Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don's got gall....

... bladder problems.

On Labor Day, the day we were leaving Salem, Indiana, Don awoke rather early even for him. He complained about a sharp pain on his right side above his belt. Once we all were up, his brother and Jason were there, everyone joked about it being his appendix. He'd been shooting his new bow, firing guns, and loading heavy bags of corn so he could have pulled a muscle. He did not want to go to the ER up there. Now he doesn't complain much. So when he asked for help to load the truck, we knew something wasn't right as he likes to pack the truck his certain way. He drove all the way home - all 11 hours. Of course he didn't feel too bad because we stopped at Bass Pro in Prattville on the way home.

Don said if the pain was not gone by morning, he'd call in sick and go to his doctor. Well, the pain was still with him. I called him in sick. His doc couldn't see him so they told him to go to the ER. I took Rhett to school, came home, called out at my work and took him to the ER. I read about half of Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy. While he was in the ER, I was with vamps in Vegas, baby.

They ran simple tests on him, but ruled out his appendix. The PA hit him on the bottom of his tennis shoe. If he'd come off the exam table, they would have thought it was his appendix. A gallstone appeared in his x-ray. That was not what we expected. His symptoms did not mimic mine. He is to follow up with his physician and most likely schedule surgery. Hopefully laproscopic. I kidded him by telling him, "Now we'll have matching scars." He did not find that as amusing as I did.

Elisa, our oldest adviced Don that he needed to have it taken care of ASAP because you don't want to wait too long so they can't do it laproscopically and pancretitis doesn't develop like it did with my mom. He wants to do it soon since hunting season is fast approaching. Our lives revolve around this time of year.

Don went back to work yesterday as did I. Illy Nilly was actually nice to me. I was probably lulled in again. Others asked about him. Even my cuz Lance in Idaho sent Don his best on his condition. Don tried to get an appointment with his doc, but is going through a confict because they said we did not tell the ER his dr's name when we did. I saw the lady write it down. Because of this, they cannot access his records. So he had to go to the doc's office this morning to sign a release to get the ball rolling, thus loosing more time at work. Please keep Don in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

He a mini pity party at one point when he said he wasn't going to last as long as his father who has no health issues whatsoever. But we all are entitled to moments like that when faced with surgery. I reminded him he may have gotten his mom's genes instead of his dad's.

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