Monday, November 12, 2007

My Eyes

I took this pic of myself as sort of my own self portrait challenge although I am not a regular participant with that site. I liked this one of myself. I like the arch of my brow but I don't like the wrinkles! LOL . It was a good make up day. This is how I look now complete with camera in hand as if it another limb attached to me. It is the world through my eyes. I do not have many pictures of myself since I am always taking them of others and nearly EVERYTHING I see I consider photo-worthy. Maybe it is good it is a bit out of focus so you can't see the wrinkles. LOL when I print this one out for the scrapbook and my mom, I will crop the camera out of it. Or maybe not.
How do you see yourself? Have you taken a picture of yourself lately? If not, have some one take one of you.

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