Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Busy RAV

Between being sick 1st with a touch of Bronchitis for almost a month, then getting a bladder infection on top of that, basically feeling pukey, getting ready for an art show that didn't happen due to rain, and staying up til 4 am the night before the show. If I had read my emails instead of working so dilligently, I would have known it was cancelled. Then I would not have had to get up so early to get ready only to be called to say it was postponed until June 7th. Due to the cancellation, I got to attend Rhett's drama class play where he was the only one who didn't need prompting for his lines. Then there was the drama at work where we thought we were FINALLY rid of Illy Nilly only to find out She's back! How I don't know, but I suspect blackmail. Then my guys birthdays back to back. Whew! I have taken some awesome pictures of Rhett for which I am thankful. One looked like a Hallmark card I saw when I got his birthday card. Back in high school I used to submit words to Hallmark. Now I think I should submit my photos. That has been my only form of artisticness since the almost art show until today. I did draw two things.

I am thankful I have a little more time to work on my art for the upcoming show and pray it doesn't rain again! I am thankful for my friends who encouraged me, offered advice, and helped me, etc. My art bio sheet is complete, copied and ready to be displayed on my table at the show. I have a rock that holds a photo of Rhett to put on top of them. I have my business cards now, but they had an error which was my fault although I didn't now better. I put my 3 email addresses on it, but the type is so small it requires a magnifying glass to read them! LOL So I am writing my gmail address on it. I was so tired Saturday night writing it, that in my sleepy state Rhett noticed I'd left off a number! So I had to re-do what I'd already done! My next business cards will have some of my artowrk on it. Maybe an abstract. I love being an abstract artist.

I am thankful for the days I took off to spend with my guys. Spending special time with Don on his special day brought us closer and made me fall more in love with him.

Rhett is out of school and we are thankful. He and Don had a really good birthday. Rheet got to pick out what he wanted that day & we got it before his party. He got a new Nintendo DSI. He can take pictures of himself and doing funny things with his face like pull his checks out so he looks like a chipmunk or smush his face together to form really weird faces. Last night he gave me long, straight pink hair! Don died laughing at it.

We will be traveling during Memorial day so please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies to and from as well as a safe return. I will miss my artist guild meeting this coming week as well as an art class I wanted to take from a very talented lady artist, but I can't do everything; I can't please everyone and somethings just have to fall to the wayside or until the next opportunity presents itself. Sometimes I wish I were like Samantha on "Bewitched" so I could wiggle my nose and be two places at once, but I figure something would still go wrong with one of them. That is why we have to make choices in our lives and hope they are the right ones. Spending time with family is always a right one.

This week consisted of the two aunts... Aunt Betty is home from the rehab hospital & receiving therapy at home which wears her out. Aunt Va is back in the hospital again after passing out in the doc's office yet again. Otherwise everyone's health is good and we are thankful.

I will have to find someone else who has a tent for the art show or Don and I will split the cost of a new one since I will be doing these in the future. It seems there is always something we need to buy sort of like an unexpected bill.

I posted a Thankful Thursday (two weeks ago now!) but didn't link to it. I am linking this time. Please feel free to read my previous post. It is hard to believe I have been away from my blog for this long but life happened. Mine isn't really about nature but then my posts never are on the subject. LOL If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following...

Hope you have a great Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday May 7, 2009 (Odd Day)

They called it "odd day", but it has not been one for me today except with dr's offices and pharmacies. Sorry I have been away, but now I've had a bladder infection following my touch of bronchitis and had to go to the bladder dr on Tuesday. I figure all the coughing contributed to the infection. It caused me a great deal of nauseau this time which I was NOT thankful for or the run-around I had with dr's offices & pharmacies today. It wore me slap out!

I am thankful for the good meal we had at Cheddar's on Saturday evening. I am thankful I created 3 new pieces of art last Saturday night, one right after the other and totally amazed myself. I stayed up too late and had to take a nap Sunday evening.

I've had another artistic idea for awhile... and worked on it last night. Although I was not nearly halfway finished, I called my son to come look at it. He just went, "Wow!" so I know I did good. It may just be a matt only I will sell unless I do another idea I had for the inside part. I told Don, "I can paint!" I mostly got the watercolor effect I was aiming for so that was a good thing. I am thankful for my ideas. May they continue to keep coming...

I am thankful my coughing has FINALLY ceased. I am off those meds now & haven't had to use inhalers.

I am thankful for the good picture I took of Rhett on Saturday. It is his spring photo since I do not order his school pictures sight unseen, knowing I can take far better ones of him. This photo will be Mother's Day presents this year plus I saved money! Always a good thing.

I am thankful Don had jury duty three days this week so that will be extra income for him. I am so very thankful for him because he has three sides to my set up for the art show complete. I am getting the tent from friends at church saving me even more money.

I am thankful we got a good deal of coupons this week due to employee appreciation week at my work. I also got a token trophy which I have won before and I only got it this time because it was my turn to receive it. It is no big deal yet I got cold coffee in the office from being out sick & getting the award. The secretary was not answering the phone & I still did not feel up to par. So I started dropping things on purpose so she would have to answer the phone. I also got a gift card for Red Lobster so I can take mom there for Mother's Day.

I am most thankful for my supportive friends who have encouraged me and will show up for the art show. I value their opinions and input very much. They have been a great help. I am also borrowing back art I have given away to display but it will be returned.

I ordered my business cards and they should be here today! I can hardly wait! It just seems like all the tiny little pieces are falling into place. It is amazing and I am so thankful for it all.

My Aunt Betty, Uncle Frank's wife, is in the rehab hospital with a broken hip. She had polio in that hip as a child and she cannot be on it for 8 weeks. Thanks in advance for the prayers on her behalf. Please keep me in your prayers about my upcoming art show and that it will be a success.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Stopped in Columbus!


I was stopped at a traffic light when I spied this Odd Shot on Friday morning on my commute to work. I couldn't believe someone just lost their pants; jeans! How could someone literally lose their pants? I thought that was just an expression. I wondered what the story was behind these askew pants. I knew this would be my Odd shot although I passed by another Odd Shot yesterday. So I gave it this fancy title to be humorous. This weekend I worked hard on my art. I found some old matted pieces, worked on some old stuff and made 3 new pieces of art Saturday night, amazing myself. So if I am not on here as much, you will know why.

Hope you had a much fun finding your Odd Shot as I did. If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to the following...
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