Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday 9/7/08

I had been contemplating doing Blog Your Blessings Sunday thanks to Paulie. After yesterday's bee episode, I really decided to do it. We can never be thankful enough. Today I am thankful and blessed because my husband Don is okay after several bee stings yesterday. After the drama and trama, we even took a short road trip to Auburn, Alabama and got to see some new scenery. I got a raven stake and some new bird stamps so it was a very good evening for me.

This morning we even found another dead bee in the bathroom! Don had put one in a baby food jar to take to church to let our bee keeper tell us what type of bee stung him. Our preacher said hornets. Garry, the bee man said yellow jackets. So the jury is still out on this, but no matter as long as Don is okay now.

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PERBS said...

Lol You forgot to tell me that you were doing this! Hopefully, you signed up with Neo. . . you linked to his page. You need an icon also for the top of your post. He has many to choose from. Just slide one off onto your desktop -- or cppy -- and you are all set. His blogroll can then be copied onto your site and it gets automatically updated. Also, you can just put mouse arrow near a name t see if they participated that Sunday.

That is definitely a good blessing! See you next week!

becky voyles said...

Yes, I did forget to tell you I was doing BYBS. Thanks for all the helpful info. Yes, it was definetly a good blessing.