Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inside Belle's Place, 2008


Friday, my car was finally being serviced so my whole schedule was off since I had to drive the monster truck to take Rhett to school and myself to work. We were playing musical cars after I got off work. Don had a viral infection in his eye which proceeded to get more troublesome as the day wore on yet he wouldn't take any OTC drops my mom offered him. We'd agreed to meet with our daughters at a mexican place near the house. Elisa, the oldest was bringing some eye drops because she'd recently had the same eye problem. Don just really looked pitiful.

I framed a piece of my art when I got up Saturday morning. Saturday was the annual Jr. Leaque Attic Sale. I'd asked Steph & Amanda if they wanted to go then stop at Belle's Place which Rhett & I accidentally discovered last year at this time when we arrived at the Attic Sale too late. We arrived at this sale at 11, but they would be closing for lunch at 12, re-opening back at 1 when you could get in free and everything was half off. I really didn't find much of anything this year. I sifted through frames, but put them back. I did find a matching clear salad bowl to our everyday china for 50 cents. I got Rhett a Chipmunk tape for 50 cents, but found out later it had been recorded over in one spot. You can only take so much chipmunks! LOL He got the neatest toy for $1 of his own money. It is called a Hyper Slide. I couldn't see going back again so we got a good lunch at Ruth Anne's. Then we went to Belle's.

Now I had emailed my friend Mike who knows the owner to ask a favor of him to put in a good word for me so I could perhaps sell some of my artwork there. I had three pieces in the car but the owner was not there. All I could do was leave my name, phone number, the names of my pieces and their prices for her to call me. A small baby step, but still another step. Although I had told my friend David the art show was more than putting my big toe in the water. I was wading. I guess the art show has given the confidence I needed.

We went to Mom's where we talked while Rhett I played his new toy which is so cool. I had fun playing it as long as we played the first simple game. It has 4 colored disks. It tells you what disk to slide underneath an arc type piece. It can tell if you you slid the right color and tells you when you didn't! Then annoyingly tells you what you should have slid.

I called my friend Lefty to tell him about Penny's latest not so good news. I left a message for our mutual friend Debra also. I remembered I had to get Tiffany, the young lady who sits behind us at church a birthday present. She was turning sweet 16 on the 21st. The 21st is also my blogger friend, Janet's birthday. I found some cute inexpensive things. It seemed this weekend was my weekend to catch up with folks on the phone.

We stopped by the library to see if "A I " (Artificial Intelligence) was in per Rhett's request. It was. I stopped by the art exhibit and met a new fellow artist who had her art near mine. It was a beautiful sunset with a sail boat. I loved the colors in it.

We got something for supper. I cooked then we watched the movie, but I don't recommend it. It was so very sad from a mom's part of view much like "The Passion of the Christ" was to me. Both Rhett and I were crying at the end. It is funny how art seems to inmitates my life. In the movie the robotic child asks his human mother "Are you going to die?" At night Rhett will sometimes beg me not to die before going to sleep. I tell him I will try not to do that for a long time. To get our minds off this sadness, I told him we'd play a few turns with his new toy he got earlier.

Today we had a good lunch at the Chinese place near the house. I had shrimp. Rhett got to spend lunch time with his friend Alex. I ate so much I had to take a nap afterwards. I felt like you do when you eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I made another phone call before church to find out where my cousin Ben was having his hernia surgery. Then there was Tiffany's party after evening services. Rhett got to ride on a dune buggy within the church parking lot. His over protective mom wouldn't let him be taken on the busy, dangerous highway.

My mom and I are concerned about my Uncle Frank who had brain cancer surgery back in June because he had a really strange episode. Just so much to do lately. Postcards to make for my postcard swap.

The above Photo was taken inside Belle's place. A white collumned antibellum mansion turned into an antiques place. This stained glass actually looks like it is bucking out in the center and there are rusted iron bars holding it in place. There is a ballroom on the top floor which is closed off to the publlic. Rhett found an odd shaped attic room under the eaves which he claimed for his own. All the glass in the window is leaded. It survived abandonment issues and bums living inside with animals until it was restored. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have attended a ball here back in the day? I just don't get the "feel" that this would be where I would want to live though.

I took pictures of some signs on the walls, but will post them at a later date.
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PERBS said...

Interesting and busy day! I love exploring old places. You sure keep busy!

becky voyles said...

Yes, a little too busy I am afraid or els I am winding down from my high of winning and all the family illnesses have brought me down somewhat.

Jo said...

Omigosh! What a busy life you have! Phew!

I love Belle's Place. I would love to see more pictures of it.

Have a great week!

becky voyles said...

Hi Jo! What a nice surprise. Thanks for the visit. I'll try to add more photos of Belle's or email them to you soon...