Friday, November 30, 2007

The Red Boots

11/28/07 I had to pay Mom's as well as my Dillard's bill. I was looking for something to wear to the city Christmas party this year. Instead I found a pair of short, flat red boots for $29.99. I was so excited. This is my third pair of red boots. My first pair were red Zodiac cowboy boots which I truly loved. Perhaps too much so because the rubber heel came apart. I loved them til I wore them out! My daddy took them to a shoe repair shoe for me. The cobbler said he could fix it but it wouldn't be the same. Nor would it match the other boot. Like a complete idiot, I gave the go ahead to have it repaired. It made the boot smaller and my left foot is bigger than my right due to multiple sprains and injuries. I have not worn them since they were fixed.

Then I found an ankle red cowboy bootie. The others were much more comfy. When I saw these new ones, I knew they were calling to me. I love wearing red boots at Christmas.

I stopped in a shop called Cache. I'd never stepped foot inside it before muchless a toe. The first blouse that I laid hands on was over $100! I doubt there was anything under $49.99 on sale! I felt a bit frumpy in my fall colored turtleneckworn untucked from my brown cords. I liked it when I put it on this morning. Inside this posh store, I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" when she walked in that swanky shop where they would not sell her a shred of clothing. Only these sales women were friendly. On black woman working there had on the most beautiful make up even if it was a bit heavy. Still I felt out of my element.

I ran into Rhett's old speech teacher from last year. I did tell her about my first experiences with his new speech teacher which I wrote about in previous posts. His old speech teacher will always remember him for his wild imagination and the stories he could tell. It was good to see her again. Like seeing an old friend which was what she became to me. She not only helped Rhett's speech, she helped me to see what I felt or was going through with my child was normal. She'd been there. Done that herself. Her daughter was much like Rhett, very smart.

Then I remembered I bought a new blouse for Halloween. I could wear that to the Christmas party so I didn't have to buy anything! YEAH!

Rhett & I rushed to church. Afterwards we visited awhile as a bunch of us ladie watched beautiful baby Emma sleeping. When she giggled in her sleep, Mrs. June B. said she heard that was considered angels were kissing Emma. It sounds a whole lot better than gas!

Rhett's teacher had left a message. I had forgotten to put a paper in his notebook two days in a row! I am such a bad mother. She also told me he has been daydreaming in class. He gets it honestly. My child is a day dreamer like me. So it must be heriditary. Where did I get it from?

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