Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nelsons Signing Autographs




When I went back to the stage area yet again, I managed to get next to Kristina's mom. I'd catch glimpses of Matthew Nelson moving back and forth, but couldn't capture a good picture. I had the backs of unknown people's heads instead. Kristina's mom was following me as if I had all the groupie skills! When I'd mentioned being a groupie earlier, my ultra-conservative 10 year old son informed me that I could not be a groupie "because groupies sleep with the band." I had to laugh. Not all of them do that. I for one was not one of those types of groupies.

I finally got up front to buy a photo. I picked out the one that was in the program which had their father Rick in the background which I thought was befittingly awesome. Now I'd joked about taking my own pen with me so that when they signed it, I'd have yet another souviner. Don just shook his head at me as I went on my merry way. The photo I picked out was a dark background so my pen would not have shown up on it. After I paid $10 for the photo, I got a shot of Gunner in the green shirt. Matthew is in the black t-shirt. Matthew took my purchased photo, signed it in a silver gel pen, motioned for me to wait a moment as he took it over to Gunner to sign. Their cd's were $20 but you couldn't view it before buying to see what songs were on it like in a record store. I don't buy anything sight unseen.

Kristina's mom handed Matthew her program to sign, but she still needed Gunner's autograph. Since I had mine, I returned to our group. Rhett was now crying because Don and I did not slow dance. So I grabbed Don's hand and made him dance even though it was not a slow song. The next one was slow so we danced to that one. Rhett still wasn't happy because he did not get to dance with me. Then I pulled Rhett up to dance with me. It is so nice to be the belle of the ball.

By now Dean's group is playing 60's beach music. The Nelsons did join them in a couple of oldies. Kristina's mom had still not returned. I don't know if she ever got Gunner's autograph. My family decided to leave which meant we missed the fireworks display, but I'd already had my fireworks. As we were driving back to Salem, I asked Rhett how he liked his first real concert. He replied by saying, "Wait for it.... It was AWESOME!" Couldn't have said it better myself.

I wrote all of this upstairs in my journal as everyone was sleeping. A black spider crawled across my leg. I screamed, knocked it off my leg on the floor. I tried to smash it with my journal, but it crawled underneath the trundle bed. I worried it would crawl back out and bite one of us. Don woke up after my scream to turn off the fan, knowing I would swelter. Remember southern ladies perspire. They never sweat.
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Katney said...

That is way cool! All I got over LAbor Day weekend was snowed on.

becky voyles said...

Yes. it was way cool, Katney! I am sorry, but I had to laugh considering how hot it was at the concert and you got snow!