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Shelby's 6th Birthday



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Aug. 30th, 2008

We are in Salem, Indiana for Shelby's 6th birthday. Kristina, her mom, our daughter-in-law, has done some really neat things with their house since we were here the first week of June. She has several black & whites of Marilyn Monroe art hanging on the gray walls of their living room along with acutal film reels with the film strips hanging at an angle and that famous lady's leg lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story". They got a new sectional sofa that is very comfy.

Their kitchen is crimson, black and white. It is a 50's dinner style complete with two booths and condiment holders like in a real diner. As a top border, she ordered old 45's off of Ebay. They are were not top 10 hits, not too expensive and she was not going to use her 45's. I don't blame her for that.

Somehow I knew I would not get as great a picture of Shelby as I did last year. Nor another golden sunset. Yet we always seem to do something new each trip. After Shelby's party, we drove to Columbus, Indiana for a free concert. Kristina had been raving about a rock-a-billy musician by the name of Blair Carmen. He has a website, but I have not been to it yet. He'd promised to sing "Happy Birthday" to Shelby which was to be a surprise.

We followed Kristina's sister's van to Columbus. I found it ironic we left nearby Columbus, GA only to go to Columbus, IN. So now we can say we have been there.

I was dressed too warmly for an outdoor concert. Both Rhett and I had on black of all things. Once we found an open spot on the ground, I rolled up my black jeans. Kristina commented that she liked my "new shorts". "Don't ya though." I said and laughed, uncaring if I blinded folks with my white legs. Besides being over-dressed, in black, we were not prepared with blankets or lawn chairs. We borrowed on of each, but later Don went back to the truck to get a blanket and umbrellas for Rhett and myself. I turned my chair backwards away from the sun while I people watched, trying to see if any of these Hoosiers looked like someone I know.

The concert began at 6:30. Blair Carmen came on first. He was very good. He even did some Elvis songs. He'd recorded at the legendary Sun Records studio where Elvis once recorded also. I Thought he did a great job on the Elvis songs. He wished then dedicated one of his own songs to Shelby, but did not sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

At some point I picked up the program. Upon entering, I'd been handed one and so had Don. I gave mine back because we didn't need two of them. I didn't want to be hoggish. It seemed like a waste especially if someone else needed one. On the cover it said it was the Jan & Dean show. Jan is dead now, but Dean is still performing. Then I believe they listed Blair Carmen. My eyeballs nearly popped out on stems when I saw a tribute to Ricky Nelson by Matthew and Gunner Nelson, his twin sons & pop stars of the 8o's themselves then called Nelson. I got all excited and started telling all the ladies in our group, Kristina, Kristina's sister and mom. This was when Don went to the truck. I told him when he returned.

As I stated, I liked Blair Carmen, but before I found out about the Nelsons, I was saying to myself, "If Kristina wants to do something like this again in this heat, I'm not going!" I suddenly made a 90% attitude adjustment. I would soon be glad we came....
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