Thursday, October 22, 2009

Entitled to a Pity Party

I have a lot to catch up on... The good Lord answered my prayers and did not let my aunt die on her son's birthday last Friday and I am so thankful. We took him to Logan's to eat and had an enjoyable time, stayed at my folk's to watch "Ghost Whisper" and "Medium". The next morning, I had to meet folks at Lowe's got get stuff to fix my aunt's roof. Then my friend Cheryl had a yard sale which Rhett & I went to check out in the cold, cold morning air. I should have worn a big jacket instead of a thin sweater. I got some little things and Cheryl gave me a discount! LOL I got my mother-n-law's Christmas present. I visited a bit with my friend. I'd turned down the wrong road which was very serendipituous because it was the street where I first lived as a baby. I got to show it Rhett. The house is painted a mustard yellow color on the outside. Yuck! Lance used to live next door. He too has been by there.

Saturday I didn't accomplish much. Didn't upload pictures like I had planned. My mom was preparing for her colonoscopy on Monday. Lance was a big help to her and I was thankful for him. I checked in on her Sunday. I laid on her bed with her and we talked until time for church.

We went to Walmart after church, but we forgot Rhett's big coat at mom's so I had to go back over there after Don put fluids in my dry car.

On Monday morning, I went back there with mom as she was getting ready for the procedure. She started crying on me. I was holding her hand like she used to hold mine as a child when I was sick and had to go to the doctor. I really do feel like I am the parent now and my parents are my children. She did really well; better than Don did with his and I am thankful. They found one tiny polyp, but when they sucked it out, it couldn't be saved for testing. Lance bought us all lunch which was good. I took leftovers to Aunt Pearl's. She is starting to give her possessions away now. She gave me some of her jewelry. Then I came back to check on mom before I went to the store to get stuff to make beef stew.

Mom wanted to help and so did Lance. I am like my mother in the sense that I want to do it without help. Lance's help was to add salsa to my stew! No way! I told him to get out of the kitchen! He laughed. I enjoyed "General Hospital" and "Opra" which was really funny whiled I prepared the meal. I did get tired and had to ask Lance's help getting my silicone muffin pan in the oven. He used strong tin foil and it worked! So I was thankful for that small blessing. The carrots were not completely done & the frozen pie wasn't like my pumpkin pies, but it was good.

The doctors told us it was just a matter of time with my aunt. She'd had more strokes, was comatose and unresponsive. Tuesday I met with my aunt's lawyer who did her will. He seems very nice although there was not a real reason in my book for the meeting except for him to size up my character and tell me I am to be the executress which I already knew.

At 11 pm on Tuesday night, hospice called Lance to come up there. My aunt passed away at midnight. We will have a family visitation on Sunday. She has not been embalmed and the casket will be closed, covered with a "horse blanket" of local flowers with a hole in the center for her picture. Not sure what local flowers will be. Lance made a joke about the horse blanket - that she didn't win the Kentucky Derby! I told him the funeral people probably talked about him after he left. Vistation will be Sunday evening. Her funeral will be on Monday.

I know her death has to be hard on my Daddy as she was his only sister. One friend said she felt like she had been orphaned when her mother died. I think I'd feel far worse! My dad may feel the same way, but he still has us. Please pray that we get through this funeral without her children fussin' and carrying on. Our preacher said he and his wife will be there at the funeral for us. My cuz asked why. None of them have a church life like we do so they do not understand this kind of Christian love where our church friends are like family. Always there for us. I am sad for them, but oh so thankful for us. Then I thought, what if nobody came to her funeral?

Don has been working on our house because this insurance company threatened to terminate us unless he paints the boards underneath the roof, fixes the front steps and puts up a board underneath the carport! I have asked him to do the first two for years now. If he would listen to his wife, he wouldn't have so many problems. LOL I still can't understand what painting would have to do with keeping nsurance.

Today has been a rather hard day for me. I have to do resumes for my husband in hopes of finding a job and I made a mistake so I had hear about it this morning. It was a little more than I could bear. I just stood in the bedroom while he complained in the dining room because I couldn't take his complaints anymore. He complains constantly about everything. He says I never noticed before, but I strongly disagree. Rhett agrees with me. I know I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, but I think I am entitled to a small pity party at this moment in my life. It put a damper on my mood although I have laughed hard several times today. I am thankful for my laughs. I am just tired of doing things, hearing constant complaints and feeling unappreciated. My friend Patti tells me to be strong. I know that I am since this was brought to my attention last week from my commentors. Thanks commentors!

Don will be working at the concession stand along with our oldest daughter and her husband at the football game tonight so we don't have to pay full band fees. It is the final time he has to do this. Our granddaughter broke her thumb so she cannot play in the band. Rhett can sit with her. I have an artist guild meeting which is supposed to make me laugh; which is what I need. Still I will worry about my son.

Last night when I told the kids in Rhett's Bible class my aunt died, they all went "Awe!" One younger boys told me to stand up! I asked what for. He said so he could give me a hug. Then they all gave me a group hug. It was a great moment and I didn't cry. I wouldn't take anything for it.

Birds keep popping up in my art since Lance has been here!

People keep asking us if we need anything. All I can think of is prayers.

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I don't think my words here made anyone go "Hmmm" as Lynn's did, but oh well... LOL


Melanie said...

So sorry for the loss of your aunt! I'll keep you all in my prayers.

PERBS said...

My condolences on the death of your aunt. I know you will miss her but she is no longer in pain and one day you will meet again! Be strong and finish up the duties you have been given with her will, etc. Blessings!

I did not know you had a daughter too -- just thought the one son. Ü

More Than Conquerors said...

My condolences to you and your family, Becky, for the loss of you dear aunt. I am praying for all of you.

I am sorry to hear that you have had such a tough week with many difficult challenges. Thank God for sustaining you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God continue to give you much grace and strength, and His peace too as you cast all your cares upon Him. You are dear to Him and He will work His ways for you. Take care!

((Hugs)) to you!

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, Melanie! Thanks also Paulie for your condolences and blessings. I have two step-daughters & a step- son, but I call them my duughters and son not steps. They are all grown & in their 30's. Thanks also for your condolences and prayers, Nancie. Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for them. That is an awesome thought that I am dear to the Lord. Thank you all.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks also for the hugs, Nancie!