Monday, September 29, 2008

Odd Pot Shot 9/29/08


I took this photo awhile back and had been wanting to use it as an Odd shot. Maybe it was back in the early Spring. I want to say around March. Anywho... First, I sent the photo out as an email to all my friends asking them if they could guess what it was. Only my friend Cheryl knew what it actually was and she won the prize. It was taken inside a local family owned pharmacy near my mom's where we get our presrciptions filled. The owner's wife arranges flowers and such. It is some sort of odd pot or container you can put flowers or a plant inside. I thought it looked odd as I have never seen one like it before. Have you? I am sure all my plant friends would like it. Although I don't know how sturdy it is, how much it could hold nor it's price.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Have a Golden Day Sky Watch Friday




I snapped these shots a few weeks ago now and fell in love with the sheer goldeness of them. I took them in sequences, but left a few out, putting only the best ones on here. I thought they were perfect for today to wish everyone a golden day.

I certainly need one with what all has been going on with my family lately. Then having to deal with an irate, demanding cousin from out-of-town who thinks we can put a stop to my uncle going to a hospital in Birmingham! That we should tell my aunt he cannot go. Unbelieveable. My mom had already listened to her tirade earlier. Mom was supposed to be giving me another cousin's phone number to call since I have free long distance on my cell. Instead she gave me the irate cousin's number so I had to hold the phone out and away from my ear as she ranted and raved, wasting my minutes. Then she said she was worried about my mom; that she thought my mom might go crazy if my uncle went to Birmingham. That is when a side of me kicked in that has not been let out in awhile. You don't talk about my momma! I told her my mother was the strongest woman I know. She has been through a lot and survived. Not to worry about her. I will take her to see my uncle on the weekends. I am sure my tone said it all and she may not speak to me again for a couple of years, but so what? What would I do if I did not have crazy cousins? LOL Just because they are crazy doesn't make me cracy like them. Where do these people get off?

I called my mom afterwards to tell her of her error in phone numbers. At one point she was laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, but of course she apologized and I forgive her.

On a much, much happier note, I have a bit of good news to share... I will soon be selling a copy of the art work that was in the show!!!

Please continue to keep Don, my Uncle Frank (who was better and looked better yesterday) and my best friend Penny in your prayers. Update on Uncle Frank: He will be moved to UBA on Monday. It will be harder on us, but the best for him. Thank you.

Update on Don: Don went through his hide a scan test ok. He was on a metal slab for two hours waiting for the dye to go through his gall bladder. From what the technician who ran the test said and who recently had gall bladder surgery, he doesn't think it is his gall bladder which could mean even more tests. He is having an eye exam in a few minutes. He is trying to exhaust all his insurance benefits before the end of this month.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday Trust God


I knew I was going to say once again how thankful I was for last Thursday at the art show where I not only entered a piece of my artwork, but I won a ribbon award and a monetary one as well. Not to mention I sold two things on It was my luckiest day ever except for my wedding day and the birth of my son.

Then reality hit as it always does. My cousin Ben was having hernia surgery and he is a hemopheliac, but prayers were sent out and up and he went through the surgery just fine. A little sore and probably felt like he'd been run over by a truck, but otherwise okay. My Uncle Frank who had brain cancer surgery back in June and did really well, started having strange episodes. My aunt had to have an inside alarm installed on their door to alert her if he tried to leave the house after she'd gone to bed. After the episode, she took him to his doctor and they did an MRI. The next day he was admitted to the ICU which scared us. His doctor had done all he could for him here and said if it were his relative, he would send them to the University of Alabama hospital (UBA), one of the best. My aunt will be able to stay there which is a blessing in itself.

My parents and I went to see him on Tuesday. I fell like all my days have run together with so much sicknesses going on that it is hard to tell which day is which. My mom went in first to see him since she is his sister and my son is not old enough to go into the ICU yet. So I remained in the waiting room with him. While in the waiting room, my son witnessed praying like he has never seen or heard before. At first it brought tears to my eyes because they went to the Master to thank Him for their doctor, but it became increasingly louder and louder. I don't think the Lord has a hearing problem. LOL

Then mom came to get us. She said Uncle Frank was outside in the hallway! When someone is in ICU, you don't expect them to be up walking around. He'd walked down the hall with her, my aunt and a nurse. He hugged Rhett and myself. And we all have to wonder if this will be the last time we see him. Uncle Frank thought I was taking him to my car. I guess he thought I was going to take him home or to UBA. I asked the nurse if he should be walking around and the nice male nurse said it was fine with a smile. So I walked him back to his room along with the nurse named Jeff, who was very sweet. My uncle asked Jeff to find him a job at the hospial, but the nurse took it in stride. Jeff got me a chair for my uncle's ICU room since my uncle was going to sit in the only chair beside the toilet seat. A lot of things he said did not make sense, but I never corrected him out of respect and not wanting to upset him. My uncle has been a truck driver most of my life so everything came back to a truck. He was even seeing one on the tv screen which was showing fishing boats hauling in crabs and other seafoods. It was so sad. Then we had to leave to go to Rhett's PTA.

Rhett is doing good in school. His gifted program is not interfering with his normal school work. His drama teacher even told him yesterday he is her best student! So I am thankful and could not be more proud of him. I don't know who is more proud of him, Rhett or me?

Then more bad news came... Don called me about putting him back on my insurance at work. I am thinking ok... he doesn't like his insurance so he wants to be put back on mine. I told him there was open enrollment beginning now, but there might be a waiting period until the first of the year. Then he said, "When your insurance is cancelled, you should be able to put me back on it." I asked, "Why would your insurance be cancelled?" Because he will no longer have a job after Friday! So here we go again... our history is repeating itself once more. I recalled how this affected Rhett in school and his gifted program.

Don had been telling me of others who had worked there longer than him being laid off and of how he'd been cleaning welding machines just to have something to do. I wasn't listening. He figured this was coming whereas naieve me did not.

The good news is... it won't be a problem adding him back on to my insurance due to his loss of work. We'd worried about his pre-exisiting non-functioning gall bladder condition, but because he had health coverage without breakage, that won't be a problem either. Whew! Thank you, Lord!

Still this has to be very hard on Don, a grown man approaching retirement, having this happen for a second time in a couple of years of his lifetime.

Last night was singing nite at church for which I am so thankful for because it not only eased my aching back but my soul as well. So "It is well with my soul."

As I had read Iris' post about change this morning, I thought she was writing about my life as of late. When I started to post this, I realize I don't have Iris' logo uploaded and I couldn't upload it on the home computer. It was frustrating. Then I hit the wrong button & kicked myself off AOL which is how I connect to the internet since our connection still doesn't work even after having the computer worked on last month. I figured that was the devil trying to stop my from doing this post. So I get back on AOL. I go back into Picasa. The first picture I see is the one I took awhile back; the one placed above and knew it was The pefect photo for today. I know it is a sign... literally and that I must trust God in all the things that have been happening in our lives this week. And I will. I am. I have been spreading this message on through emails this morning and now I am passing it on to you...

One of my all time favorite movies is "Romancing the Stone". I liked "Jewel of the Nile" also, but it doesn't measure up to the first one. Sequels rarely do in my opinion except for the movie "Mission Impossible II". I am currently reading a very good book by the author of the these movies and books entitled Wings of Destiny. It is a hardback regularly priced at $24.00, but I got it for a $1 at the dollar store! Did ya hear that, Abby? The author is a beautiful woman. Just by reading the flap covers, I really did not think it was a book I would become interested in, but I have been devouring every word. It had a some voodoo and black magic in the beginning, but there is still so much more good in it. It is about coming out of slavery and a man who builds California. I am only on page 137 out of 502. I highly recommend it, but since I found it in the dollar store, I am not sure of it's availablity now nor have I checked the internet.

In the past, I used to have some interesting tales of my trials of getting lunch. I have not had any tales in a long while, but I have one today.... I went to Wendy's and while standing in line, I had to run to the restroom. As I was putting toilet paper down on the seat, my sunglasses fell into the toilet! Luckily it was before I used it! So I washed my sunglassed and dried them with the hand dryer. It is hard to dry plastic! I get my food and as I was turning to walk out, I pulled my clean sunglasses out of the v in my blouse which decided to unbutton itself in a room full of mostly working men. I quickly placed my food bag up against me and went back into the ladies room to button it. I had to laugh at my reflection in the mirror. I am thankful for my sense of humor and the fact that I can laugh at myself. I told my tale to my "supervisor" who killed herself laughing. We all need a good laugh. I hope I have provided you with one today. If I have, then that is my good deed for the day.

The hospital where Don is to have his Hide a Scan done tomorrow called me instead of him to inform him he has a $350 deductible which has not been met. Because his insurance only pays 80%, he will need to pay $519.84 tomorrow. BUT... he can just put $100 down. I have never had a hospital call to say such as this before. I called him at work to tell him. He is not supposed to receive phone calls, but I figured it is his last day and it was not like he is busy. He told me they are wrong about him not meeting the deductible because he got the bill from the ER. He said he'd talk to him tomorrow. Which means he will speak in his deep, authoritative voice. It is just when one is facing the loss of one's job, then you are told you are expected to pay a rather large chunk of money is depressing to me, but he said he's okay for now. Just when you think you are getting ahead, an unexpected bill always comes up like an uninvited guest. But I will take the Scarlett O'Hara approach... "Tomorrow is another day." Hopefully it will be better.

Please keep Don in your prayer for his test tomorrow and that he will find another job very soon. My friend Penny who found a lump the size of raisin in her remaining breast tissue will have a biopsy tomorrow also.

I had been reminded by my friend Cheryl that my Uncle Frank may have to go to a nursing home. So I have to given in and give him up to that possiblity. Then my friend Anne adviced me to give him over to the Lord so I must do that also. My friend Genie said my plate is full.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

J is... for Joy & Jimmy


At first I was going to write about the joy that I felt having won an award at the art show last Thursday, but how would I describe that joy? There were no words other than to say it was THE luckiest day of my life beside my wedding day and my son's birth. I just couldn't believe it happened to me! Still can't. What photograph have I taken that would actually show that joy? That proved to be an impossible task.

Because I had said I wanted my ABC Wednesdays to be more of a personal nature, I pondered some more on my J is... for post this week. Because I had been going with a friends theme, I knew I had my J for this go-round... My J is.. for my friend Jimmy. I first met Jim back in 1976 while working at JCPenney's and it has proven to be one of my longest lasting friendships. We have been friends for over 30 years! Not many folks can say that. We used to have so much fun at work and afterwards back in the day. We still do whenever we get together.

Jim is a plant and flower man. When I went with Genie back to Hawaii, Jim brought me in a bird of paradise flower to adorn my desk at work and in honor of my trip. So he is very thoughtful. I am not a plant person and usually end up killing whatever is given to me. Really I do. Jimmy finds this strange.

I was left JCP before Jimmy did although he did follow me to Gayfer's. He and my friend David were there for me when I was badly burned by my exploding radiator. I will never ever forget them for that period of my life. Although Jimmy kept me out way too late one night at a party when I was still healing, wearing burn cream and gauze, I paid for it the next day by remaining in bed. Jimmy of course aplogized. My mom was mad at him. When our friends Kim and Doug got married, David took me to their wedding, but would not let me stay as long as I wanted to do; certainly not as long as Jimmy and I stayed at the party. I was not happy with David at that moment after being cooped up and felt almost human again at the wedding despite the burn cream and gauze I was wearing underneath my cloths.

Jimmy has always been there for me as I have been for him. This art show really proved that. I still can't believe he and Bob showed up with roses for me and made me cry.

I wish everyone could have a friend like Jim.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dr. Pepper Man Odd Shot


I am not a Pepper. Never have been; never will be. I am a Pepsi person. I saw this display at the local Piggly Wiggly near where I work; where I often pick up a hot meal for lunch or shop after work because it's close by and the prices are lower on some products. One such day a week or so ago, as I was picking up lunch, I paid for it at the lunch counter, turned and walked back the way I entered when I saw this Dr. Pepper Man. I thought it was odd yet very, very creative. I doubt the local stock boys came up with this idea. LOL I wondered if it was sent pre-made like this or if they had a diagram they followed to put it all together? If inquiring minds want to know, I will ask the manager.

In case you haven't read my previous posts, I won The People's Choice Award at the local art show I entered!!!! You can go back and read all about my excitement.If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following...
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inside Belle's Place, 2008


Friday, my car was finally being serviced so my whole schedule was off since I had to drive the monster truck to take Rhett to school and myself to work. We were playing musical cars after I got off work. Don had a viral infection in his eye which proceeded to get more troublesome as the day wore on yet he wouldn't take any OTC drops my mom offered him. We'd agreed to meet with our daughters at a mexican place near the house. Elisa, the oldest was bringing some eye drops because she'd recently had the same eye problem. Don just really looked pitiful.

I framed a piece of my art when I got up Saturday morning. Saturday was the annual Jr. Leaque Attic Sale. I'd asked Steph & Amanda if they wanted to go then stop at Belle's Place which Rhett & I accidentally discovered last year at this time when we arrived at the Attic Sale too late. We arrived at this sale at 11, but they would be closing for lunch at 12, re-opening back at 1 when you could get in free and everything was half off. I really didn't find much of anything this year. I sifted through frames, but put them back. I did find a matching clear salad bowl to our everyday china for 50 cents. I got Rhett a Chipmunk tape for 50 cents, but found out later it had been recorded over in one spot. You can only take so much chipmunks! LOL He got the neatest toy for $1 of his own money. It is called a Hyper Slide. I couldn't see going back again so we got a good lunch at Ruth Anne's. Then we went to Belle's.

Now I had emailed my friend Mike who knows the owner to ask a favor of him to put in a good word for me so I could perhaps sell some of my artwork there. I had three pieces in the car but the owner was not there. All I could do was leave my name, phone number, the names of my pieces and their prices for her to call me. A small baby step, but still another step. Although I had told my friend David the art show was more than putting my big toe in the water. I was wading. I guess the art show has given the confidence I needed.

We went to Mom's where we talked while Rhett I played his new toy which is so cool. I had fun playing it as long as we played the first simple game. It has 4 colored disks. It tells you what disk to slide underneath an arc type piece. It can tell if you you slid the right color and tells you when you didn't! Then annoyingly tells you what you should have slid.

I called my friend Lefty to tell him about Penny's latest not so good news. I left a message for our mutual friend Debra also. I remembered I had to get Tiffany, the young lady who sits behind us at church a birthday present. She was turning sweet 16 on the 21st. The 21st is also my blogger friend, Janet's birthday. I found some cute inexpensive things. It seemed this weekend was my weekend to catch up with folks on the phone.

We stopped by the library to see if "A I " (Artificial Intelligence) was in per Rhett's request. It was. I stopped by the art exhibit and met a new fellow artist who had her art near mine. It was a beautiful sunset with a sail boat. I loved the colors in it.

We got something for supper. I cooked then we watched the movie, but I don't recommend it. It was so very sad from a mom's part of view much like "The Passion of the Christ" was to me. Both Rhett and I were crying at the end. It is funny how art seems to inmitates my life. In the movie the robotic child asks his human mother "Are you going to die?" At night Rhett will sometimes beg me not to die before going to sleep. I tell him I will try not to do that for a long time. To get our minds off this sadness, I told him we'd play a few turns with his new toy he got earlier.

Today we had a good lunch at the Chinese place near the house. I had shrimp. Rhett got to spend lunch time with his friend Alex. I ate so much I had to take a nap afterwards. I felt like you do when you eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I made another phone call before church to find out where my cousin Ben was having his hernia surgery. Then there was Tiffany's party after evening services. Rhett got to ride on a dune buggy within the church parking lot. His over protective mom wouldn't let him be taken on the busy, dangerous highway.

My mom and I are concerned about my Uncle Frank who had brain cancer surgery back in June because he had a really strange episode. Just so much to do lately. Postcards to make for my postcard swap.

The above Photo was taken inside Belle's place. A white collumned antibellum mansion turned into an antiques place. This stained glass actually looks like it is bucking out in the center and there are rusted iron bars holding it in place. There is a ballroom on the top floor which is closed off to the publlic. Rhett found an odd shaped attic room under the eaves which he claimed for his own. All the glass in the window is leaded. It survived abandonment issues and bums living inside with animals until it was restored. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have attended a ball here back in the day? I just don't get the "feel" that this would be where I would want to live though.

I took pictures of some signs on the walls, but will post them at a later date.
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Blog Your Blessings Sunday Photos from the Art Show


There I am holding the roses Jimmy & Bob gave me with Rhett & my parents besides my art.


Jimmy & Bob with me, the roses and the picture.


The People's Choice Award


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I can only upload four small pictures at a time on here so I couldn't get the coral colored roses after I arranged them. Sorry Jimmy, Bob and Paulie. I am most thankful for this event of my life that turned into The most luckiest day for me. I am most thankful for all my family and friends who supported me in this special event. I am most thankful for the good Lord for allowing it to happen.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Art Show

On the morning of the art show, I opened an email telling me two more of my photos had been purchased on This makes a total of four now. This was starting off to be my lucky day...

I spent the entire day getting myself ready for my first art show. I wore a dressy blouse I'd only worn once before. It was a medium so it was a bit snug and I had to wear the jacket so you couldn't see straps. The palazzo pants I pulled on had not been worn in years so the elastic was rather stretched. Surely I had not worn them when I was pregnant with Rhett! LOL So what could I do but roll them up as I dressed at my parents' house? I needed heels and I had flats. At least the fashion police did not site me. Rhett told me they looked like "Diva pants".

My parents, and Rhett and I arrived in separate vehicles so they could leave when they got tired whereas I would be staying to the end, ever the partyier.

The new lady artist who paints from her dark side, who had one of the weirdest pieces in the show was at the desk where you picked up your name tags. She looked wonderful and told me the same. At the exact same time, we told each other "We clean up well" and laughed. I think we are a bit ackward around each other because secretly we must feel in competition with one another.

My friend Cheryl and her husband Randy were the first of my friends to arrive. She wanted to see my painting then we walked around the room critiquing all the other pieces. Cheryl recognized names of artists she knew which seemed to excite her. We munched on the good food, getting some red potatoe halves with a tiny dot of sour cream. They reminded me of when I worked in Economic Development and the department funded an excavation of the downtown area. We rubbed elbows with the rich & famous families, the elite of old money names. Don really seemed to enjoy that outing. Miriam's catered the food and served the most delicious cold red potatoes I had ever eaten. Days afterwards, I even called them to get their recipe. All they would tell me over the phone was, "Oh, those were poached in chicken broth..." as if I was supposed to know. OK.

Much to my delight and surprise a fellow co-worker from another department unexpectedly showed up. I couldn't believe Jan was there. So my networking paid off even if it only brought in one new person out of all the email invitations I sent. Next came my friends and former co-workers, Barbara and Debra. I was standing by my art so I didn't have to take them very far to see it. I had been so excited just to see my art hanging that I did not pay close attention to the typo in the title. It was supposed to be "I love Ewe", but they had "I Love Eve" which made me feel like a lesbian! LOL Don is always getting on to me for not paying attention to details.

Our dear friend Helen came looking wonderful as always. She couldn't stay long as she had volunteered to usher at the Kenny Loggins concert. Lucky her. My dearest friends Jimmy and Bob showed up with a dozen deep coral colored roses which made me cry. I told them, "I can't believe you brought me roses." I wouldn't let Jimmy take pictures until after I composed myself. He actually took more pictures with his new digital camera than I did. For once in my life I couldn't seem to use a camera. We munched and talked. When they announce the winner of the big award, I whispered to Bob that the winner looked like an artist and Bob agreed. The man reminded me of "Tater Salad" on the Redneck Comedy tour.

Now I told all my friends who came to put my name on the slip of paper in the pot the hopes I might win the People's Choice award. I did not give them a choice to vote for who they liked, but they all voted for me. At least 12 of them voted.

I kept looking at the clock. I thought it was slow and I was getting anxious because Don had not arrived yet. My cell phone was locked in the trunk of my car. I borrowed Jimmy's to call Don. Don asked, "Do you realize I just got off work." I had looked at the clock wrong and apologized.

It was too hot in the room for Bob so we stepped outside into the hallway where there was a breeze blowing. Jimmy and Bob were sitting on a bench whereas I could not seem to sit down so I stood. A hand came around me and it was my friend David. Jimmy and Bob knew he was sneaking up on me, but didn't bat an eyelash. Good thing I did not scream! We stayed there talking, catching up and laughing. It reminded me of the old JCPenney days of us staying after work in the parking lot talking, laughing, blowing off steam which today is called venting. David has now developed diabetes, but like my mom only has to take a pill instead of insulin shots.

Jimmy said he should have shown up in a three piece suit carrying a briefcase and announced he was "from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and he was willing to pay $47,000 for 'The Bristow' and that was a steal!" We all laughed. I walked inside with David so he could see my work as well as the rest of the show. He filled out a slip then he and I walked around the room. Our tastes are still very similar. I wouldn't take anything for his expression when he saw the weird ones. I had to hide my laugh. Then they announced the winner of the People's Choice award.... and I WON!!! I walked up to the podium with my roses on my arm and felt like Mrs. Congeniality! I won $100.00! I may not come down from this high or stop smiling until next week - if then.

One of the guild's photographers took my picture holding the gray ribbon next to my painting and will email it to me later.

I took David to see Rhett playing on the computer. I showed Rhett the envelope that said "People's Choice Award" on it and said, "Look what I won!" His eyes got very big. I wouldn't take anything for David seeing Rhett's expression. I am sure he was thinking "That is Becky made over." David left and I returned back to the room. They told me someone was looking for me. I figured it was Don, but I didn't see him as I looked around. "Was it a man?" I asked. No, it was a woman. Then my friend Anne, who drove all the way from Carrollton just for me walked up. She alreay knew I'd won the award. We moved over to my painting and talked. Then Don finally arrived. By then most of the food had been eaten but Don walked around looking then got something to nibble on.

Anne wanted to go upstairs to visit with her friends in the geneology department. We were ready to leave also. We collected Rhett who went with me back to my parent's house so I could tell them my great news.

Once home, I cut the ends off the roses like Jimmy told me to do and put them in a vase. My mom got the floral arranging gene whereas I did not. Don was trying to "supervise" by telling me how to place them, but they still looked pitiful which is why I don't work in a flower shop. LOL I did take some pictures of them against a blue chair for the background in hopes that I may paint them one day....

I called my best friend Genie to share with her my exciting news. Then I called my other best friend Penny and now I am glad I did. She found another lump in her remaining breast tissue. She said it is the size of a raisin. On the 26th, she will have a biopsy where they will remove it while she is awake. Then they test it. She hopes it is a fatty cell. I pray it is only scar tissue. Please keep Penny in your prayers.

Today I sent out thank you emails and telling those who did not attend that I won. I received back many, many congrats. One friend said he prayed it would be good for me, but it seemed like the Lord over-did Himself. LOL He certainly did and I am so very thankful. In my thank you email, I said, "I'd like to thank the Academy for this great honor..." LOL because I have always wanted to say that.

The computer kicked off on my so my pictures would not upload. Sorry. I will send them separately tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday, The Art Show





Today is the art show and I am thankful to have arrived at this point in my life of finally living my dreams. It does not matter if I win anything but just to say I have actually been in an art show.

I am thankful to my friends Cheryl and Anne who have been my strong email cheerleaders and supporters these last couple of weeks. I told Anne she needed to be a life coach. I can't begin to tell them what this means to me by them telling me how good I am as an artist and to not doubt myself; to not let anyone or anything spoil this good mood; this high I am riding on now and I have not let anything spoil it. So I am proud of myself for that small blessing. I am thankful to my all my other friends as well like Genie who shares my excitement in Virginia. Just don't think she is quite as excited as I am. To all our church memembers who are equally excited for me as well as my many blogging friends who have commented like Carletta. Thank you all.

Yesterday I bought Rhett some things for Halloween at the dollar store. I just love Halloween. I took pictures of the items as I held them up to the light and got THE coolest photos I have taken in awhile. It could be a Halloween card. I must remember to submit it to Hallmark. Never submitted pictures before. Back in high school, I attempted to send words and verses, but was always rejected. Yet I know I can make cards better than Hallmark. I prefer my words to their's. As I took the pictures, I told my guys I needed to submit the photos to

This morning when I opened my email, I had sold two more items on !!! Those were not even some of my better photos. This is the 2nd set of Halloween pictures I have sold on this site. Maybe Halloween is lucky for me. So this really is my lucky day and I am so very, very thankful.

I am also so very thankful to for my mom who is helping me make finger foods for the art show. She is boiling eggs and cutting up celery to go in the chicken salad for sandwiches. I will make two types of dips to take along with a Pepsi.

I will tell you all about the art show tomorrow... wish me luck.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I is for... The Invitation


I had decided when picking the letter I is for... in the alphapbet, I wanted my ABC Wednesday posts to be more of a personal nature so this week I went with The Invitation to the art show I would be participating in tomorrow. The Artist Guild only sent me one invitation in the mail. So I got my creative juices to flowing. I found a similar font to add a touch of my own at the bottom and copied it all on pink paper of course. It looks sort of mauve here which is just fine with me. I was rather proud of myself and the fact that I went the extra miles to inter-office them to fellow friends and co-workers in other departments. Then I took a photo of the invitation so I could email it to all my friends, family, past JCPenney co-workers and email buddies, thus saving me the cost of stamps and gas. I snail-mailed to those I did not have email access. I even went above and beyond by mailing or dropping off one to my doctors. Even my old retired pediatrician so he could see what I was up to these days and perhaps be proud of me. I plan to take a piece of my artwork with me when I visit my doctors now. Doctors always have art and pictures hanging in their offices. I thought what better way to do this than when I put my foot inside their door? I can just see my "Blessings Lamb" in my obgyn's office when I go for my annual next month....

Speaking of doctors... I had to call Don's yesterday. It seems he doesn't have a gall stone, but they think his gall bladder may not be functioning properly so they want to do anther test with a big hairy name I can't recall. Don didn't care what it was called. So we wait for another appointment...

I stopped by the library because I figured they would have all the work hung by then and they did. Mine hangs near the bottom which I didn't particularly care for, but what could I do about it?. I just thought with the eye in mine and being smaller in size, it should be up at the top. Maybe they hang large to small going downward. I felt people would be drawn to the eye if it were higher. Oh, well.... I took two pictures of the row it was hanging. One without flash. The other with flash. I found one paper collaged piece that reminded me of what I normally do. I asked if this was legal using papers that had been cut out of magazines and such. Yet I noticed it did not fit properly in it's frame. When I inspected it up close and personal, I could see light coming through the top of it and it had not glass over the piece. A few more pieces had been added as well.

Tomorrow is The BIG day. Wish me luck.

I fell asleep on the couch while watching an old Jedi movie which is a bit serendipitious since I quoted Yoda in my last post. Then I couldn't go back to sleep knowing I needed my beauty rest for tomorrow's big day. I know this is normal. Butterflies and nerves.

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May the force be with you.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hanging Day

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Yesterday was "Hanging Day". I did not need to take the day off for it, but I pampered myself beforehand anyway. All we had to do was basically drop our artwork off. We did not actually hang it as I thought we would.

As Rhett and I arrived at the library, it was raining. We saw some folks carrying large bundles with plenty of plastic over them. I carried my trusty Creative Memories scissors with me to cut off the plastic on mine. Rhett walked around the room with me looking at the various ones on display on the floor. I didn't leave my confidence at the door. It came in with me, stopped and went, "Uh oh..." because there were beautiful landscapes, portraits that seemed so lifelike, and huge antique looking frames that must have cost a small fortune as I held tightly onto my framed work, keeping the picture itself facing me, not outward for everyone to see.

I had to put a paper label on the front and back of it along with a PINK ribbon to let the judges know I was a first timer because there is a certain award for this category. I was filling out my info and the price I was asking for the piece as the one weird lady who I'd sat next to at guild meetings came up to where I was standing. It was a bit awkward. I guess we might feel as if we are in competition with each other or something. I think she wanted to see mine, but I had it upside down on a podium and had not removed the plastic yet. Once I got mine fixed, I asked her where her piece of art was located. She told me it was the weirdest one and it was. A black background of what is supposed to be a face in different colors with a turquoise noise that looks like it is smushed to the left side of the face. All I could say was "Oh." Then I showed her mine which would be like comparing bubble gum music to heavy metal. Barry Manilow to Marilyn Manson. Her piece did have a nice frame. I guess I could have truthfully told her that. I did ask her if she had trouble with framing. Her husband tried to make her a frame, but they ended up going to either Hobby Lobby or Michael's where the people were very helpful. Good to know for future reference.

There are a couple of pieces that are really, really good. One is made of tiles so it looks like an artist's pallette on tan colored tile. The colors on the pallette look mosaical. It is really neat and should get some sort of award for being original.

Then all these women came in with their oil paintings of flowers. There is an exceptional painting of ducks on the water and their reflections which I believe was done by a man. Okay so the confidence waned a little. Yet my eyes would keep returning to eye in my small piece next to the weird lady's. I wasn't second guessing myself by asking me if I should have done this one or that one instead because this one came to me in a dream and trully feel like I am living my dreams. It is an awesome feeling.

Maybe I am a glutton for punishment because I asked Dr. Maddox, art professor, who has a studio in the historic district what he thought of my art work. He said it reminded him of Picasso which made me laugh because I had not thought of that. Just considered it an abstract. The only thing I did wrong was having the heart shape coming down to a point and touching the matt which is called kissing. This must
be a big no-no. If I had known this, I could have done another and let the heart trail downward fading or let it become a pink mist. Well, I can picture it in my mind... So I may do another one with this idea. Then he kept talking about realism. I didn't think I had to do something on realism and asked about that. I didn't. So I don't know why he kept talking about realism. I had just e-mailed everyone telling them the artists seemed to be into realism whereas I was not and I was okay with this. He said my eye was not realistic, but then my picture is obviously not about realism! I did not let what he said bother me and I am proud of myself for that. Even he said it was an artist's opinion and another artist would tell me something different. I remained to look at the other's work as they came in.

Rhett & I even came back to look around one more time before we left the library. When Rhett saw the weird woman's painting, he asked "What is that?" I told him she said it was a self-portrait. I left out it was during a dark period in her life. I hope I never feel that bad about myself! None of the art was hung last night. I did notice a frame that was similar in color and size to mine was placed on top of mine so maybe they will hang them in a like manner.

Now my only concern is if the weird woman wins something and I don't, then there's is something wrong with the big picture. It would be like darkness winning over light. I can hear Yoda saying, "Don't let the darkness over take you."

I had been reading a good book entitled Spirited Away which I finished. It is about a ghost knight. The author is from Savannah, GA! So I was thinking why couldn't Don be more romantic and chivalrous like him? When I got home, there was a pink rose in one of Rhett's kiddie cups waiting for me. Awe. I think I'll keep him. That is the rose above. It doesn't take much for me and this means more to me than anything.

I am proud of myself for going the extra miles on sending out invitations and hand delivering some to friends, acquaintances, and even some of my doctors! Even my old pediatrician. LOL I know most doctors fill their offices with pictures and framed art. I thought it might be a good opportunity to perhaps get my foot in their doors. Maybe I'll start taking some small pieces with me to leave with them. My "Blessings lamb" piece would be perfect for my ob/gyn’s office. I have an appointment with him the beginning of next month. If I don't have one already made, it won't take me long to make another one.

Quote to the day:

When discussing your health problems with your doctors and if appropriate, ask them if they've experienced the same thing. Then ask what they did about it.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(Which would be ACKWARD with a male ob/gyn!) ~me!~

I am going to participate in another post card swap with women from around the world again. I received an email from Silvia, now in Finland, about doing another one. This time the theme will be about dreams. I have to make 5 postcards. Since I am living my dreams, this will be so easy for me. I already had something along this line nearly completed. I worked a bit on it last night adding the word "dreams" repeatedly onto it. This will be due by the end of this month, but I am not concerned since I have my idea ready. I just may need to make some more photos of it, put a card stock backing on it, write "I am living proof that I am living my dream" on the back, buy some overseas stamps and they will be ready to mail. No worries.

I am in the most wonderful mood today. Thank goodness no one rained on it. Hope you are have as wonderful day as I am.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Odd Statue



Now days I have so many odd shots that it is difficult to pick one each week. Last week I let Rhett pick. This time I thought I would sleep on it overnight and let my dreams tell me which one to post today. Alas, this is the one that came to me in my dreams so I am literally living my dreams.

Last month when we went to Columbus, Indiana for the concert our daughter-in-law, Kristina wanted us to attend because of Blair Carmen and to my surprise and excitement, the Nelsons, we passed by this very different statue as we were trying to find a parking place. I knew I had to have a picture of it because it was so unusual. I told Krisina I was walking over towards it and I would catch up with them. Well, it turned out this avenue led to where we all had to enter anyway. Everyone caught up with me as I snapped two shots of it. I loved the statue itself, but what I found really odd was the red curved light posts behind her. I have never seen anything like them. Have you? Anyway she is a real piece of art. I tried to go on line to find out more about her, but was unsuccessful so I don't know the story behind her. Sorry. If any of you know, please fill me in with the details.

Today is hanging day... LOL I hang my piece of art work later this evening for the art show on Thursday. Wish me luck.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Artful Saturday




Well, Don got off early from his over time day and felt well enough to cut the grass Friday for which I am thankful. Not that we had a jungle out there. I'd made up pink invitations for the art show to send out. Some I sent through inter-office mail at work to various friends in different departments. I snail-mailed those I do not have email access. So Saturday I had to go to the post office for stamps and to mail the ones in our town and the rest in Columbus. I got Frank Sinatra stamps which I just love because of the blues in them even though I was not a big fan of the man. Afterwards Rhett & I had lunch where they had catfish on the kids menu and he was in heaven! Then we went to a house that has been turned into an art gallery. I saw one artist guild member there. I wasn't sure if he recognized me because I was incognito as a Bohemia artist in my bummin' around clothes consisting of worn out, patched jeans, a pink t-shirt, not a stitch of make up on my face and not the best of hair days.

In the first room to the right, Rhett was going through matted pieces of artwork and he kept saying, "Momma you could do this..." repeatedly. It made me feel very good that he has that much confidence in me. I was taking in the pricing on other's artwork for future references. A lot was not cheap. I noticed names of other guild memembers on some of them. There were not a lot of abstracts, but I did not feel threatened or intimidated in the least. In fact, I felt pretty confident about my artwork. My friend Ruth would be so proud of me! I realized others deal in realism whereas I don't always and that is fine with me. I march to the beat of a different drummer. There was one watercolor of a woman standing with a child in the woods. The woman reminded me of myself and I thought the child looked like Rhett when he was small. Rhett told me the child looked like a girl! The owner wanted $110 unframed which was too steep for wallet.

I did ask the owner if she had any of her work in the shop. She showed me what she is putting in the show. Again, I did not feel bad about mine. She did have a painting of a pink flower that was awesome. Her painting for the show was still wet and needed to be framed so I am not the only one who waits til the last minute.

I did purchase a tiny piece of artwork on a greeting card that was very inexpensive. It was made by a nearby photographer in Catula. It struck a chord with me because it was a photo that had obviously been photo-shopped of old window frames in front of an old, old house. Because of all I went through to get mine framed the other day, I thought it was befitting and would serve as a reminder to me not to procrastinate about last minute framing ever again! I would have taken a picture of it and posted it here, but did not want to infringe on her copyrights. Just take my word for it, it was beautiful. I probably would have entitled it "Framed". LOL So I was thankful for this tiny bit of serendipity. I will probably frame it and put it somewhere in the house.

Later I ran into an old acquaintance who used to teach elementary school art but now teaches regular classes. Louie used to dress so hip and sexy back in the day. She didn't have bangs, but she was sort of like Elvira only more slender. We had a mutual friend who we haven't heard from in years in years. Louie was dressed rather frumpy compared to yesterday. She said she would come to the art show which made me feel good. Hope she remembers.

I caught up on my Sky Watch post and Carver VII of on his Sky Watch post gave me a cool idea to try with my digital camera that he and his wife use. So I tried it. The first photo is the back of the house turned art gallery I found interesting. After I posted the post, I thought I saw "something" in the window, but it looked like a black bird like thing with a top hat in the top right pane. LOL

Then I took a regular photo of lights at the library. Next I placed my sunglasses over my camera and snapped the shot. It gives it a sort of sepia tone muchlike a filter only it looks reddish or amber here. Still I like it. I took some cloud photos afterwards, but I don't want to put all my goodies in one post. Thanks so much Carver for sharing that idea!

Still it was a very artful day for me so I was content. I had a hard time trying to get the blogger to upload this earlier so I was thankful I could get the photos on here because as my friend Abby says, "No post is complete without a picture."

I took the invitation to church and our preacher announced it from the pulpit. A lot of folks had questions for me like what type of art I do. "Abstract" was my reply. Hopefully some for congregation will come. That would be an awesome blessing.

When my friend Anne heard about my framing woes, she reminded me that the Lord is still looking out for me and Don. Just because I couldn't get it done at the first two places I went to, I was still able to get it done. Ironically, the Cataula artist had this saying on the back of the card, "When God closes a door, He opens a window." Thank you Lord for windows!

I am beginning a new thing... called Blogging your Blessings Sunday thanks to Paulie because I am doubly blessed. If you would like to blog your blessings also, please go to the following... Blue Panther's blog

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Heart Clouds



On our way back from Indiana on Labor Day, I asked the good Lord to show me a cloud that had some excitement to it; that looked like something and He did! Not long after my prayer, I looked out my passenger window and saw the above cloud. As I started pulling my magic camera out of it black bag, Don asked me, "Now what are you taking a picture of?" with the emphasis on the word "now". Because I was cloud/sky watching, I guess Don saw there was no noteworthy scenery since he asked this question. I simply told him, "A heart cloud." "A heart cloud." He repeated not as a question. Yes, Indeedy. A heart cloud. I am rather proud of this one. What would be the odds of finding another heart cloud again?

I took the 1st shot, we hit a bump in the road which made me get some of the truck in the left side of the shot. So I took the second one just to make sure I got this one in a lifetime cloud. It sort of amazed me the difference in the color of the sky in a matter of seconds.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday 9/11/2008 "The Framing"


First, let us remember all those that died on 9/11.... say a silent prayer and be thankful we lost no one on that fateful day if it be the case. If you lost someone, I pray for you. Here is a befitting quote...

"Time is passing. Yet, for the United State of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and the ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children.
-President George W. Bush-

I am perhaps The biggest procratinators in the history of the world. I wait to the last minute to do everything. Just last night on the way in to church, I told my friend Nancy that "I am going to be late for my own funeral." She said she was with me on that one. I know it is something I really need to work on and pray about. I am like Scarlett O'Hara always putting things off til tomorrow.

My first art show is fast approaching.It is almost a week away. This week I put finishing touches on my piece. It was an original I made for my granddaughter Wesley Rose's birthday last November. It is entitled "I Love Ewe". I FINALLY got a good quality photo of it. I took it yesterday at work, unframed.

I began collecting sheep when Rhett was a baby so I love lambs. Wesley's room is done in lambs and I have always added to her collection. I even found a matching maroon frame for her color copy of this piece at the dollar store. I was so happy because it was like it was meant to be... and I couldn't beat the price with a stick. The greatest praise I received about the piece was from Stephanie, our youngest daughter's reaction when she made a sound of delight as soon as she saw it. So I knew I did good.

The choice to use this piece of art came to me in a dream awhile back so I decided I was going with it. I was following my dreams literally as well as my heart. Now I had been told by an artist guild memember that the artwork need not be framed. So I wasn't in a big rush about matting it. Yesterday morning, I stopped by two places to see what their hours of operation were on my way to work, One of them did not have their hours posted. The later was the nearest to work, but it was owned by a lady who formerly owned a framing business in the old mall where I used to work. I had not gotten along with her in the past as far as matting and framing my art went. She had her ideas of how my artwork should be framed and I had mine. We never saw eye to eye on anything and I preferred to work with the younger guy named Tommy that worked for her. He got me whereas she did not. He let me do it my way. Well, Velma, the owner, had hurt her back and did not come in so I guess that was a sign....

I'd called around to local frame shops. When I mentioned the term "gallery ready", a lot of them did not know what I meant. Only one place did know. Two places closed at 5:30. So when I got off work, I was rushing as I was asking for a sign from God which one I should go to first. A new song by David Cook who won "American Idol" this year was playing on the radio. In his song he says the word "name" so I took that as my sign to go to Names & Frames first. I found THE perfect frame, but they couldn't have it ready for me at least by Monday, the day of the hanging. Hobby Lobby & Michael's was suggested in that order.

I had a few minutes to spare to rush to Two Sisters which is not far from my mom's house. The lady there reminded me of my best friend Genie in hair color and in stature, but that is about where the resemblance ended. I explained to her I'd been told incorrectly about the requirements for the art show. She said, "I can't believe Susan would have told you that." I don't know who Susan is and she was not the one who misinformed me nor was I naming names. Because I had actual cotton balls on my drawing, she told me I needed to build the matt up because nothing should touch the glass. Well, I had this original color copied for my granddaughter. Once the cotton balls are smushed, it gives it a neat effect or at least I think so. They blend in with the background almost like a watercolor effect. The sky blends in with the cotton balls making it look realistic. So she is using a cream colored matt which I did not want either. I told her this was NOT what I had envisioned. Then she told me, "When you wait til the last minute, you don't get what you envision, you get what you can get." Not what I wanted to hear. Luckily she didn't have enough of a dark chocolate brown wood to make the frame which proved to be my out. I did not like that either. I know I may so too pickie but I know what I want when it comes to things like this. She did tell me it was a cute idea. Now I just hope she is not a judge!

This reminded me of when my momma and I went shopping for my wedding dress. Don asked me to marry him on Jan 21st. We didn't tell my folks til Feb. 12th on my Daddy's birthday. Everywhere we went, people told me I'd never find a dress in time for the wedding in April. I was bound and determined I would. I found my dress at the third place we went to that one day of shopping. Jeanie's Bridal shop. It was the 1st one I touched because I loved the criss-cross design on the long puffy sleeves. Don had the same design on his speakers at his house. This same design would be on the hutch we would buy later after we married. I even walked back to the 2nd place we went to because it was not far just to tell them I had found one. I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" doing that!

G & H was suggested by this woman. I had less than 30 minutes to make it there. You can imagine how I was feeling at this point... I know I must have sounded like a mad woman. I explained breathlessly that I needed something framed hopefully before Monday, but I did not want anything fancy or ornate. I wanted to keep it simple. I did NOT want it built up as I had just been told. I felt I could even do without a matt. I picked the 3rd frame I was shown which was maroon and black. Three is my lucky number. I went ahead and got a 2 inch white matt, and the cheapest glass I could buy. It cost more than I wanted to pay, but beggars shouldn't complain at the 11th hour. It will be ready possibly by Friday, but Saturday for sure. I was able to breath a sigh of relief, but it took me awhile to calm down especially after that maddening woman at Two Sisters. I think maybe it was a good thing that I did not see my best friend Genie at this point. I might have had flashbacks of that woman and not been very nice to Genie. Its a good thing Genie lives in another state. LOL

Luckily I was able to calm down at church.

Now all I have to do is hang my piece Monday evening, put a price on my piece, hoping I can sell it to recoup the price of the frame which became like an unexpected bill.

2nd Quote of the day:

Trust in yourself.
Your perceptions are often more accurate than you are willing to believe.

Where is my thankfulness in all this you ask? I am thankful Don is doing ok as we wait to hear from his ultra sound results. I am thankful for my drawing. I am so very thankful I was able to get it framed in the nick of time. I am thankful for my friends who like my art; who believe in me. I am thankful for my friends who support me.

What do you have to be thankful for today? If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

H is for... Half of a Hot Car


Hi Ya'll! How are you? Happy Hump day. I had a hard time deciding on H words to use for H is for... ABC Wednesday. How about you? Because of all the things that were happening to my husband, I started to write about him, but realized I'd already wrote about him and did not want to keep being redundant except to say I am thankful he is doing ok. He goes in for an ultra-sound today. I only had one new photo of him lying underneath an umbrella while waiting for the Nelson concert to begin, but forgot to upload it! Sorry.

I searched through the phone book looking for a business that sounded like an interesting H, but found none here in Columbus, GA.

Sunday we were driving to the newest remodeled Walmart by the airport. I had not been inside it since the remodeling. As we were stopped at a red light, I saw this cool, hot car. Just as a I pulled my camera out of it's bag, the car started to move. The light turned green and we started to move too. Don knew what I was doing so he went slowly as he could. I'd zoomed to get it from across the highway, but now it was closer; too close for my comfort so I could not capture the front of the fendor where the flames began. The results were a half of a hot car which I guess is better than nothing at all. I am just happy I got an H word. Hope you had better luck with your H words than I did.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Rake Man


This Odd shot was voted unanimous by family memembers other than myself so it is not my choice. While we were in Indiana, my mother-in-law had this photo from her hairdresser. She drives several miles to a lady's house to get her hair done in another county. The lady has a one room shop in her home. I took Helen there once and it reminded me of Floyd's Barber Shop on "The Andy Griffin Show" only it is not in town on main street. I just did not find all the characters like Andy, Opie, Barnie, Floyd, Goober and Gomer. LOL

Someone had made one of these Rake man. The photo was taken at the hairdresser's beauty shop. She just let Helen borrow it probably because Helen wanted to show it to her son Don to see if he wanted to make one of them. Helen asked me if I could take a picture of a picture. I once asked my friend Anne who is into geneology if she wanted to see some tombstones I took last trip to Indy in June? She replied by asking me, "Does a pig love slop?" So I placed the picture on their card table with a hanging light overhead and snapped it. I thought Helen wanted a copy of it for herself. That's when I found out she wanted it for Don. Even my father-in-law asked me the next day if I could take a picture of it. I thought he wanted a copy too, but it was for Don. Why didn't I know that?

So last night I asked Rhett which photo I should use for today's Odd Shot and he said this one. So I sort of feel like my in-laws and Rhett had a lot to do with this one too. But we will say it's Rhett's choice. He'll like that very much.

By the way, Dragonstar & Mrs. Nesbitt, I have a two previous posts, one just for each you. Enjoy.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday 9/7/08

I had been contemplating doing Blog Your Blessings Sunday thanks to Paulie. After yesterday's bee episode, I really decided to do it. We can never be thankful enough. Today I am thankful and blessed because my husband Don is okay after several bee stings yesterday. After the drama and trama, we even took a short road trip to Auburn, Alabama and got to see some new scenery. I got a raven stake and some new bird stamps so it was a very good evening for me.

This morning we even found another dead bee in the bathroom! Don had put one in a baby food jar to take to church to let our bee keeper tell us what type of bee stung him. Our preacher said hornets. Garry, the bee man said yellow jackets. So the jury is still out on this, but no matter as long as Don is okay now.

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For Mrs. Nesbitt


Mrs. Nesbitt, this is the photo I promised you months back. Enjoy!
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A Tatoo for Dragonstar


copyright ~theRAV~

Dragonstar, this tatoo is for you. I couldn't resist taking this photo at the Nelson's concert in Columbus, Indiana we attended last weekend. As you can see it is rather large and unfinished. I wondered if she had to stop because of the pain. I thought the red ball might have been a ball of fire from the dragon. My son wanted it printed and once it was, I saw the ball is actually a large freckle or mole! LOL Thought you might get a hoot out of it.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tiger Town Trip Today

Well, I had orginally taken Friday off work because my high school was playing the high school my father attended for the 100th time. Although it sounded like Daddy's school was doing more fun, but cheaper activities. I was excited about going had been talking about it for weeks. Even Rhett was excited because it would be his first football game. Then Don's gall bladder started acting up. I'd reminded Daddy I was going to buy the tickets to the game when he told me not to buy his. He is in his 80's now yet it saddened me because it reminded me of his age. Don said he didn't feel like going either. It would have been too uncomfortable for him to sit there and I understood. I just did not feel comfortable with Rhett and I going alone. I'd always been to the games with a male and maybe that is an old fashioned attitude in the age. Still I felt like the girl who was missing her prom. LOL Although one friend and former JCPenney co-worker told me to stop over-analyzing and "Just go!" I found a thousand excuses. It was too hot. My hair wasn't done just right, but it would have fizzed in the heat anyway. I didn't have the cushions for us to sit on and I would have had to drive all the way home to get them, etc. You name it, I came up with it.

By not going, I did not have to worry about how I looked; if my hair was not just perfect. Or if I looked too fat, too old and gray. I didn't have to worry about if I was wearing the right clothes; if I fit in. Although I felt like I was missing something... Instead the three of us went to eat Mexican food. I know that probably was not ideal for Don's gall bladder, but he seemed to enjoy it. Especially the beans and he had no ill effects.

Today Don felt well enough to weed eat around the front curb. I slept late because I had to take two anti-hystamines last night. I'd completely forgotten about my inhaler. Don had the portable phone outside with him. A credit card company called me with a courtesy call. I was listening to their speel when Don came in, said "You are on the phone... who are you talking to?" Then I heard "I just go stung by a bunch of bees!" "Are you alright?" I asked him then told the person on the phone I had to go and hung up immediately! He thought honey bees stung him, but now we think they were yellow jackets because they were so agressive that two even followed him inside the house! He got stung on the cheek of his face, and three times on his right arm. Luckily he killed the two that followed him inside the house. Don was more concerned that he'd left his weed eater running, but when he went back to it, it had stoppped running. I think someone is trying to tell him something... like keep your butt inside and rest! But does he listen? NO!

All I could remember from my childhood was my Grandmother Graddy would put some of her snuff on our bee stings. Well, thankfully I don't dip snuff and none of us smokes so those two remedies were ruled out. I tried to call our preacher, but none of their phone lines were accepting calls except the church answering machine. Larry is an outdoorsman much like Don. They have a lot in common. They both grew up on farms. Because I couldn't reach Larry, I called our church friend Nancy, thinking her husband Tom might be of help. She suggested benedryl which I had in pill form as well as spray since Rhett and I are allergic to misquitos. Nancy gave me Larry's cell phone number as well as another church memember's cell phone numbers, who I was unable to reach at their home. Garry has honey bees. Don was thinking Garry might want to come get the bees IF they were indeed honey bees.

Lesson learned: Try to get as many church memembers's cell phone numbers as you can because you never know when you might need them.

First, I reached Annie Kate, Garry's wife who was in Talledega. She suggested putting clorox on the stings. Garry called back later and said too much time may have passed for the clorox to be effective on the venom. Don was taking a shower in order to go get his hair cut and did not want the cloroz smell on him when he went to the barber shop. I did spray him with benedryl before he left. The man who owned the barber shop put one of his antiseptics on it also.

Don wanted to drive to Auburn to check out a new sporting goods place called Academy Sports and Outdoors where everyone was wearing their Auburn colors of orange and blue. I had on the same colors because I was wearing the organge t-shirt I'd planned to wear to the football game the night before, but did not get to wear it. I figured I might as well wear it today and blend in. Blend in I did. We'd never seen so much organge and blue. I admit I was pretty bored out of my gord at this place.

Then Don wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods in Tiger Town Mall which we pass on the way to Indiana. I couldn't take another sporting goods store so I had him to drop me off at Hobby Lobby. The first thing I found was a black raven stake which I grabbed! Well, it may be a crow, but I am saying it is a raven. I hurried to the rubber stamp aisle where I found a raven stamp. Again this could be a crow, but I am still saying it's a raven. I found a package of fancy clear bird stamps by INKAKINKADO. I don't know why I am do into birds lately. This Hobby Lobby seemed bigger than the one in Columbus to me.

I missed some photo opps while in Tiger Town and they were staring right at me. I should have taken a picture of the rock that was painted like a tiger to go with this title, but I did not. Now I regret it. So always take that shot.

We stopped to get gas at the same Liberty station where I took my Liberty Bird picture for Sky Watch Friday awhile back. No birds were there today so I guess that was only meant to be for then. At my suggestion, we stopped by our youngest daughter's apartment on the way back home, had a nice visit and decided to go to Gutheries to eat which was near there. I did get a really neat shot while there that may be an Odd Shot. Everyone thought it was so cool when I showed them in the camera's view.

I have not taken a photo of the raven stake yet, but will probably do that tomorrow. Yes, I am being like Scarlett O'Hara again... thinking of that tomorrow.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Canton, IN Sunsets




I am not going to apologize for not participating in Sky Watch Friday or Odd Shot Monday last week because I had such an exciting Labor Day weekend as you have probably read. If not, please do go back and read of my excitement of seeing Ricky Nelson's twin sons, Gunner and Matthew, in concert.

I admit I was a little bit disappointed I did not get as great or as golden a sunset when we went to Indiana this trip as I did last time. But we can't always be that lucky, can we? These first two here were taken from outside the front porch of Don's nephew Shawn's new home in Canton, IN. There was a tree beside us and a cornfield across from where I stood in the front yard. Now the sun was a near perfect orange ball in the sky which was what I was aiming. It just is not as orange as in the camera's lense as it was in reality. The last one was taken back on the farm back in Salem, walking towards the house from the driveway. I loved the muted colors of it. Not all sunsets have to be brilliant colors. This was the best I could do this go round. I was lucky enough to get a really cool cloud for next week's Sky Watch Friday, but I am not giving that one away. You'll have to come back next week to see... I just didn't want to put them all in one basket so to speak. I'll save some for next time. Yesterday I got some really golden sunsets back home in Columbus. So I am good for Sky Watches for awhile until I take something even better... and hopefull I will.

If you would like to participate in the new Sky Watch Friday, please go to the following....

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