Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday 9/11/2008 "The Framing"


First, let us remember all those that died on 9/11.... say a silent prayer and be thankful we lost no one on that fateful day if it be the case. If you lost someone, I pray for you. Here is a befitting quote...

"Time is passing. Yet, for the United State of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and the ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children.
-President George W. Bush-

I am perhaps The biggest procratinators in the history of the world. I wait to the last minute to do everything. Just last night on the way in to church, I told my friend Nancy that "I am going to be late for my own funeral." She said she was with me on that one. I know it is something I really need to work on and pray about. I am like Scarlett O'Hara always putting things off til tomorrow.

My first art show is fast approaching.It is almost a week away. This week I put finishing touches on my piece. It was an original I made for my granddaughter Wesley Rose's birthday last November. It is entitled "I Love Ewe". I FINALLY got a good quality photo of it. I took it yesterday at work, unframed.

I began collecting sheep when Rhett was a baby so I love lambs. Wesley's room is done in lambs and I have always added to her collection. I even found a matching maroon frame for her color copy of this piece at the dollar store. I was so happy because it was like it was meant to be... and I couldn't beat the price with a stick. The greatest praise I received about the piece was from Stephanie, our youngest daughter's reaction when she made a sound of delight as soon as she saw it. So I knew I did good.

The choice to use this piece of art came to me in a dream awhile back so I decided I was going with it. I was following my dreams literally as well as my heart. Now I had been told by an artist guild memember that the artwork need not be framed. So I wasn't in a big rush about matting it. Yesterday morning, I stopped by two places to see what their hours of operation were on my way to work, One of them did not have their hours posted. The later was the nearest to work, but it was owned by a lady who formerly owned a framing business in the old mall where I used to work. I had not gotten along with her in the past as far as matting and framing my art went. She had her ideas of how my artwork should be framed and I had mine. We never saw eye to eye on anything and I preferred to work with the younger guy named Tommy that worked for her. He got me whereas she did not. He let me do it my way. Well, Velma, the owner, had hurt her back and did not come in so I guess that was a sign....

I'd called around to local frame shops. When I mentioned the term "gallery ready", a lot of them did not know what I meant. Only one place did know. Two places closed at 5:30. So when I got off work, I was rushing as I was asking for a sign from God which one I should go to first. A new song by David Cook who won "American Idol" this year was playing on the radio. In his song he says the word "name" so I took that as my sign to go to Names & Frames first. I found THE perfect frame, but they couldn't have it ready for me at least by Monday, the day of the hanging. Hobby Lobby & Michael's was suggested in that order.

I had a few minutes to spare to rush to Two Sisters which is not far from my mom's house. The lady there reminded me of my best friend Genie in hair color and in stature, but that is about where the resemblance ended. I explained to her I'd been told incorrectly about the requirements for the art show. She said, "I can't believe Susan would have told you that." I don't know who Susan is and she was not the one who misinformed me nor was I naming names. Because I had actual cotton balls on my drawing, she told me I needed to build the matt up because nothing should touch the glass. Well, I had this original color copied for my granddaughter. Once the cotton balls are smushed, it gives it a neat effect or at least I think so. They blend in with the background almost like a watercolor effect. The sky blends in with the cotton balls making it look realistic. So she is using a cream colored matt which I did not want either. I told her this was NOT what I had envisioned. Then she told me, "When you wait til the last minute, you don't get what you envision, you get what you can get." Not what I wanted to hear. Luckily she didn't have enough of a dark chocolate brown wood to make the frame which proved to be my out. I did not like that either. I know I may so too pickie but I know what I want when it comes to things like this. She did tell me it was a cute idea. Now I just hope she is not a judge!

This reminded me of when my momma and I went shopping for my wedding dress. Don asked me to marry him on Jan 21st. We didn't tell my folks til Feb. 12th on my Daddy's birthday. Everywhere we went, people told me I'd never find a dress in time for the wedding in April. I was bound and determined I would. I found my dress at the third place we went to that one day of shopping. Jeanie's Bridal shop. It was the 1st one I touched because I loved the criss-cross design on the long puffy sleeves. Don had the same design on his speakers at his house. This same design would be on the hutch we would buy later after we married. I even walked back to the 2nd place we went to because it was not far just to tell them I had found one. I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" doing that!

G & H was suggested by this woman. I had less than 30 minutes to make it there. You can imagine how I was feeling at this point... I know I must have sounded like a mad woman. I explained breathlessly that I needed something framed hopefully before Monday, but I did not want anything fancy or ornate. I wanted to keep it simple. I did NOT want it built up as I had just been told. I felt I could even do without a matt. I picked the 3rd frame I was shown which was maroon and black. Three is my lucky number. I went ahead and got a 2 inch white matt, and the cheapest glass I could buy. It cost more than I wanted to pay, but beggars shouldn't complain at the 11th hour. It will be ready possibly by Friday, but Saturday for sure. I was able to breath a sigh of relief, but it took me awhile to calm down especially after that maddening woman at Two Sisters. I think maybe it was a good thing that I did not see my best friend Genie at this point. I might have had flashbacks of that woman and not been very nice to Genie. Its a good thing Genie lives in another state. LOL

Luckily I was able to calm down at church.

Now all I have to do is hang my piece Monday evening, put a price on my piece, hoping I can sell it to recoup the price of the frame which became like an unexpected bill.

2nd Quote of the day:

Trust in yourself.
Your perceptions are often more accurate than you are willing to believe.

Where is my thankfulness in all this you ask? I am thankful Don is doing ok as we wait to hear from his ultra sound results. I am thankful for my drawing. I am so very thankful I was able to get it framed in the nick of time. I am thankful for my friends who like my art; who believe in me. I am thankful for my friends who support me.

What do you have to be thankful for today? If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....

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Denise said...

You will do very well at the show, you are so talented my friend. I love you.

Serendipity said...

Phew! Glad to hear you've got all that done in the nick of time! That is a lovely painting. You are so talented!

Glad to hear about Don's ultrasound.

God bless!

Nancie said...

Wow, that's a lovely artwork! You are very talented! Wish you all the best at the art show. Glad Don is doing okay. I will be praying for you and Don. Take care and have a blessed weekend!

PERBS said...

While its not my "cup of tea", it's interesting. Glad you finally got the frame and in time.

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Denise. I picked up my framed piece yesterday & the frame is just perfect. When I picked it up, they refered to it as "Cotton" which I found funny. I am getting excited about it. I have seen one piece that is being entered and I do not feel bad about my work at all. In fact I feel pretty confident. Thanks as always for your kind words. I love you too.

Thanks, Serendipity. My sentiments exactly. I am glad you like the painting. God bless you too.

Thanks a bunch Nancie for your compliments and the prayers. He is doing better. He cut grass yesterday & is in the woods with a new outdoor digital camera that will take pics of deer so he is ok. I won't say normal. LOL

Sorry it isn't your cup of tea Perbs. Yes, I am glad I got the frame also. Take care.