Monday, October 31, 2011

"Cinderella Shoes"

I admit I was a tiny bit green with envy
I should be Cinderella
after all I had the shoes
once golden stacks with see thru heels
How did I ever wear them all night
much less dance in them?
How many hearts did I dance upon?
Now tarnished green with beer stains and tears
of loves that were not meant to be for me.
I no longer wear them now.
Would they still fit?
If they did fit, doesn't mean I should wear them
But I had my Cinderella like moments.

I always wanted the fairy tale
and I got a few fairy tale like moments
there and here.
I don't need shoes to make me feel good
I'd much rather wear my loafers, Reeboks or boots
Comfort shoes for my soul
like chicken soup is comfort food for a cold.

I will keep my Cinderella shoes in a box
and take them out from time to time
to remember my dancing nights
but I wouldn't trade them for this life.

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