Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Becky Quote for Today

The things that take the least amount of time some times turn out the best.
~Becky aka theRAV~

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fish Frame

These are the black frames I bought lock, stock and barrell recently. I have white ones also. I took the fish photo I made of the fish in the tank at Walmart, cropped it to fit inside the frame and painted the fish's eye baby blue because I did not have time to let a googly eye dry. When I tried it on a white fish frame, it did not dry correctly. This is lying on red tissue paper in a box which gives it an almost watery-like effect. It is a secret santa gift for a male officer at work. I heard he is big on yard sales. It looks like a yard sale find to me. I showed it to the ladies I work with. Only one seemed to be impressed with it. I hope she wasn't being fakey. Then everyone kidded me that I may see it on one of those antique shows someday.... Because the cost of making this was so inexpensive, I added a McDonald's gift certificate due to the fact I forgot to buy one from Firehouse Subs last night. I really like this. All the rich bold colors. Hope the receiver likes it as well.
I also gave one to our sickly friend Tom from church hoping it would lift his spirits. I made his wife Nancy pull it out of her gift bag. She told me it was beautiful and I knew she really meant it. I made her show it to the preacher's wife as well as the preacher. He really liked it. He was thinking of doing a bulletin board with fish. He'd already used cardboard fish and was looking for something different like this one. So I inspired him. He asked where I bought the frames. I told him where, but that I'd bought all they had upon my last visit.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Presents

With all the holiday stress and rush, I had not been really creating because I no longer have the luxury of time. I did not have time to work on my lamb pictures. I felt bad about not being creative adding more stress to myself which was silly as well as ridiculous. After all even God took a break on the seventh day. When I wrapped presents ALL day Saturday before Mike E's party til my back was killing me because I wrap on the floor, I realized I was creating by wrapping. I did not count how many I wrapped Saturday or Sunday but it was a lot. I am pickie about what paper I use for each present. I'd bought some lovely purple wrapping paper with a silver design by Martha Stewart this year to wrap my mother-n-law's purple wool scarf I got her. I used it for Tatum's too. I noticed my wrapping was much better than usual. I didn't mess up. I cut just enough instead of too little. I was really proud of myself. I'd have a piece left over that was just right for another gift. This has never happened before. Then I realized I was using some of the same papers over and over. I have lots of deer paper that is for all the deer hunters in the family. I wrapped Wesley lamb picture in... lambs. What else? Happy wrapping to all you last minute folks like me.

Mrs. Claus

This is Mrs. Claus. She is a tiny Christmas knife speader of dips and cheeses I receive for Christmas a couple of years ago. She was hiding in my silverware drainer this morning peeking out from my pairing knives at me wanting to have her picture made. She is holding a rich pie. Can't you just smell the aroma?

My trees

Sorry but I have to turn Picasa off when I upload these otherwise, it won't upload the photo. So I cannot turn them upright. This a silver wire tree that I discovered a few years ago. It sits in our picture window. I have two more trees. One is smaller than this one. Don didn't get everything down AGAIN this year. There is also a red berried one that I don't like as well. It doesn't reflect as much light as this one. I took the 2nd photo because I liked the reflection in it.
the RAV

Rhett's 2007 Christmas Photo

I had these Christmas cards from last year. This was a new shirt Rhett got to begin this school year. When I got the pictures back, I didn't really like them. I can take much better ones of him. Yet I knew then I wanted to put it inside this card. I had to cut half off the bottom and a bit off the side. This was one time I became my mother... I did not want to cut any of it off after I paid for them. But I wanted it to look like it does. I ran out of the wallet sizes. I gave one to my parents & one for Mom to send to Madge in California. We mailed some to immediate family in our Christmas cards. I had to search through photos from the summer to find one that would fit. I will make copies of those today in order to have enough to finish sending out my cards. This one is hanging on our tree. I can also give a copy of it and the receivers still get the same picture.

Give. Love. Joy.

Yesterday I went to the new Steve and Barry's which recently opened. They had a sale where everything was $8.98. I found Rhett two pairs of pj's. So I stood in line for over an hour to pay for them. This sign was staring back at me so I had to take a picture of it to remind me to do what it says...

I let Rhett pick out which pair he wanted to wear last night. I don't wrap clothes he gets for Christmas. He chose the navy blue ones with white stars which you really cannot see here. He looked so beautiful in his early morning slumber. I couldn't resist sneaking this shot. I took it without flash because I did not want to wake him just yet. I could not help but fall in love with him all over again.

Sh-h-h. Rhett's sleeping. Don't wake him.


Monday, December 17, 2007


This was inspired by just hanging on my friend Mike E's fire screen at his annual Christmas party. I just had to take the shot. I love it and hope you do too! Thanks for providing the inspiration as well as the good food, Mike. I sent this to Mike as an email. He replied that he does believe - it is what keeps him going which I thought was a wonderul sentiment and had to share it with you. So that is the quote of the day:
Believe. I do - it is what keeps me going. -Mike E.-

My Favorite Artwork Thus Far...

When I took the photo of the Blessing lamb ornament after I purchased it at Bell's Place months ago, I knew it was a good photo, but I had no idea it would inspire me as much as it has done. It is my one and only ornament yet I have created not just a photo of it. I used a scrapbook format to make this picutre. Found THE perfect frame for it. I bought two stores out of their stock. It now hangs where a "Wanted" picture of Don once hung. So I have replaced my husband with my art. LOL He will re-hang his "Wanted" picture over the blessing one after the holiday rush is over. For now his hangs crookedly by the heat thermastat. So it will be "WANTED", Blessings and a unique key that adorns our weird wall in the hall. So this has become my very favorite thing I have made thus far. It is also Wesley Rose's Christmas present from me this year. I wish I could afford to send it to all my friends, but I alas I cannot. So this will have to be my Christmas gift to you... I think this one will sell. At least I hope and pray it will. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Merry Christmas from theRAV

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gold Fish

I'd taken pictures of gold fish before with my old Minolta so I knew these would turn out. The only problem was there was a lady buying fish who stood in front of the tank so I couldn't get the shot. I finally reached my camera around her and snapped it. I really like it with the green leaves in it. In fact, I know just the frame for them so I will be going back to the store to buy white fish frames and maybe some black one. I will adhere a squiggly eye to the frame. I have amazed myself yet again.
Ironically I found fish bones in my fish sandwich from BK today! About two weeks ago, I bit down on a ham bone in my cold cut sandwich from Subway. I emailed them about it. The manager had left a message on our machine. I finally called him back when I remembered. He asked me with great concern if I was alright. Did I break any teeth? Etc. I guess he was afraid I might sue them. He did ask me if I saved the bone but I did not. He told me he'd give me a free footlong. The coupons arrived in yesterday's mail. I have not been back into Subway since then.
I am saving my fish bones from today. I really don't want to go back there after work with everything else I have to do today and be ready for a Christmas dinner at the Legion tonight but I suppose I will.
I am beginning to woner.... is some one trying to tell me not eat lunch!


When you cannot make up your mind which of the two evenly balanced courses of action you should take- choose the bolder.
-Ezra Pound-

Be Bold
Be Becky
Just be.
~Becky aka theRAV~

Well-behaved women rarely make history.
~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, professor, writer

There is no key to happiness. The door is always open. -unknown-

Resign from the impossible job of trying to keep everyone happy.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

For all the times just thoughts of you were strenth enough to see me through...
my graditude and love.
-Peter R. Stone-

When I discover who I am, I'll be free. -Ralph Elllison-

True friends are those who, when you make a fool of yourself, don't believe that this condition is permanent.
-Erwin T. Randall-

Holding onto anger only gives you tense muscles. ~Joan Lunden~

Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart and they both take practice.
~Nora Roberts, writer

Normal is in the eye of the beholder. ~Whoopi Goldberg~

Next time you're tempted to say, "It'll never work," say instead, "Who knows? It just might."
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
(I learned this one by experience when Don planned our big trip up north to Boston, Niagra Falls, etc. We kept telling him it could not be done in 10-12 days yet we did it! It was one of our best vacations.)

Giving thanks is one course from which we never graduate. ~Valerie Anders~

Use your moost beautiful possessions every day. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

May we know peace to start each day in fullness, happiness to light the sun, and love.
-Peter R. Stone-

Life is my college. May I gradutate well, and earn some honors. ~Louisa May Alcott~

Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you don't necessarily require happiness.
-William Saroyan-

Don't injure a relationship by always having the last word. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

begin with liking your own reflection -Peter R. Stone-

Always stop at a kids' lemonade stands. You might be the only customer they have all day.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-

That one reminds me of the quote about:
You may be one person but you may mean the world to that one person.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doodle of the Day

I drew this yesterday and decided to call it the Doodle of the Day and adhered it into my Gratitude journal which has not been filled with enough gratitude as of late. I knew it was not one of my best attempts at drawing, but still it was creating something. It actually looks better in the email I sent out or here than it does in the journal. My friend Anne liked it because that is what she did part of yesterday - relax. Did I draw it because I needed to relax. Now I over-analyze my art work.
What did you do yesterday? What did you do today?
I ate some old pizza bites that were not very appetizing last night and hoped I wouldn't regret it today. It upset my tummy when I arrived at work. They were putting up a tree. I couldn't move for fear I'd have to run to the bathroom again. When my Illyr said something about me not helping, I told her I did not feel well. I rarely complain about myself out loud to others. My doctor has even called me "Stoic". She knew I'd been to the powder room twice. So she knew I wasn't faking. I got over it ; took over decorating the tree because the secretary had 3 gold ornaments grouped together. Horrors! Even Illy told her you can't do that! LOL
I got mad this morning when I saw my check stub. Don was not taken off my insurance last month when he got free insurance at his place of employment. The lady in our HR dept did not give me the correct info. I faxed it to the insurance company along with some other stuff they were questioning about Rhett. That was on 10/29. I tried to call the lady in HR, but no one downtown answers their phone so I sent her an email. She replied that I should have sent it to her. So I have wasted more of my money! Now this same woman was not helpful when my job was going to be phased out in another dept seven years ago. I knew the moment I saw her that she immediately did not like me. I actually saw this in her eyes. I had never experienced that happening to me before. That is why I think she wasn't rushing to help me find another job as well as another reason I won't mention here. I called the head of the department on her and he was finding me a job that week. So now she has managed to unhelpful to me once again.
We have a lady at work who is weird. We call her Syble because we don't know who she is going to be. One day she is nice to you and speaking, actually calling you by name. I usually look around to make sure she doesn't mean someone else. LOL I order these people supplies because they are having fits to have them. If I don't do it when they want, they get their supervisor involved (like that scares me!). I can only order a limited amount once a month unless it is an emergency. So they may be asking me every day when it will be in. On Monday, a big order came in. I had not opened all the boxes when Syble came up here. I may have been eating my lunch at the time. I paged her when I opened the box containing here printer cartridge she needed so badly. She never answers her page so I put the box in the break room. She did not ask about it again until today FOUR days later. Yeah, she really needed it that bad. I told her I paged her but she didn't answer. I let this get to me for a little while.
Then I went to have lunch with Rhett at school. Wonderful dressing. While we were eating he informed me he had 8 more years of school. Then he could get a job. Then he could retire in another 30 years!

I got lots of Christmas shopping done. I went back to Walmart; bought out the frames I needed. I have a trunk full of goodies waiting to be wrapped. I could be Santa. I have had Rhett's wrapped this year. The proceeds goes to Habitat for Humity towards a new home to be built for some lucky soul. When I bought Daddy's book last week, I donated $ 5 for a soldier to get a book. At JCP, I rounded my total off to the nearest dollar to support after school programs. I have done my good deeds.
Later I found out Don will get paid for Christmas but he has to be back at work on the 26th which means we have to come home ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! Oh well, I guess I will finally get that Christmas just the three of us, but my idea did not include a 10 hour drive! Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yellow Leaves

Christmas tree

Spooky Moss

Lion Statue

Christmas parade, tour of the Lion's House, Santa

Elf Tree

Rhett & Santa

Don & I at Christmas party, 2007

Toy Soldier

I took this one at night with my digi camera. Last year I took pics of Rhett with him in the daylight. I made wallet size prints to give everyone for Christmas. Rhett was not with me when I took this otherwise he would have been in the shot.
I have taken a lot of photos over the weekend. I saw on one blog where they were only uploading photos intstead of writing. To save some time, I may do that then go back and write the blog later when I have more time. But even with this one, I had to tell the above caption. I guess I am one of those people who cannot go through life without talking and writing. I am just a wordy person.

Bob's Flower

Dec. 7, 2007
I had a dental appointment yesterday. Just thinking of it makes me shake my head with the memory of the awful tasting floride treatment which is like taking a dose of bad tasting medicine only I still taste it the next day! My hygenist who I went to high school with informed me I don't HAVE to take the treatment. I am seriously considering not doing it. Afterwards I stopped by my friend Bob's house unannounced, planning on surprising him. No one was home. I took this photo of the pink camelias blooming in his front yard to send to him via email. There was a lone pecan lying on a bed of leaves and fallen petals. I looked around for pecan tree but saw none, figuring a squirrel must have dropped it. I did email him about this in case his neighbors told him a strange woman was in his yard taking pictures. Didn't want him to think I was a stalker.
So I went Christmas shopping and accomplished a lot so I was proud of myself. I got three gifts for Rhett. A book for my daddy Rhett Butler's People. Once he is through reading it, I will read it.
Its hard to believe flowers are blooming in December.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hortensia, the Harpist

She wasn't a beautiful woman by any means. In her era, she would have been considered quite a handsome woman. Rubenesque. Her name is Hortensia, the Harpist. Her features are a bit mannish according to today's standards. Yet when she played her harp, she felt like THE most beautiful woman in the world. She had a purpose - to play heavenly music before nearby kings and queens as well as those she loved most, her family.

Hortensia worked hard doing daily household chores which she felt made her hands so big. She hated her hand's size but she came from a big boned family line. She was the only daughter in a house full of burly brothers who loved her. When all of the chores were done, the last dish washed and put away, after the evening meal, she would play her harp for her family until they were sleepy and it was time for bed. Only to get up and repeat the cycle except when she received an invitation from the king to come play for him. Her brothers always accompanied her to these events.

Even if Hortensia's hands were not dainty as she wished, she could still pluck her instrument gracefully like a feather. Often she felt like the heavy harp was apart of her body and pretended it was her lover. Deep down she knew she had to be of a certain size in order to shoulder it's weight against her. Otherwise it would have bowled her over like boulder in a landslide.

Playing before kings and their queens, she wore only the finest of velvet robes making her feel as regal as the company she was in the presence of. Most of the guests ignored her since she was not a beauty to behold, but that was fine with Hortensia. She would become so lost in her music and the crowd would soon disappear. She was in a fog of notes and images of her dancing with the man of her dreams.

Hortensia knew she'd never marry a prince and live that happily ever aftering every woman dreamed of someday. But lately she'd been noticing for the past three nights, a most handsome guardsman watching her play and smiling at her when each tune ended. It gave her hope of maybe one day... she might be playing her harp with all her heart only for the man she loved, or later for her children. Or teaching her daughter to play to carry on her legacy.


Rhett Put Jesus in Christmas

We received a 20% discount at Dillard's on the 5th & 6th. I went to get two new bras, but got sidetracked by a red wool cowl neck with pearls on the collar which was on sale for $19.99. I didn't even try it on, just grabbed it. I'll probably wear it to the city Christmas party. Then I headed over to the lingerie department where to my disappointmen I discovered they no longer carry Vanity Fair. They had some knock off brand Cabernet or something like a wine name. When you touched it, the material felt rough like it was poor quality. I tried it on, but it was not comfortable and certainly not worth the price of $24.00!

Then I got a really wild hair... I bought a Hannah Montana wig! They had a sample on a wig head which did not look anything like the one Miley Cyrus wears. I will try it and see. I may give it to Tatum for Christmas.

We went to church. Afterwards we stayed to help decorate for the Christmas dinner Saturday night. I was dtanding up on a table hanging felt ornaments from the ceiling when I told them I had a fear of heights. LOL Rhett wanted to help. As we were hanging the last of the ornaments in the hallway, he got an ornament he'd made in his class that was a heart with a hole heart cut out of it and had the name "Jesus" above it. He asked if we could use it. All the other ornaments were of Christmas balls, snowflakes, reindeers and hearts. My child taught us the true meaning of Christmas. He put Jesus into it. When I told him that was very good that he put Jesus in Christmas, he told me, "No, I put Christ back in Christmas."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hope Tree

Last night I began working on our Christmas cards. I have these light blue snowflakes cards that you can insert a picture in. I will be inserting Rhett's school picture this year. I had to cut half of a wallet size photo off to get it to fit. This was the one time I hated cropping a picture due to the money I spent on them. I can take much better pictures of him, but this one matches the card. I'd found a large baby blue snowflake at the scrapbook store and knew it was going in the scrapbook. I tried to take photos, but Rhett's picture looked fuzzy then the battery went dead. Rhett was wanting to "help" cut his pictures. I let him because it doesn't matter if he doesn't cut them exactly straight.

Then I went to the cards for my Christmas card swap. This was one of those times where everything feel into place perfectly again. I even made Don look at it before going to bed.

This morning I showed my supervisor my latest artistic endeavor which is perhaps one of my best. It is for my Christmas card swap with ladies in Alabama. I won't go into details about it because I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'll just say I amazed myself once again. I can already see this one hanging on our walls.... It will be our Christmas card this year. A gift for others as well. Like for Wesley Rose.

My supervisor put up this tree above up yesterday in her office. Only yesterday it was in a gold unevenly painted vase she didn't like it. Sso she spray painted a basket & put it in this basket. She had a red heart she'd made hanging down near the basket so you couldn't really see the heart. I told her she needed to move the heart up higher and she followed my advice. She said I had a good eye being an artist. Luckily she moved the "hope" ornament down. I really liked that ornament because it was different. It made you feel good. It gave you hope. It looked really good up against the red basket which made it stand out.

So I had to take a picture of it when she left. I knew it was a "Hope Tree". May your tree have hope as well as your holidays. May you have hope in your life always... Instead of a hope chest, may you find your Hope tree.

Happy Holidays
from theRAV

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not My Night, Door Locks & the Pump

Dec. 3, 2007

And I thought the day was uneventful... It just was NOT my night. I got a hair cut when I got off work because I thought I needed it. I remembered I needed one about this same time last year around the city's Christmas party. So I wore my hair differently, swept to one side. I was attempting to look like a movie star complete with sunglasses and white fur coat. Well, a fur collar on the coat, but I feel like a million bucks or a movie star when I wear it. This year I did not want to go through the same hair ordeal. I think my hairdresser cut more than usual especially off the ends.

Then I went to Walmart to buy new beddings for the new bed, print pictures as well as pick up some that were ready last week. I will be getting an 8x10 print of my Geese abstract soon. It turned out well except you can tell the background is color pencil strokes. Or I can. Now I think I would prefer a watercolor type background or a more solid baby blue. I'll see what I can do... We have some water color pencils, but I don't want to ruin the original.

I made the mistake of calling Don to see what he wanted for supper. He said we needed a new door lock for the kitchen door. He wanted chili, but he wanted me to make it because he was cold, tired from working a 10 hour day and moving the new bed inside. So by the time I got the chili fixin's, stood in line, it was almost 8 pm when I got in the car! I should have gotten chili from Firehouse Subs or Wendy's. I still had to pick up Rhett at mom's, take some medicine, drink some buttermilk because I had a bad case of indigestion. Believe it or not, it does help me.

When we got home, Don had already taken the old door locks off the door, stuffed the gapping hole with a ball of tin foil, and rigged a tiny wire as a door pull. Rhett didn't know what to think when he saw it or how to get inside. All he had to do was push.

After spending over $125 at Walmart, Don told me, "Honey, you got the wrong one." I got the one for the bathroom which we did not need. He'd replaced that not long ago. So I had to go to the Walmart closer to the house at almost 9 pm. I put on warmer clothes in layers before I left.

At this Walmart, I exchanged the door locks. The clerk credited me for the first one. I reached for the right one so I wouldn't get them mixed up and take home the wrong one yet again. She had not rung that one up and she told me it cost more. We had a hole stuffed with tin foil in our door. I didn't care! We needed it badly. Tonight.

Don said to get chili from Burger King. I didn't think they sold it anymore. I was right. I called him told him they didn't have it; that I was next to the Waffle House or the "Affle House" as the sign said last time we drove by it. I KNEW they had chili. So I got him a LARGE cup of it in a tall styrofoam drink cup. I got grilled cheese sandwiches with hashbrowns and LOTS of pickles for Rhett and myself. I ate this alot when I was pregnant with Rhett.

I stopped at a gas station that was still selling gas for $2.79. The cheapest in both towns. Now its very cold and windy while the gas is taking it's sweet time to pump. It stops at $19.85. What the... I see a man standing near the entrance where the attendant is standing inside a tiny building. I asked him to tell her the pump just stopped. The attendant babbles something uncomprehendable into the mike. When she repeated herself more clearly, she said I owed her more money. I mumbled loudly, "No! I don't owe you anymore money!" So I walked over to where she stood behind the counter. The man standing there must have been her boyfriend. He was holding a sub sandwich in hand.

She told me she hit the wrong pump. The man two pumps over wanted $20 worth of gas. She told me it was a pay before you pump pump. I told her I had a credit card. She looked funny like that wasn't supposed to happen, but the pump literally told me to "remove nozzle" and I did. She told me I could go back and finish pumping the rest of the gas I wanted. I told her, "No! Its too cold! I'll just pay for what I have!" and did just that. I'm thinking I won't be back either which was a lie because it's too cheap to pass up. The poor man two pumps over is still waiting for her to turn his pump on. Of course she apologized but that didn't rectify anything in my book. It was just not my night.

Now I only had a half a tank of gas that probably won't last me the rest of the week thanks to her. I kept my receipt thinking I'd call the manager tomorrow which probably won't do any good anyway.

It just was not my night. I missed all the shows we normally watch. Don did eat ALL of the chili. He said it was good. I don't know what I would have done if he had said it was bad.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lizella Leaves & Geese

and Rhett sucking on a lemon when we got back home.

We drove over to Lori & Joe's to pick up the mattress and box springs they were giving to mom (only she is giving them to us.). Lori's directions did not seem adequate to me since she has health problems that affect her mind now. I'd printed out a google map the night prior to our departure. Don said we could NOT be on that reality show "The Amazing Race" because I do not make a good navigator. Oh, well...Like I would be on that show anyway!
All this time Lori has been saying they live in Macon when they do not. They live in Lizella. When we arrived at the gas station according to the directions, we called them, they met us and we followed them to their house. We passed my latest dream house which was more like an A frame log cabin. It had a huge Christmas tree in the extra large window. I regret I did not take a photo of it but we would have had to stop to do that. We couldn't on the way in.
Its seems they live near lake front properties although their house is no where near the water. It is land locked. It was all beautiful. The perfect weather for such a trip. Their house was not what I expected. I thought it would have been more of a mansion. Then I always expect more and get less most of the time. It was a triple level home. Lori gave a me the grand tour while the men put the bed in the truck. We visited awhile. We certainly did not want to take the bed and run!
We tennetively planned to return one weekend after hunting season is over in Feb., bring my folks so they can visit with them while we go to Bass Pro Shop in Macon proper and later have dinner there with everyone. Lori said she'd treat, but I am not concerned about that. I could just taste the fried catfish as we talked about it....
I took the above pictures of the leaves on her trees in her backyard. I had been wanting to take some like these and now I have them. Killed two birds with one trip so to speak.
As we were leaving, I heard this sound and was thinking to myself, "What is that noise?" I didn't say that out loud. It was geese flying overhead. I immediately took my camera out of it's bag, zoomed in and shot while my eyes were watering from the intense sunlight. I got these two shots of the geese. They are probably not the best ever, but still I captured the moment and the memory on film. I probably should have used my telephoto on my Minolta, but it would have been black and white shots. Not that the geese would have looked bad in B&W.
Don came home a different way which caused me to miss photographing a beautiful sunset. I guess I should just be thankful I viewed it. We knew we'd miss church before we began this journey. The clouds began to look threatening so we hoped we'd arrive home dry. Don pulled the car into the carport so the bed would not get wet. He wanted to go eat since we had Krystals for lunch and I did not get him a Krystal chick like he desired.
We ran into church friends who told us about a baptism we missed by not being there. We sat in a booth next to our friends. We didn't let the booth stop us from talking and laughing.
I called mom to tell her about our little excursion today. Then our friend Nancy called to tell us about Jeremy's baptism. I told her I already knew about it which blew her mind. Then I explained we ran into Jimmy and Susan from church.
I checked emails for less than an hour after talking to Nancy. I found a really beautiful art work site.... She uses a lot of swirlies in almost all of her pieces so that has become her style or signature. Do I have a style or signature? If I don't, I am probably working toward it. Kyra had one painting of an oriental looking woman in the face although it is not a close up of her face. She is wearing a beautiful blue gown that flows and floats on a red background that is breathtaking as was the price of $600.00! There are swirlies throught the dress and the background. Then I HAD to watch "Desperate Housewives".
I was supposed to participate in a Christmas card swap, but I was having computer problems and not able to get into the site to leave my info. I only have 2 addresses to send cards to so far. So I was a bit frustrated about it.

I Missed My Child

Friday, November 30, 2007

What Mark Did You Leave Behind?

11/29/07 My day began with jet streams in the air on my morning commute. Marks on the sky that formed a T and ________. Next I saw an irregular cross. It seemed as if mass jets had zoomed through our local sky leaving their trails behind. What mark did you leave behind on the world today?

Things had been going good for me. Then I let his officer get beneath my skin today. He was in the army and I am a civilian. In fact, he married a girl I worked with at JCP (Adrie) yet I do not for the life of me see how she could marry him or remain married to him. I would have strangled him by now! LOL Everything he says to Everyone (not just me) rubs them the wrong way and makes them mad. After hanging up from talking to him, I must have had one of my Becky looks- the kind that could kill (LOL) because a counselor asked me,"What did I do?" and it wasn't the counselor!

So I go to lunch. I got tea from Wendy's. After eating, I had one of my sneezing spell. I realize it was the tea making me sneeze. This happens a lot when we go out to eat. Some of my friends already know this who have eaten with me. I made the comment to the "superviser" that it was the tea because I'd sneezed so many time and she stopped blessing me after the third sneeze. Like I really cared if she blessed me or not. She told me it could not possibly be the tea; that it was all the dust I have around my desk which made me mad yet again.

After the cracker incident, I guess she will say something to the warden about this now! I know I am holding all this inside and it almost all came out a few minutes ago...

I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I was the only one in the office because she was out in her car smoking, talking on her cell or doing whatever she does out there while the other ladies were at lunch. I put the phone on night ring (just like I used to do at JCP). Well, I forgot to take it off night ring when I came out of the restroom. Later, "supervisor" snottily told the receptionist that the phone was on night ring. The receptionist said she didn't do it. I not so nicely in one of my tones admitted I did it. I simply said I had to go to the bathroom, I put it on and forgot to take it off. If she had been in the office like she was supposed to be, it wouldn't have happened. Then she studdered, "Well, I was just asking. Where was I ?" That is the million dollar question. I said, "Out at your car" nicer than I meant it. I wanted to add, "Where else?"

She will probably tell the others or the higher ups I have an attitude. But she better not get me started with ALL the things she has done!

Ok. I think I got it out of my system now. Just had to vent. Sorry.

Later I got to thinking... after Lyn Nielson read my blog, I went back through it re-reading some of my words. Although she said it was a very good, there were my critical words such as these of my supervisor which isn't very Christianlike. Does it put me in a bad light for a first time reader/viewer/blogger? Then I wondered how other readers perceive me....? Do they think me shallow? Or a gossip? A bit vain perhaps? But this blog has become my way to vent muchlike my many diaries and poetry that provided catharsis for my soul to survive everyday life on my journey to find love then loose it. I write my problems out of my system. Yet I want people to see me in a good light.

I late told my mom about today's latest incident. Then I told Don. I cussed more today because of it so Don got onto me for doing that. I told him I knew he again would not take my side of things when he actually had and did take my side. So that was an unfair statement for me to make. This was not the mark I wanted to leave behind today.

The Red Boots

11/28/07 I had to pay Mom's as well as my Dillard's bill. I was looking for something to wear to the city Christmas party this year. Instead I found a pair of short, flat red boots for $29.99. I was so excited. This is my third pair of red boots. My first pair were red Zodiac cowboy boots which I truly loved. Perhaps too much so because the rubber heel came apart. I loved them til I wore them out! My daddy took them to a shoe repair shoe for me. The cobbler said he could fix it but it wouldn't be the same. Nor would it match the other boot. Like a complete idiot, I gave the go ahead to have it repaired. It made the boot smaller and my left foot is bigger than my right due to multiple sprains and injuries. I have not worn them since they were fixed.

Then I found an ankle red cowboy bootie. The others were much more comfy. When I saw these new ones, I knew they were calling to me. I love wearing red boots at Christmas.

I stopped in a shop called Cache. I'd never stepped foot inside it before muchless a toe. The first blouse that I laid hands on was over $100! I doubt there was anything under $49.99 on sale! I felt a bit frumpy in my fall colored turtleneckworn untucked from my brown cords. I liked it when I put it on this morning. Inside this posh store, I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" when she walked in that swanky shop where they would not sell her a shred of clothing. Only these sales women were friendly. On black woman working there had on the most beautiful make up even if it was a bit heavy. Still I felt out of my element.

I ran into Rhett's old speech teacher from last year. I did tell her about my first experiences with his new speech teacher which I wrote about in previous posts. His old speech teacher will always remember him for his wild imagination and the stories he could tell. It was good to see her again. Like seeing an old friend which was what she became to me. She not only helped Rhett's speech, she helped me to see what I felt or was going through with my child was normal. She'd been there. Done that herself. Her daughter was much like Rhett, very smart.

Then I remembered I bought a new blouse for Halloween. I could wear that to the Christmas party so I didn't have to buy anything! YEAH!

Rhett & I rushed to church. Afterwards we visited awhile as a bunch of us ladie watched beautiful baby Emma sleeping. When she giggled in her sleep, Mrs. June B. said she heard that was considered angels were kissing Emma. It sounds a whole lot better than gas!

Rhett's teacher had left a message. I had forgotten to put a paper in his notebook two days in a row! I am such a bad mother. She also told me he has been daydreaming in class. He gets it honestly. My child is a day dreamer like me. So it must be heriditary. Where did I get it from?

Quote of the Day for 11/27/07

Blogger isn't spacing correctly again. I think I finally discovered the problem... I need to type all my words 1st then add my pictures that way the type won't run underneath each other if I add more after the photo. Once again I have learned that you cannot go back and undo what you have done.

"Lost in the act of creation, she forgot everything else."
~Tracy Warner's character in A Whisper of Eternity by Amanda Ashley which I am currently reading and was written specifically for me.

Can My Life Get Any Better?

I made a new discovery today....11/27/07

A new year start for my work time wise in the time book. Who would have thought that I would hold time in my hands? I had to make a new time book. I use Avery Index tabs but the name cards tabs you insert don't always stay inside the plastic holder. I had my desk drawer open (I am an open person. I don't always shut drawers and closets.) and there staring back at me was a box of my Creative Memories photo splits. Of course the squares were too large to fit the inserts so I just cut off the excess. Voila! inserts stayed in place instead of falling out all over the place. So now I no longer name drop. LOL Of course I took a picture of it.

Anyhoo... my point is our scrapbooking supplies can be utilized in our everyday lives - not just our scrapbooking ones. I sent this out as an email first to my quotability site.

I have now evolved into this...

Becky aka theRAV
Rhett's mom
former CM consultant
a quote a day kind of person
Creating something Everyday

As I was printing out yesterday's post for myself; for my gratitude journal, for a future bound booklet and making corrections, I noticed I had a comment which is such a rarity it is a gift given to me. It was from Lyn D. Nielson, author of Place of Sage. Enter many exclamation points here!!!! And the fact that she told me I have a great blog is unbelieveable to me. Again I feel so lucky. I immediately sent it to my best friend Penny who gave me Lyn's book. Can my life get any better? A real writer has actually written to me!

What Did You Notice Today?

11/25/07 It rained. As I was getting in the passenger side of my car to go to church, I spied a leaf with raindrops on it. We were running late as always so I did not have time to stop to take a photo of it. When we returned home, I found another leaf with far more raindrops beaded on it and took that one. I believe it is perhaps my personal best yet. Even my friend Abby liked it. She likes my colors. What can I say? I am a colorful person.
What did you notice today?

Well, I considered uploading my photos to be creative as well as uplifting my spirits with the accomplishment. I looked at Mike E's photographs he sent me. He had a sideways view of the Eiffel Tower with the lights on at the beginning of evening I adored. It made me want to see it up close and personal. Then I sent out emails with the pics I took yesterday of Rhett's toys.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Felt Very Lucky Today

11/24/07 Don called to say he got a deer! His first this year. First in a couple of years as a matter of fact. I thought he was calling to remind me to pay our loan. We rushed to the bank only to find it closed. I did get my frames fixed for free at the optical shop. I was very, very thankful for that. I felt very lucky today.

I washed and conditioned my hair since I have not done that in awhile. Then Rhett and I went to the mall where we ate. We saw my friend Mike E. He sat with us and talked awhile. He said he was going to send me some photos he'd taken via email. I was looking forward to seeing them...

Mike bought a Minolta like mine from JCPenney's only he had a macro lense instead of a telephoto lense as I had. He took excellent photos with his but it his camera was stolen. Once upon a time we were at a local park & we both took the same shot of ducks in the pond. It was just beginning to grow dark so I used a flash and he did not. Mine turned out better than his once we got them developed when Penney's had a photo department and we got discounts. He seemed mad that mine turned out better than his did. Male ego?

Rhett traded in one of his games. I finally got him the subscription to a game magazine. I printed out the pictures of his pre-arranged toys. Then we went to the cheap movies. We saw "Underdog". It wasn't the one I wanted to go see. It was better than I thought it would be. I burst out laughing several times and ate way too much butter popcorn as usual. Because it was after 7 when we got out of the movie, we went by mom's to get Don some more leftovers especially since Rhett and I were not hungry. Mom gave me their egg custard I made for them instead of the pecan pie my cousin Glenda made us. I think Don had his mouth set on a piece of pecan pie. I amost thought he liked her pie with tiny pecan pieces better than mine or Aunt Pearl's pies.

I let Don watch the Auburn/Alabama game while I played with my photos.

Post From the Bed, Rhett's Toys

11/23/07 There were no ghosts in the house but there was one restless spirit namely me. My guys called around 9 pm to say goodnight. Awe. Don's cell went dead as I was talking to Rhett, making a joke to him at his expense that I can't remember now but I think it was about how quiet the house was without him.

I ate my ham sandwich and chips I'd brought from mom's while the buttermilk egg custard pie cooled. I watched CSI which was good and funny. Don would have laughed hard at certain humorous parts as well IF he had been there to watch it! Hint. Hint. Luckily "ER" was not on due to the holiday so I could watch "October Road" guilt-free. It was nothing like the previews until the very end. Those teasers were very misleading. I should sue! LOL
Even the buttermilk pie did not taste right.

After that I got on the computer, went through and cleared off about 50 emails. Found a new site thanks to Susannah of Inkonmyfingers called: http://www/ Susannah's newest photos are on there under unraveling. She has some good ones as always. The site isn't as large artwise as Some artwork is repeated here from etsy. There was one piece in particular that I really, really liked by Ingrid Padilla. I cannot remember the name of it muchless afford to buy it. Why do I always find art so beyond my budget near the holidays? Ingrid's piece is a collage with brilliant colors. Again it looked like something I could do so easily and gave me inspiration with dominos and to let Rhett help me create something with them. Another joint project. Mother & son artists. Catchy name. TheRAV & Rhettman. Or vice versa.

I browsed in etsy for awhile but I began to see things I'd already seen before. Maybe I should start working my way backwards on it... but even that would take forever. There just are not enough hours in the day to do all we want to do.

I played SpongeBob Collapse until I got to put my initials with the date on it. Mine was the 2nd to the last highest score I'd put on there. Not my personal best but still on the board at least. Then I finally went to bed around 1:30 am. My 2nd late night in a row. I tried to read my vamp book which held my attention strongly before. It wasn't working this night. So I played Bookworm on Rhett's game boy til I fell asleep.

The alarm went off at 5 am! Thanks, Husband, DEAR! I figured I'd get at least 5 more hours sleep and did. Then the garbage truck woke me up. I wrote this post from the bed. Makes a good title.

I think this Thanksgiving made me more thankful for past Thanksgivings or appreciate being with my family more. Was I not thankful enough? Or was I just having a pity party for myself where I was the only invited guest?

I lost a gold band which means I am no longer married to myself. I hope it is in the house somewhere or at mom's. Hope it didn't go down the drain! It's not in the bed. I just looked. Otherwise after I see if my glasses can be fixed, I'll have to buy another one. Maybe my old silver antique filigree at mom's will fit... I need one now more than ever to hold my mom's solitare she gave me when she was feeling her mortality after an old beau named Bea, the first love of her life passed away this summer.

Apart of me doesn't want to get up to do the things I should do. As I was getting up, my guys came home. We went back to mom's to have Thanksgiving leftovers. I looked for my old silver band. It had tarnished and was tight on my finger. I laid it on the table as we ate. As I am eating, I am thinking I will have to buy a new band today. About that time Don asks, "Is this it?" He held up my ring! It had inside it what looked like potatoes for the potato salad or else marshmellow cream from the potato souffle I made. I took it, washed it off and put it back on my finger. So I guess I am still married to myself after all. LOL We all had a really BIG belly laugh over it. Then I wondered... if it came off while I was doing kp duty the day before. Surely it did not cook in the potatoes. Mom said she didn't see it. It must have slipped off into my casserole. If so, it was nuked and a wonder the microwave didn't explode! I am just so thankful I have my ring back again.

I searched through sales flyers while Don napped. Then we went to JCP to pay my bill and get some items for a baby shower gift for next Saturday. Rhett picked it out since it is his Sunday school teacher who is having a baby. Don slept in the truck. We saw my friend Jimmy for a few fleeting moments as well as other old JCP co-workers. I found out old Mrs. Tilly finally retired.She was in her 80's but didn't look it. Wonder if it was because she was French?

Then we went to Walmart. I went to print and pick up more pictures. Rhett needed ear plugs . Luckily we found a pair for 97 cents! I picked up another frame.

I had another idea... a really good one. I draped a tv tray with a black towel, gathered up some of Rhett's toys he plays with most excluding his game boy. Don came over to see what I was doing. I told him "Arranging a picture." He actually thought that was a good idea which made me feel good! I took several photos and continued to add more items until I was happy with it. It reminds me of one of his I Spy books we love. My friend Abby agreed with me on this. Rhett's glass chess pieces do not show up well. I probably should have added his Harry Potter wand. Oh, well...
Once again I attempted to make a patchwork quilt of sorts out of my photos I have taken. Only one really good one came out of my attempts. It may very well be Stephanie's and Amanda's abstract for Christmas.
Watched my vamp show "Moonlight" then Rhett & I watched one about Guiness Book of World Records.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgving Day, 2007

11/22/07 Rhett & I slept late when I should have gotten up to make my egg custard, "green stuff" and sweet potato casserole. I made the egg custard for my parents but I only made one this time. I prepared a buttermilk egg custard but there was no more time so I left it in the mixing bowl in the fridge so I could cook when we got home later that night.

Don and I went in separate vehicles so he could go hunting yet again. When I arrived, the dressing was just going in the oven AND I HAD BEEN RUSHING. I helped finish things like slicing the cucumbers while Rhett set the table. We used the everyday china Lori had given mom but the plates were too small to hold all the goodies we had today. (The photo doesn't want to load but it is not that great anyway. Not the prettiest plate, but Thanksgiving is not about the plate.)

After we ate, Don took Rhett to spend the night in the camper at the hunting land that night. I was not a happy camper, but I cannot be an overly protective mom all the time. I want him to do things with his daddy. I want them to bond even though I know he is a momma's boy. I don't want him to be a sissy. I just worry as I am sure all mom's do. Its going to get colder and he might get sick. I'll be the one who gets up with him at night when he has a coughing spell. I will be the bad one who has to give him nasty tasting medicine. Of course at bedtime he may cry for his momma and want Don to bring him home. Don won't though.

I could have cried as they pulled out of my mom's yard, but I was proud of myself that I did not weep. I just wanted to stare out the door.

I had a frame in my car so I framed a picture while at mom's which turned out really well. Better than I expected because I was able to crop out some of the top of it that I didn't think belonged in the photo. This will be our preacher and his wife's Christmas gift. One down who know how many more to go... I got to spend time with my mom. I wrote this long entry in my gratitutde journal while waiting for it to get almost dark so I could go home ALONE to an empty house. Poor pitiful me. I could do anything I wanted to do. Watch tv. Get on the computer afterwards, stay up late until I got exhausted and did. Still I missed having my men in the house. The security I feel of having a husband there. I missed all the noise Rhett makes. My mom asked me if I'd be scared. I try not to think of that. I turned lots of lights on, got caught up in "CSI" and forgot until I laughed and my laughter echoes hollowly through the living room.

I left all the food at mom's. Don & Rhett will come in for lunch tomorrow. I'll probably go shopping for mom.

I was a bit sad because I always thought Thanksgiving was about spending time with your family NOT camping in the woods with only half a family. It sort of reminded me of the one Thanksgiving one of my wrong boyfriends took me to a club that night. It felt almost sacri-religious to me. I was quite uncomfortable the entire night.

These past two days seems to have been one trip down memory lane with a lot of detours back to yesterday. It certainly made me appreciate my past Thanksgivings. I am still thankful for ALL my many blessings.

The Day Before Thanksgiving

11/21/07 Lately I have been noticing the firey colors of the fall leaves. Yesterday I saw a blanket of red. I thought of going back to that particular tree to photograph the bed of rich reds, but I couldn't remember where I saw it. By the time I got off work at noon, the sun had gone into hiding behind the clouds. It seemed as if the wind had blown half of the leaves off the trees in over three hours. None of the leaves looked as bright without the sun. That one perfect moment in time was gone. There was no need to search for the tree with the red leafed bed then. The lighting wouldn't be the same.

I got to mom's. We ate ham sandwiches. I made Rhett and myself two mini chocolate cakes I'd just bought at the store. They were so good. I will have to buy more. Then mom's old neighbor, Lori came in from her hairdresser. Mom & I planned to begin cooking for Thanksgiving but Lori was there and I was a bit resentful of the fact. Lori brought in Chick-Fil-A sandwiches so I let them eat. I laid down on my mom's bed and watched soaps while they ate. Was I being a pouty child? Not at that moment. I continued to watch soaps I have lost interest in over the years while I finished one of my small drawings I began in my gratitude journal. Then I began another one which I call "Dragonhead" which is the one above. (When I looked at the photo days later, it did not look as good to me. I zoomed in on it and thought it looked like a dog's head instead of a dragon. LOL Not sure I will keep it or delete it. I suppose I only put it here to show what I have been creating.)

Lori told Rhett to tell me to come into the living room twice. I didn't go the 1st time, stubborn Capricorn goat that I am. Eventually I grabbed my new patchwork bag which holds all of my many photos I have taken since August. I began showing them to her. She liked some of them; some more than others. She said, "We need to find a way for you to utilize them." From her lips to God's ears. For the yellow tomatoes I took at Helen's table (my MIL) in Indy, Lori suggested I come up with a recipe and submit it to "Southern Living" magazine. That was something I had not thought of before. Lori did say some of my photos look as if they could be Hallmark card covers.

That brought back an old memory.... When I first began writing, I submitted some ideas to Hallmark, but all I got were rejection slips. Not enough to wallpaper my bedroom as some writers have been known to do with their's. When I discovered rubber stamps and card embossing, I made my own cards that were better than any Hallmark. I dreamed of opening my own card shop. My friend Danny was going to back me in business, but he got married and moved away. From making cards for friends for a fee, I learned you can't mix business with friendship. I thought I was picky, but found some of my friends were far pickier and more critical than I am. I like pleasing myself with my ideas and art, not necessarily pleasing others. If that sounds harsh, I am sorry, but that is just the way I feel about it.

This guy I sort of knew who went dancing as much as Penny and I did, Eddie, worked for Lithokrome who actually makes cards for Hallmark locally. When I told him I embossed my own cards, he told me that "was admirable but we have machines that can do that for you and save you a whole lot of time." I don't think I ever saw Eddie again after that conversation. I wonder what happened to him?

So should I give Hallmark another try?

Lori left at almost 4 pm. I had kp duty while I watched "General Hospital" as mom put on the chicken in the boiler. Then we watched Miley Cyrus on "Oprah" where I saw a neat idea.... you can take all those cd's you receive in the mail and make a curtain with them to divide a room. Cool. When I told Don, he said it would take a lot of them. Not if you ask friends for their's.

Rhett and I stopped at the store on the way home. This was my 2nd trip today. I hoped it was my last. I think Don was a bit shocked we were home early on a Wednesday night. Usually we stay at mom's until time to go to church. So the three of us all went to church on a Wednesday night together for a change.

I HAD to watch "Criminal Minds" before I began baking my pies. I should have known this main character would not have been killed off the series yet I had to watch it. A cop was the one who shot her. She survived and lived to tell her tale. When the profiler group she works with at the FBI were talking to her, they used a form of hypnotism on her that Bob once used on me. It is harmless. It is not like watching a pendulum swing back and forth to put you in a trance like in the movies. It is simply making you concentrate enough to go back and remember things.

When Bob did it to me, we were in my parent's kitchen. He had me walk out to my camero parked in the garage in the backyard in my mind, open the door of the car, sit down in the car and look for something on the console. I can still feel as if I have done that even as I type this.

Penelope Garcia, the character in the show, remembered the man who shot her wouldn't sit out in the open at the restaurant where he took her for dinner. He would only sit in a corner with his back to the wall. I knew immediately he was a cop and told Don. I said "That's so he can keep an eye on everyone and no one can shoot him." When I said that statement, Don asked me if I had been taking classes he didn't know about. I told him no. I didn't tell him it came from dating and old love who happened to be a CID in the army; a cop. I just happen to remember every word he said.

So I began making my pumpkin pies at 10 pm. While they were baking, I did another doodling that has a neat but had an obvious eye in it. The counselor at work would probably see demons in it again like he did my other doodlings I did at work on a scratch pad. That doesn't mean I have demons. Do my drawings set the demons free?

Rhett curled upo on the couch beneath a blanket and slept. I fell sleep too. While I was snoozing, my glasses fell on the floor. When the timer went off, I got up and stepped on my glasses! It bent the left ear piece outward. Well, I have been thinking I need to go to my optomotrist anyway. My eyes are bothering me more now. At first I thought it might have been goldenrod blooming and maybe it was that one day I had to finally take a benedryl. My eyes seem to be more itchy. They feel like they are producing an oil. Some mornings they are mattered. I am sure all my artwork has put a strain on them as well as my computer use daily.

I finally went to bed around 1 am. I didn't even wake up with Don went hunting that morning.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Recipe for The Green Stuff

This is what I always make for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It is often called Watergate salad, but I just call it "the green stuff." It is pistachio jello pudding with a can of crushed pineapples, a cup of milk, chopped pecans, a tub of cool whip and marshmellows. All chilled til hardened or can be frozen til almost serving time. Mine doesn't always turn out as solid as I would like. I arranged the marshmellows to make a smiley face this year to photograph. It doesn't look too appetizing, but Happy Thanksgiving!

Rhett's New Car Creations (Updated)

This is another one Rhett created to submit to Legos magazine. I took another shot of it but it looks too much like the 1st one I took of his first creation. This one is a bit dark. It still amazes me that he can do this whereas I cannot. I know we all have our own talents. I can draw, paint or make anything crafty, but he hasn't mastered my skills yet. Although I found some drawings he did that were very good. I hope he can surpass me in everything. Isn't that what all parents want for their children? Blogger's update: This is the picture I FINALLY sent into Lego Magazine!

The Drought

The winds blew
The leaves fell
The rain came
The drains clogged
It flooded.
The rains have ceased now
Was it enough
to end the drought?
I doubt it.
Did the Georgia drought come about
the same time I became so creative?
Hee. Hee.
Just wishful thinking
on my part.

Where is everyone today?
Are they all comotose
from turkey overdose?

I left my journal at home so I can't post my Thanksgiving post today, but will post it and new photos or I may upload the pics now and post later.... What to do. What to do. Well, at least blogger is spacing correctly today.

I had been thinking I was not going to ever receive any fall postcards from the Autumn swap except for the 1st one I received from Silvia who started this swap. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to find one ontop of my mail, just waiting for me. It was from Toni in Tasmania, Australia! Thanks, Toni! You brightened my evening.

If I put her two postcards she created with some of my patchwork photos, they would look like a real quilt. I think that is what friends do, they send us parts of themselves that we add to our lives forming a tapestry of sorts. Thanks to all my friends for adding and being apart of the tapestry of my life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Blog Discovery, What I am Thankful For...

Today I intended to post the lamb blessing photo again. Instead I made a new discovery... I came across a new blog with a new inspiration: Cayden is from Georgia! I just rushed through her blog, mostly peeking and browsing, glancing at pictures, but I will read it all this long holiday. She had one post in particular that read because I really, really, really liked it. It was her "Circle of Light" post on March 18, 2007. It was about her family tradition of making a collage on New Year's Eve called Circle of Lights. The post is very well written. I printed that particular post out so I can make it our new family tradtion this year. This is right up my alley.

Today I am thankful for my new discovery and new inspiration from a fellow Georgian.

I am thankful my car is running.
I am thankful I am getting off work early.
I am thankful for the ham sandwich I will have at my mom's when I leave work. I can taste it now...
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for all my friends.
I am thankful for my many blessings.
I am thankful for my digi camera.
I am thankful for inspiration.
I am thankful for my artistic ablities.
I am thankful for all my artwork I have done the past months.
I am most thankful for the email I FINALLY received from Lyn D. Nielson author to Place of Sage!!!!! It made my day and I forwarded it on to my best friend Penny who gave me the book for my birthday last year. Wow! An acutal reply from a writer. I am so lucky & honored. WOW!

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Geese - Art from My Soul

Sometimes I totally amaze myself... this is one of those times. I needed one of those insoles you cut to fit inside your shoe. I bought one, cut it to fit my shoe size and saw a pattern in the shape I cut. Only I would find one. So I took it immediately to a cream colored piece of my son's construction paper because I couldn't find my poster paper. I placed the shape down and repeated the pattern over and over again and again knowing it would be another abstract which seems to be my specialty these days. I could see geese. I colored all blue eyes first and almost left them with just blue eyes and nothing else. I took the 1st photo so I can still keep it simply blue eyes if so desire or if someone else would like it that simple. Then I began coloring them in with a cream colored pencil. I used almost half the pencil! I painted the beaks. I began this idea at 9 pm and finished a few minutes after 11. Not that I was timing myself but two hours of work wasn't bad. I was still shaking my head in disbelief at where all my inspiration comes from. Thank you, Muse. Thank you, God. Who knew?
I told Don since I cut the design out of what went in my shoes, does that make it art from my soul? I trully believe it does. Of course he groaned and went to bed.
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are not having goose! LOL
P. S. sorry the typing format is not working like it should. I assure you it is not the typer's fault.
Quote of the Day:
Love the heart that hurts you,
But never hurt the heart that loves you.
-Vipin Sharma-

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Bulletin Board

Friday, Nov 16, 2007 We went to the Legion for a Thanksgiving dinner. I took macaroni salad and rolls. It was good although it looked like some of the smoked turkey was not completely done. We got home about 8:30, watched the end of "Ghost Whisperer" then "Moonlight" which is now my favorite show. Don left to go to the woods so he could get an early start hunting.

Sat. Nov 17th, the alarm went off at 7 but I crawled back in the nice warm bed. I still woke up in plenty of time to be at the church on time to work on the bulletin board. Our preacher had the lights & heat on as well as placed the overhead projector in the foyer. I traced out 4 LARGE chalices. I was unsure if all 4 would fit on the bulletin board or if I would have to cut some of them down. I made a discovery during the whole process MarksALot markers actually work better than Sharpies on project such as this. The blackness is darker. It also adds a shiney quality. Rhett helped me a little bit.

I had a Grace chalice, a Faith one, a Hope one and a Love one. All four would not fit so I had to elimate one of them. I let go of Grace. LOL So I used Hope, Faith and Love in that order. Love being the greatest of all. Lover was the exception. Its letters were colored with red marker whereas the others were black. I also drew a heart and filled it in underneath the letter of the word "love". As an afterthought, I added what were to me drops of blood. Some might view it as a bleeding heart. I saw it as the blood Jesus shed for us.

Then we began painting them golden. I'd completed two and a half when we broke for lunch. Rhett wanted Firehouse subs which was good because I had a free coupon for him that was soon to expire. He didn't want to come back with me so I left him at mom's. I had to go back by the house to pick up my scrapbook letters for the board. I finished the third cup and began to staple them to the wall much like Jesus was nailed to the cross. Only I had a hard time with the staple gun. I would not have made a good Roman soldier for more reasons than one. LOL

Then it was time for the lettering. I did my Bible verse first. "My cup runneth over." Psalm 23:5
I tried to make my own letters to go up at the top. It was after 5 and I was fading fast. Since I had my accident where my radiator exploded on me, when I do too much, my body lets me know it is time to stop. I become very nervous. Then the letters were not working so I went back to my scrapbook letters. They are not very big but they draw you over to it to read it. It is lower and on a child's level. I was happy with it but at that point I was just ready to be through with it.

I went to tell the preacher who lives in the house next door to the church that I was finished. They were eating and I hated I interrupted them. When I went back to the church to get my stuff, I'd locked the door! So I had to go back to their house and interrupt them once again. Leave it to me. Larry let me back in and his wife Katherine followed. They said they liked it. At that point I was exhausted.

I was still supposed to go to ToysR Us for mom. As I was going down the highway from the church, my cell phone went off in my pocket playng "Mandy". Its hard trying to get your cell out of you pocket with a seat belt on. It was mom telling me to come get Rhett. He decided he missed me and was crying so I had to go get him. At this point I really didn't feel like cooking supper but I did. It wasn't one of Don's favorite meals. Nor was I very hungry since we at at 2 pm. Rhett had three helpings of my hamburger stir fry. We watched "Chuck" which we missed Monday night for some reason. I watched a "48 Hour" special. Rhett was playing in a suitcase he can fit into. I asked him if he wanted to spend the night in it. Evidently he'd been listening to "48 Hours" because he said bad people would come in and get him! Then we went to bed.

Sun. Nov. 18, 2007 Jenny came to church with her new daughter who was only a week and a day old. Another girl's husband was home from Iraq. I let him know that it was good to have him back. Then Susan C. came to me to give me turquoise and white cross bookmark she knitted for me because I'd sent her son Eric a card while in Iraq. She said that my card was the 1st one he received and meant the most to him. It brought tears to my eyes that my one random act of kindness could do that. She was hoping it might lead him back to the church when he comes home. She said Eric always tells them to tell us "hello" when he calls them. He had called that morning saying he had to use his gun for the first time to return enemy fire. He said he was ready to come home now and I can't say that I don't' blame him one bit. I felt bad I had not sent him anything since the first card so I knew I'd fix him something that night.

We went to lunch and ate too much and should not have because we were having finger foods back at the church at 4 pm honoring a family that would be leaving. I curled my hair. Read emails. I fixed pigs in the blanket to take to church. I could have just taken a nice long nap.

I changed my Sunday night ritual. I did not get back on the computer. Instead I fixed cards to send out. I sent Eric a letter with some of my pictures hoping they would cover him like a blanket with love. Every picture told a story.

I cleaned out the drawer underneath the couch. I found old words I'd written near the beginning of our marriage that brought tears to my eyes. We watched some of the Grammy awards. Got to see new faces and put them with music I have heard on the radio.

I realized I did not create a lot this past week. I saved it all for the bulletin board I made Saturday. Some of my blogging posts were creations. They just were not artwork. Still they are pieces of art. So I guess I wasn't competing with myself so much. What I did do made me feel good and that is the main thing.
Nov. 19, 2007 I had not thought of today being your birthday until I wrote the above poem and dated it. Then it hit me. After 21 years, does this mean I am finally over you? Hardly. I am just getting old and my memory is going.

What Do I Love?

Susannah of Inkon myFingers prompted this post from her blog yesterday.... I had to think about it overnight, but this is what just came to me. I elaborated on it a bit and I am quite happy with it.

What do I love?

I love my life even with all its messiness
I never claimed to be a domestic godess.
I love my family
my parents, my husband and son
and my extended family that came with my hubby.
I love my friends that are like more family to me
my two best friends that are the sisters I never had.
I don't know what I would do without these people in my life.
I love this creative artistic phase I am going through
and hope it never ends.
I love my digital camera
I am never without.
I love finding old words I had written years ago
that brought tears to my eyes last night when I read them.
I love doing good deeds and random acts of kindness.
I love sharing my art
as well as my heart.
That pretty much sums me up.
~Becky Bristow Voyles~
Nov. 19, 2007

What do you love?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don to My Rescue

Well, I told Don about yesterday, the rebuking and the who the culprit was behind the cracker incident, my knight-in-shining armor came to my rescue by saying, "It won't do when I see her..." I asked him what he meant by that comment. He said he would ask her is she'd seen any crackers lately. It didn't make much sense, but I got his drift. (And he says I don't make sense to him!) He would get his point across to her not only for this, but the comment she made about his mom not being sick last Christmas when they thought she might have had a heart attack really made him mad. He is not prone to anger easily as I am.

Although I love him even more for taking up for me, I dread them crossing paths now. If he does say something to her, it will only make it worse for me. This was what consumed my early morning thoughts.

We did not go to the prison Christmas party last year because you had to pay to go to it. The price was a bit steep especially at that time of year. If they have another one where you have to pay, we will not attend this year either. So the odds decrease that we will see her together.

Rhett and I departed for his school. As we rounded the second curve in the road, I was fiddling with the button to the outside temperture which is probably a good thing because it may have slowed me down a bit. Out of my left side, I saw a deer! I couldn't believe it. I slowed down and went, "Deer! Deer! Deer!" Rhett asked, "Where?" By then it had dashed across us into some shrubs. I believe it was a doe, but I am no expert. I wondered how many Don has seen now. Last year I saw more than he did! Can't wait to tell him!

I couldn't get over all the fire-popping colors on the trees as I drove to work. They seemed even brighter than yesterday.

I had done this before, but I took another test to see what cartoon character I am. I am Sponge Bob Square Pants. It said: "You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have or never want to lose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey, it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people and you will be stress free."

That is really weird reading that after yesterday. It was like reading a horoscope and it came true.

I inadverdantly came across another blog today. First I was trying to find the author of the current vamp book I am reading entitled Dead Sexy by Amanda Ashley. I discovered there is another book with the same title by Tate Hallaway who writes these vampire chick-lit books. She is also a wiccan as I presumed from her photos on her blogs. She has a couple of blogs. One of them is : There was a cover for her book Romancing the Dead which sounds like it would be good to me. I sort of liked the cover, but I think I would have had the artist draw bigger boobs on lady! LOL. Just my personal opinion. But it didn't sound like she had any input on the books cover. If I were writing a book, I would do my own cover. Would that make me a Cover Girl?

I had a really good cold cut sandwich from Subway today. I guess I haven't had one in awhile. I peeked in The Crate and saw some cool fashions so I will be stopping by there when I get off work today. I may even have found a pant suit for Don to give me for Christmas! I have to get Catlina dressing for Rhett to take to school tomorrow. Then if its not too dark, I may head to Walmart to print pics. I have trouble driving at night. If I use my memory card and use the hour processing or next day service, they will be matte finish which I prefere and they will be a bit cheaper too. So I will have to maintain my impatience and wait. It will be hard but I can do it. I left my big quilted bag at home so I felt naked. It held the original of "The Muse" so I could make copies of it. Then I remembered I have my camera with me always. DUH!

I tried on a ton of clothes but those at The Crate don't always fit me. I did buy two red tops. I could fit into a size 7 tight hip hugger pants but knew I needed at least an 8 or 9 in them so I passed on them. Had to buy knee socks because it turned colder.

I attempted to tell Don where I saw the deer this morning, but he never can follow what I say. He was all turned around, at the wrong curve in the road, on the wrong side of the road, and it was ruined because we got into a yelling match about it. We got to the point where he said, "Do you want to drive around there?" I told him "YEAH!" but we didn't go. FINALLY he understood where it was not that it really mattered.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Stryker's picture"

This is the drawing I did when Daddy was in the ER back in February of this year. Of course I didn't have the digi camera back then. I don't know how to turn it upright without Picasas' help which I don't have acccess to at the moment so I am afraid you will have to turn you head sideways. I apologize if you get a "crik" in your neck. If I knew how to link to my post I would do that also, but I am afraid I don't. I tried, but it didn't work.

When I drew this, I tried to make the tree look feminine yet strong. Notice the breast and hips then really strong limbs as if she works out. This close up cut off her roots which makes her look like she is wearing a long evening gown. The roots I drew were not that great anyway. She is ready for a night out on the town in this gown. I like this idea and it came about by surprise. I really like the motion of it. In my mind was the image of swirling limbs ready to strike which gave me her name. Stryker.

In case you don't want to go back to Feb. to my Stryker post, I'll retype it....

"I cannot quite master copying my left hand extended out where my fingers form the limbs but I can see it clearly in my mind.... Parts of this tree I drew have some the elements I envisioned.... The tree should be feminine (which I think I accomplished here) so I gave her a breast. Not that she had a mastectomy or had the other one knocked off somehow! She is sturdy and strong yet graceful. Perhaps a bit softer on one side than the other. (Enter the Rebecca/Becky thing again. Rebecca being my softer side I think.) Some limbs are broken to represent a broken heart or the trials that have cost us apart of ourselves. Thus the missing breast. What caused her limbs to break? What caused her to break? Yet she did not wither and die. She went on. She grew strong. She regrew limb after limb. She reached out yet remained rooted in the same stationary place and was content to be there. Of course she did not have a choice. She could not be uprooted. She could not be moved. Never thinking the grass was greener elsewhere. This is where she belonged. She withstood the winds of change, weathered every storm, survived the harshest of winters only to bear her fruits each spring year after year. Her flowers were her halo she wore proudly like a crown. No longer a princess yet every bit as royal. Even in the depth of winter when she is bare, she stands out regally from the other trees. She is quite unique. Her limbs are dark black as if they have just been rained upon. They are not faded with time. There is no moss growing on her. It wouldn't dare! She worries not about the morrow or time itself. She still thinks of herself as a young sapling. She has a purpose. To be who she is ... a thing of beauty to behold. She is beholden to none. There is no other tree like her nor will there ever be again.

Although she is stationary, she looks like a tree in motion, as if she is about to walk across the meadow with limbs thrashing about like bull whips. Her name is Stryker. She doesn't run from a fight. She is not someone you want to mess with or else you will get tangled up in her whip-cracking limbs. But it is better to have her on your side than against you.

the RAV

I printed this page out and got wallet size prints of Stryker. They were rather gray and the bark was visible like a true tree. But I like the stark dark black better. It made the smaller limbs look tinier and appear farther away. I will probably make a card out of them. A Stryker Card by theRAV.