Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nelsons Concert





As the Nelson's started, I made my way up to the stage to get close-ups. I felt like the old me once again. The daring groupie going after the band. It felt good. I took several shots of them as you can see... Some were together but that was hard to do because they stood so far apart. I thought Matthew, the one in red was the cutest with his longer blonde hair. Gunner made a comment about Matthew looking like Ellen Degeneres. Then I got this feeling... I should return to my blanket and my family.

Rhett was almost in tears. He wanted Blair Carmen's autograph so I took him back up to the the right side facing the stage where Blair was still standing, signing autographs. He got Blair's autograph along with pictures of them together. I just did not post them here. We stayed there watching the Nelsons perform and I got a few more photos.

I mentioned I was a people watcher in my previous post. There was one older lady who had on a crocheted choker that formed a V shaped lacy collar. She was wearing a bright green tank top, no bra, a tatoo on her upper right arm, and no teeth! I started to snap her image but instead I got a younger lady with a HUGE unfinished dragon tatoo on her back. That tatoo will be for Dragonstar once I get it posted.

Now Rhett and I were standing underneath speakers yet I did not think it sounded as loud as some indoor concerts I have attended. While standing there, I listened to Matthew Nelson's commentary between songs about their legacy of three generations. When they sang, I could close my eyes and hear Ricky. They also sang two of their big hits from the MTV days 80's. "After the Rain" and "Love and Affection". Rhett got tired and decided he was now offically deaf so we headed back to our group. Their images were on a big screen which we couldn't see from our standing point. I can't say we missed it because we were watching them up close and personal. Still the cameraman was very good at his job. They ended their part of the concert for Hospice with their father's hit "Garden Party" and the real story behind it. When Rick played Madison Square Gardens, they wanted him to still be the young Ricky Nelson every one knew and loved on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Show". His hair was longer and he wanted to do new music he'd written. He was called a hippie and booed off the stage. John Lennon and Yoko Ono were there. So he wrote "Garden Party" about it.

The Nelsons have since written a new song where their father's song leaves off. I forgot the name of it in my excitement but it says something about ... "if I had one more day or one more night with you to walk back in that door..." Before they left the stage, they said they would be down front selling their new cd's and signing autographs. Just what this groupie was waiting to hear.

I could tell Kristina was sort of bored with them compared to how she acted when Blair Carmen was performinig. I knew she wanted to leave, but her mom was still down front getting what we thought was Blair's autograph. I told Don I really wanted to get the Nelson's autographs. He is such a good husband. He said we could stay and find our way back home if they wanted to leave. In my excitment, I almost forgot my program for them to sign. Don had to remind ditzy me. I told him, "I guess I was going to let them sign me!" He just went "Ha. Ha." which meant he didn't find that as funny as I did. I borrowed money from him just in case I didn't have enough on me. I knew I wanted a photo of them to autograph instead....
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