Friday, March 30, 2007

Wild Hairs

3/22/07 I have found 2 wild hairs and pulled both of them out of my head. Does that mean I have no more wild hairs in my life now? The last real wild hair I had was putting on blue false nails a few years ago.

I met with Rhett's teacher about his report card. He made all A's except for one B in reading again. We feel like he should get A's in that since he can read so well and above his level yet he doesn't apply himself. He is reading on a nearly 6th grade level. She said he is doing better than he was when Don didn't have a job and we didn't realize it was affecting him. She told me that next year he will be in a bigger class. His next teacher might not stay on him like she does. One girl in his class lets his teacher know when he's daydreaming of who knows what invention and tells their teacher that she "needs to push his button." I think this girl is Rhett's girlfriend. Not sure how I feel about that.

I got sort of ticked as we were talking because the office came over the intercom to tell her she had another parent coming in and they walked in. It seemed to rattle his teacher since she had not scheduled another parent. I felt like she was rushing me. But I suppose we were finished.

After that we picked Mom up to go pick out an Easter suit for Rhett that she'd seen in a store. Rhett didn't have much time to eat his lunch at school because they were starting to do pre-SAT testing. We had to get him something to eat first. He did not want to try on clothes but I made him do it anyway. It was like pulling teeth. We got him a light blue and white stripe suit. It sort of reminds you of seersucker and some other clothes.

I saw my friend Sandra L. back at the food court as we were leaving. I just had this feeling... that she needed to talk to someone. Her cute son Jimmy is in a lot of trouble. She can't pay him out of this one. She'd divorced her husband 6 years ago because he said he didn't love her anymore when she went back to work at Macy's. Her husband is an agrophobic (which was why she left JCP), has depression, takes breathing treatments then goes outside to smoke. She let him come back to live with her in name only so she could take care of him since no one else was caring for him. She also told me she is 70! She's only 20 years older than me.

Then we went to Sears to get mom a 13" color tv for her kitchen at a very reasonable price. The sale starts TOMORROW! I can remember when... a store manager would let you buy it the day before. Too bad those days are long gone. I will have to go back tomorrow after work to get it for her. Got Chick-Fil-A sandwhiches on the way home.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Play on Words

This morning on the way to work, I saw new yellow Chevy truck. It had a tag on the back that said:


I cracked up. I am grateful... for my first good belly laugh of the day.

A book lover never goes to bed alone. - unknown-

Hmmm.... as I was staring at the word Upatoi, at first I thought it said Utopia. Then the question hit me hard... Do you think... when thinking of a name for their town, the people of Upatoi, GA were thinking they lived in Utopia but didn't know the correct spelling?

When I sent this out as an email question, no one found it amusing as I did. They said "no". So I am grateful... for my sense of humor.

Boliva Dream, REMEMBER...

I dreamed Don & I went to a travel agent to check on prices for a vacation. We were just supposed to get price quotes. He was on one side of the agent, I was on the other. Out of the blue he asked her how much it would cost to go to BOLIVIA! BOLIVIA! She said, $8, 895.00. He hands her his credit card which I KNOW would NOT happen in reality. That figure came from yesterday's work. I'm sputtering , trying to get his attention. Shaking my head, but its as if he doesn't see me as if I am invisible or not there. Am I a ghost? I am trying to get his attention but he is ignoring me which made me mad. Why isn't he consulting me? Why isn't he asking me how I feel? I start acting like a spoiled brat. I tell myself I am NOT going with him there! ThenI woke up. When I told him about the dream, he only laughed at me as always....

Felt overwhelmed today at work. Felt sorry for myself. The good thing was I was praying more.

I saw a PT cruiser that had the word "REMEMBER" in a fancy font on the back winshield. My first thought was "Remember What?" It probably holds a special meaning for the owner. Remember... Remember a special person. Remember a special day. Remember what you are supposed to do today. Remember your daily chores. Remember your to do list. Remember not to forget anything.

It smells like someone threw up in our breakroom at work. I had the inmate clean the sink and wash the garbage can. I even threw out old stuff in the mini fridge that had been in there way too long. It still stinks. My desk is beside it. We elminated everything we could think of but it was the packets of sour cream in a tray!

Yesterday I got some fake nails because they were pretty. Three of them popped off last night! Two more came off today. They are not very long, but I am not used to them so they are getting in the way.

The Maytag Repair Man, Gas Mail


When I woke up today my right shoulder was hurting but I worked through it without taking any Alleve this time which is a good thing.

After dropping Rhett off at school, I saw a Maytag repair van pull off the road. Was the Maytag repair man going to need repair? Would he say, "Mayday! Mayday! This is the Maytag repair man."? Well, I thought it was funny.

Also saw that car again with that has "annoint" on it's tag.

It seems I received a lot of "gas" emails this weekend and today. Gas Mail. At least three of them. What's up with that? Some I didn't even bother to pass on. Groan.

The Air Show and Water

Today I wore a pinkish peach pair of jeans with a matching old jacket & white cowl neck to church. Got lots of compliments on it. Probably should have saved this outfit for Easter, but it may be hot again by then. We went to the air show after lunch at Ryan's after church. Wondered if Elise, David & JD would be there but did not see them. It was still a bit chilly, but warm in the sun on the back of the truck. We were there for over an hour or longer. Just long enough to get sunburned on my chest because of my low cut cowl neck.

Emailed Anne back and forth. She even remembered the character Azure Dee from "Kojak"! Couldn't believe it. I told her I was going to use that name as a pen name back in the 70's when I was going to write The Great American Novel.

Anne has been working on mine and Don's horoscopes. Besides saying I am "earthy", she sees a lot of water around me. I am not a water person and told her so. She said Don needs to check the plumbing in the house. The bathroom sink has been dripping more. I have been having bladder problems again. It could be the later. I am going to call the Bladder Doc on Tuesday. The only other thing I could think of was the day my mom's hose pipe was running and I told her so just last week. Now it's sort of bothering me... wondering if our pipes are going to burst or something... or if mine are!

Bob's Green jacket & tie Dream, Becky's Tomato Corn Soup Recipe, The Good Ole Days

I had a dream about mine and my friend Jimmy's friend, Bob S.... I dreamed he was wearing a large green print herribone with a white background. It was as if you took a small scrap of herribone and enlarged it maybe 200 times or more. He had on a green silk tie. He was having a family portrait made with his neices and nephews. He asked me, "How do I look?" I muttered and couldn't say anything. Then I woke up. Often I cannot speak in my dreams. If someone is after me, I cannot yell. Its as if my lips are sealed shut. Then there are other times I have screamed loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood and the dead!

My friend Mike E. analyzed my dream and said it meant something about paying too much attention to details and not the BIG picture. I guess that's sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees.

3/17/07 St. Pat's Day. Felt like I good ALL day. It turned cold here again so I made one of mine and Rhett's favorites - tomato corn soup with cornbread. Not one of Don's faves. Its my own recipe I made up:

2 small cans of tomato sauces
1 can Niblets corn
1 cup cooked elbow macaroni noodles (boiled til done)
Add some water
Add all together. Cook in micro on hi for about 5 mins.

We had not had it in a long time. It was good. We ate almost all of it but a couple of spoonfuls. Usually if we have a lot leftover, I take it to Mom's & she'll add more stuff to it to make vegetable soup.

Had to go get milk later. Got a frozen pizza for supper which I burned because I left the oven on preheat! We ate it anyway. As I passed the beer section at the grocery store, I remembered... how my friends and I used to go out dancing and drinking green beer on this day. Almost started to buy some and green food color. Sometimes I miss the good ole days... Today was one of those days.

The Sign, "Earthy", New ideas, Catch the Bag

The quote on the sign on Macon Road said:

If Satan is your past,
remind him Jesus is your future.

According to my new friend Anne, when I write, it is "earthy". Never been called that before but I like it. My photography has been leaning towards nature scenes lately. A lot of trees. Just call me "Mother Earth". Just remembered... a picture I did in art class where I drew a woman's face, her hair was green like leaves painted with food color. I called it "Mother Earth". It was a good memory. I am grateful I have such a good memory. May I ALWAYS have it. Maybe Rhett and I could paitnt with food colors when dye Easter eggs this year....

Found a penny. Saw a white paper bag floating outside a wide window on this very windy day. Thought it would make a new game to play. Catch the bag. I'm always coming up with a new idea.

Also discovered Anne and I have so much in common. She says we are different enough that we are not mirror images of each other. Emailing is such fun.

I sent out my St. Paddy's Day cards today and tomorrow is St Patrick's Day! Oh, well its the thought that counts.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Tire, My Guardian Angel, the southern gentleman


Today I go to lunch... I noticed that my tire is low again. I have never put air in my tire before. I stop at the 1st gas station I get to, pull up to the air machine, but have no change. I am about to go inside the station to get change when a man, My guardian Angel, pulls up. I told him I had to get change. He said he had 75 cents. Of course I am a bit leery..., but he had the cutest dog in his truck. He aired my tire up and his as well. He wouldn't take my $1. After I thanked him again, he told me to have a nice day. SO there are still southern gentlemen around. I am very lucky and grateful. I also realize how easy it would have been to abduct me!

Penny Dream, See you in my dreams....

3/14/07 Dreamed I was visiting Penny and her family. Her mom was living in a trailer. Another trailer dream. My 1st one in a long time since the one that made me realize alot of things... Penny & family were living in a tailer park nearby just down the road from her mom's. The trailers were rather small. It was so good to see them again. So if I don't see you in reality, maybe I'll see you in my dreams...

There was a sign on the way to work that said something about Satan keeps bringing up the past. Tell Satan how God has your future and Satan will stop. Or something similar to those lines. Need to ride by and write it down.

So when I am recalling my past, is it Satan doing that?

Wore a new blue floral top with an old pair of pants that matched perfectly. Love when that happens. Found a new fave pen. Trying to improve my penmanship in my Gratitude journal.

After work we are going to Lori and Joe's new home in Hamilton, Ga. or on Lake Harding. They are my folks' old good neighbors we hated to see leave. I am so excited about going I can hardly contain myself!

It was about 30 miles to Lori's house. It is off Lick Skitt Rd so its on the water. The house itself was hard to find. We had to turn around and we saw her standing a the end of the drive which slopes down so you feel like you are going straight down to the water. Didn't like that.

As it turns out, someone else owns the house. They are just letting them live there rent free which saves them about $500 a month in rent. They are in their 70's so that is a good thing. The furniture is dark cherry wood and alot of oriental. As I am looking around, I am telling myself which pieces would have to go if the house were mine. That was before I found out the above. Loved the BIG OPEN kitchen and especially the screened in deck. There was as stained glass window of a pellegin in the master bath that was different. I took a picture of it from inside the bathroom. There were mirrors on the opposite wall which made you think the bathroom was much larger than it really was in reality. I started to walk into the "other room" but realized there wasn't one!

Didn't like a lot of stuff in the master bedroom either, but they enjoy watching the moon from that window opening to a small deck/balcony. Romeo, Romeo, where art thou? It was just way too dark for me. I would have opened all the blinds and let light in. This sounds weird coming from someone who normally likes the dark.

I relaxed in the lounge chair on the screened deck and probably could have gone to sleep there with all the peacefulness and the water lapping down below, but I had a little boy who wanted to go down to the bottom decks and out to the dock. The decks were slippery because it had sprinkled. You knew the wood decks were treated correctly because the water beaded up like it is supposed to do.

Lori & Joe mostly stay upstairs where all of the above is located. The owner had boxes and boxes and boxes of trains in the game room that used to have a pool table, but now has an unused jukebox and trains and trains and more trains, and trains in the 3 bedrooms below. The bigger room at the other end held some old arcade game, an old coke machine that had a Tab cola slot, and more trains and trains and trains. Some of the trains were set up on tracks. It smelled like it hasn't been aired out in who knows when. I'd be opening those deck doors and airing it out!

There wasn't enough lighting for me anywhere! They had a lot of lamps but they only put out a soft glow. There were track lighting in the ceilings. Maybe if the drapes were opened, it might be better had it not been overcast.

It just made me appreciate a home in town, level land, lighting, etc. Maybe things I take for granted everyday. I thought Daddy was slow on the way over there, but he was driving 45-50 in a 70 mile zone!. I had to tell him he needed to go faster but Backseat Driver Mom said he could go slow. Needless to say we missed church. I needed a nerve pill after that. Sometimes I wonder and worry about them picking Rhett up from school.

Got Krystals on the way home for supper.

I am so lucky and grateful... for receiving three emails from my friend Jimmy.

710, 170

3/13/07 The number 710 & 170 kept coming up over & over so I'll play the lottery today and hope I win at least some small stippen. What's really weird is I found an old email about a dumb blonde who kept saying "710" which is the word "oil" backwards. Maybe its just another sign... that I should play those numbers.

Lauren, Lisa's Land Bower's sister called out to the prison asking for a man that called her phone number & said it had to do with a message that was left on her machine. I recognized her voice immediately. I am good with remembering voices. It had to do with the fire at her mother's house. She was calling Gil, who is the chaplain for the FOP here. I had forgotten her father used to be a cop but he has been dead for a few years. She told me her mom & her sister Rachel are living in an apartment until the house can be rebuilt. She gave me Rachel's number. I emailed Lisa about it. Lisa thought Lauren was calling the Chaplain about her husband trying to become a "preacher" which wasn't the case here.

Played the lotto. Paid bills. Made BLT's with brownies for supper which was good because it was something different.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Office Supervisor

3/12/07 The "supervisor" came out to the prison again today. I guess I wasn't very friendly towards her. I was working on my computer. Maybe I use the computer as an excuse to hide behind. I cannot pretend to be fake and fall all over someone when I don't mean it, especially when I don't like them as a person or respect them.

She tried to be The Office Supervisor while she was there. Sort of threatened the secretary by saying, "Things will change when I get back." We were in shock that she would say that. But nothing she does or says should surprise us now. If she does come back, I can see that things will not be any better than before. I hate that I waste my time, energy, paper and ink on her. I know I should not let her have that power over me.

Caught up some on my blog today. Still days and days behind myself. Will I ever catch up to myself. What will I do when I meet myself?

Got camel riders from the SpeakEasy Pub. Have not had those in good while. I am running out of ideas for food to eat. Suggestions are always welcome.... Hint. Hint.

On the way to the SpeakEasy, we thought we saw a car crashed in between trees. Knew my cell phone wasn't working. Asked to use the phone at the Pub. One of the waiters handed me his fancy cell phone to call 911. I didn't know how to shut it off. I am so behind the times.

No more Dreams

3/11/07 Sunday dinner after church. Mrs. June B. had some of the best canned green beans I have had in awhile. They were so good I had a 2nd helping and told her so. If I knew I could can beans and they would taste the same as her's, I'd start a new career canning on the side.

After church Rhett & I went to Mom's and the new Walmart because I forgot to pay my bill while we were out there yesterday! I needed to get my 8 year old Biore pore strips for the blackheads on his cute little nose. I was about his age when I first started having them too. I bought Rhett a lavendar polo shirt for Easter. He was ok with it. Hope I don't turn him into a sissy. I dress him in pastels for Easter. Easter & Halloween are my times to dress him as I want. The rest of the time Don can let him wear camo!

I was a bit of a witch that evening. I don't like yogurt @ TCBY. I don't know if its because my old love, Bob used to take me there. I didn't care for yogurt then, but I lived for him feeding it to me. Don tried to feed me some of his but I still don't like the taste. I should find it romantic he does this. I'd rather have real ice cream.

The we went to the newest house Stephanie is living in now. She yelled from the inside for us to remove our shoes. In that moment, I channeled my mother. I did not like that and wanted to leave, but said nothing as always. So I remained in the living room while Don went to look at other rooms. Later I had to take Rhett to the bathroom so I got to see the kitchen and one messy bedroom. I don't what all the fuss was about.... Our shoes would not have scuffed the newly revarnished floors. Don left his boots inside ON the floor! She didn't say anything to him but he's her father. The rugs needed vaccuuming. There was stuff all over the hardwood floors that could have snagged and torn my new red knee high trouser socks. We watched some house hunting show there.

There was nothing on tv. Should have went to bed early. My left hip started hurting. Took some alleve. Finally went to bed to make it stop. Wondered if it had anything to do with my feet getting cold at Stephanie's with out my shoes on?

The Tree Dream, "The Molds"

I dreamed we were driving at night, we had to go by this old house where all the paint is worn off and it looks gray. There were all sorts of stuff piled on the front porch. A large tree had fell or been cut down in the front yard. The branches were hanging out in the road. We had to swerve to go around it. Later we ended up spending the night in an old, rundown house similar to this one we passed earlier. I didn't seem to minded staying in such a shabby place as I would in reality. We all slept in the same bedroom. When we woke up, a tree had been cut down, sawn into large pieces and left INSIDE the door. How did it got there without us waking up especially me? How were we going to get out?

Again I asked my friend Mike E his interpretation on this dream. He said something about a house is supposed to represent us. So I guess I must feel old, worn, gray, rundown, shabby yet chic. (Wink! Wink!)

The down trees are residue from the recent tornado and our trip to the woods.

I emailed my new friend Anne alot today. Sadly she will be moving to Carrollton, GA just when I have formed this email friendship with her. The good part is our email relationship can continue...

We went to Home Depot & Lowe's so Don could look at welding machines. He needs one to make a pipe rail for my Uncle Bert like the one he made for my folk's back steps. I hate going to these stores. Is this how he felt shopping with me when he did go? We saw Aunt Betty and Uncle Frank at Home Depot. Don saw them first. Aunt Betty has to hobble sideways to walk now since her hip surgery. She is going to Warm Springs to see what they can do for her what Houston Clinic cannot. She looked good. As always it was good to see them as it is to see friends and family.

Since we were on the "new" side of town, we decided to eat in the area. Don ate a Philly Cheesesteak Connection while Rhett & I got burgers from the place next door to it. We all ate together at Philly's. R & I got kids burgers because they were cheaper, but they were HUGE. In fact, we couldn't eat all of them. Just more leftovers we will probably never eat but grow mold on. We grow a lot of mold at our house. Just call us "The Molds."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Tornado Dream

3/9/07 We had dinner at the American Legion. I took macaroni salad. The food was good. It was something different. Had biscuits from Popeyes that were quite tasty. There was a "band". (I hate it if people use their fingers to put quotes around what they are saying yet I do it when I write.) They played some church songs we sang along to. Even Rhett knew a few like "I'll Fly Away". Of cours he got bored and was ready to go. One of the tires on the monster truck was almost flat when we went to get into it.

I had a tornado dream. I dreamed I was @ the Gov't Center with my friend Patti. We were on one of the top floors. I looked out the large window & saw a huge tornado blocks away. I told her we had to go... we went running thru the office as I yelled, "There's a tornado coming!" We went down and down the staircases until we thought we were safe. I could still see light out of tiny window on a door. Then I woke up shaking.

I asked my friend Mike E what my dream meant. At first the told me I didn't want to know. Then he told me but,I can't put it here.

I got 500,000 points on Book Worm today! Mine is the highest score.

Another Eventful Day in the Life of THE RAV

3/8/07 Had a meeting with Rhett's speech teacher. I felt SO much better after talking with her. She brags on him so much. Makes me feel good. Like I have done something right with him. How he is such a joy and loves his imagination. She assured me that his unwillingness on change does not border on being autistic which he isn't. She says it comes from him being so smart. If we say we are having soup, he EXPECTS us to have soup. No questions asked. No room for change in his little book. He just has a mom that constantly changes her mind. I try not tell him we are doing something because if we don't, then I have to hear about it. He whines until he gets on my last nerve, making me yell at him. Because we talked a great deal, I was a little late for work & so Tanika was beside herself. The Deputy Warden had let the other lady go on vacation while the supervisor was still out.

One of the counselors had to call the "supervisor" at home the day before to get a code to get into the Warden's state email. He can't do it himself. So the counselor got stuck talking to her. She said she tried to drive to Americus, GA but wound up in a ditch & doesn't know how she got there. Her husband came, a wrecker arrived to get her out of the ditch as well as a state trouper who gave her a sobriety test. Would love to know the results of that! Don said the warden could request it. This just lets me know she isn't any better (as you can see below...)

Then she had the nerve to tell this counselor that the secretary and I "are not much help. At least the secretary is better than Becky. Becky won't do anything to help anyone."

The more I thought about it, the madder I got. Here I had been contemplating emailing her as a friend because she'd sent an email to me at home that she also sent to others @ our work email address. She was telling some man named Jim how she missed talking to him. How she thought they were meant for each other but she loved her country husband yet she couldn't stop thinking of what might have been... This went to her brother, her son, etc. If I were her son, I would have called her & asked her what was wrong with her! I was embarrassed for her. Did she not realize what she had done? Obviously not. I don't think she does because she's too drugged up on something.

After what she said today, I realized she is NOT my friend. Has not been a true, good friend for a long, long time. May have never been one with the way she talks about folks behind their backs. She won't let people help her. She just hurts them and alienates them. So why should you help her? Even my preacher says you can't help someone like her.

Then the next day she is coming out to the prison to drop off papers for the Warden. Committal ones perhaps? It takes her all day to get here. I'd given up on her at 4:40. She showed up as we were leaving. We all marched out like penguins, one right behind the other hurrying to get out before she could start talking. It was rather funny the next day in hindsight. I felt her look me up and down to see what I was wearing or as if my clothes were not good enough. I was looking back at her to see if she looked normal or on something. My look probably said it all.

We all laughed about the manner we walked out the next day. The counselor who was among us, said we were "bad", but he was walking just as fast paced as we were! He had asked her if she needed to come into the office. "No, I won't be back in there for awhile" was her pitiful, fake voiced reply that made me want to gag. GAG.

We had a conversation with the warden. Made him aware of her recent "ditching". He doesn't expect her to come back. That may be wishful thinking on his part. He also told us the old secretary, Barbara, who had alzheimers was at the nursing home just up the road. After work I went up there to see her. Her daughter had warned me she might not have make up on. Barabara was standing by a medicine cart when I walked in a secure area. She didn't have make up on as Betsy said. She had a rash on her face. Wonder if it was a staff infection?

Barbara looked good. She had on a lot of jewelry as always. The beaded bracelets reminded me of myself. Is this going to be me years from now? I don't think she knew who I was but she hugged me really good as if she did. Maybe she needed the hug more than I did. There was this vacant, glazed look in her blue eyes. She had a BIG purse on her shoulder as always. Yet she seemed at a loss as to what to do. She'd keep looking at the nurses. It was ackward. I started to leave but couldn't get out. I had to have a code in order to leave. I didn't think she'd miss me. I had to come back and she motioned for me to come to her. The nurses were attempting to place dinner trays on the tables for all the poor old souls there. I told her I'd let her eat and come back another time. I had to get a nurse to let me out. I don't think I will go back. If she were family, I would.

Being there, seeing her, was so sad it almost made me cry. It really made me grateful... for my life, for my sometimes functioning mind and my many memories. I pray I never end up like that in a nursing home, not knowing who is visiting me.

Haven't Lost My Touch

3/4/07 Just another day at work. Had a rough day because one of the other ladies was out. Supervisor is still out. The transfers were left up to me and I am not accustomed to doing them. One of the counselors helped me. The rest of the week is a blur of inmate accounts and other new duties taken on since the "supervisor" is out on "sick" leave.

The other lady brought me back shrimp from Capt D's please which was good. Again I am grateful... for my tastebuds working today.

I got one of the officers good... Mason was telling the secretary to make sure she spelled his name correctly. I said, "It's j-a-c-k..." and everyone laughed. I haven't lost my touch. They couldn't believe I said it. I still have my moments. That was one of them. I'll probably have another in a month or so...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Newfound Adventure Bone, My geneology, The Wyndhams of England

3/2/07 Packed a picnic basket of sandwiches for a picnic @ the hunting land where I was writing my original words in my Gratitude journal. Its was a bit chilly as I sat in the monster truck. My men ventured off into the woods in search of a tree climber to be brought home until next open hunting season. The winds blew pieces of their words back to me so I knew they were still there and safe. My cell is on just in case... but who would I call? Nate is not back home from going to Enterprise. I opted NOT to tromp thru the wet woods. No sense of adventure, I know. I don't think I have an adventurous bone left in my body. Did they just dissolve? I heard the clanging metal as they were taking the climber down in the silence of the woods except for the scratching of my skipping pen and the crickets chirping occassionally. I had 4-5 cameras with me, but there was nothing worthy of photographing before me. I did see some interesting trees on the ride in.

We ate lunch in the truck because it was so cool. After we ate, they got the climber then we drove to where the hunters built their practice range. No interesting trees there. I let D & R shoot 1st. I got to shoot a 22 rifle for the 1st time in my life. I did pretty good for me @ the 50 yard range even if I say so myself. Of course I took a picture of the target to go in the scrapbook! I was proud of myself.

Once we got to the campsite where the camper was parked, I asked if I could walk to my fave spot. Not that I need permission. So I took off at a fast pace, heart pounding in my chest loudly. It made me feel good. I walked down the 1st trail that I'd been down once before. When I got to the part I thought I'd remembered, only it did not look the same as what was in my memory. To my horror, some of the trees had been cut down and left the way they fell. I was telling myself "This could NOT be my favorite spot!" so I backtracked and went down the other trail. I did not recognize anything familiar at all on it. The trees on the left hand side were totally different. They were not pine but much thicker types of trees. I was having a literal field day taking a storm of pictures. I discovered a part where the trail turned into a perfect green grass carpet. Was it magic? Unfortunetly not. I walked down it, but was not transported to another time or place. Walking back, I knew my guys must be calling for me, searching for me and worried by now. I felt perfectly safe until I spotted a gray tree stump that in my wild imagination resembled a coyote!

I just could not believe my once magical spot no longer existed except in my mind. I go back down the path again. As I am looking down the trail, I realized, it wasn't the trees, it was the road. The day I first saw this perfect spot, I half expected a knight in armor to come pounding down the path upon his steed. The trees, I must have confused with one of those movies about Merlin. I turn back in disappointment. About halfway, I see my guys walking towards me. Rhett comes running up and hgs me as if I have been gone for years. Then he's pulling me back from whence I came. I noticed Don had his pistol in his holster upon his hip as if he's the marshall of these woods. The one time I get my adventureous bone to working properly, he fusses at me about coyotes!

I showed them where the trees had been cut down. They were near someone's shooting house. Don thought Meade cut them since some of them appeared diseased. I told him about the stand on the other trail. It did not sound familiar to him so he had to go see it. He thought it was too close to the property line which must be a no-no in their hunting rule book. He could not believe how far I walked. He told our preacher the next day it must have been 400 yards. On the way back, I showed him the stump I thought was a coyote.

Back at the campsite, he told me they honked the horn for me. He even shot the gun, but I heard neither.

Back home, I fixed snacks for the two of them to take to the free drag race. I had the house all to myself for a few hours. I caught up on some emails. Learned some of my geneology from Mike E's friend Anne K. The Graddy's were a bit boring & I only got so far. Now the Windhams on my grandmother's side of the family are far more interesting.... if I can link to a ranking Confederate officer in the Civil War from Darlington, SC., I may can become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) which would be awesome.

If we are indeed related to the Wyndham's in England, I will have a fascinating history to tell my grandchildren that includes a sir, a sir knight to King Henry the 8th, who was later beheaded and a ghost! The Wyndham family home is breathtakingly beautiful. (I forgot to add the link. I'll try to remember to add it later....) Anne says if we ever go to England, we must see it. I agree wholeheartedly. I got very excited about it all. It was a very good day for which I am grateful.
Another good weekend.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just another Friday night

March 2, 2007 We kept out two granddaughters, Tatum and Wesley Rose so Elisa could go a woman's dinner with ladies from her church. Nate, her hubby was out of town in Enterprise, Al where a tornado hit a school and killed some children. So sad. This same storm passed thru here on Thursday nite. I didn't think it was that bad because for once we did not loose power. Rhett was more concerned than we were. He kept telling us to get in the hallway which we didn't do. With the pouring rain hitting the tin roof over the garage or carport, we could not hear the siren warnings going off from Columbus. It wasn't until I watched the 11 pm. news that I saw how bad it really was. It hit the Brookstone area and the Brookstone private school.

I was sent a email that showed only a slight part of the destruction. One of the deputy wardens had pictures of homes in that rich section of town near the school. It wasn't until later in another email showing the town of Americus, Ga that I saw the worst destruction. I couldn't believe how it took the tops of trees.

Don got Rhett's hair cut. I say this every time that Don is NOT going to get Rhett's hair cut ever again! My mom said the good thing is it will be grown out by his birthday in May!

The girls (our granddaughters) have grown up so much since we last saw them. Wesley is talking more. She has learned to say "NO!" Tatum went to sleep on the couch. Rhett had fun playing hide-n-seek with Wesley while Tatum slept. He didn't seem to mind that she was so much younger than him.

I guess I am getting old. At 10 pm, I was ready for them to be picked up so I could go on to bed. Usually on Friday nights I am fading at that time.

Two Good Deeds of the Day

Feb. 28, 2007 This morning I was scheduled for a meeting with Rhett's speech teacher but she called @ 7:45 am to cancel it. After that I went by the Gov't Center to pick up the silverware basket for the free dishwasher from Maria in the Clerk's office and still made it to work on time!On the way from Rhett's school, I saw a truck's cab literally on fire!

Today I got an email from Angi which was neat & coincidental since I planned to give her the 25 cent Tuscany picture I purchased @ Fred's yesterday. Telling her about it may have spoiled the surprise.

At church I gave Angi her picture and Katherine her's and Larry's pink pastoral scene. Both of them seemed to really like their pictures so it made me feel good. Two good deeds of the day.

Today I Am...

Today I am... Grace Kelly and grateful to be compared to her or being similar in characteristics to such a beautiful lady of such grace, movie star status and a mother. Although her children did not turn out as royally as I am sure she wanted.

Speaking of children... Rhett did a "weather report" on the way home last night via his voice recorder. He was tongue-tied and not doing a very good job of it. He would not last as a weather caster. He claimed it was bad weather and raining outside. I gave him a hard time. I told him "It looks clear to me!" which was also on the recording. He said there were tornadoes in Huntsville, Al. (Need to email my friend Iris to tell her that.) and hurricanes in Fla. I kept giving him a hard time at every turn. He was doing an "Oscar Show". And the best actor was.... George Parker. I asked, "What happened to George Clooney?"

What will today bring? What did today lay at your feet?

I had a good lunch. Thank you tastebuds for working properly. For that I am grateful.

After work, I got Pepsi's at Fred's Discount store. Love that place. They had unframed pictures on sale for 25 cents ea. I just could not pass them up. I even got a golf one for the Warden. Not that I am a brown-noser here. Just in a giving mood. I also got one for Angi at church for her new home. I got one for our preacher Larry and his wife Katherine. It was a pastoral sence in a pinkish tone that I liked. I got my brother-in-law & his wife Kim a mill scene since he used to leave near on Beck's Mill Road in Indiana. I got one for Jason & Kristina too. One just because I liked it. A valentine's one that will probably go in the scrapbook. I think I did good.

I cooked spegetti for supper. I thought I wanted alfredo sauce on mine, but ended up adding my regular McCormick thick & zesty sauce I made for Don & Rhett. Well, Rhett only eats parmesan sprinkled on on his. Weird child that he has become. Sometimes that makes me mad because my sauce is oh SO good. How could he not eat it? Plus if I cook it, he should eat it.

I watched to "Iraq and Back" last night. It was about ABC new anchor Bob Woodruff being shot in Iraq, suffering a severe head injury and surviving. It also showed other injured soldiers. Some of them reminded me of my cousin Ken who was struck by a drunk driver during hunting season back in the 80's. He survived and overcame his severe head trama only to get struck by another drunk driver on New Year's Eve in 1998. He did not survive that one. What are the odds of being struck twice by two different drunk drivers in a lifetime?

I was pregnant with Rhett during Ken's funeral. I was just starting to show & wearing maternity clothes. I broke down after the service in my Aunt Bea's arms. I was not even close to her as relationships go. But she was there for me at that difficult time. My friend David was the only friend who showed up at the funeral. When I saw him, I broke down on him as well. I will always be grateful for David being there for me that day.

I suppose I wrote this about Ken as a reminder so he won't be forgotten and his memory can live on.... Miss you Ken.