Thursday, March 29, 2012

Penny's Point of View

from my BFF

Hi Beck,
I had to tell you that the phone you heard ringing on your dream that woke you up was God's alarm clock that He uses when you have to wake up and your own alarm doesn't wake you up. I've been woke up by that cool phone at least two times. I don't know if you remember what it sounded like when it rang but the phone that He used for me sounded a lot like the phone on several of our kid's toy phones. It sure woke me up though. I would've overslept big-time though if that phone wouldn't have rung and woke me up. I thought that it was so cool that God would do that for me ! How's your daddy doing ? I've been praying for y'all.
Love you,

"The Gem"

No offense but,
Today I do not want to read any sad poems about death and dying
from weird poets at a
I want to read and write only happy thoughts.
I think I have succeeded thus far.
I want to laugh
not cry.
I have done enough crying lately.
I may like some of the weird words I read
but not all
So I guess I just need to write my own!
I did like these words...
"I placed a few nouns
in beautiful cages
then let them out..."
by Matthew Zapruder
But the rest you can keep.
I'll write my own.
These here are not the ones though
Just a test run.
The others will come...
when needed
and wrap around my like loving arms
like a hug
most needed.
Today may not be my day for writing poetry
but it is still my day for writing much needed words to friends.
That accounts for something, doesn't it?
Contributing to all the things that I am.
Today I am a gem to a friend
but what color?
A diamond in the rough
I sparkle with laughter
Certainly not perfection
I have flaws.
But I bring SPARKLES!
Yeah Me!
I speak in Disney speak
I am forever young because of my son.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~ aka theRAV~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Am Bookie

I did not post a Thankful Thursday post because I was having a bad day. I know I shouldn't have let that stop me but I did. Still I was ever thankful for my many, many blessings. For instance all the links I found to my Windham's ancestral home Felbrigg Hall in England! I shared those links with my friends. MY BFF Genie, a history buff thought it was all very interesting. Another friend shared his family history links with me. I hope you find it all interesting too...

This week I was lucky enough to get a free copy of a "National Trust Magazine" which is from England! I was drawn to it's cover because it was so artistic. It looked like it had been created with rubber stamps. Cindy, you would like it. Very colorful. I scanned it but it doesn't do it justice. It is in yellows, greens and the butterflies are stamped in oranges, reds, pinks and golds. It is the Summer 2011 issue. I tried to google the cover, but was unsuccessful. Sorry.

Imagine my surprise when I thumbed through to the 13th page on 3/13 to the 2nd line which said:
"From our Twitter followers...
Felbrigg Hall! The Wyndhams! Scandals, intrigues, fortunes lost and made. LJBarton"

I told Don, that is "My Windams!" LOL Anne, I am starting to sound like you! Anywhoo... it made me want to get a Twitter account right then! So I got one. And of course I would not have known Felbrigg Hall was our ancestral home on my Grandmother Florence Ethel Windam Graddy's side if it had not been for my prayerful friend Anne. So thank you again, Anne!! I know you will love this tidbit as much as I did. It made me excited. But it is a bit of a let down to know I cannot find out more about the "scandals, intrigues, fortunes made and lost."

I joined Twitter, but didn't find anything interesting about Felbrigg Hall there. Just some photographer who had a great day shooting photos there which made me envious. I am now following Felbrigg so I can be in on the latest about it. Cool.

If you haven't googled Felbrigg Hall several summers ago, when Anne 1st sent me the info and links, please do so to see what a beautiful place it really is. No need... I'll make it easier for you... here are the links...

the church...

This one gives you some view of inside the hall...

a little bit of new & old history...

the haunting... and a Mad Windham

There are more links if you still want to google it, but I think I have just about exhausted them all! LOL Guess I missed my calling to be a research persona.

Isn't it beautiful? Be sure to check out the town/village sign & read about it on the 3rd link. Ok this is now on my Bucket List to go there someday...., Darryl! And it is said to be haunted! COOL! They wrote about a "Mad" Windham named William. There is a William Windham that lives in town. We shared an email once from a genealogy sight. He said something about "IF you are who you say you are..." My Uncle R. F. told me this William was strange. Every time he saw William, he had on the same suit. It was so old, it shined. Of course it may have been the only suit he owned or he could be a spendthrift.

That is your research assignment for today. Enjoy. Today is a great day. Life is good.

I guess I am now semi-normal. I have joined Twitter but posted no tweats. I didn't have anything really to tweat about at the time. My days got better. I now have something to tweat about and will do so later.... after posting here first.

My friends worry about me. They keep telling me I need to do something for myself and I do. I steal tiny moments for myself. Aren't we all always stealing time anyway? I have been reading Lyn Nielsen's 2nd book The Road Back to Sage. I probably should have re-read the 1st one to refresh my memory, but I didn't want to go through a box of tissues again! LOL

I checked the book out at the libraray on Monday. My husband had told me they were holding a book for me. I figured it was just the 1st book. I picked up what I thought was the 1st book and was going to turn it in as I'd already read it. Then I saw the second book and it was like a gift. It is smaller than the 1st book. It took me 5 days to read it.

Friday I got off work early. I had no bills to pay. I had plenty of time to pick up refills on scripts for my mom. I went to McDonald's, got a glass of their good sweet tea and proceeded to finish the book. Earlier in the week I had been teary-eyed reading it at Mickey D's and Wendy's. I couldn't put it down. I could also predict what was going to happen next! Lyn, I love it!!!!! I am so glad you wrote it and I read it.

It is a book about dreams. Lyn and I are email buddies now which I still cannot get over that fact. I once had a dream about meeting her and emailed her my dream. Lyn hopes we can meet some day as do I. If not in this life, then in Heaven.

Last night I asked the Lord to show me something in a dream.... I dreamed I was in the kitchen at my mom's. My deceased Uncle Bert opened the back door with a very different hair style than he wore. It was more like a flat top. His curls were gone. He was ever smiling. He was wearing a soft, light baby blue shirt. I don't think I had ever seen him wear this color before. I said "Uncle Bert" then I woke up. I wondered why I woke up so abruptly. I haven't asked my dream team what this one means yet.

Today I went with my sweet friend Patti to hear Robert J. Morgan speak/preach at her church. My friends Gil & Brenda were there. Gil hugged me so hard I thought he was going to break me! I also saw Ina from the CAG artist guild. Of course I could not find
his The Red Sea Rules book at home when I needed it. I bought two copies of them today. One for me and one for Patti because she has been such a good friend to me lately. I wanted to get a signed copy anyway. I will give the copy Gil gave me to a friend who really needs it as much I did.

Robert Morgan talked about Angels today. I was sitting right next to two... Patti and my son. He is very witty and had Rhett really laughing so I knew he was enjoying it. During a break I was able to meet Robert Morgan. I was a bit nervous. I told him I had read his "Red Sea Chronicles" (LOL) only I didn't go into as many wordy details. I just told him about what occurred while reading his book at Wendy's and how I felt Jesus actually sitting at the table with me! Lunch with Me! Jesus! I did not go into details about the color of his beige robes, but I did tear up as I was talking. He said, "Isn't it wonderful when he talks to us like that?" He thanked me for sharing and was so glad that his book could be a blessing for me. Me too. Later I realized as I was talking to him, it was as if all the people around us moved away just so I could talk to him. It was kind of weird.

Then he spoke more til almost lunch time. Afterwards he signed our books. So I am now a official bookie or book groupie! LOL Following that Patti, Rhett and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat an enjoyable lunch. I thought there was an art show at a small local gallery, the Front Porch on Wildwood, but it is next Saturday. I was early for a change. Still Patti got to do and see something new. I feel trully blessed by these book events that ended my week so well. Would that they all could be like this.

So if you get a chance, check out Felbrigg Hall, Lyn Nielsen's and Robert J. Morgan's books. He also has a blog which I plan to link to mine ASAP. Hope you have had as great a weekend as I have had.

Ps. I have since received an email about her book today 3/29/12! Yeah! I am just now linking to today's Thankful Thursday post at the following...

Sorry it took me a week to do this, but I felt this was a post well worth sharing. Thanks Nancie for your visit & comments! Made my day today! I hope you all will read my poem posted after this.

Today I am thankful for my friend Anne's interpretation of my weird dreams I have been having lately.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


No, my photo is not on a milk carton. I am not Missing. I have just been MIB (Missing in Blogging)LOL . My Daddy got worse. He got really sick prior to Christmas. He was out of his head, telling me to call certain people. He really scared me to death when he said the word "pall bearers". We almost lost him. He had a uninary tract infection which explained him talking out of his head. He was not eating; very weak. His potassium was low as were other things. He was placed in ICU for several days. I got berated that we did not stay at the hospital that 1st night, but my mom was exhausted. I KNEW I wasn't going to lose my Daddy. Still we were very worried and concerned.

I made the decision to put in feeding tube since he would not eat. I caught flack from some folks about that. I don't regret doing what I thought was the right thing to do. What was I supposed to do? Let him die? I couldn't let my Daddy starve to death.

We had to learn how to feed him thru the tube. It was easy for me, but the hospitals do not spend a lot of time teaching and my mom had a hard time with it so he had to go to Hospice where they had more time for her learning. Everyone told us we would love Hospice; that it is wonderful; that it was FREE. WRONG. Hospice is not always free. Sure they provide some things and we are indeed very, very grateful for those things, but they do not pay for all of his medicine only what pertains to the condition he is in now. His failure to thrive. They do not pay for wipes, but thankfully they provide other things we need. One thing we do need to find is sheets for the hospital bed mattress.

Then I had a husband who was bound and determined to go to Indy with or without me at Christmas with my Daddy in the condition he was in! He did wait til after Christmas to go though. But Christmas was just not the same this year. It did not matter what we ate, where we were. We still had Daddy with us. That was all that mattered.

All my friends cannot believe I haven't had a nervous breakdown by now with all I have been through. I come from a line of strong women. I am a "Steel Magnolia" as my friend Bob put it. I turned another year older and felt it on many days. There were some days where I thought I would lose it, but thankfully I got through those days without going there.

I am now President of the PC Arts Council. I am still creating my art which keeps me sane. I am thankful for my art outlet. I take an occasional photo now and then. We have good days and bad but, we keep on. We are still thankful to have Daddy with us.

I have missed going to many of your blogs as I have missed out on a lot of things lately. I haven't had time to upload pics like I used to although Paulie will probably say I never did upload any here! LOL At least I haven't lost my sense of humor. It too keeps me sane. I love to laugh. I need to laugh.

I am ever thankful for my mom who keeps on going because she has to. It is just the two of us as caregivers with occassional help from some cousins. I am thankful for my friends who have been there for me on this bumpy road we are on right now. I am thankful our preacher Larry is back with us. I pray for a more understanding husband. Please keep my Daddy in your prayers. We have seen improvement in him. We have been told we are doing a good job with him. I guess we missed our calling to be nurses, but I will remain an artist instead.

I see the need to help the elderly, but I am just too tied up right now. I have enough on my plate and tend to spread myself far too thin as it is. I tried something new that had to do with art for Alzheimer's in the early stages, but each time I went, I felt like I was taking away time I might need later for when my Daddy gets worse again. We need more advocates for the elderly. I pray for a more artistic job in my future. My friends are praying for this also.

I visited Leah's blog today at Create Every Day. I am to help teach an art class this Saturday. I was looking for an idea and her blog provided me with one. Found objects. I can hardly wait. Thanks again Leah for having such a wonderful artisitc blog I could go to for inspiration. I hope mine will be like your's someday...

I hope to visit you soon as I can. Until then, count your blessings. Keep the faith, Keep on creating, Keep on laughing and Keeping on. I'll try to be here more, but I cannot make any promises I can't keep right now. One day at a time.

What have you been missing out on?

No longer missing.

love, Becky

PS. I decided to let this also be my Thankful Thursday post as it lists the things I am stil grateful for. If you would like to joing us, please go to the following....