. She'd had more strokes, was comatose and unresponsive. Tuesday I met with my aunt's lawyer who did her will. He seems very nice although there was not a real reason in my book for the meeting except for him to size up my character and tell me I am to be the executress which I already knew.

At 11 pm on Tuesday night, hospice called Lance to come up there. My aunt passed away at midnight. We will have a family visitation on Sunday. She has not been embalmed and the casket will be closed, covered with a "horse blanket" of local flowers with a hole in the center for her picture. Not sure what local flowers will be. Lance made a joke about the horse blanket - that she didn't win the Kentucky Derby! I told him the funeral people probably talked about him after he left. Vistation will be Sunday evening. Her funeral will be on Monday.

I know her death has to be hard on my Daddy as she was his only sister. One friend said she felt like she had been orphaned when her mother died. I think I'd feel far worse! My dad may feel the same way, but he still has us. Please pray that we get through this funeral without her children fussin' and carrying on. Our preacher said he and his wife will be there at the funeral for us. My cuz asked why. None of them have a church life like we do so they do not understand this kind of Christian love where our church friends are like family. Always there for us. I am sad for them, but oh so thankful for us. Then I thought, what if nobody came to her funeral?

Don has been working on our house because this insurance company threatened to terminate us unless he paints the boards underneath the roof, fixes the front steps and puts up a board underneath the carport! I have asked him to do the first two for years now. If he would listen to his wife, he wouldn't have so many problems. LOL I still can't understand what painting would have to do with keeping nsurance.

Today has been a rather hard day for me. I have to do resumes for my husband in hopes of finding a job and I made a mistake so I had hear about it this morning. It was a little more than I could bear. I just stood in the bedroom while he complained in the dining room because I couldn't take his complaints anymore. He complains constantly about everything. He says I never noticed before, but I strongly disagree. Rhett agrees with me. I know I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, but I think I am entitled to a small pity party at this moment in my life. It put a damper on my mood although I have laughed hard several times today. I am thankful for my laughs. I am just tired of doing things, hearing constant complaints and feeling unappreciated. My friend Patti tells me to be strong. I know that I am since this was brought to my attention last week from my commentors. Thanks commentors!

Don will be working at the concession stand along with our oldest daughter and her husband at the football game tonight so we don't have to pay full band fees. It is the final time he has to do this. Our granddaughter broke her thumb so she cannot play in the band. Rhett can sit with her. I have an artist guild meeting which is supposed to make me laugh; which is what I need. Still I will worry about my son.

Last night when I told the kids in Rhett's Bible class my aunt died, they all went "Awe!" One younger boys told me to stand up! I asked what for. He said so he could give me a hug. Then they all gave me a group hug. It was a great moment and I didn't cry. I wouldn't take anything for it.

Birds keep popping up in my art since Lance has been here!

People keep asking us if we need anything. All I can think of is prayers.

If you are thankful and would like to participte in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....
I don't think my words here made anyone go "Hmmm" as Lynn's did, but oh well... LOL

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art in Spite of it All

Last Saturday, I felt like I needed to spend the day with my son. We ate the Burger King that is like a train station. We had not been there in a long while. I took pictures of course. We went to see the Harry Potter movie, "The Half Blood Prince" at the cheap movie, but we were like Goldilocks... too late for one show, too early for the other. So we went to the mall. He got a guitar shirt on sale for less than $5 and almost got another one. I let him get a cheap game also.

The movie was good, but I kept feeling like I had missed a book, another movie or something. The buttered popcorn was really good! We got more to take home and got butter everywhere! I was thankful for this day we got to spend together.

Sunday my Aunt had to be taken to Hospice as she refused water, food, medications and was screaming like a banshee!

Monday was Columbus Day so Rhett & were off. I was thankful for that. Mom had an eye dr's appoinment which I took her to and I had a dr's appointment later that afternoon. My dr's office had a new computer program. The nurse was going over my medications. She named some I had not taken in years and one I'd never heard of! I asked her if she had the right person. My potassium was slightly elevated so I had to have more blood drawn, but my dr said it wasn't anything to be concerned about. She'd call me with the results later. My cholesterol was good. I left, got to the end of the road only to realize she had forgotten one of my scripts. So I turned around and went back since the office is way on the other side of town. Luckily she was at the reception area, but unluckily she had selective amnesia because she said she had never written me a script for that when I know darn well she did! I wish doctors were not so rushed that they remembered you as a patient and your history. It made me want to see another doctor. This is an expensive medication that insurance won't cover. We cut the dosage down so I could afford it. It is for my polysistic ovarian syndrome. If I can't get it, I won't cry about it. One less bill I have to pay.

Because my cholesterol was good, I treated myself to a strawberry shake at Steak 'n Shake because I deserved it. I had to wait way too long for a shake, but it was worth it. I stopped at the other Spirit of Halloween. There was one mannequin I really wanted to take a photo of... It was a headless woman with her head in her hand. I did manage to take one before I left. I didn't know she moved and talked. The head was moving as I snapped it.

I went to Michael's because I don't get to that side of town often. I got the Martha Stewart fall decorations of black crows you can put on your walls on sale! I got Rhett a Christmas ornament. A red & white peppermint striped R which he loved! I was so glad I got it for him. Nothing feels better than getting your child something they really like for no reason except they are your child.

Tuesday after work I met J at my Aunt's house to pay bills. Neither cousins were there so it was nice and peaceful until the bank called. It seemed someone had been using my aunt's credit card, but because I don't have POA, they cannot tell me anything. I found out how two girls have used my cousin; how one of them used my aunt's credit cards to pay her bills! Just when you think everything might be smooth sailing as far as the bill situation is concerned, a storm always hits unexpectedly. I let it be know that I would prosecute these girls to the last letter of the law so it could get back to them.

My aunt's face looks like her time here is almost over. We found out my cousin was using his mom's credit card for "emergencies". But he'd been with one of those user girlfriends of his. He lied to J. Of course he is upset about his mom, but still. My mom thinks it is because of the threat I made. It is just a matter of time for my aunt now. All I ask of the Lord is that she not die tomorrow because it is her oldest son's birthday. That would be just awful.

No, its never a dull moment with me and my family. I think I'd like to have one of those.. dull moments! LOL In spite of it all, I had a pretty creative artful day yesterday and I was so thankful for it. It was something I needed. I drew a pumpkin on an inter-office envelope that had "Happy Fall, Ya'll!" on it to brighten someone's day. Then I re-created it in the journal Genie gave me. Once again, I thank her so much for that. When I drew the triangular eyes & nose on the pumpkin, it reminded me of my mom's mom for some reason. Maybe she was thinking of me... Then I thought, what can I do to make this mine? So the smile had vampire teeth, of course! I finished another piece in the journal. It finally felt complete which made me feel complete; happy. I added yellow broken dashes to represent lines in the road with a paint marker. I had to prop it open to let the paint dry! LOL I took pics of them all & printed several at Walmart yesterday. One was something Rhett made last week. I knew I had the perfect frame to match his at home.

I'd forgotten my books for Rhett's Bible class last nite so I let the kids be creative with paints. Big mistake. The ones Rhett's age are really good at this. We had 2 younger ones who got paint everywhere even on the carpet and we had to clean it up! The preacher's wife walked in as I was telling this one young girl that she needed to stop NOW! I took the paint brush away from her. The younger ones are more wasteful with the paint. I am so thankful my son is as mature as he is.

Bird images keep popping up for me in my art lately. My cuz L is a birder. Maybe that is why. LOL

At home, I framed 3 pieces of art. One fit the frame just perfectly. Love it when that happens. The one with the yellow lines matched the design in the frame. How cool is that?It was unreal. Another one of them was Rhett's piece of art. The pumpkin from the journal fit into a tiny plastic frame. I'll send pics this weekend. I told Rhett when I have an art show, I will put his in it. I am thinking of asking if I can hold one in the new fellowship hall at church in hopes of making $. So keep me in your prayers on this. We'll see....

Then I drew another pumpkin with permanent markers on the back of piece of paper that went inside the frame I used for Rhett. I waste nothing. This pumpkin is winking. Rhett really thought it was cool so it must be! Then I did a weird thing with the green, orange and black markers. It has a lot of green eyes with green eye shadow so I am calling it "The Green Eyed Monster". Not that I was feeling green with envy. LOL I think it is cool.

Elisa told me that Don's folks want to surprise him for Thanksgiving! His mom feels this may be the last trip she makes down here. I told Lisa I loved her for telling me so I can clean my house! We both agreed Don really needs this right now. Hunting season started today so I had to take Rhett to school. I won't get much out of Don now & I can't do some of the housework myself. A good friend said she might have a door she could give me. I'll find out this weekend. If not, our old one needs painting before we turn the heat on. I think I can paint a door if I can paint pictures.

Right now I am just praying Aunt Va won't die tomorrow on Lance's birthday. That is all I am asking. Please pray this also.

What are you thankful for in spite of life's difficulites? Want to share? Please go to the following...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not One to Give Up

Earlier I was thankful I got to go to the bi-annual Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, Ga on Saturday. I got so much better gas mileage. 100 miles on a quarter tank! Hope I can remember all the ideas I saw. I was thankful to see Kelly & Teresa as has become our yearly tradition. I didn't take as many pictures, but the ones I took were once in a lifetime moments captured on my camera and will be a birthday present later. We ate at the Bulloch House where the food was really good and I got two really good pics. But Rhett & I prefer going to this by ourselves. We have it down to an art whereas others go against the wheel.

Then I had to sort of fuss with my cousin on Monday about grocery store shopping. He wanted $200 again. He did not spend that much last time. I am not just going to give him a check. So I met him at the grocery store & we shopped together. I only lost my patience with him once when at the counter where he was talking instead of loading groceries.

I thought about thinking of all I was thankful for yesterday for some unknown reason, but it knew wasn't Thankful Thursday so I stopped when I got distracted. Still I was indeed thankful for all my many blessings in spite of the bickering between my cousins. All are here for now that hospice has been called in for my aunt. One doesn't like the way I am handling my aunt's checkbook. Tough twinkies! Then they need to stay her and handle her affairs! One cousin thinks if she gets really snippy with me I should turn it over to her, but I am not one to give up on something just because some one gives me a hard time. I feel like I am in the middle of the Hatfields and McCoys! LOL I know I have lots of friends praying for me and I am thankful for them all as well as the prayers. Once again I am thankful my parents raised me right. Maybe it is a blessing I am an only child. I won't have anyone to fight with when they are gone.

I am thankful I am who I am; that I don't make snide remarks to people; that I don't dismiss folks I haven't seen in years. I am thankful I still have my sense of humor which is helping me through this situation. I am thankful for my family who does not fuss and carry on.

My husband agrees with my cousin about handing over the checkbook, but I am not ready to abandon ship yet.

Today I am thankful for my friend Nancie's comments on yesterday's post. It was an unexpected surprise and something I needed today. So many thanks, Nancie.

I hope to have an enjoyable evening with the other side of my family at a football game tonight even though we have a load of burdens weighing on us besides my aunt's affairs. Please pray my husband finds a job soon! Thank you.

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....
where Lynn has a really good post. I love her daughter's Cinderella moment.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"The Honing"

I honed my colored pencils
in hopes
of drawing my next masterpiece...
of a honey colored hue
of straw bales
complete with a scarey scarecrow
and a raven atop his straw hat
of course!
Or a heather filled meadow
It would be something very abstract
like the mask
I recently drew.
Or a face found behind some scumbling
which formed leaves
or a heart hidden in there somewhere
A pixie perhaps?
A dragonfly
or something only I see.
All images on my doodle pad right now.

Today's inspiration was provided by "The John Tesch Radio Show". The word of the day was "hone". I just couldn't figure out how to enter the contest. Wonder if I would have won?

Your challenge of the day should you decide to accept it is to come up with something with the word "hone" as I did....
"I honed my colored pencils in hopes of drawing my next masterpiece." was the sentence I came up with then turned into this poem. Let me know what you come up with.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Alien


I am posting my Odd Shot early because I have a doozie, but please do NOT alert the media that there is an alien in Alabama!

Last Thursday morning, I was still feeling yucky from either the old frozen fish sticks I mixed in with the new ones or the free pizza we had at work. I thought it was the pizza, but later Rhett said he didn't feel well either. I stayed home from work. I saw this image in the pillow case. I kept staring at it, memorizing every hollow. I asked Don to bring me my camera. He must had thought I had a high fever and was delirious! With each frame I snapped, I began to feel like a modern day Goldilocks. Without flash, it was too dark, with flash it was too bright. The flash reflected off the silk pillow case distorting the face I saw beside me. Due to the fact I could not get what I wanted in my camera's view, I got up, got my little black bag of colored pencils and markers to attempt to draw what I saw. I messed up, but I made lemonade. In the end, it turned into a mask which I LOVE. Because we can only post one photo for Odd Shot Monday, I picked this one. I will post the others later. This way I'll keep ya in suspense and make you come back for more! But for now it is an alien. Do you have anything more alien?

If you would like to particpate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to Katney's place at:
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Artful Thanks

Here it is another Thankful Thursday but my thankfulness began on Sunday evening. We went to McDonald's after evening service to get ice cream. Well, I wanted a milkshake. As we got out of the monster truck, I spotted a penny on the pavement and told Rhett so he could get it. We no longer do the heads up good luck anymore. Even if it is tails, we pick it up these days. As I used my debit card to pay for our treats, I saw another penny by the machine and pointed it out to Rhett again. He picked up this penny also. Instead of putting it in his pocket, he put both of them in the container for the Ronald McDonald house. I patted him on the back and told him how proud I was of him. When we got home and I was on the computer, I sent this out as an email to my close friends who were equally proud of him. I have a great kid. I am so proud of him and I love him very much.

This week was pretty average except there was another unexpected bill for my aunt. Now we have to pay Reader's Digest $230 dollars for things she orderd back in January or prior and never paid for them! My cuz L had the movie channels removed from the cable bill and his brother was not a happy camper about it, but my aunt is not made of money and once she is gone, there will be no income coming in.

L did give me some cd's. Some country, some gospel. One was an Allison Crouse which he gave his mom, but said she won't listen to it now. So sad.

I had a run in with Illy this week where she yelled at me in front of other co-workers. I let her get to me and make me so mad I couldn't eat yet I don't say anything to her because that will just get her started, but I don't want to hear it. I did tell the dep about it. A lot of good that did.

We had free pizza at work yesterday, but either that or something else made me sick. I used old fishsticks with new ones the night before. I thought I had food poisoning again, but luckily it wasn't. I felt bad enough to go home, but I stuck it out. That is just the way I am. Rhett had the same thing I did. I stayed home today.

I am participating in an art auction this evening at a local church. It benefits needy boys and girls. This is a first for me so I am hoping it will open new doors as an artist. I donated three pieces of my artwork. They were framed inexpensively and I have copies so I can bear to part with my babies. One of the wives of one of the officers at work is apart of this organization. She came to the library when I was sitting with the artwork Saturday evening to pick up the pieces. She really liked my blue collage which was one of the three I selected for this event. I had an art bio sheet that was used for the art show so she could take that which was really serendipitious. Like it was meant to be. She gave me the three tickes we needed. I gave her husband some of my business cards on Monday for her for the auction. Hope my artwork sells, but I think Melissa may buy it!

Some of my friends already think of me as a famous, successful artist. Another refred to me as "Mrs. Rembrandt", but I think I am more of "Mrs. Picasso". LOL

Yesterday I kept staring at copy of my latest piece of artwork I did while at the library. Because it has piano keys in it, I am thinking of titling it "All Keyed Up".

While lying in bed this morning, my pink silk pillowcase formed a very abstract face which I couldn't stop staring at. I was memorizing it. I asked my husband to bring me my camera. He did, but I know he thought I had finally lost it or had a fever. I tried taking a photo of it and felt sort of like a modern day Goldilocks. Without flash it was too dark although I can probably lighten it up in Picasa if I can get it to work right again. With flash it looked like something else entirely as the flash reflected off the silk material. So I got up, found a cream piece of scrapbook paper, grabbed my little black bag of markers, pens and colored pencils then proceeded to draw it myself. I messed up, but I made lemonade. I simply cut out the mess. Wouldn't it be wonderful if life was that easy? It formed a half mask that I am oh so happy with. I took pictures of it on the solid baby blue of Rhett's comforter on his bed as a background. I haven't had time to upload as I had to do my hair, my nails a pumpkin orange color, etc. Then I have to go pick Rhett up from his drama class which is free this year! Thank goodness. Hope Don will be home from the woods in time to go with us. If not, Rhett will be my date. Hope the food is good because that will be our supper. Gotta run.

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