Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Autograph


This is the photo I purchased for $10 of Matthew and Gunner Nelson to sign at the free hospice concert they performed a tribute to their father, Ricky Nelson in Columbus, Indiana. This is their autograph. I can't wait to frame it. I went to their website today and I did good because if I had bought a signed one off their site, I would have paid $5 more for it. They only play one song on their site and it is a rock style live concert performace of "After the Rain". I played it twice today at work. I can post the photos I took of them on their gallery section which would be a cool new thing to do.
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PERBS said...

Now I know why you hadn't been posting to your blog. Off having "groupie" fun! Lucky you! I wonder who taught those guys penmanship -- they have terrible writing. At least no one can forge their writing. lol


becky voyles said...

Yes, Perbs, now you know why I have been away from posting on my blog and I had a really exciting excuse too! It certainly was groupie fun. It made me feel so good, young and free! I had a hard time figuring out who's name was who on it. My husband runs his name together like that so no one can forge his signature. Thanks for the comment!