Saturday, October 27, 2012

My BFF Penny

I have written of my very funny, talented BFF before. She always makes you laugh. She has the God given voice of an angel. Penny had breast cancer a few years ago but is a survivor. She had to leave her family in order to stay with her mom in another state because he mom has the dreaded Alzheimers. As if that wasn't hard enough being so far from her family, her loving hubby, and 3 growing daughters, tending to her mom, she recently has had a rare form of skin cancer come up on her back! She sent me an email which I read at work Friday morning. This was very uspetting for me. So much so that I was crying. No, this cannot be happening to her again! I cannot lose my BFF!  I can only imagine how it must be for her! Praying that they got it all and she won't have to have any surgery to remove more layers. Please keep my BFF Penny in your prayers. Right now she seems pretty upbeat. A friend told me that is a good thing; that it will help in the healing process. Hoping and praying for only good news for Penny. This made me realize my problems are small in comparison.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rear Ended

Life was very busy being a band mom much less being a daughter, mother and the Dad the last two weeks. My life and art dreams were put aside so that my son could live his dreams being in his high school marching band. I was tired but I survived. Even the out of town band contest where I felt more than my age, discovered that it is nearly impossible to sleep on a school bus. Tired and very ill tempered last Sunday. No amount of sleep could catch me up. Hubby returned home safely and we were thankful.

Then it was back to the busy band routine of who picks him up what day only to be changed again by the band director on Monday! Such is the life of a band. Life had it's maddening moments but I got over some of them even though I was still mad. I am a mom dealing with a teenager now and I know this is only the beginning of a long road ahead. I have had to be the mean mom but I am thankful to be a mom; his mom. He really is a good kid and I love him with all my heart.

So you are going down this busy road that is now your life when BOOM! Out of nowhere you get hit. This morning I was headed to work when I got rear ended. I screamed!!! Still shaking from it. Thankfully no one was hurt. My car was okay but the poor girl that hit me has an even harder road ahead of her. Her brakes failed then her car wouldn't start. The policeman had to help her move it aside. She had to get someone to take her kid to school or the cop would have driven them. She will have to pay a fine now and probably cannot afford it. But we were okay. I am thankful.

Other drivers were very rude. One tow truck even yelled at the girl to get out of the road! A lady I went to high school was the only one who asked if we were alright. Later I called her personally to thank her for doing that small thing that meant more to me and the girl who rear ended me rather than thank her in an email. I told Cheryl that was her good deed for the day.

Wake up call. Take nothing for granted. Be thankful to still be here; alive. Be thankful Someone was watching out for you. Always pray and be thankful for safe journeys. Never take them for granted.   What are you thankful for this week? Care to share? Then please join us at the following...
where Laurie had a wonderful post about a perfect life. I wish! LOL

Friday, October 5, 2012

Prayerful Not Thankful

This week I admitted to a friend I had not been as thankful for my many blessings as normal. I know that sounded bad. Instead of being thankful, I was more prayerful. I had two very specific prayer requests to begin this week... One was for my BFF Penny who had breast cancer a few years ago. She is a breast cancer survivor. She is staying with her mom in Savannah who has Alzheimer's and is many, many, many miles away from her family in Washington state. I cannot imagine being away from my child so I know her situation is very difficult for her. She has a history of cysts. She had a cyst come up behind her ear and had it removed but it swelled up so much that she had to find a dermatologist. More work was done on it requiring stitches which will be removed on the 9th. She also had another place that she thought might be skin cancer. Very scary when you have had cancer in the past. We are hoping and praying for the best. Prayers were my gift to Penny this week as well as a very special email.

Our preacher had a mishap with his truck that was scary. He is very lucky he was not hurt. We know WHO was looking out for him. Trucks and buildings can be replaced but special people in our lives cannot be replaced. Of course I was very thankful Larry was okay. All week I was in prayer over these two people as well as my immediate family, our house and my vehicle because my life is so busy now with my son's band activities. My life is as non stop as my prayers were this week.

Previously I had asked for prayer requests for Casey and I am still concerned about her. Each week she reveals more to me. Being the middle child she is expected to be just like her sisters. Why do mom's ask "Why can't you be like your sisters?" No child is alike. Each are different. Parents should treat all their children the same; love them the same. Not compare. This week I realized I have been mentoring Casey with art and religion. A lot of my friends are so glad that I can be there for her. So am I. I only wish I could do more for her. But the best gift I can give her is prayer and more prayers.

My mom was not feeling well this morning. She got up but felt bad so she went back to bed. She said she got up too fast so I will worry about her the rest of the day until I can see her again this evening. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.

I hope to get some much needed rest this long weekend. I have a few fun plans I hope God won't laugh at like the Jr Leaque attic sales, church yard sales, possibly the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, Ga., a housewarming where I will get to see my old friends Mike and Anne, a church fellowship meal, etc. Then an extra day of rest.

I finished reading Eternal by J. K. Forrester. I discovered a book at the $ store entitled Inked Up by Terri Thayer. Here is a link...
It is about stampers. LOL My friend Anne says I should write my own book I it gave me more ideas. LOL So many books to write so little time.

This week I am happy and thankful for the many things I was able to pass on to others that made them feel better. Prayers were one of them. What were you thankful or prayerful for this week? Care to share? Then join us at the following...