Thursday, March 29, 2012

"The Gem"

No offense but,
Today I do not want to read any sad poems about death and dying
from weird poets at a
I want to read and write only happy thoughts.
I think I have succeeded thus far.
I want to laugh
not cry.
I have done enough crying lately.
I may like some of the weird words I read
but not all
So I guess I just need to write my own!
I did like these words...
"I placed a few nouns
in beautiful cages
then let them out..."
by Matthew Zapruder
But the rest you can keep.
I'll write my own.
These here are not the ones though
Just a test run.
The others will come...
when needed
and wrap around my like loving arms
like a hug
most needed.
Today may not be my day for writing poetry
but it is still my day for writing much needed words to friends.
That accounts for something, doesn't it?
Contributing to all the things that I am.
Today I am a gem to a friend
but what color?
A diamond in the rough
I sparkle with laughter
Certainly not perfection
I have flaws.
But I bring SPARKLES!
Yeah Me!
I speak in Disney speak
I am forever young because of my son.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~ aka theRAV~

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