Wednesday, September 10, 2008

H is for... Half of a Hot Car


Hi Ya'll! How are you? Happy Hump day. I had a hard time deciding on H words to use for H is for... ABC Wednesday. How about you? Because of all the things that were happening to my husband, I started to write about him, but realized I'd already wrote about him and did not want to keep being redundant except to say I am thankful he is doing ok. He goes in for an ultra-sound today. I only had one new photo of him lying underneath an umbrella while waiting for the Nelson concert to begin, but forgot to upload it! Sorry.

I searched through the phone book looking for a business that sounded like an interesting H, but found none here in Columbus, GA.

Sunday we were driving to the newest remodeled Walmart by the airport. I had not been inside it since the remodeling. As we were stopped at a red light, I saw this cool, hot car. Just as a I pulled my camera out of it's bag, the car started to move. The light turned green and we started to move too. Don knew what I was doing so he went slowly as he could. I'd zoomed to get it from across the highway, but now it was closer; too close for my comfort so I could not capture the front of the fendor where the flames began. The results were a half of a hot car which I guess is better than nothing at all. I am just happy I got an H word. Hope you had better luck with your H words than I did.

If you would like to participate in H is for... for ABC Wednesday, please go to the following...

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Dragonstar said...

That's a good car. Of course, it would look better as a dragon ;)

By the way, I copied your tattoo photo to post on my blog with a link back to you. Hope you don't mind - I should have asked you first. I'll take it down if there's any problem.

Bear Naked said...

Everyone should enlargen the photo to get a good look at the car.
Your photo of a Half of a Hot Car is a job well done.

Happy H day.

Bear((( )))

becky voyles said...

Thanks so much Bear!

becky voyles said...

Dragonstar, I got so excited you'd found the tatoo that I forgot to comment here. As I told you on your blog post about it, that is fine you posted it there. Its no problem, in fact it made my day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Now that's one hot looking car.

My post for H (hair) is over at Canon Pixels

becky voyles said...

Thanks, Abe. I'll check your's out.

becky voyles said...
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Gemma said...

Hump day LOL!
:-)Nice photograph.

PERBS said...

Your story is HILARIOUS! Good one. . . and great HUBBY for HELPING you out!

mrsnesbitt said...

A fantastic car! Yes very very HOT!
Love to your hubby, you are both in our thoughts.
Thanks so much,