Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Tatoo for Dragonstar


copyright ~theRAV~

Dragonstar, this tatoo is for you. I couldn't resist taking this photo at the Nelson's concert in Columbus, Indiana we attended last weekend. As you can see it is rather large and unfinished. I wondered if she had to stop because of the pain. I thought the red ball might have been a ball of fire from the dragon. My son wanted it printed and once it was, I saw the ball is actually a large freckle or mole! LOL Thought you might get a hoot out of it.
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Dragonstar said...

Oh Becky, thank you! What a fantastic dragon that is!
That's just the sort of thing I'd love to do, only I'm just not brave enough. That must have HURT!

becky voyles said...

And you noticed it is not finished.. like maybe she couldn't take it anymore!