Monday, October 31, 2011

"Cinderella Shoes"

I admit I was a tiny bit green with envy
I should be Cinderella
after all I had the shoes
once golden stacks with see thru heels
How did I ever wear them all night
much less dance in them?
How many hearts did I dance upon?
Now tarnished green with beer stains and tears
of loves that were not meant to be for me.
I no longer wear them now.
Would they still fit?
If they did fit, doesn't mean I should wear them
But I had my Cinderella like moments.

I always wanted the fairy tale
and I got a few fairy tale like moments
there and here.
I don't need shoes to make me feel good
I'd much rather wear my loafers, Reeboks or boots
Comfort shoes for my soul
like chicken soup is comfort food for a cold.

I will keep my Cinderella shoes in a box
and take them out from time to time
to remember my dancing nights
but I wouldn't trade them for this life.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What If...

A lot has happened since I last posted... Mom, Rhett & I all managed to be sickly at the same time. I started out with a sore throat while Mom & Rhett were congested. I got better. Don went to Indy for 2 long weeks, but somehow we survived without him. We stayed with my folks for the later week to help out mom which worked out well; better than I thought. Rhett & I stayed in the back of the house while they were in the front. Then by last weekend, I got worse & had to go to the dr. I needed an inhaler anyway. Rhett & I went to 2 movies in one weekend. The newest Cars movie and Harry Potter. Not much time for art. I am typing up a poetry manuscript for my dear sweet friend Irene from church. Between this and the bad poetry from a Poem A Day, I am writing more now especially poetry again. My friends including Irene and Anne are encouraging me to write my own book which I will.

I discovered a new book by Julie Nutting and have been working on some ideas from it using newspaper print as the body of paper doll girl/woman I can dress with my paper designs. I have taken 2 pics thus far. I haven't glued anything down permanetly yet. Just re-dressed her and snapped another picture. My art has been mainly picture taking lately being sickly. Check out her blog at the following...

This Wednesday night at our fellowship meal at church, a little girls passed out a small saying on hot pink paper which was laminated. I asked Emma's mom if she came up with the words. Her mom made it, but I am not sure if her mom actually came up with the words. It said:

"What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?"

Well, mine would be how so very thankful we are that Daddy had gained 5 lbs!!!!! Of course he blames it on all the clothes he had on at the dr's office. He is now wearing my old jeans! Hard to believe. Good thing I didn't throw my size 7's away now! He could wear them! He could probably fit into my size 3 ones if mom still has them which I am sure she does!

I liked this saying so much, I put it on the bulletin board at work and on Facebook, but got strange replies back in my opinion/book. Like "Think about it." Or "Would you still be thankful?" Well, I thought about it and yes, I WOULD still be thankful.DUH! Wouldn't you?

Then I finally read some words my friend Irene sent me in an email this week that brought tears to my eyes and I want to share them with you...

"Thank you for your kind ways. Your emails are such a blessing. We, the crowd may not say much but we notice. We see the love, hear the voice. Observe the face... You keep giving out. You don't expect anything back. The emails keep coming. A lonely heart is uplifted... The sun shines on a dismal day. Why? Because a sometimes busy mom plods on telling the world around her (smile and the world smiles with you). Yes, it is you. The you that you are is just fine. Keep it. The you that you are is unique. Clam it. You are an example to us all." She is the example to me.

I did create a small one page piece of art in my journal today which made me happy. I am liking putting words in my art now. I guess I am just wordy now! LOL

If you had a torn scrap of piece of paper and could write anything on it, what would it say?

Today mine would say,
"This is the day the Lord has made.
Let us be glad and rejoice in it."
in a fancy font of course! LOL

Monday, October 17, 2011

"I Did Not Think of You"

This time for the 1st time in years
I really didn't think of you
or what could have been.
I did not think of you
on the 25th anniversary of the day we met.
If I did think of you,
it was more like a passing glance
on a street full of strangers,
unrecognizable enough to keep on walking.
Just a mere hop, skip and jump over a date on the calendar of my life.
I was too busy doing other things to think of you
like spending time with my son,
Did I have a bill due?
What time did the movie start?
But I remembered my cousin's birthday
a day late
instead of thinking of you.
Does that mean I am finally over you?
Finally free of your memory?