Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hanging Day

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Yesterday was "Hanging Day". I did not need to take the day off for it, but I pampered myself beforehand anyway. All we had to do was basically drop our artwork off. We did not actually hang it as I thought we would.

As Rhett and I arrived at the library, it was raining. We saw some folks carrying large bundles with plenty of plastic over them. I carried my trusty Creative Memories scissors with me to cut off the plastic on mine. Rhett walked around the room with me looking at the various ones on display on the floor. I didn't leave my confidence at the door. It came in with me, stopped and went, "Uh oh..." because there were beautiful landscapes, portraits that seemed so lifelike, and huge antique looking frames that must have cost a small fortune as I held tightly onto my framed work, keeping the picture itself facing me, not outward for everyone to see.

I had to put a paper label on the front and back of it along with a PINK ribbon to let the judges know I was a first timer because there is a certain award for this category. I was filling out my info and the price I was asking for the piece as the one weird lady who I'd sat next to at guild meetings came up to where I was standing. It was a bit awkward. I guess we might feel as if we are in competition with each other or something. I think she wanted to see mine, but I had it upside down on a podium and had not removed the plastic yet. Once I got mine fixed, I asked her where her piece of art was located. She told me it was the weirdest one and it was. A black background of what is supposed to be a face in different colors with a turquoise noise that looks like it is smushed to the left side of the face. All I could say was "Oh." Then I showed her mine which would be like comparing bubble gum music to heavy metal. Barry Manilow to Marilyn Manson. Her piece did have a nice frame. I guess I could have truthfully told her that. I did ask her if she had trouble with framing. Her husband tried to make her a frame, but they ended up going to either Hobby Lobby or Michael's where the people were very helpful. Good to know for future reference.

There are a couple of pieces that are really, really good. One is made of tiles so it looks like an artist's pallette on tan colored tile. The colors on the pallette look mosaical. It is really neat and should get some sort of award for being original.

Then all these women came in with their oil paintings of flowers. There is an exceptional painting of ducks on the water and their reflections which I believe was done by a man. Okay so the confidence waned a little. Yet my eyes would keep returning to eye in my small piece next to the weird lady's. I wasn't second guessing myself by asking me if I should have done this one or that one instead because this one came to me in a dream and trully feel like I am living my dreams. It is an awesome feeling.

Maybe I am a glutton for punishment because I asked Dr. Maddox, art professor, who has a studio in the historic district what he thought of my art work. He said it reminded him of Picasso which made me laugh because I had not thought of that. Just considered it an abstract. The only thing I did wrong was having the heart shape coming down to a point and touching the matt which is called kissing. This must
be a big no-no. If I had known this, I could have done another and let the heart trail downward fading or let it become a pink mist. Well, I can picture it in my mind... So I may do another one with this idea. Then he kept talking about realism. I didn't think I had to do something on realism and asked about that. I didn't. So I don't know why he kept talking about realism. I had just e-mailed everyone telling them the artists seemed to be into realism whereas I was not and I was okay with this. He said my eye was not realistic, but then my picture is obviously not about realism! I did not let what he said bother me and I am proud of myself for that. Even he said it was an artist's opinion and another artist would tell me something different. I remained to look at the other's work as they came in.

Rhett & I even came back to look around one more time before we left the library. When Rhett saw the weird woman's painting, he asked "What is that?" I told him she said it was a self-portrait. I left out it was during a dark period in her life. I hope I never feel that bad about myself! None of the art was hung last night. I did notice a frame that was similar in color and size to mine was placed on top of mine so maybe they will hang them in a like manner.

Now my only concern is if the weird woman wins something and I don't, then there's is something wrong with the big picture. It would be like darkness winning over light. I can hear Yoda saying, "Don't let the darkness over take you."

I had been reading a good book entitled Spirited Away which I finished. It is about a ghost knight. The author is from Savannah, GA! So I was thinking why couldn't Don be more romantic and chivalrous like him? When I got home, there was a pink rose in one of Rhett's kiddie cups waiting for me. Awe. I think I'll keep him. That is the rose above. It doesn't take much for me and this means more to me than anything.

I am proud of myself for going the extra miles on sending out invitations and hand delivering some to friends, acquaintances, and even some of my doctors! Even my old pediatrician. LOL I know most doctors fill their offices with pictures and framed art. I thought it might be a good opportunity to perhaps get my foot in their doors. Maybe I'll start taking some small pieces with me to leave with them. My "Blessings lamb" piece would be perfect for my ob/gyn’s office. I have an appointment with him the beginning of next month. If I don't have one already made, it won't take me long to make another one.

Quote to the day:

When discussing your health problems with your doctors and if appropriate, ask them if they've experienced the same thing. Then ask what they did about it.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(Which would be ACKWARD with a male ob/gyn!) ~me!~

I am going to participate in another post card swap with women from around the world again. I received an email from Silvia, now in Finland, about doing another one. This time the theme will be about dreams. I have to make 5 postcards. Since I am living my dreams, this will be so easy for me. I already had something along this line nearly completed. I worked a bit on it last night adding the word "dreams" repeatedly onto it. This will be due by the end of this month, but I am not concerned since I have my idea ready. I just may need to make some more photos of it, put a card stock backing on it, write "I am living proof that I am living my dream" on the back, buy some overseas stamps and they will be ready to mail. No worries.

I am in the most wonderful mood today. Thank goodness no one rained on it. Hope you are have as wonderful day as I am.


Carletta said...

I must confess when I opened your blog and saw "Hanging Day" I thought two things - the weekly wash or Clint Eastwood - LOL!
I'm so excited for you. The feelings you must have inside are no doubt overwhelming at times. Keep postitive thoughts - a reference to Picasso is a good thing!
I'll be back to see what you've won!

becky voyles said...

Well, Carletta, my 1st thought was literal western type like Clint Eastwood. LOL I am keeping positivie thoughts. I have such encouraging friends such as yourself. From your lips to Gods ears about winning something... Thank you for your comments.

PERBS said...

Good luck!

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Perbs.