Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mixed Blood Lines

I decided to call this one "Mixed Blood Lines." I crack myself up sometimes. Here you can see the black in it which made me think of mosaics. In the upper left hand corner, you can sort of see the watery effects. I tried to use a silver marker at the bottom which forms a v in the pink section at the bottom. Up close it didn't really show up as well, but I think it is reflected here. I should have repeated it on the other side and still can. I have other ones in mind.... Another with a pale turquoise background and a maroon line flowing throughout it with more maroon circles and dots inside the turquoise. We'll see...
Actually now that I look at it here, it is not so bad. You can also see where the hot pink was running out in the bottom left hand corner. Still it gives it an effect. I think the blue still looks like water. My friend Patti did say it looked like a map. Maybe I am just over-analyzing it like I do EVERYTHING and should just stop, get over it, go on and do more of them to make one big mosaic or just go to my turquoise idea!
Tell me what you think...

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