Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Alien


I am posting my Odd Shot early because I have a doozie, but please do NOT alert the media that there is an alien in Alabama!

Last Thursday morning, I was still feeling yucky from either the old frozen fish sticks I mixed in with the new ones or the free pizza we had at work. I thought it was the pizza, but later Rhett said he didn't feel well either. I stayed home from work. I saw this image in the pillow case. I kept staring at it, memorizing every hollow. I asked Don to bring me my camera. He must had thought I had a high fever and was delirious! With each frame I snapped, I began to feel like a modern day Goldilocks. Without flash, it was too dark, with flash it was too bright. The flash reflected off the silk pillow case distorting the face I saw beside me. Due to the fact I could not get what I wanted in my camera's view, I got up, got my little black bag of colored pencils and markers to attempt to draw what I saw. I messed up, but I made lemonade. In the end, it turned into a mask which I LOVE. Because we can only post one photo for Odd Shot Monday, I picked this one. I will post the others later. This way I'll keep ya in suspense and make you come back for more! But for now it is an alien. Do you have anything more alien?

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PERBS said...

Different people see different things OF the same object sometimes. I guess you were using your artist eye. . .