Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Fall, Ya'll!


This is the pumpkin I 1st created at work for an inter-office envelope. It got good to me and I had to perfect it; make it my own. Notice the vampire teeth and the two tiny drops of blood? LOL This came from my journal. I have since then photo copied it at Walmart, framed it in one of those tiny plastic see-thru frames and taken it to work to adorn my desk. One co-worker asked me "Who did it?" I got defensive and said "I did! Who else?" Why would I buy someone else's artwork when I can do it myself?

As I was finally uploading pics today, even Don asked me that same question. I wasn't as defensive about it so maybe my new HRT pills are working! LOL NOT!!!

I like this one. I think it is cute. Not too scarey.

Today I FINALLY emailed all my Halloween pics I have taken the past few weeks from places I have been all over town. I will add a few here also as Halloween is not over yet.

I agreed to participate in an art exchange. This is a first for me although I have participated in a postcard swap before. Yesterday I went through some photos I had with me and thought I'd picked out a good one or two or three. I asked my friend Janet of the Lavendar Loft if she knew the person I am supposed to send my art to in this exchange. Luckily she sent me a link to the person's blog so I could check the person out. Her blog was indeed a blessing to me today. Katelen is an artist/poet like me. Her words spoke to me. In fact, they sounded very much like my voice. She lives in Alabama too so she is practically a neighbor! I had my friends go to her blog as I read all the through it. So if you would like to check out a blog that spoke to me today, please go to the following...

I hope it speaks to you as well.

I saw my aunt's lawyer yesterday and got really, really depressed afterwards. My aunt only left her two oldest children $1 each in her will. It hurt my feelings so I know it must have hurt them although my oldest cuz says it doesn't bother him. It bothers me along with other things, but I have to stop worrying about all the things I have no control over. My mom was mad at me because I couldn't do something about it, but I cannot do anything to change my aunt's will. The only thing I can do is proceed to have the lawyer write the girl who wrote herself out checks and signed my aunt's name that she must return that money or else.

Today I was just thankful I got to upload pics, email some of them, then do our annual Halloween thing with our granddaughters. We couldn't afford to go the American Legion as we have the past couple of years. I will tell more about Halloween when I upload those pics...

Happy Fall, Ya'll!
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PERBS said...

Very colorful pumpkin for Halloween!

So who gets aunt's money/property if the relatives only got a dollar each? I am glad I don't have to do anything in this case. . .

becky aka theRAV said...

Youngest son get $ & property. Oldest son does get some money. Makes me glad I am an only child so I don't have to fuss & fight with anyone! LOL