Monday, November 12, 2007

Wesley's 3rd Birthday

Nov 8, 2007. Our granddaughter Wesley Rose's 3rd birthday. If Nate's friend Ron had not called Don at work to ask him if he could borrow a disc to use at the hunting land, asked Don to bring it to Wesley's party TONIGHT instead of tomorrow night as I got my dates confused, we would have missed it! I had my gift so I was good. Don had to stop to get her something on the way home from work. Rhett & I went home for me to change clothes since I did not like what I was wearing and to get her gift.
Wesley wore her Dora costume she wore on Halloween which I didn't take any pictures of. I just sort of take for granted that I can get better photos from Lisa. I just can't upload them. They served tacos since Dora is of Spanish descent. It was held at their church. There were so many people there. It is nice to be loved but I am still used to small gatherings. Rough boys were playing football INSIDE. Mine was not one of them. I took three pics of Wesley & Rhett but posted the best of the three here.
Not to sound ugly but as soon as Wesley opened our gift, we left. Now she had opened several others. It was a school night. I had problems getting a good shot of the her with the picture I made for her. It took for tries. I think I made Elisa a tad bit perturbed trying to get it. When Wesley took off her Dora wig because she was hot, she said, "I won't be Dora anymore."
My best friend Genie's daughter Jena had a female procedure done today. I had everyone on my email buddy list praying for her.
Today was also my cousin Mike's birthday but I did not remind my mom as I ususally do especially after what he did to me.

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