Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not One to Give Up

Earlier I was thankful I got to go to the bi-annual Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, Ga on Saturday. I got so much better gas mileage. 100 miles on a quarter tank! Hope I can remember all the ideas I saw. I was thankful to see Kelly & Teresa as has become our yearly tradition. I didn't take as many pictures, but the ones I took were once in a lifetime moments captured on my camera and will be a birthday present later. We ate at the Bulloch House where the food was really good and I got two really good pics. But Rhett & I prefer going to this by ourselves. We have it down to an art whereas others go against the wheel.

Then I had to sort of fuss with my cousin on Monday about grocery store shopping. He wanted $200 again. He did not spend that much last time. I am not just going to give him a check. So I met him at the grocery store & we shopped together. I only lost my patience with him once when at the counter where he was talking instead of loading groceries.

I thought about thinking of all I was thankful for yesterday for some unknown reason, but it knew wasn't Thankful Thursday so I stopped when I got distracted. Still I was indeed thankful for all my many blessings in spite of the bickering between my cousins. All are here for now that hospice has been called in for my aunt. One doesn't like the way I am handling my aunt's checkbook. Tough twinkies! Then they need to stay her and handle her affairs! One cousin thinks if she gets really snippy with me I should turn it over to her, but I am not one to give up on something just because some one gives me a hard time. I feel like I am in the middle of the Hatfields and McCoys! LOL I know I have lots of friends praying for me and I am thankful for them all as well as the prayers. Once again I am thankful my parents raised me right. Maybe it is a blessing I am an only child. I won't have anyone to fight with when they are gone.

I am thankful I am who I am; that I don't make snide remarks to people; that I don't dismiss folks I haven't seen in years. I am thankful I still have my sense of humor which is helping me through this situation. I am thankful for my family who does not fuss and carry on.

My husband agrees with my cousin about handing over the checkbook, but I am not ready to abandon ship yet.

Today I am thankful for my friend Nancie's comments on yesterday's post. It was an unexpected surprise and something I needed today. So many thanks, Nancie.

I hope to have an enjoyable evening with the other side of my family at a football game tonight even though we have a load of burdens weighing on us besides my aunt's affairs. Please pray my husband finds a job soon! Thank you.

If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....
where Lynn has a really good post. I love her daughter's Cinderella moment.


Denise said...

Praying for God to bless your husband with a job very soon sweetie.

PERBS said...

It is neat that you can be thankful when things seem to be going the "wrong way" for you. God answers prayers. . . He says YES, NO or maybe later!

More Than Conquerors said...

Great thankful list, Becky! I am praying for your husband that God will bless him with a job soon. Take care and have a very blessed weekend!


becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, sweet Denise. Thanks, Paulie. I am hoping and praying He will say yes this time for my husband's sake. Thank you, too, Nancie for your prayers. All greatly appreciated.

Lynn said...

Hi Becky,

Girl, I always LOVE stopping here to read about your life and your praises.

You ALWAYS make me smile. You may have many frustrations but girl, you have a good life. God is good.

Also, I just read what you wrote to my daughter about her cinderella moment. She was touched, so was I and so was my hubby. Thank you.

Love you a ton. See you again on Thursday. Hugs, Lynn