Saturday, October 27, 2012

My BFF Penny

I have written of my very funny, talented BFF before. She always makes you laugh. She has the God given voice of an angel. Penny had breast cancer a few years ago but is a survivor. She had to leave her family in order to stay with her mom in another state because he mom has the dreaded Alzheimers. As if that wasn't hard enough being so far from her family, her loving hubby, and 3 growing daughters, tending to her mom, she recently has had a rare form of skin cancer come up on her back! She sent me an email which I read at work Friday morning. This was very uspetting for me. So much so that I was crying. No, this cannot be happening to her again! I cannot lose my BFF!  I can only imagine how it must be for her! Praying that they got it all and she won't have to have any surgery to remove more layers. Please keep my BFF Penny in your prayers. Right now she seems pretty upbeat. A friend told me that is a good thing; that it will help in the healing process. Hoping and praying for only good news for Penny. This made me realize my problems are small in comparison.

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